Best Scope for .338 Win Mag

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Best Scope for .338 Win Mag

If you are a hunting person, you must be knowing .338 Winchester Magnum. It is one of the well-known cartridges usually preferred by hunters for both short and medium-range round for hunting large creatures like bears and elk and for long-range target round. Furthermore, this cartridge’s perfect size and weight allow the hunter to hunt easily and is easy to carry as well. Since .338 Win Mag is usually used for large-scale hunting by hunters, it is better to buy a compatible scope for the weapon to make hunting easy and a memorable experience for yourself.

This article will help you learn about a few of the best scopes for .338 Win Mag and will help you finalize an excellent scope for your cartridge. Whether you want to go out to hunt an animal or protect yourself against dangerous animals, we have a perfect scope for your weapon that will make hunting a fantastic experience for you!

List of top 6 Best Scopes for .338 Win Mag

Here is a table where you can take a quick look for the best scopes for .338 Win Mag.

ProductKey FeaturesRating
Sig Sauer SOR52001
Romeo5 Red Dot Sight 
magnification 1x
Motion Activated Illumination
40,000+ hour battery life
Vortex Optics Viper
magnification 6.5-20x
Parallax Adjustment
Second Focal Plane Riflescope
Armortek coating
fog, water & shockproof
Vortex Optics
Diamond back
magnification 1.8-5x
fast-focus eyepiece
easy illuminated reticle focus
fully multi-coated protection
precision glide erector system
Pinty 30mm Reflex
Red, Green Dot Sight
dual illuminated dot reticles
5 level brightness
durable construction
Bushnell Trophy
Rifle Scope
magnification 3-9x
91% light transmission
100% water, Fog, and shockproof
4-inch eye relief
Vortex Optics Razor HD
magnification 1.5-8x
generous eye relief

Now that you know what to look for, here is a list of the Best scopes for a .338 Win Mag.

1. Sig Sauer SOR52001 Romeo5

Sig Sauer is a well-known company that manufactures good quality scopes for any type of weapon that you have. The company is known for its quality and variety of scopes. Most hunters who want to buy an excellent scope for their weapon want light in weight and isn’t too big. If you are looking for a scope like that, then Sig Sauer SOR52001 is the best option for you. It weighs 0.15 kilograms and is 4.75 inches long, 3.03 inches wide, and 0.76 inches. The scope comes with one Lithium battery as well.

The anti-reflection coating on the lens minimizes any reflections of light over the lens and makes it easier for the hunter to see through the lens. This feature helps hunters to see clearly in case of lower light levels. It has a feature of motion-activated illumination that saves battery to a larger extent by turning on when it senses any type of vibration or movement and turns off when there is no movement. 

The scope is made up of aluminum that adds to its durability and makes sure the scope serves you for longer periods. Also, it can be mounted over different types of weapons. When it senses any sort of vibration or motion, the motion-sensing feature turns on the light and illuminates the lens, thus saving the battery of your scope without causing any delay while you are hunting. Many scopes come up with illuminations that aren’t eye-friendly, but this model of Sig Sauer offers eye relief and allows the hunter to easily.  

Furthermore, the scope is waterproof and can give you a clear result even under 1 meter of water. Due to the waterproof feature, it can be used in rainy weather, and even under Fog, too, the vision won’t be disrupted. Also, the scope has 10 different illuminating settings that make it easier for the user to see through it in different light conditions.


  • Motion sensing technology controls the illumination and thus saves battery
  • It is waterproof and thus allows the user to see even in Fog or rain.
  • The 10 different color illumination setting allows the user to view clearly under different lightings
  • Equipped with 2 MOA red dot feature
  • It comes with a battery
  • It gives a clear vision even under 1 meter of water
  • People who have a dominant left eye can shoot things by keeping both eyes open. This won’t affect hunting.


  • You have to keep your budget a little higher since it offers great features. Therefore, it is a little pricy.
  • While adding or removing it from your weapon, be careful since the area that takes grip over the weapon is a little delicate and can break if not dealt with properly.

2. Vortex Viper scope for 338 win mag

While looking for a nice scope for your rifle, Vortex viper is always a nice option to consider. The company manufactures amazing high-quality optic and other hunting-related equipment like scopes, mounts, binoculars, etc. Suppose you are a beginner or a professional hunter and add a good quality scope to your collection. In that case, you should consider Vortex Viper Parallax Adjustment Second Focal Plane Riflescope!

