TLR-7 Sub from Streamlight Full Review

If you feel the shortage of options for your subcompact, then the TLR 7 Sub is your solution to this problem. This review will help you know what this powerful light is all about? What is TLR 7 Sub? The TLR 7 Sub is a light for sub-compact pistols and some full-sized ones. This light … Read more

Streamlight TLR-7A Vs TLR-7 Sub

Hey there, fellow shooters! Today, I’m diving into a hands-on comparison between two popular red dot lights: the Streamlight TLR-7A Vs TLR-7 Sub.  I’m not just talking specs here; I’m looking at how these bad boys perform in the field. Let’s get right into it and see which one is on top! Overview of Streamlight … Read more

Red dot vs Reflex Sights – Side By Side Comparison

Before explaining the differences between a red dot sight and a Reflex sight, it is essential to know that Red dot sight is not a specific sight but a category of electronic sights that includes non-magnified sights that use a red dot as its reticle. Several different types of sights fall in this category, and … Read more

When Was The Red Dot Sight Invented?

The first time when was the red dot sight invented by Aimpoint in 1975 by a Swedish company. Before the invention of the Red dot sight, traditional bull eye iron sights were used by shooters. The red dot sights were revolutionary technology that changed competitive shooting for over one hundred years. Iron sights were non-electronic, … Read more

How to Use EOTech Holographic Sight?

There are not many companies that manufacture holographic sights. But one company that is famous for manufacturing holographic sights is Eotech. Eotech is the pioneer company of holographic sights. Other than Eotech, Vortex also makes holographic sights. But being the pioneer of these weapon sights, Eotech is most famous for making holographic sights. It is … Read more

Holosun 407c vs 507c

If you are a Holosun fan, you must be spoilt for choice for your red dot. I am here to make your life a little easier by giving you a detailed comparison of the two very popular Holosun open reflex sights: Holosun 407c vs 507c. Being a gun enthusiast, I love collecting quality red dots, … Read more

How Does a Holographic Sight Work?

If you’ve ever found yourself intrigued by the high-tech wizardry of a holographic sight, you’re not alone. But have you ever wondered, “How does a holographic sight work?” Let’s delve into this world of sophisticated optics and uncover its fascinating secrets. Welcome to an exploration where science meets practical application: the inner workings of a … Read more

What is a Holographic Sight?

Ever found yourself questioning, “What is a holographic sight?” As you try to figure out the perfect accessory for your next adventure, that’s a question that could well pop into your mind. Whether you’re an avid gamer exploring virtual realities, a sports shooting enthusiast, or someone intrigued by the latest tech gadgets, understanding what a … Read more

Kel Tec KSG Problems

Spending close to 1000 dollars on a gun and then having problems in it can drive anyone crazy. But not if you can fix those issues. We will talk about the issues you might face if you own a Kel Tec KSG and their fix. Kel Tec KSG Kel tec introduced KSG in 2011. It … Read more

450 Bushmaster vs 458 Socom

Due to the many advantages it offers, an AR platform is America’s most popular rifle style. Shooters usually enjoy using a .223 Remington with it for a fun shooting experience. You want to shoot a can, a bottle,, or any similar target, you can use a .223 Remington in your AR-15 and have a fantastic … Read more

Canik TP9SFX Problems | Solution Guide

Century Arms introduced the Canik TP9 series in the US in 2012. The Canik TP9 series is famous for giving a good performance at an affordable price. The Canik Tp9sfx is the competition model of the Canik TP9 series. With an MSRP of $550, this gun lies in the middle of the TP9 series range. … Read more

45 70 vs 308

A good shooting experience needs a good rifle cartridge combination. Before buying a cartridge, the shooter should know its ballistics and specification to make the right choice. The main difference between the 45 70 and 308 is the muzzle velocity. The muzzle velocity of 45 70 is half of 308 Winchester’s velocity, making the 308 … Read more

First Focal Plane vs Second Focal Plane

Most people want to make their shooting experience a memorable one. For this purpose, they do not just need to buy the perfect rifle but also worry about buying the most suitable scope to assist their rifle.  If you decide to get a scope for your rifle, the various available options will throttle you. There … Read more

Smith and Wesson m&p 15-22 problems

Smith and Wesson m&p 15-22 is a .22 tactical rifle. This rifle is among one of the most sought-after .22 rifles in the US. It is a semi-automatic rifle that has an Ar-15 outlook. The 15-22 is also known as the best imitation of the Ar-15 in the market. The reason is that it is … Read more

Smith and Wesson m&p 15 sport 2 problems

The m&p 15 series is a popular range of Smith and Wesson. These rifles are used for recreational shooting, sports as well as hunting and are admired by shooters. One such model of this series is the m&p 15 Sport 2.  M&p 15 Sport II The m&p 15 Sport II is an entry-level semi-automatic rifle … Read more

