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Leupold’s DeltaPoint Micro optic is a sleek and low-profile design that offers quick installation on the slide of your pistol. The L-shaped mounting surface covers the top rear portion while still leaving room for other accessories like lasers or weapon lights to be mounted as well.

Leupold has been making optics since 1922 when they introduced their first binocular; however, in 2010, they took it one step further by introducing what many call “the most innovative idea in handgun sights ever.” This new product called Leupold’s DeltaPoint Micro features an L-shaped mount with a 9mm lens sitting atop.

The Low-profile red dot sight Leupold DeltaPoint Micro is an excellent option for handgun shooters. This sight is easy to use and has excellent battery life, which can be an issue with other sights in this category. It also can mount on any Picatinny or Weaver rail without using tools, which makes it one of the most versatile sights out there!

Leupold’s DP Micro is a perfect addition for handguns that were not previously available Leupold. With the traditional rear sight dovetail, this optic mounts without any modification to your firearm and will be ready in less than five minutes! The only limitation with pistols such as Glock or Smith & Wesson M&P is limited by the profile of their slide.

While many AR-15 owners have their sights mounted low on the rifle, this optic is designed for standard iron sight height. The shooter brings it squarely onto the target as they would with a regular front post without sacrificing accuracy in any way! It’s also equipped with eight other brightness settings, so you can pick your favorite depending on what time of day or night it is.

The shooter can adjust the point of impact by using two screws on the left side of their gun. This adjustment does not have a tactile click, but through full revolutions, it will change your aim 36 m.o.a and 18 m.o., respectively (if you turn one screw-back or forward).

The DP Micro is the perfect optic for any rifle. Not only does it have a front sight to make mounting and zeroing easy, but we were able to confirm accuracy at 25 yards with no adjustments needed!

The DP Micro is a compact red dot sight that allows users to focus on both front and rear sights with ease. The optic has an easy-to-use interface that includes two milled circles for aiding in iron sighting and mounting options such as rail or dovetail.

We would have never guessed that an optic could be so easy to conceal. After the long, skinny Glock was fitted with a DP Microsite and then tucked into our Pro Series appendix holster from PHLster, we found it surprisingly comfortable enough for everyday wear despite its length on the slide. It didn’t make any significant difference in how much space you had or what your range of motion became when seated or bending over because there’s not anything sticking out visibly beyond the rear sight anymore as most other traditional holsters offer!

We were surprised by just how well this setup concealed even after mounting up a bulky scope on top of one Glocks’ rail system – but don’t worry about it being too heavy at all! A combination

If you own a Glock with the DP Micro optic, it’s essential to know your particular model and carefully remove all parts. Your battery should be removed before fieldstripping any part of this pistol; otherwise, you may lose access to the unit altogether!

The Leupold DeltaPoint Micro is the best option for people who want to transition from iron-sighted guns without making a big change. Its extended battery time and strong construction make it reliable enough to be carried on your person daily, while its design gives seamless transitions that will leave you wanting more!

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