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Imagine you’re gripping your powerful 460 XVR handgun, ready to take that perfect shot. 

But wait! You need the right scope to make it happen. In this article, I’ll reveal the top 4 scopes that I’ve personally tested and recommend for the 460 XVR. 

As a seasoned pro shooter who has spent countless hours honing my skills with the 460 XVR. I’ve had the pleasure of testing various scopes and pushing them to their limits. 

Today, I’m excited to share my expertise and experience with you, guiding you towards making a well-informed decision when selecting a scope for your 460 XVR.

Get ready to take your shooting to the next level!

My Top 4 Best 460 XVR Scopes

1. Leupold 2.5-8×32 – Overall Best

Leupold is a brand that needs no introduction. They’ve earned a reputation for producing killer scopes and lenses, and what’s even better is that they offer them at an extremely attractive price point.

Trust me, they give other high-end brands like Ravin a run for their money!

This scope is a perfect match for our super versatile 460 XVR. It’s made with high-quality aluminum and boasts a single-piece tube design. 

The tube is nitrogen purged, which means it’s completely immune to fog and moisture. Plus, the outside housing is built to withstand any potential danger that might come its way.

This baby is shockproof, making it more than capable of handling the recoil of your handgun.

The clarity is top-notch, and the images are as vivid as can be. Whether you’re shooting in bright daylight or low-light conditions, this scope shines like a star. 

Leupold has implemented their twilight light management system, which maximizes light transmission. Trust me, you’ll feel like you’re using high-end ED glasses without actually having them. The low-light performance is simply outstanding.

Leupold scopes are proudly made in the USA. The tube diameter of the VX-3 handgun scope is a standard 1″ or 30mm. 

Why to buy: The Leupold offers exceptional quality and performance at an attractive price. The versatility it brings to the table is perfect for 460 XVR. Plus, the reputation of the Leupold brand speaks for itself.

Why not to buy: Unfortunately, this scope doesn’t come with any mounting rings, so you’ll need to purchase them separately.

My Experience

With the Leupold 2.5-8×32 has been nothing short of impressive. The quality of the optics, the durability of the construction, and the overall performance blew me away.


  • Crystal-clear optics with excellent light transmission
  • Versatile magnification range suitable for various shooting scenarios
  • Rugged construction for durability
  • Precise adjustments for enhanced accuracy


  • Limited long-range capabilities

2. Burris Handgun 2-7x32mm – The Most Versatile Option

The Burris Handgun 2-7x32mm is a versatile scope specifically designed for handguns, including the powerful 460 XVR. It features a single tube housing made with high-quality aluminum, ensuring durability and a snug fit. 

The scope is water, fog, and shockproof, making it suitable for various shooting conditions. With fully multi-coated glass lenses, it provides excellent light transmission and scratch resistance.

The magnification range of 2x to 7x allows for flexibility in different shooting scenarios. The scope boasts a ballistic plex reticle, which is easy to master and adds a touch of fun to your shooting experience. 

Why to Buy: The magnification range allows for adaptability, and the ballistic plex reticle aids in accurate aiming. Overall, this scope offers reliable performance and functionality.

Why Not to Buy: While the Burris Handgun 2-7x32mm is a versatile option, it may not be ideal for everyone. If you primarily engage in long-range shooting, the maximum magnification of 7x might not meet your requirements. 

 Additionally, if you prefer scopes with mounting rings included, you would need to purchase them separately for this scope.

Who Should Buy: The Burris Handgun 2-7x32mm is suitable for a range of shooters. It caters to handgun enthusiasts, hunters, and sport shooters who own handguns, including the 460 XVR. 

If you enjoy shooting with a versatile magnification range and a ballistic plex reticle, this scope is a great fit for you.

My Experience

I had the opportunity to test the Burris Handgun 2-7x32mm scope with my 460 XVR, and it proved to be a versatile and reliable companion. 

The compact size and lightweight design perfectly complemented the handgun, allowing for easy maneuverability. 

I particularly enjoyed the ballistic plex reticle, which made aiming quick and precise. The scope held zero consistently, and the overall construction felt solid and durable.


  • Versatile scope designed specifically for handguns, including the 460 XVR
  • Rugged and durable construction with water, fog, and shockproof features
  • Excellent light transmission with fully multi-coated glass lenses
  • Flexible magnification range for adaptability in different shooting scenarios
  • Ballistic plex reticle for accurate aiming and target acquisition


  • Maximum magnification of 7x may not meet the requirements of long-range shooters
  • Mounting rings not included, requiring a separate purchase

3. Trijicon TR20 AccuPoint 3-9×40 – Medium to Long-Range

The Trijicon TR20 AccuPoint 3-9×40 is a high-quality rifle scope designed for medium to long-range shooting. 

Made from top-notch aluminum, it boasts exceptional durability. With nitrogen purging inside the housing, the scope is fully protected against internal fogging. 

Its rugged construction ensures it can handle recoil shock without any issues, making it a reliable choice for rifle enthusiasts.

The TR20 features fully multi-coated lenses that offer superior clarity and excellent light transmission with zero distortion. 

Its 40mm objective lens provides sufficient light in various conditions, making it suitable for shooting from dusk till dawn. 

