Best Budget Spotting Scope for Target Shooting

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Best Budget Spotting Scope for Target Shooting

Do you know the difference between a shooting scope and a hunting scope? Or are you someone who thinks that both are the same? Since a lot of people think that shooting and hunting scopes are the same and it is pretty easy to find a scope with which you can shoot and hunt, very few people know that a scope with which you hunt your target animal might not work outstandingly when it comes to shooting and vice versa because a shooting scope won’t be a good fit for hunting nor would be a hunting scope a good fit for shooting.

A shooting scope is specifically designed for shooting games and more precision, whereas a hunting scope is intended for the sake of hunting. Furthermore, a shooting scope has a higher magnification range feature because you have a usually not too big target placed at a distance from you, for which you need accuracy and precision. Still, hunting scopes can’t beat a shooting scope when it comes to magnification.

Are you a shooter who is a little frustrated because you cannot shoot the target accurately? Or are you a beginner who is looking for a scope for target shooting? Or are you a professional who plans to upgrade their previous scope for a better shooting experience? No matter whatever your shooting background is, if you are looking for a scope that allows you to shoot your target down without wasting your time and money, then this is the article you should read because we will be cracking a lot of your confusion and provide you with a detailed buying guide that will help you in shortlisting the features you want in your quality spotting scope. Furthermore, this article includes a list of spotting scopes that are the best among all the other scopes and are budget-friendly!

List of Top 7 Best Budget Spotting Scope for Target Shooting

Table showing the Best Budget Spotting Scopes for Target Shooting with a quick comparison table listing all their key features

ProductKey FeaturesRating
Roxant Authentic Blackbird
Magnification range 12-36x
Rubber Armor
fully multi Coated Lens
BAK4 Prism Glass Lens
45 Degree Angled Eyepiece
Lifetime Replacement
Magnification range 20-60x
BAK 4 Prism Glass Lens
80 mm objective lens
Eye Relief 17-12mm
Waterproof Shockproof IP67
Emarth spotting scope
Magnification 20-60x
45 degree angled eyepiece
Fully Multi-coated Lens
Field-of-view is 39-19m/1000m
Durable Construction
Waterproof Fogproof
Gosky HD Spotting ScopeMagnification 20-60x
60mm objective lens
field of view at
50-110ft/1000 yards
non-slip grip
Waterproof design
Huicocy Spotting ScopeMagnification 20x to 60x
Field-of-view is 39-19m/1000m
Rubber armor
Non-slip grip
retractable eyepiece
retractable sunshade
Landove BAK4 Prism
Spotting Scope
Magnification 20-60x
80 mm objective lens
BAK4 prism
retractable sunshade
water shock
fog proof
Celestron – Ultima 80 Angled
Magnification 20x to 60x
80 mm objective lens
razor-sharp focus
45° viewing angle

1. Roxant Authentic Blackbird High-Definition Spotting Scope

Roxant is one of the brands that is known for the fantastic quality of its optics. The company ensures that every product is manufactured using high-end materials. It not only produces scopes for hunting but also for shooting as well. One such amazing shooting scope manufactured by the company is Roxant Authentic Blackbird High-Definition Spotting Scope.

The scope has a high-quality Objective lens that is made of multiple coatings. Due to the coatings, the lens ensures maximum image quality and maximum light transmission, producing clear and crisp images. The lens further has a sunshade that prevents an excess of light from entering the scope. The objective lens is wide and provides a larger field of view. Furthermore, the lens has the protection that reduces the glare of the sunlight.

Roxant Authentic Blackbird High-Definition quality Spotting scope it’s made up of high-quality materials and is handy. Its lens is outlined with an o-shaped ring and has covers too. It comes with a metallic tripod stand, lens covers, and excellent packaging. The scope is suitable for hunting, shooting, watching out for birds, and many other purposes. The eyepiece of the lens focuses on perfection and takes minimum time. The eyepiece is placed at a 45-degree angle, allowing a wider field of view without accurately facing any problem.