450 Bushmaster vs 350 Legend

Both 450 Bushmaster and 350 Legend are straight-walled cartridges. A straight-walled cartridge is the one in which the whole cartridge has the same diameter across its length. In comparison to this, the bottleneck cartridge is the one in which the bullet’s diameter is smaller than the diameter of the case. In 2017, many midwestern states … Read more

Romeo Zero vs Holosun 507k

Let’s delve into the high-tech world of optics as we put the highly acclaimed Sig Sauer Romeo Zero and the Holosun 507K head-to-head. Each boasts impressive features and performance, but only one will prove to be your ideal match. So, buckle up and prepare for an exhilarating journey that may just redefine your shooting experience … Read more

Shield Rmsc Vs Holosun 507k

Are you considering improving your handgun with a top-notch reflex sight? In that case, you are in the right place. Two well-liked products on the market will be examined in greater detail in this comparison review: the Holosun 507K X2 and the Shield Reflex Mini Sight Compact (RMSC). These sights have several features and advantages, … Read more

Trijicon RMR vs Holosun 507c

Welcome to Trijicon RMR vs holosun 507c RMR Review. In the modern era of today, there are several remarkable accessories available in the firearms market that can greatly improve your shooting experience. One of these accessories is having a red dot sight on your firearm. With a red dot sight, you can take longer-range shots … Read more

Sig Sauer Romeo MSR Vs Romeo 5

Welcome to the review of the Sig Sauer Romeo MSR vs Romeo 5, and get the best one for your firearm today. Navigating all of your alternatives can be challenging when selecting a red dot sight for your firearm. The Romeo 5 and Romeo MSR are two models Sig Sauer customers frequently choose. Even though … Read more

Aimpoint Duty RDS VS T2

Welcome back to my Aimpoint Duty RDS VS T2 review. When it comes to firearms sights, law enforcement and military personnel need something rugged, reliable, and accurate. The Aimpoint Duty RDS and T2 are two alternatives that are frequently compared.  The Aimpoint Duty RDS (Red Dot Sight) is intended for enforcement agencies and strategic applications, … Read more

Aimpoint Acro P1 Vs P2

Good day! Let’s get into the knowledge of the potential aspects of the Aimpoint acro p1 and p2, a perfect sight for hunting purposes. There isn’t a single aspect of these sights that will let you down. I bought these a year ago, and they’re still in excellent condition with no signs of wear; perhaps … Read more

How To Make A Drop In Auto Sear

Hey Hunters! In this Blog, I have discussed the auto sear system in detail. And how does one go about making a drop in auto sear? Let’s start with the fundamentals: what is a drop in auto-sear? The semi-automatic AR-15 weapon can be changed into a fully automatic weapon by installing an auto sear. The … Read more

How Far Can A Centerfire Bullet Travel

Welcome to My Blog about How Far Can A Centerfire Bullet Travel in 2023. The Centerfire bullets can travel for several miles Small shot can travel between 200 to 350 yards. Larger shots can travel more than 600 yards. Centerfire Bullets are known to be most effective when a high-velocity hit is required. Let’s explore … Read more

How To Aim With A Pistol Red Dot Sight [Tips Added]

Hey shooters! Welcome to my guide: How to aim with a pistol red dot sight? Finding it hard to aim with your pistol red dot? You have landed at the right spot.  There are lots of complaints about aiming with a red dot sight. Some young shooters abandon using a red dot because who will … Read more

Best Guide On Shooting With A Pistol Red Dot [Tips Added]

Hey there! Welcome to my best guide on shooting with a pistol red dot.  You buy a red dot sight thinking it will give you speed, but you get disappointed when you don’t get what you expect.  Sometimes you can’t find the dot. Other times you don’t know what to aim at. So, you end … Read more

How To Zero A Pistol Red Dot Sight [Complete Guide]

If you are struggling with zeroing your pistol-mounted red dot sight, get all the information here.  Since you have come here, you already know why it’s important to zero a red dot sight. But for the unversed, zeroing red dot sights gives accuracy; it ends the difference between your point of aim and impact.  Why … Read more

What is the difference between Holosun 508t and 509t?

Red dots on pistols is the new trend in shooting. You get confused with the plethora of optics that are there in the market.  Here, I have brought you a comparison guide between the two popular options from Holosun: the 508t and the 509t. I am obsessed with the Holosun optics and have tried and … Read more

How To Remove Rust From A Gun Without Damaging Bluing?

