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As an experienced enthusiast in the world of shooting and optics, I understand the significance of finding the perfect scope for your Benjamin Marauder air rifle.

With years of expertise in the field, I have explored numerous scopes, analyzing their performance, durability, and overall value. 

My goal is to provide you with an insightful guide that will help you make an informed decision and enhance your shooting precision.

When evaluating scopes for Benjamin Marauder, I consider several key factors. Durability and construction quality are vital to ensure long-lasting performance. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Scope

Durability and construction quality

The durability and construction quality of the scope is paramount to withstand the demands of shooting and outdoor conditions. Look for scopes made from robust materials with waterproof and shockproof features.

Lens quality and clarity

The quality of lenses impacts image clarity and brightness. High-quality lenses with multi-coating and anti-reflective properties ensure a clear and crisp sight picture, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Magnification capabilities

Choosing a scope with suitable magnification capabilities is crucial for your shooting needs. Consider the range you typically shoot at and select a scope with adjustable magnification or fixed power based on your preferences.

Reticle design

The reticle design influences target acquisition and precision. Choose a reticle style that aligns with your shooting requirements, whether it’s a simple crosshair or a more advanced mil-dot reticle.

Price and value for money

Consider the price of the scope and evaluate it against the features and performance it offers. A scope that provides excellent value for money balances quality and affordability.

My Top 5 Scopes for Benjamin Marauder

1. Pinty 2.5-10×40 Illuminated Mil-dot Tactical Rifle Scope

The Pinty 2.5-10×40 Illuminated Mil-dot Tactical Rifle Scope is a hunting riflescope specifically designed for bolt action rifles like the Benjamin Marauder. 

The build quality of the Pinty rifle scope is impressive, especially considering its price point. Made from a combination of aluminum and alloy, it offers a durable yet lightweight construction. 

The lens of the Pinty scope is coated, providing clear and vibrant visuals. At 10x magnification, there is minimal distortion, although some slight distortion may be present at the very edge of the scope. 

Why to Buy: If you’re in search of an affordable riflescope with excellent durability, lightweight design, and reliable performance in rough conditions, the Pinty scope is a great choice. It offers clear visuals and is specifically suited for bolt-action hunting rifles.

Why Not to Buy: If you require a scope with absolutely no distortion or if you prefer a scope made in a different country, the Pinty scope might not be the best fit for you.

Who Should Buy: Hunters and shooters who own bolt-action rifles like the Benjamin Marauder and are looking for a budget-friendly scope that can withstand rough conditions will find the Pinty 2.5-10×40 Rifle Scope to be a suitable option.

My Experience

I’ve had a positive experience with the Pinty 2.5-10×40 Illuminated Mil-dot Tactical Rifle Scope. The build quality is impressive for its price range, and it holds up well in rugged conditions. The nitrogen filling ensures fog-proof performance. The slight distortion at the edge of the scope is hardly noticeable when using it with the Benjamin Marauder.


  • Affordable price
  • Durable and lightweight construction
  • Fog-proof and waterproof
  • Clear and vibrant lens visuals
  • Suitable for bolt-action hunting rifles


  • Slight distortion at the edge of the scope
  • Made in China

2. CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24×50

The CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24×50 features a water-resistant and fog-proof design, ensuring its reliability even in challenging weather conditions. Constructed with solid materials and a matte finish, the scope offers a durable and sleek appearance. 

It also includes a thick rubber coating for added shock resistance, providing peace of mind if accidentally dropped.

The fine reticle markings assist in accurate long-range shooting. Additionally, the scope offers easy adjustment knobs and sufficient eye relief for most users.

Why to Buy: The CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24×50 is a great choice for those seeking an affordable yet reliable hunting rifle scope. The clear glass, precise reticle, and adjustable magnification contribute to improved accuracy and target acquisition. Overall, this scope offers excellent value for the price.

Why Not to Buy: If you require advanced features or Shooters who prefer compact scopes or those looking for advanced reticle designs might find this scope less suitable.

