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Best Thermal Scope under $5000

Thermal imaging, not necessarily the latest innovation, has been extensively used by the military and security agencies. However, this high-tech gear does more than that. It can even help you in sports such as hunting.

That’s right. You can buy the best thermal scope under 5000 for yourself as well. It makes your hunting experience unlike anything else. With the thrill of night hunting and stalking animals, this thermal optic keeps you on track. You can use it during the day and the night.

Thermal imaging systems use heat signals and changes in heat signals to detect objects. These thermal imaging scopes come with additional features such as a ballistic calculator and a wifi connection for streaming your hunting videos live.

These scopes use unique and advanced technology to deliver promising results. They are often sturdy and durable and are built to withstand challenging circumstances. However, all these perks do have a cost.

Thermal imaging scopes usually are relatively expensive. You can find scope for $1,500 to even $10,000. If you are starting or are looking for a thermal scope that costs less, this article comprises a list of the best thermal scope under $5,000.

Best Thermal Scope under $5000

Table showing the Best Thermal Scopes with a quick comparison table listing all their key features.

ProductResolutionKey Features
ATN ThOR 4 Smart HD640×480see up to 3300 yards
wifi, GPS ,smooth zoom
smartphone control
field view 8.3 x 6.2°
magnification 4-40x
ATN THOR-HD640×480high res video
image stabilization
Andriod or ios apps
magnification 5-50X
ATN THOR 4640×480
field view is  12.5 x 9.7°
see up to 1950 yards
magnification 2.25-25x
ATN ThOR 4384×288ballistic calculator
smart rangefinder
magnification 4.5-18x
ATN Thor 4
384×28816 hours of active use
Ultra-Low Power
Dual Stream Video
magnification 1.25-5x
ATN Thor LT 320X240ATN Obsidian Core LT
Extreme Detection
Range Sensor 60Hz
One-shot zero sighting
12 plus hours
continuous use
magnification 5-10x
ATN THOR LT320X240Affordable price 
Advanced heat detection
battery life 10+ hours
magnification 3-6x

Here is a list of the best thermal scopes that cost less than $5,000 and return the value of money.

1. ATN ThOR 4 – thermal rifle scope

One of the most outstanding thermal scopes in the market is the new ATN THOR 4 thermal scopes series. The ATN Thor 4 640 4-40x Thermal scope is a quality product that will return the value of your money.

This scope is ideal for both daylight and night shooting. Moreover, it solves the problem of doing complex calculations while hunting. Not only that, but it also produces a crisp view of a target in the long distance.

This scope uses the Gen 4 Thermal sensor. These thermal imaging sensors provide a high-resolution view of 640×480. The image produced as a result is sharp and clear, both in daylight and nighttime.

The sensor features three optional modes. The Color Mode provides the thermal imaging of the target. The Black Hot Mode shows the target in black, and the White Hot Mode provides the target image in white.

This thermal scope offers an optical magnification range of 4 to 40x, allowing a clear view of the target up to 3300 yards. Moreover, the HD lens provides a high-quality view.

The zooming features available on the scope are both digital and manual. You can use either of these buttons to zoom the target. The maximum range of field view is 8.3 x 6.2°.

Moreover, the scope has a ballistic calculator to help with humidity and temperature reading. Not only that, but the calculator also assists in calculating the angle of target adjustment so that you can shoot your perfect shot.

The thermal scopes also record short videos and high-resolution images. You can store these videos on an SD card and also play them through your mobile phone. You can record your hunting memories through it.

The only drawback is that it lacks laser rangefinder capacity. Other than that, this thermal scope is easy to mount, comes with an internal dual-core processor, and is an excellent pick for a thermal scope.


  • see up to 3300 yards
  • ballistic calculator
  • wifi, GPS ,smooth zoom
  • dual stream video recording
  • smartphone control
  • Recoil Activated Video
  • 16+ hour battery time
  • field view 8.3 x 6.2°
  • magnification 4-40x


  • expensive scope

2. ATN ThOR-HD 640, Long Range Thermal Scope

To help you out with the difficulty of finding your path while you’re on your hunting trip, the ATN THOR series introduces their ATN THOR HD 640 design. This rugged thermal scope comes with GPS image stabilization, wifi, range finder, and ballistic calculator.

For a thermal scope under $5,000, this night vision scope delivers. The atn thor HD offers a magnification range of 5X-50X, providing you thermal imaging at a long distance.