Since it is a shooting scope, therefore it magnifies up to 12-36×50. Many scopes magnify to such an extent, but the users complain about the clarity of the image. In this scope, the image stays clear even after magnifying it to the maximum limit. You can mount the scope on any tripod stand without any problem because it has a metallic screw and a bottom through which it can be easily mounted on any tripod stand. Very few people complained that there is a lack of clarity in the image when it comes to focusing upon a flying bird.

The company offers a lifetime warranty for the scope, which means that if you ever cater to any problem using the scope or if you think it is not working properly, you can launch a complaint and get it fixed without paying a single penny. Furthermore, the scope is quite user-friendly and can be easily mounted and used. A shooting scope with so many features is quite expensive. It doesn’t match your budget, but Roxant Authentic Blackbird High-Definition Spotting Scope is budget-friendly and worth investing the money in.


  • The eyepiece focuses within no time
  • It produces a clear image even after magnifying to the maximum limit.
  • It is small in size and light in weight.
  • The scope is manufactured with high-quality materials.
  • This shooting scope is quite budget-friendly.
  • It provides excellent eye relief.
  • It is user-friendly.


  • If you want a person who shoots birds then the magnifying power of this scope might be a problem for you.

2. CREATIVE XP HD 2021 Spotting Scope

When we talk about buying the best spotting scopes, Creative XP comes on the list of the topmost high-end brands that manufacture amazing spotting scopes. Creative XP HD 2021 spotting scope is one of the best spotting scopes that enables users to view distant objects clearly as if they are placed right in front of them.

The scope had an objective lens of 80 MM and has multiple coatings. It produces clear images, reflects minimum light transmission, directs maximum light to ensure clarity, and is not easily scratchable. Furthermore, the company claims that the creative XP HD 2021 spotting scope magnifies the distant target up to 60 times its original size. This feature allows you to see far-off objects like stars etc. The scope is purged with nitrogen, making it waterproof and fog proof, allowing the user to use it in the rain or foggy weather. Even in the fog, the edges of the lens don’t blur out. It is further sealed with an O – ring that prevents water or moisture from entering the scope.

This shooting scope comes in very nice packaging. It includes a couple of things like an adapter for your mobile phone, a tripod stand over which you can easily adjust your scope, a case for protection of the lens, and a remote controller through which you can click pictures easily without losing track of your target.

Creative XP HD 2021 spotting scope offers a great eye relief to its users and has a broader field of view to view distant objects. Even though few people complained about its magnification power, this scope is a target shooting spotting scope but isn’t a good option to view objects placed as far as 1000 yards.

This scope is produced in the US, and the company offers a nice warranty period for replacing or repairing in case of any damage to the scope. Keeping in view the scope’s features, the price is quite reasonable, and it is easy to mount the scope onto the tripod without worrying about the right procedure. The cherry on top, the scope is lightweight and not bulky at all. Typing for kids is open, light in weight, and does not work at all.


  • The scope magnifies up to 60 times.
  • It is waterproof and fog proof.
  • You can easily attach a smartphone with the scope thereby being able to view distant objects even more clearly and also taking their pictures and making videos.
  • The price is low as compared to other shooting scopes of the type.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The image produced it’s clear and sharp.
  • The lens is of good quality and has a wider field of view.


  • Some people complain that this scope is a great choice for target shooting but doesn’t produce a concise view of distant objects.

3. Emarth 20-60x60AE 45 Degree Angled Spotting Scope

Are you a person who is looking for a shooting scope that is good in quality and not too expensive? If this is the case with you, then Emarth 20x to 60x 60AE 45 Degree Angled Spotting Scope is the answer to your problem. The scope is made up of amazing quality products and has an excellent finish. Overall, this scope looks amazing on the outside and works outstanding as well.

It has high glass quality and fully multi-coated lenses. It has a BAK4 roof prism that produces bright and clear images for the target shooting that allow maximum light to enter the scope without disturbing the eye relief of the user. It is one of the best shooting scopes with a dual focus feature, focuses on far-off objects without any issue, and does the job precisely and accurately, ensuring that you don’t spend much time focusing on the target. Furthermore, you can lock your focus and thus can magnify the target object more clearly without losing focus.

