How To Clean Walther PPQ?

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Imagine taking your Walther PPQ out at midnight when you hear noise in your backyard. But when it’s time to attack the invader, your gun doesn’t work. You can get into such a situation if you don’t clean and oil your gun regularly.

When you don’t clean and oil your gun regularly, there is residue build which can be a reason for several malfunctions with your Walther PPQ. So, can you risk your life like that?

I believe I have convinced you why cleaning and maintenance of your firearm are important. Keep reading to know how to clean your Walther PPQ. 

Tools You Need for Cleaning 

Gun Cleaner

There are specially made gun cleaners you can find on the market. You can get the Walther PPQ-specific gun cleaner from your Walther dealer nearby. Or you could also order the gun cleaner along with other accessories online.

Gun Oil

Oiling your gun is as important as cleaning it because it protects it from corrosion. So, use gun oil on all the metal parts of your Walther PPQ.

Cotton Patches

The cotton patches are used throughout the cleaning process to clean and also lubricate the gun.

Gun Cleaning Rod

A gun cleaning rod is best to run the solvent and gun oil patches through the barrel.

Bore Brush

A bore brush is best to clean the insides of your PPQ frame. Or you attach it to the cleaning rod to clean the inside of the barrel.


Q-tips are used to clean and lubricate the parts of your gun where the bore brush or the cleaning patch cannot reach properly. 

Step By Step Guide To Cleaning Walther PPQ 

Below is the step-by-step Walther PPQ cleaning guide.

Safety Check

Before starting the cleaning, ensure that your gun is unloaded.

Disassemble the Gun

For disassembling your gun, pull the trigger and drop the slide assembly down. The next step is to pull the takedown tabs down. Then push the slide off of the frame.

After that, take the recoil spring and the barrel out of the slide. All the parts are separated, and the strip down process or disassembly is complete.

Clean the Barrel

We will start the cleaning process with the barrel by attaching the bore brush with the cleaning rod. After that, run it through the inside of the barrel.

Remove the brush and put another tool. This tool comes with a cleaning rod and is made to run the patch through the barrel. Attach the patch to it and dip it in the solvent. Run it through the barrel the way you have run the bore brush.

After that, run a dry patch through the barrel. Keep running the patch until it comes out clean and dry. Wipe off the excess solvent from the barrel.

Clean the Slide

The next step is to clean the slide. Dip the cotton patch in the solvent and clean the slide’s interior. Make sure to clean the slide rails and breech face properly. Properly clean all the powder residue around the muzzle. After that, take a dry patch and go over the slide.

Clean the Recoil Spring

Run the same patch around the springs of the recoil spring. You don’t need more solvent for it.

Clean the Frame

There are some key parts that you need to clean well. Having any dirt in these parts can cause problems with the trigger or the general functionality of the gun.

Use the solvent to properly clean the inside of the trigger bar, the sear, and the disconnector. Make sure that they are free of powder build-up or shooting residues. You can also spray the solvent on the frame. Also, use the bore brush to clean the hard-to-reach areas. After that, run a dry patch through the frame.

Oiling the Gun

Begin the oiling process also with the barrel. Put some oil on the cotton patch and run it through the barrel inside. Also, put the oil on the outside of the barrel. After that, clean all the excess oil. For oiling the slide, run the same patch on it.

For oiling the frame, you need to put oil where the trigger bar makes contact with the frame and the sear with the striker assembly. Also, oil the rails of the frame.

If you use the needle oiler, it helps to put oil on all the lube points easily.

Reassembling the Gun

The last part is to reassemble the Walther PPQ. For that, put the barrel back into the frame so that the lugs and bottom of the slide face upward. Put the barrel in and slide it back to lock up with the breech face. Put the recoil spring and press it slightly to fit into the barrel’s bottom lug. After that, line up the rails on the frame where they are supposed to go on the slide. With this, the Walther PPQ is reassembled. Wipe the gun once more after reassembling it.

Key Points to Remember

Safety Check

Always drop the magazine and check the chamber to ensure no bullet is stuck inside. Cleaning your gun with a bullet in it can cause severe damage.

Do Regular Cleaning

Regular gun cleaning is important to ensure that your firearm performs its best.

Oiling Is Important

Oiling your firearm is even more important than cleaning it. You need to regularly oil your gun even if you are not using it. It prevents the gun from corrosion.

Wear Safety Glasses

Use safety glasses to protect your eyes from material exposure.

Clean Excess Solvent

Don’t leave any excess solvent on your pistol. 

Take Off The Factory Grease

If you are cleaning a brand-new gun, you need to first take the factory greases off it. For doing this, wipe all parts of your gun with a dry patch. This grease is added to preserve the gun during shipping. 


How often should you clean Walther PPQ?

It’s best to clean your Walther PPQ every time you use it.

What does PPQ stand for in Walther?

PPQ in Walther PPQ stands for Police Pistol Quick Defense.

Is the Walther PPQ M2 a good handgun?

The Walther PPQ M2 has great ergonomics and manageable recoil. It also has a good trigger. All these features together make it a good handgun. 

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