The scope’s illuminated reticle can be easily adjusted, thus allowing the hunter to adjust their point of focus within no time. Once the point of focus has been adjusted, adjusting it again isn’t required. The premium scope has a Second Focal Plane feature that allows you to magnify anything without affecting your point of focus and doesn’t change the size of the object you magnified, but even then, you can view it closely.

The lens is covered by an O-shaped ring that saves it from rain or Fog, thus giving you a clear image even when it is raining or is a little foggy. It has a windage turret and an elevation turret, each of which influences the bullet’s impact point by ¼ of an MOA (minute of angle)

It has a magnification ring that can be easily moved. With the help of this magnification ring, you can easily magnify faraway things. The Vortex Viper Parallax Adjustment Second Focal Plane Riflescope has a side focus feature that sharpens your image and removes any sort of parallax errors as well. 

To ensure a good image result, ensure all the screws are tightened, and the scope is dealt with with care. Keeping it in a leveled area will allow you to get a more accurate and clear result. The company offers friendly customer service and provides a nice warranty as well. In case of any issue in the scope, you can replace or repair your scope free of cost within one month of use.


  • Vortex Viper Parallax is designed so that it provides eye relief to the extent that no other scope does.
  • One gets an absolute crystal clear view while using the scope.
  • SFP feature is ideal for maintaining the exact appearance of an object even after magnification.
  • It is reliable and can be adjusted easily according to how far away or closer your subject is placed.
  • The field of view using this scope is amazing thus, making hunting an awesome experience for you.
  • It provides an awesome view even when the light is low.


  • It magnifies an object clearly up to 16x times, but if you zoom in a bit more than that, the vision becomes a little unclear.
  • The scope is a little overpriced, but keeping in view its qualities, the price does justice.
  • Handle the scope with care, or else you can damage its lens if it falls on any hard surface.
  • Doesn’t have a red light.

3. Vortex Optics Diamondback best scope for a 338 win mag

Diamondback Second Focal Plane Riflescopes is one of the top-quality scopes made by the company Vortex Optics. This scope has a variety of features that make it an ideal pick for hunters and gamers who like to play shooting games and are easy to use.

The O-shaped ring over the lens saves it from Fog and rain. Furthermore, the lens is purged with Argon that further adds to clear vision and will be fog-proof and waterproof throughout its life. The scope comes as a single piece and hence is easier to attach it to our rifle without worrying about assembling it in the right way. It is 14.5 inches long, 2 inches wide, 1.73 inches in height, and weighs around 1.3 pounds.

The eyepiece focus can be adjusted within no time. In this way, one can focus easily and hunt without losing the object. The cherry on top, this scope has a magnification ring that magnifies distant objects without having to struggle a lot. The windage turret and elevation turret add to the precision of the shot you aim at the object you want to shoot.

If you want to buy a scope for your weapon that has good quality, but your budget isn’t too much, then this is the scope you should buy because it is pocket-friendly, but the company offers a 1-month exchange or return policy as well.


  • The fully multi-coated lenses give you a clear image.
  • The fast-focus eyepiece saves your time and allowing you to hunt faster.
  • The illuminated reticle of the scope is made up of a Dead-Hold BDC reticle which is a perfect match for hunting big game or any type of shooting game.
  • Provides an amazing hunting experience and is well short and long-range shooting.
  • It comes with a good warranty.
  • O-shaped ring sealed over the lens saves it from extreme weather conditions, making sure your view isn’t affected by rain, etc.
  • The scope is affordable and isn’t overpriced.


  • A few eye relief-related issues have been seen if not used properly.
  • The edges of the lens get a little foggy at times.
  • It is long and has a little weight.

4. Pinty 30mm Reflex Red Green Dot Sight Scope

Pinty 30mm Reflex Red Green Dot Sight Scope is an awesome choice for you if you are looking for a scope for close-up or mid-range hunting or shooting. The scope is made up of aluminum and is black, making it visually appealing. The size of the scope isn’t too big as compared to other scopes of its kind. This quality makes it easier to use and doesn’t make your rifle weigh too much. If your rifle weighs much, it becomes difficult to handle it at times.

It has a feature of dual illumination, I.e., you can use green light for hunting in the daytime and red light for hunting at night time. The intensity of their red and green dots can be adjusted according to our eyes. The red and green colored dots can be easily set on rails measuring 0.8 inches.