The ATN THOR-HD thermal scope features a highly sensitive sensor. This sensor catches heat from the target at any distance and turns it into a clear digital image. In addition, there is a ballistic calculator that takes care of all the mathematics calculations. All you have to do is focus on the target.

The calculator also calculates perfect shot measurements for you.

To make your hunting trip fun in all aspects, the scope features a Wifi option. This allows you to capture your favorite moments and stream them to your friends.

You can also record photos and videos in ATN THOR HD. After all, these memories should be preserved.

The thermal scope features a rugged design that makes it reliable and durable. The construction makes it waterproof and shockproof, so the weather has got nothing against you.

It is also fairly easy to operate. However, atn thor HD 640 is a night vision scope. Thermal imaging works efficiently during the daytime.


  • ideal for night hunting
  • ballistic calculator
  • built in range finder
  • smooth zoom with initial velocity of 2850 fps
  • Recoil Activated Video
  • higest magnification of 5-50x


  • resolution issue at high magnification

3. ATN ThOR 4 – Best Thermal Scope For The Money

ATN has combined their cutting-edge thermal technology with their Dual-Core Processor, giving you the THOR 4 HD! This thermal scope delivers image quality, unlike any other. It comes with a wifi option, a ballistic calculator, and an SD card to store your best moments.

Magnification helps you with accuracy when viewing the target. The magnification range of this scope is 2.5X-25X. With the help of it, you can see far up to 800 yards. The identification range of the scope is 1950 yards.

The objective lens is 50mm in diameter, giving you a bright and crisp image. It works well both during the day and night. As for the eye relief, the scope offers 90mm of it. The field of view is 12.5 x 9.7°.

The Ballistic Calculator makes your job much easier. All you have to do is enter the environmental data, and the calculations will be automatically performed. So, with this scope, you can forget about the complex reticles and charts and just focus on hitting the target.

As the thermal scope is equipped with a Dual Core Processor, it gives you an enhanced experience. You can record your best moments in high quality. A 64GB SD card stores it right away. You can also use WiFi to stream the video live to a mobile device.
The Ultra-sensitive Gen 4 Sensor delivers a sharp and clear image. The thermal resolution is 640×480 pixels.

This is an excellent thermal scope under $5,000, especially for novice hunters. It is an advanced thermal scope with multiple exciting features and an option to record your best moments.


  • dual core processor
  • 4th generation thermal sensor
  • built in rangefinder
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Wifi Streaming
  • Video Recording
  • field view is 12.5 x 9.7°
  • see up to 1950 yards
  • magnification 2.25-25x


  • Last less than 24 hours

4. ATN ThOR 4, Best Value Thermal Scope

Another one in the ATN series is the Thor 4 384 thermal rifle scope. This high-quality construction is sturdy and durable and a perfect companion at night. Not only that, but this thermal scope is also lightweight, despite being one of the most potent thermal scopes.

It features a higher thermal imaging sensitivity, improved contrast, high resolution, and a near-silent shutter.With an Ultra-Sensitive Next-Gen sensor, this scope has the capability of capturing a crisp and clear image even at a long distance. The resolution of this thermal imaging scope is 384×288 pixels. The magnification range of this scope is 4.5X-18 X
As for the display screen, the resolution is 1280×720 HD. You can capture images and videos with accuracy. Plus, you can record them in high quality and view them later on.

The charm doesn’t end here. You can also live-stream your moments to mobile phones and computers via wifi.

You will also not need to work hard on mathematical calculations. With the ballistic calculator, you can easily measure your shots. The calculator helps with the angle, temperature, humidity, and even weapon profiles.

Another attractive feature of this thermal riflescope is the smart rangefinder. Once the thermal imaging scope is perfectly ranged in your multiple reticles, the point of impact will be automatically adjusted. So, no need to memorize complex charts, calculations, or even take wild guesses.

If you are looking for a thermal scope to make your hunting trips exciting, this might just be the one. It costs less, delivers more. This advanced scope is suitable for all types of hunters, beginners, professionals, or hobbyists.


  • ballistic calculator
  • smart rangefinder
  • magnification 4.5-18x
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • multiple viewing modes
  • 3 inch eye relief
  • ergonomic design
  • simple interface


  • less battery time
  • blur image

5. ATN Thor 4 – Best Thermal Scope for hog hunting

ATN THOR 4 series of smart thermal scopes are indeed a revolution in the market. These scopes are a considerable improvement over the THOR HD series. These thermal scopes offer different thermal resolution and magnification ranges.

