How to use Ghost Ring Sights?

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For a good shooting experience, the shooter must learn to aim correctly. Nobody wants to waste their ammunition and ruin their experience of shooting by missing aims. Moreover, in combat, taking perfect aim is a matter of life and death. So, along with learning how to aim, it is also essential to gather the ideal tools to fit your gun that will allow you to aim perfectly. One such tool is a sight. There are different kinds of sights and scopes available that you can use with your weapon. One such type of sight is the ghost ring sights. This article will discuss in detail what ghost ring sights are and how you can use them.

What is a ghost ring sight?

If you are interested in guns, then you must have heard about iron sights. Iron sights are the most basic sights, and ghost ring sights are one of their types. 

A ghost ring sight is mounted at the rear of a gun and includes a ring. The size of the ring varies with different weapons. For using a ghost sight accurately, you need to combine it with a front sight. 

The front side used with a ghost ring sight is open, and the ring on the rear sight allows you to look through while aiming. Both the front and rear sights have adjustable and non-adjustable variants. It is more convenient to align the front sight if you peep through the rear aperture.

Some weapons come with attached ghost ring sights, and if not, you can also attach them as an upgrade. 

Ghost rings are a newer innovation, and due to their rising popularity, they are coming in a variety of sizes and for all weapons. 

What is it used for?

It is best to use ghost ring sights with shotguns. They are used with shotguns because both shotguns and ghost rings are best for close combat as they are faster and more accurate than other sights. Hence, the combination of the two fits well for short-range shooting. 

So, Ghost rings are suitable for closed combat and used by police and the military. You can also use them for self-defense. 

Other than shotguns, you can also use ghost rings with riots, handguns, and rifles. 

Moreover, Ghost ring sights allow for faster target acquisition because when you look down the barrel, the ring goes out of focus while maintaining the alignment with the front sight. It will enable the shooters to focus on shifting the barrel on the target quicker.

So, use a ghost ring sight if you want to acquire your target quickly. The target acquisition of a ghost ring sight is not just faster than other sights but also scopes. Yes, you heard it right! A ghost ring sight might not beat a scope in its accuracy, but it does in faster target acquisition. 

However, ghost ring sights do not work for long distances. So, for a closed-range adventure like a turkey hunt, use a ghost ring sight. But if you are planning for long-range elk or deer hunting, then a ghost ring is not the best choice.  

How to zero a ghost ring sight?

Following are the crucial steps for zeroing a ghost ring sight:

Gather the required items

The necessary items for zeroing a ghost ring sight are your weapon, the sight, safety gears, a screwdriver for adjustments, a target, and a rest. 

Set the gun

Set your weapon in a stable position. A steady rest is crucial for properly zeroing your gun. After putting your gun in a stable place, take the firing position.

Fire rounds

Take 3-5 rounds and hit the target by looking through the ring sight. It is ideal to start with 25 yards.

Adjust the sight

Look through the ring to adjust to a point you have shot, make windage adjustments according to your requirements, and then tighten the screws. 

Fire again

Look through the ring if you can see the point where you have hit your first shot. If you can see that point through your ring, then move the gun while targeting your spot. Again fire 3-5 shots. Increase the distance from 25 to 100 yards if you get the accurate shot. After this process, your ghost ring sight is ready for shooting. 

Shooting with your ghost ring sight

Shooting with a ghost ring sight is a simple process. Follow these basic steps to shoot with your ghost ring sight.

Hold the gun properly

Press the stock of the gun against your shoulder and place your finger on the trigger. Use your other hand to hold the rifle from the point where the gun’s stock and its barrel come together. 

Look through the ring

Peep through the circle-shaped aperture of the ghost ring. It is essential for taking the appropriate aim. Look through the ring and also down the barrel to look at the front sight and the target. Align the front sight post with the spot you want to hit on the target.

Center the post in the ghost ring

After leveling the front sight with the targeted spot, adjust the rifle barrel to center the front post in the ring. Pull the trigger after that. 


What are ghost rings on a rifle?

Ghost ring sights are a type of iron sights that fit on the rear of a rifle. Tactical shooters love ghost ring sights because they allow for speedy target acquisition. 

Can you use iron sights with a scope?

You can not use an iron sight with a scope because it is impossible to use it behind a magnified scope. Also, you cannot see the front sight via a magnified optic. 

What are XS Ghost Ring sights?

The XS Ghost ring sights include an adjustable aperture. It allows for quick target acquisition and gives accuracy at the same time.

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