The scope has a 32 mm coated lens that ensures you a clear view while shooting. The O-shaped ring over the lens makes it waterproof and fog-proof. The lens has several coatings and is further sealed with nitrogen, adding more to its waterproof and fog-proof feature. The lens has flip-up caps and is shockproof as well as durable. It comes with a cleaning cloth and an instruction manual to guide you in using it properly.

Pinty is a company known for its amazing customer service. In case of any damage to your scope in the initial one month of use, you can ask the company to exchange your scope or repair it without paying a single penny for the repairments. In simpler words, Pinty 30mm Reflex Red Green Dot Sight Scope is an amazing option to buy if you don’t have much money and want to buy the best rifle scopes at a reasonable price.


  • The mounts of the scope are sturdy.
  • The lens had many coatings and is sealed with nitrogen. Thus, making it weatherproof.
  • Two colored dots option is available, I.e., red color and green color. The brightness of these colors can be adjusted according to your needs.
  • The scope is quite within the budget range.
  • It can be easily attached to several weapons.
  • It is small in size and weighs less too. This feature makes it handy to use.
  • It ensures eye relief.


  • Greenlight is hardly visible, whereas red light is visible even in low-lighted scenes.
  • It isn’t suitable for long-range shooting.

5. Bushnell Trophy Rifle Scope for 300 win mag

Bushnell is a company that is manufacturing sports optics since 1948. The company has manufactured amazing products that are known around the globe and have won several awards. Bushnell’s Trophy Rifle Scope with Multi-X Reticle is made of aluminum and is 16.25 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 2.4 inches in height. It comes as a single piece and is, therefore, easy to assemble.

This scope accumulates light and provides an amazing image quality to the hunter. The image is sharp and clear. It is fully multi-coated optics and waterproof. The O-shaped covering over the lens saves it from rain or Fog etc. It has an HD rain guard that provides it with light transmission as much as 91 percent.

It has an eyepiece designed to focus quite fast, allowing the hunter to shoot within no time. The scope can hold zero even after experimenting with different options. You can use a fingertip to adjust its windage turret and elevation turret. For distant objects, you can magnify to about 3x to 9x without any distortion in the image.

Bushnell’s Trophy Rifle Scope with Multi-X illuminated Reticle is shockproof. It comes with no rings, and the reticles don’t illuminate, so keep this in mind before buying. The company offers nice customer service, and the scope is budget-friendly too.


  • No matter how much you magnify, the field of view is outstanding.
  • The light transmission feature works amazingly and is of great use in hunting.
  • The elevation turret and windage turret can be easily adjusted using a finger.
  • It is easy to adjust on any rifle without using any sort of tool.
  • If you have a rifle for bolt actions, this scope is a perfect option.
  • The price does justice to the feature of the scope.


  • It gets a little foggy at the edges of the lens.
  • Reticles don’t get illuminated.
  • The package doesn’t include rings.

6. Vortex Optics Razor HD – best hunting scope for 300 win mag

Vortex is one of the leading brands that manufacture optics for gaming like shooting or hunting. The brand is known for its incredible products and outstanding services. Vortex Optics Razor HD LH Second Focal Plane Riflescope is a lightweight scope designed in a very sleek manner and visually appealing due to its sleek design.

This scope is 12 inches long, 4 inches wide, and weighs about 1.4 pounds. The large objective lens has several layers and is sealed with Argon that makes it waterproof as well. The presence of an O ring sealed saves any dirt or water particles from entering the lens when hunting. 

The magnification adjustment ring is easily adjustable, and the hunter can magnify distant objects with ease. The scope has a feature of hard-anodization, due to which it is less likely to get scratches. This enhances its durability and can be used rough and tough in extreme weather conditions without worrying about damaging the scope.

Furthermore, it has three knobs, I.e., elevation turret, windage turret, and side focus dial, allowing you to get a clear and precise view of your target. If you have a long-action rifle, then this scope isn’t the perfect match for you, and it is a little expensive scope compared to other scopes of its type. 

The company allows its customer to use the scope and exchange or return the scope of any problem that appears in the initial month of use without charging you. It is well known for its super-friendly customer service.


  • The scope is super smooth in usage for hunting or shooting.
  • It is purged with Argon and has an O-shaped ring that makes it waterproof.
  • It has a good quality eye box that provides great eye relief.
  • The focus can be locked to enhance the sharpness of the image.
  • It is light in weight and produces a clear picture
  • The lenses are high in density and offer low dispersion for clear images.