Emarth 20-60x60AE 45 Degree Angled Spotting Scope Is covered with a rubber coating that allows the user to hold it firmly and makes the scope shockproof if it falls on the floor unintentionally. The scope lens is outlined with an O-shaped ring that prevents water or dust from entering the scope. It is purged with nitrogen, making it waterproof and fog proof and used in rainy or foggy weather.

The package includes a metallic tripod stand upon which the shooting scope can be mounted easily. Also, the lens is placed at a 45-degree angle, enabling the user to view distant objects easily without having any issue with the placement of the eye. A few people complain that this shooting scope offers comparatively lesser eye relief than others of its type.

Emarth 20-60x60AE 45 Degree Angled Spotting Scope is not expensive at all, keeping into account its features. The scope is user-friendly and is easy to use as well. The company offers an excellent warranty and has arranged a contact number over which you can launch a complaint. They try to get back to you as early as possible to sort your problem out without charging you a single penny.


  • The scope is budget-friendly.
  • It provides a clear view of far-off objects.
  • The scope can magnify up to 60 times the size of the target.
  • The lens is adjusted at a 45-degree angle keeping it easier for the shooter to view.
  • It is fog-proof and water-resistant.
  • It comes with a nice warranty.


  • It provides an eye relief lesser than others of its type.

4. Gosky 20-60×60 HD Spotting Scope

Gosky 20-60×60 HD is one of the best Spotting Scopes to use when hiking or camping. If you are a wildlife lover or even if you like to watch stars at night, this scope provides you with a fantastic view of the distant object because it’s 60 mm objective lens is designed to provide a fantastic image that is not only clear but sharp as well. The lens is fully multi-coated with several layers, which allow the precise amount of light to enter into the scope providing enough light and brightness in the image produced. The lens offers a wide field of view so that you can view things easily.

The eyepiece of the scope is at a 45 degrees angle that provides you excellent eye relief, and you can easily adjust your eye without bending too much. The eyepiece has a shield that can be stretched out in case of rain or dust to prevent any damage to see clearly no matter what the weather is. The body of the scope has a rubber covering that prevents any unintentional slipping.

Gosky 20-60×60 HD Spotting Scope Comes in one piece, is purged with nitrogen, and is further sealed with an O-shaped ring that prevents dust particles, moisture, or water from getting into the scope. If you are worried about the focus and the magnification range, let us solve this mystery for you! The scope has knobs for setting both of these. Furthermore, the focus knob can be locked as well.

After reading many reviews, one piece of advice that we would give you is to place the scope onto the tripod properly and make sure that the ground underneath is leveled, or else you will witness shakiness while focusing. Lastly, the scope comes with a tripod stand and has a place where you can adjust your smartphone to capture pictures and make videos without any issue. The scope comes with a free repair and refund policy at a very affordable price. It is quite user-friendly and is easy to use.


  • This scope is easy to use.
  • It provides amazing eye relief.
  • The lens is clear and produces outstanding results and clear details.
  • It comes with a tripod stand.
  • It can magnify an object placed as far as 1200 meters without affecting the result of the image.
  • An O-shaped ring prevents any moisture or debris from entering the scope.


  • You have to place the tripod at a stable place or else even the slightest of wind will make it shaky and thereby you will lose track of your target.

5. Huicocy 20-60x60mm Zoom 39-19m/1000m

Huicocy is a very well-known brand that produces excellent scopes for your firearms. Huicocy 20-60x 60mm Zoom 39 – 19 m/1000 m spotting scope provides a clear image due to the amazing quality of its lens. Several coatings are present over the objective lens that secures it from scratches and dust. The lens’s focus can be adjusted quickly, and the target can be magnified up to 60 times without any issues.

It comes in one piece and has nitrogen-filled inside that makes it usable in rain or fog. If you have an eyesight problem, the eyepiece can be set where you can see clearly. The scope has a rubber outer surface, due to which you can have a firm grip, and this outer surface prevents it from any serious damage if it falls.

