Best Red Dot For 45 Degree Mount

Hey shooters! If you are looking for the best red dot for a 45-degree mount, this is where your search ends. 

In this article, I use my two weeks of research and years of experience to curate a list of the best red dots for a 45-degree mount. 

I have reviewed these sights on their durability, price, battery life, and reticle settings. 

I would pick the Trijicon RMR Type 2 Red Dot Sight given a choice.

But if you don’t like it, choose one according to your liking from the review below. 

So, let’s get started.

My Top Picks

If you don’t have the time to go through all the products in detail, the following are my top 3 picks:

1. Trijicon RMR Type 2 Red Dot Sight

2. Holosun 507K-X2

3. Predator V2 Reflex Sight

Top 5 Red Dot For 45 Degree Mount 

Following are the top 5 red dots available for your 45-degree mount. 

Key Features
Trijicon RMR Type 2
Red Dot Sight
Extremely durable 
8 brightness settings 
4 years of continuous runtime
Automatic LED
Super compact and lightweight 
Multiple reticle options
50,000 hours of battery life
Predator V2 Reflex Sight
45 Degree mount included
9 brightness options 
4 reticle options 
Green and red reticle
Bushnell Advanced Micro
Reflex Red Dot
Good quality
IPX7 waterproof rating
Swampfox Kingslayer Sight
Best budget option
10 brightness settings 

1. Trijicon RMR Type 2 Red Dot Sight – Most Durable 

Trijicon RMR
Trijicon RMR (Image credit: Amazon)

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Brand: Trijicon | Weight: 1.17 ounces | Material: Forged Aluminum | Length: 1.8 inches | Width: 1.1 inches | Height: 1 inch

Why It’s My #1 Pick?

  1. One of the most durable open reflex sights on the market.
  2. Adjustable LED with 8 settings 
  3. Incredibly lightweight. 

The first product in line here is the Trijicon RMR Type 2 . This sight is the Gen 2 of the Trijicon RMR but with improved features. There is no chance that I will make a list of the best red dot sights and not include the Trijicon RMR Type 2. Trijicon is the shooter’s favorite because it offers extreme durability. It is durable because Trijicon makes it with forged aluminum. It also has a patented lens design that gives it extra protection against force by distributing the shock evenly. Moreover, it has type 3 hard anodizing for corrosion resistance.

The light has 8 brightness settings that can be adjusted manually and automatically. This feature allows you to use the sight in various lighting conditions. The automatic adjustment is what most shooters love about this sight.  The sensor included in the sight detects the ambient light and adjusts the dot’s intensity accordingly. 

Lastly, this light is incredibly lightweight, especially for its durability. So, you will not add a lot of weight to your gun with this red dot. 

My Personal Experience

The Trijicon RMR sight is part of my collection of mini reflex sights. I have manipulated the sight with wood barricades and metal barrels to test its durability, and it still works. So, you don’t have to worry about breaking the glass if you accidentally drop it. 

It’s Got More To It

  • Insane battery: The sight has 4 years of battery life at a mid illumination setting. 
  • Works in harsh conditions: This light works in extreme conditions. So, you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged. 
  • Lockout option: Turn to automatic settings and lock the adjustment. It prevents accidental adjustment change. It is optimal, especially if you carry the red dot in a holster. 
  • Extremely bright dot:  The dot on this sight is extremely bright at the highest setting. So,  you can effectively use it even in bright daylight.  
  • Night vision compatibility: The lowest 2 settings are night-vision compatible. So, you can pair it with a night vision device as well. 
  • Easy zero adjustments: This sight’s easy-to-use dial for elevation and windage adjustments allows you to zero it easily. 
  • Compact design: The compact design of this sight makes it easy to handle. 


  • It is expensive: Let’s say that the durability comes with a price, but you will not be disappointed. Buy once, cry once!

Bottom Line

So, if you are willing to pay the price for the extreme durability and amazing features, get the Trijicon RMR TYPE 2. Trijicon has built this sight like a  tank. But if you want a less expensive option, then keep reading. 

2. Holosun 507K-X2 – The Budget Alternative 

HOLOSUN 507K-X2 (Image credit: Amazon)

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Brand: Holosun | Weight: 1-ounce | Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum | Length: 1.6 inches | Width: 0.98 inches | Height: 0.95 inches

Why It’s My #2 Pick?