Who Should Buy: Hunters and shooters looking for a cost-effective scope with reliable performance will find the CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24×50 to be a suitable choice. Its user-friendly features make it an ideal option for various hunting and shooting activities.

My Experience

In my experience, the CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24×50 has delivered reliable performance and value. The scope impressed me with its wide magnification range and robust build quality. The illuminated mil-dot reticle is clear and easy to use, and the side focus adjustment helped eliminate parallax errors for precise shots.


  • Water-resistant and fog-proof design
  • Durable construction with shock-resistant rubber coating
  • Clear glass and precise reticle for improved target acquisition
  • Fine reticle markings aid in accurate long-range shooting
  • Easy-to-use adjustment knobs and sufficient eye relief
  • Affordable price offering great value


  • Manufactured in China

3. UTG 3-9X40 1″ Hunter Scope

If you’re in search of a budget-friendly scope without compromising on quality, the UTG 3-9X40 1″ Hunter Scope is an excellent choice. Crafted from aluminum, this scope provides the durability you expect at this price point and more. 

The lens of the UTG 3-9X40 scope features Emerald coatings, enhancing brightness and strength. 

The coating also adds scratch resistance, ensuring a clear view through the lens even after extended use. Notably, the Benjamin Marauder is an ideal companion for this scope, as both offer long-range performance and exceptional visual clarity.

Why to Buy: Its durable construction, fog-proof design, and enhanced vision clarity make it an excellent choice for hunting activities. Additionally, the inclusion of mounting rings and flip-up caps adds convenience and value to the package.

Why Not to Buy: If you require advanced features, the UTG 3-9X40 1″ Hunter Scope may not meet your specific preferences.

Who Should Buy: Hunters and shooters on a budget who value durability, fog-proof performance, and enhanced visual clarity will find the scope to be an ideal choice. Its reliable construction, excellent optics, and included accessories make it suitable for a wide range of hunting applications.

My Experience

Having used the UTG 3-9X40 1″ Hunter Scope, I can vouch for its quality and performance. The Emerald coatings on the lens truly enhance the brightness and clarity of the view, allowing for improved target acquisition. 


  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Fogproof, shockproof, and rainproof design
  • Enhanced vision clarity and wide field of view
  • Emerald coatings provide brightness and scratch resistance
  • Made in the USA
  • Complete package with mounting rings and flip-up caps


  • It may not offer advanced features found in higher-priced scopes.

4. Daisy Winchester 2-7 x 32 Scope

The Daisy Winchester 2-7×32 Scope is a versatile rifle scope designed primarily for Winchester rifles but also compatible with other rifles, including the Marauder. Constructed from durable aluminum, this scope is built to withstand recoil and provide long-lasting performance. 

The adjustable objective lens is a standout feature, allowing you to focus on your target and eliminate distractions from the background, optimizing your hunting experience. 

With internal purging and bright glass, this scope offers exceptional performance to enhance your hunting accuracy.

Why to Buy: The Daisy Winchester 2-7×32 Scope is durable, has a waterproof design, and its adjustable objective lens makes it an excellent choice for hunters and shooters. Featuring a multi-coated lens, this scope delivers excellent light transmission and clarity. The included mounting rings provide added convenience.

Why Not to Buy: If you require specific reticle options or higher magnification, you may find this scope too basic for your preferences.

Who Should Buy: Hunters and shooters looking for a durable and versatile rifle scope that can withstand recoil and provide clear visibility will find the Daisy Winchester 2-7×32 Scope to be a suitable choice. Its compatibility with .22 rifles, including the Marauder, makes it an ideal option for those seeking improved accuracy.

My Experience

Having used the Daisy Winchester 2-7×32 Scope, I can attest to its durability and performance. The scope’s robust aluminum construction provides confidence in its ability to handle the recoil and withstand rugged use. 

The waterproof feature ensures worry-free hunting in different weather conditions. The multi-coated lens delivers sharp and bright images, and the adjustable objective lens allows for precise focus on the target. 