  • The scope is a little high in price.
  • It doesn’t match a rifle that is used for long action.

Buying Guide To find the Best Scopes for a .338 Win Mag

What shall we look for while choosing a scope for .338 Win Mag?

If you are looking for a scope for your .338 Win Mag, this buyer’s guide will surely guide you. Look for the following things while buying a scope for your weapon.


While buying a scope, it is necessary to invest as much money as you invest in a rifle because a good budget scope never loses its worth and makes hunting easier for you. Save money for the investment and choose a suitable scope according to your budget that matches your requirements and allows you to hunt like a professional.

Presence of Gas to prevent entrance of moisture:

If the scope is made up of one single unit, it is good to buy. Furthermore, if it has some gas added inside the aluminum tube, it will prevent any moisture from getting into the scope and thus increase the durability of your scope. In this way, the life of the scope will increase as well.

Several coatings shall be present over the lens:

To ensure that the scope could be used for a longer period, you should look for a scope whose lens has several coatings present over it so that it shows a brighter and clearer image of what you want to see while hunting. The presence of several coats over the lens protects the scope and allows you to look at faraway objects.


Choose a scope that comes with a nice warranty period, and the manufacturers offer friendly customer service too. Companies that have good customer service always focus on their quality and take feedback from their customers, thus improving their products time and again.


To make your purchase more efficient, look for the reviews of the people regarding the company and the scope. This will help you buy an authentic product with a good quality that will serve you for a longer time because it is better to invest one time in a good quality product than to invest again and again in a wrong product.

Presence of O shaped ring:

A scope that has an O-shaped ring that outlines its lens will protect the lens from any exterior source like rain or extreme sunlight. This O-shaped ring allows the hunter to see even if it’s raining!


A high-quality optics will have a quality magnification setting no matter how far away you are from the source and will make your hunting easier for you.


Always look for quality when buying any product. Keeping your budget in mind, make sure to go for companies well known for the type of product you are looking for. The same goes for buying a scope as well. After reading this article, you will know about a few of the best companies that sell budget scopes and match your requirements.

Weight and size:

A scope that doesn’t have much weight is better than a heavy scope because it is easier to handle a hunting rifle that is light in weight than a heavier one. Therefore, you should always look for a scope that isn’t too big nor too heavy and shall fulfill all of your requirements too.

Presence of light:

When looking for a scope for your rifle, look for the ones that have a light transmission inside their lens because it helps you hunt properly by pointing exactly towards the object you plan on shooting, making hunting easier for you.

Easy to use:

Choose a scope that is easy to use and is handy. This way, you won’t have to go through long manuals or look for videos that are hardly available online.


When buying a scope, see if it shows a clear image of what you want to focus upon because the best scope is the one that offers a clear view even if the object is placed at a far-off place.


Either you are a newbie in the field of hunting, or you are a professional, this article has covered almost all the top-notch scope manufacturing companies along with the features and services they offer their customers because there are unlimited scope options for .338 Win Mag. You should analyze that your scope should be able to magnify how many times, the features of its reticles, whether it should be waterproof or fog-proof or not, and how much it weighs. After that, go through the features and positive and negative aspects of each scope. By doing this, you would decide which one you want to buy for your rifle. 

Quality riflescopes add taste to your hunting and shooting and motivate you to do better than before. Therefore, we suggest you take your time, do your part of the research, jot down your budget, and invest wisely because a good scope is as important as a good rifle. It’s better to invest once in a good product than investing again and again in the wrong product! 


What is the best scope for a .338 Win Mag?

We have provided you with a list of a few of the best scopes you should consider while buying your .338 Win Mag. Choose an of them according to your requirements.

What is the range of .338 Win Mag?

The range of a .338 Win Mag usually is between 600 to 800 yards, but if you apply more energy towards the target, it can go up to 1000 yards.

What is a .338 Win Mag good for?

A .338 Win Mag is good for deer hunting and big species like bears. It is used for shooting in case of an unprepared attack.

Which is better .300 Win Mag or .338 Win Mag?

A .300 Win Mag covers less area and is good for hunting at a normal scale, but a .338 Win Mag is good for large-scale hunting and covers an area of 1000 yards.

Is a .338 Win Mag good for long-range?

Yes, it is good for long-range distances. Its range lies between 600 to 800 yards, but if you apply more energy towards the target, it can increase up to 1000 yards.

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