Hey shooter! If you want to remove rust from your favorite gun but are worried about damaging the bluing, you have come to the right place.  I have some methods that will allow you to remove rust from your firearm, preventing its aesthetics and performance.  I have a dedicated team of researchers that have worked … Read more

Holosun 407k Vs 507k – Choose Your Right Red Dot

Hey shooter! Welcome to my review of the Holosun 407k vs. 507k.  Holosun has jumped into the micro red dot for subcompact pistols with its ‘K’ series of red dot sights. The “K” series is Holosun’s attempt to miniaturize all its amazing features and create an optic for your carry pistol. Today, I will compare … Read more

Vortex Venom Review – Worth it or not?

Hey shooters! Welcome to my Vortex Venom red dot review 2024. I will not bore you with the benefits of a red dot. You have come here to look for one; you already know them. But, choosing the right red dot is not that easy; there are a variety of options in the market that … Read more

Vortex Venom vs Viper – Is One Better Than The Other?

Hey shooters! Welcome to my Vortex Venom vs Viper review 2024. Being a shooter today and not using a red dot is impossible. You want the faster target acquisition that these dots give. But with so many options, you are spoilt for choice. I am here to solve your problem.  In this article, I will … Read more

Holosun 507c vs 507k

Finding the right optic for your handgun is as big a task as finding the gun itself. The variety of red dots available for pistols today makes this task even more challenging.  Here we are with our comparison of the Holosun 507c vs. 507k. These are two very popular red dots of Holosun. But, shooters … Read more

Vortex Venom vs Holosun 507c

Hey there! Welcome to my review of the Vortex Venom vs. Holosun 507c.  If you are trying to find the perfect optic for your pistol but are confused with the plethora of options available, you have come to the right place.  Due to the rise in the popularity of red dot sights, many companies are … Read more

Smith And Wesson M&p15 Sport 2 Upgrades

Hey shooters! Welcome to my m&p 15 sport ii upgrades.  I know you love your M&P15 Sport 2 rifle; it’s great quality combined with affordability. It’s a solid and reliable sporting gun that shooters love. It is better than the M&P 15 because it has the additional forward assist and dust cover. Today, I will … Read more

Holosun 507c vs 508t [Side By Side Comparison]

Hey shooter! This is my comparison of the two popular Holosun red dots: 507c vs. 508t.  Holosun has a great line of mini reflex sights, and it is improving every passing day. Before Holosun, shooters were stuck with either spending tons of money on an optic or compromising with a poor-quality red dot.  But Holosun … Read more

How To Clean Walther PPQ?

Imagine taking your Walther PPQ out at midnight when you hear noise in your backyard. But when it’s time to attack the invader, your gun doesn’t work. You can get into such a situation if you don’t clean and oil your gun regularly. When you don’t clean and oil your gun regularly, there is residue … Read more

The Federal Spending Bill 2022 includes a Hidden Gun Control

The Congress has finally passed a Federal Spending Bill 2022 after months of negotiations in both the houses on 10 March, 2022. Now, it awaits President Biden’s signature.  The 1.5 Trillion dollar bill also includes a 13.6 billion dollar aid to Ukraine. But what concerns the gun enthusiasts here is the hidden gun control mechanism … Read more

Walther PPQ Problems

Are you having problems with your Walther PPQ? Below mentioned are all the malfunctions a Walther PPQ can have. Also, its causes and corrective measures. Walther PPQ Problems and their Solutions 1. Failure to Feed Your Walther PPQ might fail to feed. Failure to feed means that the cartridge is stuck moving from the magazine … Read more

How To Clean A Canik Tp9sfx

Regular cleaning is essential for the proper functioning of a firearm. You need to especially clean it if your gun has been exposed to water, dust, or any harsh weather conditions.  If you don’t clean your gun regularly, the foul from the bullet and gun powder gets collected. And if you don’t lubricate your weapon, … Read more

444 marlin vs 45 70 – Cartridge Comparison w/FAQs

A suitable rifle-cartridge combination is crucial for a good shooting experience. Both 45 70 and 444 Marlin are great hunting cartridges. 45 70 is the more popular of the two cartridges, but .444 Marlin has its cult following. This 444 marlin vs 45-70 comparison will help you choose the cartridge of your choice. 444 Marlin … Read more

3 moa vs 6 moa – Know The Difference

No shooter wants to miss shots on the field, especially in a combat situation. You can not get your accurate shot by choosing the right gun with the right optic. It would be best to learn what Moa is and how it works to get your shot right. Selecting the right Moa can be confusing … Read more

How to use Ghost Ring Sights?