The MIL-dot crosshair allows for precise aiming, and you have the option to select from standard Duplex or Triangle Post reticles. The green reticle color adds a unique touch to your shooting experience.

Why to Buy:  The battery-free illumination system adjusts the reticle’s brightness and contrast to match the ambient light conditions, ensuring optimal visibility. 

The second focal plane reticle maintains a constant size as magnification increases, providing a more accurate aiming point at higher magnifications. 

Moreover, the zero forward emission feature ensures that the illuminated reticle does not project any light from the objective lens.

Why Not to Buy: It may not be suitable for those seeking a scope specifically designed for night-time hunting. Although it performs well from dusk till dawn, it does not excel in low-light conditions. 

Who Should Buy: Whether you are a hunter, sport shooter, or tactical enthusiast, this scope provides the necessary clarity, durability, and reliable performance to enhance your shooting experience. 

My Experience

I’ve had the pleasure of using the Trijicon TR20 AccuPoint 3-9×40, and it has exceeded my expectations. The clarity and brightness of the lenses are outstanding, ensuring a sharp and clear sight picture.


  • Superior lens clarity and light transmission
  • Battery-free illumination system
  • Rugged all-weather construction
  • Reticle maintains constant size at higher magnifications
  • Zero forward emission


  • Not ideal for night-time hunting or low-light conditions

4. UTG 2-7X32 1″ Handgun Scope – Budget-Friendly

The UTG 2-7X32 1″ Handgun Scope is a versatile optic designed for high-powered big bore pistols. It excels in target shooting, competition, and hunting applications where precision is paramount. 

With its precise adjustments and locking turrets, you can easily zero in on your target. 

The emerald-coated lenses provide exceptional clarity, ensuring a bright and vivid view even in unfavorable lighting conditions. 

The red/green illuminated Projectile Drop Compensator Reticle allows for precise shot placement at various ranges. Built on a true strength platform, this scope is completely sealed, nitrogen-filled, shockproof, fogproof, and rainproof. 

With up to 25 inches of eye relief, it is suitable for effective use on handguns. With generous eye relief, it accommodates different shooting positions and handguns.

Why to Buy:  There are several reasons to consider the UTG 2-7X32 Handgun Scope. Firstly, it offers excellent value for the price, making it a budget-friendly choice without compromising on performance. 

Why Not to Buy: While the UTG 2-7X32 Handgun Scope offers great value, it may not be ideal for those seeking advanced features or extremely long-range shooting capabilities. If you require specialized features like advanced ballistic reticles or target turrets, you might want to explore higher-end options. 

Who Should Buy: The UTG 2-7X32 Handgun Scope is an excellent choice for budget-conscious shooters who seek a reliable and versatile optic for their high-powered big bore pistols. It is suitable for target shooting, competition, and hunting applications where precision and affordability are essential. 

My Experience

I’ve had the opportunity to use the UTG 2-7X32 Handgun Scope, and it has impressed me with its performance. The optic provides clear and sharp images, allowing for precise target acquisition.

Despite being a budget-friendly option, it offers reliable performance and solid build quality.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Precise adjustments with locking turrets
  • Illuminated PDC reticle for enhanced aiming
  • Rugged construction and weatherproof features
  • Generous eye relief for comfortable shooting


  • Lack of advanced features found in higher-end scopes
  • Limited long-range shooting capabilities due to lower magnification

How to Choose the Best Scope for 460 XVR?

Size and Construction Quality: Opt for a scope that balances size, weight, and durability to withstand the recoil of the 460 XVR.

Lens Quality and Clarity: Prioritize scopes with high-quality lenses, multi-coating, and excellent light transmission for clear and vivid visuals.

Magnification Capabilities: Consider the shooting distances you plan to engage in and choose a scope with appropriate magnification range.

Reticle Design: Select a reticle that suits your shooting style and provides ease of target acquisition. Illuminated reticles are beneficial in low-light conditions.

Price and Value for Money: Set a budget and look for scopes that offer a good balance of quality, features, and affordability.

Comparison and Rating of the Scopes

Here’s the comparison table with the rating scores:

ScopeLeupold 2.5-8×32Burris Handgun 2-7×32Trijicon TR20 AccuPoint 3-9×40UTG 2-7X32 1″ Handgun Scope
Lens Coating4.
Overall Rating4.


The Leupold 2.5-8×32 is the overall best, offering exceptional optics and durability. The Burris Handgun 2-7x32mm is the most versatile choice, suitable for various shooting scenarios. The Trijicon TR20 AccuPoint excels in medium to long-range shooting, while the UTG 2-7X32 1″ Handgun Scope is a budget-friendly option.

Choosing the best scope for your 460 XVR depends on your specific shooting needs and budget. Consider the criteria discussed earlier and select a scope that aligns with your preferences.


What can a 460 XVR shoot?

The 460 XVR can shoot .460 S&W Magnum, .454 Casull, and .45 Colt ammunition. It is a powerful handgun cartridge primarily used for hunting and long-range shooting applications. 

What is the effective range of 460 XVR?

The effective range of the 460 XVR typically extends up to 200 yards for accurate and lethal shots, making it suitable for medium to long-range engagements. 

Why put a scope on a revolver?

A scope can be mounted on a revolver to enhance accuracy and improve target acquisition, especially for longer-range shots. It provides a magnified view of the target, allowing for more precise aiming.

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