  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Waterproof design
  • Multi-coated lens for enhanced visibility
  • Adjustable objective lens for precise focus
  • Included mounting rings
  • Compatible with .22 rifles


  • Limited reticle options
  • Made in China

5. Mantis 3-9×32 mm AO Mil-Dot Rifle Scope

The Mantis 3-9×32 mm AO Mil-Dot Air Rifle Scope is an affordable option specifically designed for newbie hunters. 

While it may not offer the most advanced features compared to high-end scopes, it stands out as one of the best choices within its price range.

With well-made turrets and a sunshade, this scope is built to withstand rugged use. The lens of the Mantis scope is coated to provide decent brightness and clarity. Its affordable price point makes it accessible to those on a budget. 

Why to Buy: The Mantis 3-9×32 mm AO Mil-Dot Air Rifle Scope is a recommended purchase for newbie hunters seeking an affordable and reliable scope. The pre-calibrated nature of the scope and its ability to maintain zero over multiple rounds add convenience and ease of use.

Why Not to Buy: Experienced hunters or those seeking advanced features may find the Mantis scope lacking in comparison to higher-end options. Additionally, the absence of included mounting rings may be a consideration for some users.

Who Should Buy:  Hunters looking for an affordable and reliable scope will find the Mantis 3-9×32 mm Rifle Scope to be a suitable choice. Its user-friendly features and compatibility with .22 rifles make it an ideal option for beginners seeking to enhance their shooting accuracy.

My Experience

Having used the Mantis 3-9×32 mm AO Mil-Dot Air Rifle Scope, I can vouch for its suitability for new hunters. It’s affordability and decent performance make it a valuable tool for those just starting out. The scope’s construction is solid, and the fog-proof and shockproof features inspire confidence during use. 

The coated lens provides satisfactory brightness and minimal distortion at higher magnifications. Overall, the Mantis scope offers a reliable and user-friendly experience.


  • Affordable price
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Fogproof, water, and shockproof design
  • Coated lens for decent brightness
  • Minimal distortion at higher magnifications
  • Pre-calibrated for immediate use
  • Maintains zero after firing multiple rounds


  • Limited advanced features
  • Mounting rings not included

Comparison and Rating of the Scopes

Here is a table comparing the scopes based on key criteria:

ScopeDurabilityLens QualityMagnificationReticle DesignRating
Pinty 2.5-10×40 Tactical Rifle Scope4/54/54/53/54/5
CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24×504/54/54/54/54/5
UTG 3-9X40 1″ Hunter Scope4/54/54/53/54/5
Daisy Winchester 2-7 x 32 Scope3/53/53/52/53/5
Mantis 3-9×32 mm AO Mil-Dot Air Rifle Scope4/54/54/54/54/5


In summary, the 5 best scopes for the Benjamin Marauder offer a range of features and options to enhance your shooting experience. Consider your specific shooting needs, such as desired magnification, reticle design, and budget, to choose the scope that aligns with your preferences. Properly mounting and caring for your scope will ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Remember, the best scope for you ultimately depends on your individual requirements and shooting style. Choose wisely and enjoy improved accuracy and precision with your Benjamin Marauder air rifle.


1. Do airguns need special scopes?

Airguns don’t necessarily need special scopes, but it’s recommended to choose scopes specifically designed to handle airgun recoil for better durability and accuracy.

2. What kind of scope do I need for a rifle?

The type of scope needed for a rifle depends on factors such as intended use, shooting distance, and caliber. Consider factors like magnification, reticle type, and durability to choose a suitable scope for your rifle.

3. What is the maximum range for a .22 air rifle?

The maximum range for a .22 air rifle can vary depending on factors such as pellet type, muzzle velocity, and shooting conditions. Generally, .22 air rifles are effective up to around 50-100 yards for accurate shooting.

4. Can I put a rifle scope on an air rifle?

Yes, you can put a rifle scope on an air rifle, but it’s important to choose a scope that can withstand the unique recoil of air guns. Look for scopes specifically labeled as “airgun-rated” or those designed to handle the recoil and characteristics of air rifles.

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