The scope comes with a tripod stand of good quality that can be easily inserted with the help of the metallic base present on the lower side of the scope. There is a case upon which you can set your mobile phone, but you need to take care of your phone’s compatibility because few people have complained that their phones aren’t compatible with the scope.

Taking into account its price, it is quite budget-friendly. The company has amazing customer service and responds to its customers within no time. So, if you have any issue with the scope, you can easily launch a complaint, and the company will take care of it without charging you anything.


  • The scope offers amazing clarity of the image.
  • It has an o- shaped ring that prevents any dust particles from entering the scope.
  • It has a magnification power of 20 times to 60 times.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Keeping into account its features, the price of the scope is quite reasonable.
  • It focuses within no time.


  • Not every mobile phone is compatible with the scope.

6. Landove 20-60X80 BAK4 Prism Spotting Scope

Whether you are a nature lover and like to see skies or play shooting games, we have an amazing and best spotting scope that will make both experiences phenomenal for you. Landove 20-60X80 BAK 4 Prism Spotting Scope is an amazing product of the company with a BAK 4 prism attached to its extra clear lens that prevents any glary light from entering the lens that can affect the clarity of your view. Furthermore, the lens has multiple coatings that prevent any external scratches and provide you with a clear and crisp view.

The scope can magnify a target at a minimum of 20 times and a maximum of 60 times the object’s original size. Thereby you can perfectly view distant objects placed as far as 1000 yards without worrying about the quality and magnification because this scope has you covered. It is, therefore, suitable for hunting, shooting, hiking, or any such activity.

The eyepiece of the lens has an extra cover that prevents the eye from any damage in extreme sunlight. If this doesn’t work for you, you can stretch out the sunshield in front of the eyepiece in case of excess sunlight. The scope has a rubber outer cover that prevents it from slipping, gives the user a firm grip over it, and makes it shockproof. It is filled with nitrogen from the inside, making it waterproof and fog proof, thus allowing you to see things even in rain or fog.

This scope comes in a good quality black bag and a metallic tripod stand that can be set easily. There is an adapter through which you can set your mobile phone and can capture pictures or videos. Even though some people complain that in the beginning, it’s difficult to set your mobile on to the holder and pick the perfect shot but with the passage of time with every use, you become a professional.

It has a cleaning cover in the package too, and two lens covers as well. Talking of durability, it is durable, and the company offers a lifetime warranty period and a lifetime money return policy in case of any damage. It is easy to use the scope, and its price is affordable too.


  • It produces a clearer image when magnifies a target up to 60 times.
  • It focuses easily on the target and can be locked to take clearer pictures.
  • The price of the scope is reasonable.
  • It is constructed with the most durable products.
  • It has clear optics and produces sharp images.
  • The package includes a tripod that is made up of good quality metal and doesn’t shake on the slightest touch or wind.


  • Attaching a phone to the scope is a bit difficult. Also, taking pictures from the phone through the scope needs practice.

7. Celestron – Ultima 80 Angled Spotting Scope

Celestron 80 Angled Spotting Scope is a durable product produced by the brand that will last you a lifetime. In case of any damage to the scope, the company offers a two-year warranty to replace or repair it without charging its customers.

The eyepiece is inserted at a 45 degree angle, making it easier for the viewer to view distant objects without an issue. It’s 80mm objective lens can magnify an object up to 60 times its original size, but it is heard that the result of the image is reduced at the maximum magnification compared to other scopes of its type. The focus of the lens can be adjusted easily and is waterproof as well as fog-proof.

It comes with a tripod stand, a cap for the lens, a cloth for cleaning the lens, a pouch for the eyepiece, a case to carry the scope, and a book containing instructions. The eyepiece can be zoomed in or out too for more clarity of the image. Some users say that the lens doesn’t offer perfect relief to the eye.


  • The scope is durable.
  • It comes with a nice warranty.
  • It is waterproof and fog-proof.
  • The optics of the scope have been layered with many layers that don’t reflect light.
  • It is user-friendly.