The ATN THOR 4 comes with an Obsidian IV Dual-Core Processor and Gen 4 Thermal sensor. This advancement makes your hunting trip genuinely exceptional. The resolution of this scope is 384×288 pixels with a magnification of 1.25x-5x. With the Ballistic Calculator, the scope makes it easy to hit your target. It automatically adjusts the impact with environmental data, ammo type, and range to the target.

The calculator and the rangefinder increase shot precision; no ammo is wasted on missed shots. You can range your target in just two clicks with the smart rangefinder. And before you even notice, you get the precise distance measurement.
And that is not the only charm.

This thermal scope also allows you to make your hunting trip extra exciting. Now, you can record your most memorable moments in HD. You can even Livestream these via wifi. And none of this affects your performance.

To speak of the battery performance, it is simply outstanding. Even on active use, the battery life lasts over 16 hours. So, you can enjoy long hours of hunting without having to worry about losing an opportunity. This scope literally levels up your hog hunting game.

Everything about the thermal scopes in this series is simply remarkable. From the design to the performance, these thermal scopes really stand out. And they cost less than $5,000. So, if you are looking for a good thermal scope, you should check the ATN THOR 4 series.


  • 16 hours of active use
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption
  • Dual Stream Video Recording
  • magnification 1.25-5x
  • 18 active usage hours
  • comfortable eye relief
  • had display


  • quality not upto mark

6. ATN Thor LT – Low Cost Thermal Rifle Scope

If you’re looking for an affordable thermal scope, the ATN THOR LT is the one. It is a cheaper alternative to the costly models in the THOR series. The scope delivers an unyielding performance. However, it does not have some of the features the other models do.

In a sense, THOR LT is more like a traditional thermal riflescope. It has a variable magnification range is 5-10x. It provides a decent zoom. The resolution on the scope is 320 x 240. As for the display, the resolution is 1280 x 720.

The scope provides an eye relief of 90mm. It has a long battery life of 10 hours. THOR 4 LD has an operating temperature of -20°F to +120°F.

This thermal scope is lightweight and easy to mount. Moreover, it offers a high-quality display. However, it does not have the usual features of the scopes in the THOR 4 series (as it is cheaper).

The package includes a scope cover, Eyecup, lens tissue, and a USB cable.

The scope features two modes: Black hot and White hot. Moreover, the scope has a One-Shot Zero feature that allows you to shoot accurately. By selecting this mode, you simply align your gun, and the bullet hits the aim.

The scope also offers a warranty of 3 years.

Although it is not an ideal scope, especially for long-range hunting, it is a good choice. This scope is an excellent pick for those just starting and doesn’t have much to spend on the scopes yet.


  • ATN Obsidian Core LT
  • Thermal Sensor 60Hz
  • One-shot zero sighting
  • 12 plus hours continuous use
  • magnification 5-10x


  • screen freeze after shot
  • restart issue

7. ATN Thor LT -Best Cheap Thermal Scope

If you are looking for a thermal scope at an affordable price. It is a high-quality thermal scope that delivers an impressive performance. This scope has advanced features, and it is lightweight and yet powerful. The battery on the scope can last up to 10 hours.

The ATN THOR LT comes in magnification ranges 3X-6X, the detection range is up to 475 meters, and the human recognition range is up to 240 meters.

THOR LT is a powerful scope that is designed to mount and operate as a traditional thermal rifle scope. It looks just about the same too. Constructed with aluminum alloy, this 30mm tube scope is recoil resistant.

The scope offers two modes: Black Hot and White Hot. You can choose either based on your preference. As for the battery life, the scope operates on a lithium-ion battery, and it provides 10 hours of continuous battery life. The package includes a USB-C port for charging.

This is an advanced scope that you can get at a reasonable price. The scope is sturdy yet light and delivers maximum performance with minimum power consumption.


  • Affordable price
  • Advanced heat detection
  • battery life 10+ hours
  • magnification 3-6x
  • light weight


  • low quality
  • poor image quality

Buying Guide for Best Thermal Scope

There is no shortage of good-quality thermal scopes available in the market. However, that does not mean you can buy any of these. Thermal scopes are designed for different purposes.

