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There are a lot of case categories to compare a Pelican with a Plano case. Both have cases for different style guns such as pistol case, scopes rifle case, shotgun case, rifle, and accessories case. To best compare the two, we will compare each category in detail. 

Plano vs Pelican: Pistol Case 

The two cases in comparison here are the Pelican 1075 and Plano Protector Series Single Pistol case. The Pelican 1075 holds a pistol as well as accessories. If we talk about the size of this case, then it is large enough to hold most pistols. It includes Pick N Pluck foam which allows the user to customize the interior according to their particular needs. The body of the case is made by using ABS plastic with solid, lockable latches. Just like other Pelican cases, this one is also dustproof, watertight, and resistant to abuse. 

The Plano Protector Series Single Pistol case includes strong latches and padlock tabs. The foam is high density and holds the pistol well. The case is spacious enough to accommodate a magazine. 


So, in this case, the Pick N Pluck foam and watertight construction of the Pelican pistol case make it better than the Plano case.

Plano vs Pelican: Shotgun Case

Moving one step forward, we will compare Pelican Storm iM3300 with Plano Field Locker Double Long Gun Case to give you an idea of which of these two brands has better shotgun cases. 

Unlike most Pelican cases, this one has a hard foam and cannot be modified. It has space for a shotgun and other related accessories. It includes six latches; four of them have holes in the exterior, making them put padlocks. It ensures the safety of the weapon. One distinct feature of this case is that it has attached wheels. It makes it easier to carry your weapon. 

The Plano Field Locker is bigger than the Pelican Storm. Its foam is customizable; it also includes wheels. It has four latches and an interior gasket to keep all the elements apart. The bad part of this case is that its latches are not strong. 


In this case, the customizability of the Plano case gives it an edge over the Pelican case, but it cannot beat the quality of Pelican. Both have wheels and include latches. 

We will give our verdict in favor of Plano because you can modify the interior according to your preferences.

Plano vs Pelican: Scoped Rifle Case

The two important features of a good scoped rifle case are shock absorption and extra space for the scope to adjust. 

Pelican Storm 3300 vs. Plano Pro-Max Single Scope Contoured Rifle Case are the two cases we will compare here. 

The foam of the Pelican Storm 3300 is solid cutaway. You can change the adjustment settings like a Pick N Pluck foam, but that adjustment will require a bit of effort. You can also use some creativity to make space for your rifle accessories. This case does not include locks. It is high quality but expensive. It has wheels, so despite its large size, you can move it easily. 

Plano Pro Max has an interlocking foam to hold the rifle tight. It has a contoured design and a handle to hold. However, it does not fit the standard padlocks. So you cannot travel with it. 


The Pelican Rifle case has an advantage over the Plano case because it is customizable, and you can travel with it. Also, the overall quality of the Pelican makes it better than the Plano Pro Max.

Plano vs Pelican: Rifle Case

In this category of cases, we will compare Pelican 1720 with Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case. The Pelican 1720 has a dimension of 42″ x 13.5″ x 5.5″. With this size, you can fit whatever accessories you require to fit. Also, the case’s foam is customizable so that you can adjust it according to your preference. It has an ABS exterior. It also includes steel reinforced locks with padlocks which ensures maximum safety. It is high in price, but the quality and features make it worthwhile. 

The Plano All Weather has dimensions of 43″ x13″ x5″. It is similar in size to the Pelican 1720 but has a Pick’ N’ Pluck foam that allows for customizability. The Pick N Pluck foam, in this case, is a bit too soft and can deform after a point. It includes five latches with inbuilt padlocks, but the locks are not steel reinforced. 


In the final verdict between the two competitors here, we will pick the Pelican 1720 because it is more customizable than the Plano All-Weather, and it provides more security.


There is no comparison between the two when it comes to quality. Pelican is higher in quality than Plano. It is waterproof, dustproof, and can bear abuse. However, the problem with the Pelican cases is that they are expensive and heavyweight. Pelican is preferable if you are carrying a high-value item and requires maximum protection. 

If you are looking for a simpler case, then go for Plano. Plano cases are lightweight and not heavy on the budget. If you can compromise on security, then go for the low-budget and lighter-weight Plano case.  


Are Plano cases good?

Plano cases are good-quality gun cases. Different Plano cases have different features and have their pros and cons. They are also easy on the budget. But don’t expect Pelican-level quality from a Plano case. 

Are Pelican gun cases worth it?

Pelican gun cases are high-quality cases that give maximum protection to high-value equipment. They are the industry standard cases and unmatchable in their quality. They can resist abuse for a long period and are recommended by police and the military. Hence, they are definitely worth the price. 

Are Pelican cases airlines approved?

All Pelican cases are airline-approved by TSA. 

Are Plano gun cases TSA approved?

Plano gun cases are TSA-approved as they fulfill the requirements for air transport that TSA sets.

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