  • It provides clear images when you magnify the object 20 times but as you increase the magnification of the scope, the clarity and sharpness of the image reduces.
  • The eye relief is below the standards.

Buying Guide

Many of us are usually confused about what features to look for while buying any product because gathering accurate and useful information seems tiring and time-consuming. If you are one of them and cannot find the best spotting scope for your rifle, you are in the right place because we have compiled below a list of features that should be present in a scope perfect for shooting. 


When it comes to shooting, magnification is the most important thing to look forward to in a scope. A good shooting scope can magnify a distant object precisely to hit the target with accuracy and precision, making sure that you don’t miss the target.


The affordability of a product shall be kept in mind no matter what you are buying; therefore, look for budget-friendly scopes, and you can easily invest in them because a good scope can make or break your game. 


When you invest in a product, you should be concerned about its durability. The same is the case for shooting scopes too.


It is better that you choose an eyepiece that can be adjusted according to your needs. This feature allows you the shoot better and more accurately.

Eye relief

A good scope offers great eye relief. It is a feature that makes your scope stand out among all the other scopes and helps you shoot effectively.

Objective lens

Always make sure that the objective lens shall be of amazing quality so that you can view the distant object. The lens shall have multiple coatings so that it lasts longer and gives you outstanding results.

Waterproof and water-resistant

Look for a scope that is waterproof and water-resistant. This feature will allow you to shoot in any weather without worrying about damaging the scope. Such a scope gives you a clear view even if it is raining.


The clarity of your target is a feature that stands out among all other features of a shooting scope. Many shooting scopes show a clear image of a nearby target but don’t show a clear image of a distant target; therefore, look for a scope that produces a clear image even after magnification.


The products used in manufacturing the scope are quite important because they decide if the scope will last you long or not. Therefore, you must have good knowledge about the product used in the scope.


A good brand or a well-known company famous for producing the type of product you are looking for is a better option to consider. Therefore, look for a brand that is known for the optics it manufactures. To keep their reputation, such brands offer a nice warranty, affordable prices, and amazing features in their products because customer feedback is more important.

Technological connections

With the advancement in technology, things have become more dependent on smartphones and technological devices; therefore, we suggest you invest in a scope that can be connected with a smartphone.


We have made things easier for you, so sit back and start shortlisting the features you want your shooting scope to have by going through the buying guide we provided you at the start of the article. After you have written what features you want in your shooting scope, start looking for them in the list of the top 7 best budget spotting scopes for target shooting present out there!

Roxant Authentic Blackbird High-Definition is the best Spotting Scope and our pick out of the entire list of scopes because this spotting scope provides amazing eye relief, clear focus, outstanding clarity of distant objects, and is user-friendly too. You get all these features at a low price, and the product comes with an excellent warranty period.

All the seven shooting scope suggestions have been compiled after a lot of research, and each scope adds a list of pros and cons, thereby ensuring that it is easier for you to choose according to your requirements. The explanation of each scope has been kept precise to get maximum information in a minimum time.

FAQs About Best Budget Spotting Scopes for Target Shooting

1. What is the best spotting scope for target shooting?

All the scopes provided in this article above are suitable spotting scopes for target shooting.

2. What are the best budget spotting scopes?

There is no best budget for a spotting scope. You have to make your budget buy your own according to your expenses and requirements. We have provided you with some of the scopes that have unique features and are budget-friendly too.

3. What is a good spotting scope for 300 yards?

Following is a list of best spotting scopes for 300 yards:

Roxant Authentic Blackbird High-Definition Spotting Scope

Creative XP HD 2021 spotting scope

Emarth 20-60x60AE 45 Degree Angled Spotting Scope

Gosky 20-60×60 HD Spotting Scope

Huicocy 20-60x60mm Zoom 39 – 19 m/1000 m spotting scope

Landove 20-60X80 BAK4 Prism Spotting Scopes

Celestron – Ultima 80 Angled Spotting Scope

4. Is a spotting scope worth it?

If you are a wildlife lover, a nature lover, a shooter, or a hunter, buying the best spotting scope is a good option. 

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