Therefore, before you buy one, do your research. There are thermal scopes available for thermal imaging; there are ones to capture a target in motion. Then, some thermal scopes are designed to give hunters an edge.

So, if you plan on buying a thermal scope, here’s a little guide for you to figure out which one to pick.

Resolution of thermal Scopes and Sensor

First things first, you need to look for a resolution. Now, the resolution of the scope and thermal sensor resolution are two very different things. Do NOT mix them up.

You need to know that the resolution of the scope should be higher than that of the thermal sensor. The difference in their resolutions is what creates a more precise image.

The image will not be as clear if a thermal hunting scope has the same sensor and scope resolution.

Scope Detection Range

The scope’s detection range refers to the distance up to which you can get a clear image. Some scopes can provide a clear picture up to 4,000 yards. However, they are costly.

On the other hand, some scopes provide a shorter detection range. These are good for beginners and intermediate-level hunters. Price of the most thermal scopes depends on their detection range.


What you need to keep in mind is that magnification is indirectly proportional to the resolution. In other words, the higher the magnification, the more the resolution is affected.

Refresh Rate

Since the images are produced digitally, the refresh rate refers to the time it takes for the scope to generate the image. The higher the refresh rate, the clearer and precise the image is.

Battery Life

One of the most crucial features is battery life time. After all, it will depend on how long your hunting can last. Generally, the battery time is 8 hours. Anything less is not ideal.

Warranty and Guarantee

Thermal scopes are not cheap. Therefore, you should look for scopes that come with a warranty, so your investment doesn’t go to waste.


A thermal scope is a perfect choice for hunters who like to have a thrilling adventure and wish to be stopped by nothing. These scopes, as opposed to night vision scopes, can deliver any time of the day. This is because they do not depend on light. Instead, these scopes depend on heat signatures and changes in heat signatures to detect objects.

Therefore, you can find your object with a thermal scope even if there is no light present. However, since the thermal scopes use advanced and unique technology, they are pricey. Even then, you can find some high-quality thermal scopes for under 5,000 dollars.

However, before buying a thermal scope, you must do your research. Focus on the scope and sensor resolution, magnification, refresh rate, battery life, warranty, and scope detection range. Then find yourself a scope that fits your budget best.

FAQs about Thermal Scopes

1. How long does a thermal scope last?

Depending on the company and the product, the lifespan of a thermal scope varies. It is also dependent on how you use and maintain it. On average, a thermal scope can last up to 10 years.

If you buy a thermal scope with IP certification and a high-quality, rechargeable battery, you can even have your scope last longer.

2. What is the most expensive thermal scope?

Thermal scopes are generally expensive, given the variety of functions they can perform. Some of the thermal scopes that deliver an unbeatable performance are also the most expensive ones. The three most expensive thermal scopes are:

  • FLIR Systems T75 ThermoSight
  • Armasight Zeus 336
  • Trijicon TA31-ECOS ACOG

3. Should you buy a thermal scope?

If you wish to notch up your hunting game, a thermal scope can be of use. Most of the thermal scopes are advanced and contain many features that make it easy for you to hit your target. Moreover, they provide clear images, at both night and daytime. Some high-quality thermal scopes function even in complete darkness.

4. Is it legal to own a thermal scope?

In the US, it is legal to own night vision scopes and thermal scopes. However, only California has laws against thermal scopes about illegal sniper scopes.

5. What’s better thermal or night vision scopes?

Thermal imaging is used to detect an object based on heat. It is also used to detect changes in heat. A thermal scope can work even in the total absence of light since it does not depend on light to function.

However, night vision imaging depends on the little light available to help view the objects around. If there is no light available, they might not be able to help much.

Night vision scopes have some drawbacks, as their performance is affected by the light. Thermal scopes do not have that drawback.

6. Why are thermal scopes so expensive?

Thermal imaging uses unique technology to facilitate the thermal scopes with features that can help make your hunting much easier. The resolution, the processor, and certain add-on features such as wifi connection, video recording, a ballistic calculator make the scopes cost more.

In addition, the technology used is produced in lower volumes, which makes the production cost of these scopes much higher.

7. How far can you shoot with a thermal scope?

A thermal scope can shoot as far as you can see. On average, a hunter can shoot from 2-300 yards. A thermal scope works both night and daytime. Based on the heat signature and contrast, you will be able to identify objects even a mile away, sometimes further.

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