What is Scout Scope?

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Being a hunter, you may want to have all types of weapons, especially AR-15. But when you talk about a rifle that suits every condition and proves effective, then scout scope is the best choice for you. These scopes are very popular due to their lightweight and strong power to pack a powerful whack. These are very easy to carry.

In this article, you will read what scout scope is and what different types of scout scopes in terms of weight and price. In the end, you will decide which kind of scout scope will suit your situation and work efficiently. So, let us start exploring the most effective rifles in the market.

what is scout scope

What is a Scout Scope?

On a very quick note, it is right to say that the scout rifle was the brainchild of weapons. It was originated from the idea of Col. Jeff Cooper, who introduced a gun that can be carried easily in long hikes as well as can work efficiently while running behind the target. It has proved its worth in a run-and-gun situation significantly.

On the other hand, the scout scope can be described as an integral part of the rifle. It is a low-powered rifle scope specially designed to enhance precision and accuracy without dwelling aim achievement. The scout scope is very light. That is why it does not resemble the high-powered scopes that are very heavy and bulky.

The scout scopes give you a long eye relief that means you can see the surrounding view easily as your aim can never get disturbed by it. You are not required to close one eye to aim. You can do it with both open eyes at the same time. In this way, the hunter will not have to stay away from the surroundings and view the scope and things around. The magnification power of the scout scope is very strong as it provides up to 8x, which means a clear magnification of the object. However, it varies in different scout scopes.

Let us not waste time and start with discussing the best scout scopes with the exciting features that make them popular in the weapon market.

Best Scout Scopes

Top scout scopes are described in this section in terms of weight, eye relief, price, and magnification. Read thoroughly and get a complete understanding of each scout scope and then decide which one will be perfect for you. You can choose according to your budget and requirement without any hesitation. Take your time and choose wisely. There are the following best scout scopes.

1.Vortex Crossfire II – Best Scout Scope For Socom 16

Vortex Crossfire II 2-7*32 is the most affordable vortex scout scope. This one is for those who have the lowest budget to purchase. In this type, the scout scope and rifles are constructed to be sharp.

The magnification power of this scout scope is 2-7x, the eye relief is 3.9 inches, and the weight of this most affordable scout scope is 14.3 oz. If you compare the crossfire with the later discussed scout scopes, then you can easily say that the crossfire owns a small view box than the others, but you can easily see your object due to its thickness.

The glass you get is decent at this low price, but when it comes close to the 7x magnification, it does not provide a good quality image, and there is often found fog on it. The magnification ring is also very hard. But if you talk about the overall build-up quality, then it can be said that it is a nice one. The eye relief is also good and overall is a better scout scope.

2.Burris 2-7*32 – Burris Scout Scope

The price of the Burris scout scope is higher than the previously discussed scout scope. It gives more features than the crossfire. The magnification strength of the scout is 2-7x, the eye relief is 9.2 to 12 inches, and the weight of the scout is 13 oz.

The magnification of the Burris is the same as the crossfire, but it provides more transparent glasses that are much more valued in the high ends. 2x magnification is suitable for shooting, but it perfectly suits snapshots. Picture and video capture are very easy through this magnification power.

It gives excellent eye relief in a square shape, so here is a restriction that you cannot move your head between the magnifications. However, for a clearer image, more magnifications are available in the market.

3.Leupold VX Freedom – Best scout Scopes for the M1A

This one is the favorite scout of most hunters and is also available at the same price as the Burris scout scope. However, it does not provide the same magnification strength as the Burris.

The 4x magnification is perfect for the speed and range of the scout. The magnification is from 1.5 to 4x, the eye relief is 6 to 6.9 inches, and the weight is 9.3 oz. With a 1.5 magnification, it provides a clear image with less green shade.

The 4x magnification is perfect in precision and quick shootings. This can be the best eye relief for most eyeballs. If you need only one scout scope and not a 7x magnification, you should buy Leupold, the scout.

4.Trijicon TR2424mm Riflescope

This is very good for close-range shootings as it has magnifications ranging between 1-4x with a 24mm lens. Even though it is not used in long-range shootings, it has some exciting features that make it a good pick.

The optic used in this scout is used in extreme weather and outdoor shootings. The material used in the Trijicon scout is of excellent quality aluminum that ensures the long life of the scout. The glass lenses are covered with extra protection that enhances the accuracy and lifespan of the scout.

Moreover, the eye relief is from 3.4 to 4 inches. It has adjustment turrets that allow you to increase the accuracy according to your choice. You do not need any tool to adjust them. The adjusters make sure to change the position and increase accuracy.

This is an excellent choice as it can be combined with any rifle scope. It uses an illuminated reticle that does not use any battery and is very beneficial for the hunters. The brightness will also be changed accordingly when you switch from day to night shooting.

So, if you need a scout scope for low-range shootings, you should surely buy a Trijicon scout scope, and it will also be perfect for participating in the games of closer distances.

5.UTG 2-7*44 30mm Long Eye Relief Scout Scope

This scout scope is heavier than the other discussed scout scopes in the article. This is the perfect scout to be used in long-range distances. It is a weatherproof scout that is perfect as the angled sunshade.

The name depicts the UTG offers you excellent eye relief, which means you can quickly focus on your target without any ad­­ditional settings. It gives ¼ MOA that is precise. It also gives you an adjustment from 10 yards to an unlimited distance.

All in all, this is a great scout scope that almost every hunter desires. It gives 36 color modes that make it a perfect choice for everyone. If you will participate in long-range shootings, then the UTG is the ideal weapon for you. You do not need to waste time and think a great deal as it has all the things you need in one scout scope.

The distance you need to cover with your scout scope

You would have surely noticed that the magnification strength of different scout scopes is different. It is your choice that to what distance you need a scout scope. Some need close-range, some need medium-range, and some need to cover a long-distance. In this way, they all need different magnification to fulfill their requirements. Let’s take a look at the following:

  1. If you want to shoot in long-range, like 350 yards or above, you need an above 7x magnification scout scope that gives you a clear image with a great glass door.
  2. If you need to shoot over 150 to 350 yards, then you will need a scout scope that is a 3x to 7x magnifier. This is comfortable for most of the hunters as they need medium-range hunting.
  3. If you need only low-range shooting up to 150 yards, you will not need to pick a higher-capability magnifier. Here it would help if you only chose a scout scope that is from 1 to 3x.


The scout scopes are available with different features and cover different distances. They give excellent eye relief so you can easily see the view and aim at the prey.
In the end, the choice is yours. The article has presented the best and top scout scopes. You can choose one of them according to your needs.

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