For a good shooting experience, the shooter must learn to aim correctly. Nobody wants to waste their ammunition and ruin their experience of shooting by missing aims. Moreover, in combat, taking perfect aim is a matter of life and death. So, along with learning how to aim, it is also essential to gather the ideal … Read more

Plano vs Pelican Hard Gun Cases

There are a lot of case categories to compare a Pelican with a Plano case. Both have cases for different style guns such as pistol case, scopes rifle case, shotgun case, rifle, and accessories case. To best compare the two, we will compare each category in detail.  Plano vs Pelican: Pistol Case  The two cases … Read more

Smith and Wesson m&p 15 sport 2 Review

The m&p 15 series of Smith and Wesson is one of the most sought-after AR-15 style rifles. When you hear the name Smith and Wesson, you know that it guarantees reliability. Smith and Wesson launched the m&p 15 in 2006 and its sport II model in 2016. The sport II model is made differently from … Read more

Thermal Scope vs Night Vision

The right choice for scope is an essential consideration for hunters. What scope you want to pick depends on what you will do with that scope and in what conditions you plan your hunting trip. Both night vision optics and thermal scopes are night vision devices. They help to detect objects in darkness. There are … Read more

M&P Sport 2 vs Ruger AR 556

Both m&p 15 Sport II and the Ruger AR-556 are entry-level Ar-15 rifles. Whoever makes a list of the best entry-level AR 15 rifles, these two names will always show up. Both Ruger and Smith and Wesson are trusted brands in the US. In an argument of Smith Wesson m&p 15 Sport II vs. Ruger … Read more

Difference between m&p 15 and m&p 15 Sport 2

Both m&p 15 and m&p 15 sport-II are semi-automatic rifles manufactured by Smith and Wesson. When you hear the name Smith and Wesson, you know that they have been here for a very long time and offer nothing but reliability. The m&p series of AR-15 by Smith and Wesson are sporting rifles that are ideal … Read more

How to clean Smith and Wesson m&p 15?

For the proper functioning of a firearm, it is essential to clean it properly. In the manufacturing factory, they use many oils and preservatives to protect and maintain a rifle. For this reason, it is essential to clean them before even starting to use them properly. Also, while using your gun, you need to clean … Read more

How do Thermal Scopes Work?

Welcome to the blog about How do Thermal Scopes Work in 2023. If you have studied the working of a camera or how similar it is to your eye, you would probably know that your viewing capabilities depend on the light conditions you have. If you want to see something, the light that an object … Read more

what is a cantilever mount?

If you love shooting, you would want to get everything you can to make your shooting experience worthwhile. You have bought an expensive rifle, the best scope you could find in the market, and all the other accessories required with that. But the efficacy of your weapon depends on how well you use it. Among … Read more

How to Sight in a Thermal Scope?

An investment in a thermal scope is one you will not regret. It is difficult for any living creature to hide from a thermal scope. Their application includes military as well as civilian purposes. It has also revolutionized nighttime hunting and is giving a tough competition to all night vision optics. Thermal scopes make it … Read more

Atn Thor HD vs Thor 4

Thermal scopes were initially used by the military and law enforcement agencies. As time passed, the advancement in thermal technology made the cost of producing thermal scopes low, and hence they were made available for hunters.  Hunters who shoot at night had to rely on night vision optics for spotting and hitting targets. But thermal … Read more

6.5 Grendel vs 450 Bushmaster

The AR-15 rifle offers a lot of advantages for shooters in the United States. This has made this rifle a popular one for shooting and hunting.  Due to this reason, several designers have made cartridges specifically to suit an AR-15 platform. Both the cartridges that this article is going to compare were designed for an … Read more

338 Federal vs 450 Bushmaster

The two cartridges here, in comparison, do not belong to the same category. A 338 Federal is a bottleneck cartridge, while a 450 Bushmaster is a straight-wall cartridge. Both have a strong niche fanbase, but they differ in popularity as the 450 Bushmaster is much more popular among hunters.  In 2006, the Federal Cartridge company … Read more

What is a 450 Bushmaster

AR-15 is America’s most popular rifle; it offers many advantages for shooters. For a fun shooting experience, shooters usually enjoy using a .223 Remington with it. But when it comes to some serious target shooting, a .223 Remington is not enough; you need a big-bore cartridge. However, hunters have limited choices when it comes to … Read more

What is an ACOG scope?

If you ask a US military fighter about the best rifle scopes he has used in his career, Acog’s name will surely pop up on his list. It is one of the most trusted battle scopes used by the US military in their ventures worldwide. Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight or Acog is a fixed power … Read more

What is a Spotting Scope used for?

A spotting scope is a high-power scope that allows you to watch distant objects. This is made possible because of the high power and magnification of the spotting scope. Its use is not restricted to any one purpose. Different spotting scopes are available for many different purposes.  Spotting Scope vs Binoculars. When to use What?  Spotting scopes … Read more

How does a spotting scope work?

As its name suggests, a spotting scope is used to spot objects. The usage of a spotting scope is not restricted to any one purpose. It is used for both land and sea viewing. It can be used for several different purposes. It will help you to see details that are not possible to be seen … Read more