  • The most bang for the buck
  • Super compact and lightweight 
  • Multiple reticle options
  • 50,000 hours of battery life

Next in line is Holosun’s answer to the Trijicon: The Holosun 507K-X2

This sight is lightweight and compact like the Trijicon RMR Type 2 but at a much lower price. It doesn’t offer the quality of a Trijicon but is the best budget alternative to it. 

The 507K-X2 has 3 reticle options; a 2 moa dot, a 32 moa circle, and a combination of both. This multiple reticle option feature attracts most people to this red dot sight. For example, shooters with eye issues find it easier to use the circle dot. 

I love this sight because it gives 50,000 hours of battery life at a mid-setting for the dot reticle. Another thing the user will love is the “Shake Awake” feature. The sight goes to sleep mode if it does not detect any movement. It turns on again the second it senses motion. This feature helps to preserve the battery. Even if you forget to turn off the dot, it will not deplete. You can also choose after how much time you want the sight to go to sleep mode by setting the timer to 10 minutes, 1 hour, 12 hours, or completely disabled. 

My Personal Experience

Holosun 507K-X2 is part of my Holosun sight collection. All I can say is that it is a durable red dot. I love its Shake Awake feature that gives a prolonged battery. 

It’s Got More To It

  • Change battery without taking the dot off: The Holosun 507K X2  has a side load battery compartment. Because of this, you can replace the battery with the red dot mounted on the slide and don’t have to re-zero it. 
  • Clear glass: Usually, a sight with higher battery life has a strong tint, but the Holosun 507K has clear glass. 
  • 12 brightness settings: This sight has 12 brightness settings that make it usable in all lighting conditions. You can make the dot as bright as you want.  Also, the two lowest settings are night-vision compatible.
  • Button Lockout mode: The activation buttons will stop working and prevent accidental activation when you activate the button lock. It is optimal in situations where there is a lot of movement, such as competition where there are chances that you can hit it against something.
  • Tactile click: The tactile clicks help you make adjustments more predictably than those with no clicks. 
  • 3 years warranty: The product also comes with a 3-year warranty. 
  • Bright dot: The highest setting on this sight is suitable for strong daytime brightness. 
  • Durable: Holosun has made the 507K X2 with quality Aluminum alloy, and the top of the window has a little curve to it which creates more material and makes the sight durable. 


  • Not made in the US: This sight is made in China. So, it could be a con for people who prefer products made in the US. 

Bottom Line

So, if you are willing to pay the extra dollars for the durability, get a Trijicon RMR Type 2 Red Dot Sight, and if you want a more budget option, get a Holosun 507K-X2.

3. Predator V2 Reflex Sight – Best for Beginners 

Predator V2
Predator V2 (Image credit: Amazon)

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Brand: Tacticon | Weight: 5.15 ounces | Material: Aluminum Alloy | Length: 3.50 inches | Width: 1.25 inches | Height: 2.25 inches

Why It’s My #3 Pick?

  • It comes with a 45 Degree Mount.
  • Affordable option. 

The next is the low-budget red dot option for your 45 Degree mount. In comparison to the above two options, this one is very affordable. But of course, you should not be expecting the Trijicon level of durability or quality from this red dot, but it is a good option for first-timers. 

Also, this red dot sight comes with a 45-degree mount included in the package. So, it is ready for you to attach it as your offset sight. 

Personal Experience

I don’t own this red dot, but my friend Mitchel has this one as a part of his affordable red dot sights collection. And I have had the chance to use it a few times. As I already have a Trijicon RMR TYPE 2 and many from Holosun, I am not planning to buy this one. But that doesn’t mean that it is not a good option. 

It’s Got More To It

  • 9 brightness options: This sight has 9 different brightness settings to choose from according to your preference. Also, you can use it in all light conditions. 
  • Auto shut off mode: The auto shut off mode in this red dot sight automatically shuts the battery if you have not used it for 10 minutes. 
  • 4 reticle options: The dot, the circle around the dot, the crosshairs, the crosshairs with the dot are the different reticle options the user has. You can choose to hit your target with the reticle you find most comfortable. 
  • Red and green reticle: You also get to pick the reticle’s color along with style. 


  • Poor battery life: One disadvantage to this red dot is that it works on Alkaline batteries which don’t last as long as lithium batteries. 

