Atn Thor HD vs Thor 4

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atn thor hd vs thor 4

Thermal scopes were initially used by the military and law enforcement agencies. As time passed, the advancement in thermal technology made the cost of producing thermal scopes low, and hence they were made available for hunters. 

Hunters who shoot at night had to rely on night vision optics for spotting and hitting targets. But thermal scopes have made the whole cumbersome task much more manageable. It detects infrared radiation and helps to identify the target and hence aids easy target acquisition. 

Atn is a popular and trusted brand for thermal scopes. It is well known for always staying ahead of its competition in the market. It is a brand that moves forward according to customer demands. Atn Thor HD series was already a popular thermal scope in the market when Thor 4 came in. Both of them have the essential features that Atn provides. However, Thor 4 is an upgraded version of Thor HD. This new series has some unique and beautiful additions that were not there in the Thor HD series. 

The two models of Thor 4, 384, and 640 are available in a wide magnification range. The user can choose it based on his priority. The Field of View also changes with the change in magnification. 

Both Thor HD and Thor 4 have standard Atn features such as a ballistic calculator, intelligent range finder, multiple reticle options, e-barometer.

Atn Thor HD vs Thor 4

Thermal Refresh Rate

The thermal refresh rate of a Thor HD is 30 Hz, and that of a Thor 4 is 60 Hz. This improved thermal refresh rate is a significant distinguishing factor between the two. Refresh rate means the frequency at which the image is refreshed on the screen. If the refresh rate is 30 Hz, the screen displays an image 30 times per second. If a scope has less thermal refresh rate, it means that while capturing moving objects, the image can become blurred. 

The more the refresh rate, the more precise the image is. A refresh rate above 30Hz is required for professional shooting. So, the 60 Hz thermal refresh rate in comparison to the 30Hz gives a much clearer image of moving objects. 


Another important difference between the two is that Thor 4 has an upgraded Obsidian IV Dual Core processor. This processor is more powerful than the Obsidian “T” processor of the Thor HD. The processor, along with a 384 x 288 sensor, gives a much clearer image. Due to the use of this upgraded processor, Thor 4 runs faster than Thor HD. It is not just fast but also consumes less power and hence works for long hours. 

Video Recording Feature

Both Atn Thor HD and Thor 4 have the video recording feature. This feature is called Recoil Activated Video (RAV). What RAV does is that it automatically starts recording the video when the trigger is pulled. The shooter needs to turn on the RAV feature. When the shooter pulls the trigger, the recoil is sensed by the scope, and it automatically starts to record the video and save it on the SD card. This feature is preferred by all shooters alike as it easily captures all the shooting experiences one is having. There is no extra effort required to switch on the camera while shooting the target, which one can easily forget between all the hustle of shooting. What is new about the Thor 4 is that it offers the shooter a choice between 30 fps and 60 fps and is not just stuck with 30 fps. This will enable them to save high-quality images for years to remember. 

 Video Stream Feature 

Today, most communication-based applications have a live streaming feature. It allows people to show others live videos of their activities. The Atn series cater to this need of the modern world and has included the live streaming feature. You don’t need to show the recorded video to your friends afterward; you can do it there. 

Both Thor HD and Thor 4 have streaming features. The difference between the two is that Thor 4 has a dual video streaming feature, and Thor HD has a single video streaming feature. 

Battery Life

For a memorable shooting experience, long battery life is an essential consideration by shooters. Nobody likes to run out of battery while shooting. The Atn Thor HD has a battery life of 8 hours. It is considered sufficient for a hunting day. But the new and upgraded Thor 4 has an extended battery life of 18 hours. The Atn Thor 4 will run in the field for 18 hours without recharge. One of the reasons for this extended battery life is the upgraded dual-core processor. The processor remains cool and saves energy for more prolonged use. This feature of the Thor 4 has made it a leader in the market as it is the first digital scope that offers so many hours of battery life. It is more than double compared to the other scopes in the market. 

Eye Relief

It is evident that efficiency matters during shooting, but what is equally important is comfort. Eye relief is a feature that is considered necessary in this regard. Eye relief is needed because it prevents the eye from damage from recoil. It also gives enough space for people who wear glasses. More eye relief means that the target is visible when the shooter’s eye is at a distance from the eyepiece. Thor HD has a limited eye relief of 65 mm, while the eye relief of the Thor 4 is 90 mm. The more eye relief in the upgraded version is yet another reason for the shooters to buy it.


What is the detection range of Thor 4?

The detection range of Thor 4 is 960 meters. 

What is the Thermal Resolution of Thor Hd and Thor 4?

Both Thor Hd and Thor 4 have similar resolutions of 384×288 or 640×480.

Where is Atn Thor manufactured?

Atn Thor is manufactured in the United States.

Is Atn Thor only used at night?

An Atn Thor is a thermal scope, and unlike night vision scopes, thermal scopes are designed to work both in complete darkness and bright sunlight. Hence, an Atn Thor does not only work at night but also daytime. 

Thermal or Night Vision. Which one is better?

Thermal scopes are better detectors than night vision. Due to the thermal imaging technology that is used in the making of thermal scopes, they are more costly than night vision optics. Night vision optics are more affordable and available.


Both Thor HD and Thor 4 are products of Atn. The new Thor 4 is a step ahead of Thor HD. It has standard Atn features such as a ballistic calculator, intelligent range finder, e- barometer, and multiple range options. But what makes the Thor 4 different from the Thor HD is the Dual-core processor, more thermal refresh rate, increased battery life, and extended eye relief. 

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