Bottom Line

If you are a newbie in the weapon world, the Predator V2 Reflex Sight is a good option. 

4. Bushnell Advanced Micro Reflex Red Dot – Best for CQC 

Bushnell Advance Micro Reflex Sight
Bushnell Advance Micro Reflex Sight (Image credit: Amazon)

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Brand: Bushnell | Weight: 2.2 Ounces | Material: Plastic | Length: 1.8 inches | Width: N/A | Height: 1.02 inches

Why It’s My #4 Pick?

  • Good quality at an affordable price
  • Lightweight 

Up next, I have the Bushnell Advanced micro dot sight.  This red dot sight gives good quality at an affordable price.

Bushnell mentions that this light has extended battery life. It means 10,000 hours of runtime at medium setting on this sight. In addition, it has an IPX7 waterproof rating which is an industry-standard. So, you can submerge this sight up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. 

If we talk about the drop test, I dropped it from chest level onto the grass, and there were no issues. 

The rubber buttons to change the brightness settings are tactile and audible and stick out a little bit so you can feel the arrow when you are putting your finger on it. Feeling the arrow and hearing the click gives easy brightness adjustment without confusing the buttons. 

Also, it allows you to choose the reticle brightness of your choice with its 10 brightness settings. 

Moreover, at 2.2 ounces, this sight is pretty lightweight and has a 5 moa dot, perfect for up-close work or home defense. 

So, get a Bushnell Advance red dot if you want a good quality optic for close-quarter scenarios or home defense. 

5. Swampfox Kingslayer Sight – The Budget Option 

Swampfox Kingslayer Sight
Swampfox Kingslayer Sight (Image credit: Amazon)

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Brand: Swampfox | Weight: 1-ounce | Material: N/A | Length: 1.8 inches | Width: 1.1 inches | Height: 1 inch

Last but not least is the Swampfox Kingslayer reflex sight. This sight has all the features that a good red dot sight needs at an affordable price. 

It has pretty clear glass with an anti-reflective coating which gives a clear view. At 1 ounce, this sight does not add much weight to the gun. Its 10 brightness settings allow you to choose according to your preference.  

The feature you will love about it is the side-mounted battery tray that allows you to change the battery without taking sight off the rail. So, you don’t need to re-zero it. It also includes an auto-off feature for battery protection. 

Lastly, it comes with a Picatinny rail mount included in it. 

So, you get a good sight with all the necessary features at an affordable price.

Know Your 45 Degree Mount Red Dot 

The following information will enlighten you about a 45-degree mount or offset red dots and why you need one. 

Offset Red Dot Sight       

The Offset Red Dot Sight is a mini dot that you mount along with your primary rifle optic. Initially, it was a popular practice in competition, and then due to the many benefits it offers, they are used for service as well. 

The two types of offset red dot sights are angled and piggyback. 

The angled offset red dot is the one you place beside the optic at an angle of 35 or 45 degrees. And the Piggyback is the one you put on the top of the optic. Here we are concerned about the 45-degree mount red dot. 

Why do you need an Offset Red Dot Sight?

An offset red dot sight gives you fast target acquisition when engaging targets at various distances. It’s faster than any other optic. Moreover,  it is always good to have a backup if your primary optic breaks or fails. So, an offset red dot paired with a good quality mount does not harm.

What does a 45-degree mount sight offer?

An angled mount sight gives an excellent cheek weld for accuracy and recoil management. It also has a standard height over bore, making it easy to predict holdovers when you shoot inside your zero distance. Also, it gives more clearance around magnified optic scope turrets. 

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What is the best-angled offset mount?

An angled offset mount is the one that angles the sight at 35 or 45 degrees relative to the bore axis. Below mentioned are some best-angled offset mounts:

  1. Arisaka Defense Offset Optic Mount
  2. TREX Offset Mount
  3. Trijicon AC32066 45 Degree Offset Mount
  4. Valhalla Tactical RUKH

What is the best red dot for a 45 Degree Mount?

Below mentioned are some red dots for a 45-degree mount

  1. Trijicon RMR Type 2 Red Dot Sight
  2. HOLOSUN 507K-X2
  3. Predator V2 Reflex Sight 
  4. Bushnell Advanced Micro Reflex Red Dot
  5. Swampfox Kingslayer Sight

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