How To Clean A Canik Tp9sfx

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Regular cleaning is essential for the proper functioning of a firearm. You need to especially clean it if your gun has been exposed to water, dust, or any harsh weather conditions. 

If you don’t clean your gun regularly, the foul from the bullet and gun powder gets collected. And if you don’t lubricate your weapon, its metal parts can stress over time and even fail. So, regular maintenance includes both cleaning and lubricating your gun. 

Canik Tp9sfx is a competition pistol from the TP9 series of Canik. It is one of the shooter’s favorites as it is reliable and allow mounting of weapon lights and optics. Keep reading this article to know how to clean your Canik Tp9sfx properly. 

The Cleaning Essentials 

Before moving to the cleaning process, know the cleaning essentials of your gun. You should include all these things in your cleaning kit. 

Bore Cleaner

A good quality bore cleaner is essential for gun cleaning. It loosens the tightly stuck build-up of Carbon and Copper in your gun and makes cleaning easier. 

Cotton Patch

You apply the bore cleaner on the cotton patch to clean the gun parts. 

Bore Brush 

A bore brush comes in different sizes. A bore brush is used to clean the gun’s parts where the cotton patch cannot reach. These parts are the inside of the barrel and the frame. 


You use Q-tips to clean the inner parts of the gun where you cannot use the cotton patch or the bore brush. It helps to clean the gun thoroughly. 

Gun Oil

Gun oil is used to protect the gun from corrosion. Also, gun oils reduce friction and increase the gun’s lifespan. 

Bore Snake

A bore snake is used to clean the inside of the barrel. It makes cleaning much more manageable. 

How to Clean your Canik Tp9sfx? Step by Step Process

Safety Check

Before beginning any cleaning process, check your gun to ensure it is unloaded. Check the magazine and the chamber to see if there is any bullet there. Cleaning a loaded gun can cause severe damage. 

Disassemble the Gun

For disassembling your gun, press down on the takedown lever on the sides of the gun. The weapon will disassemble by sliding off. Take the spring out by pressing it on one side.

Clean the Barrel 

The first step is to clean the barrel. Apply the cleaner on the cotton patch and clean the barrel with it. Clean the feeding part properly. This part is where you feed the bullet in the chamber. Clean all the dirt properly with the cleaning patch. After cleaning it with the cleaner, dry it with a towel. 

After that, apply the cleaner to the bore brush and move it forward and backward inside the barrel. It will clean the barrel from the inside thoroughly. 

Remove the Excess Bore

Take a dry patch and clean the excess bore cleaner from the barrel. Also, clean the excess bore from the outside of the barrel.

Clean the Spring 

Apply the bore cleaner on the cotton patch. Put the patch on the spring and spin the spring on it. With this, you will clean all the grooves on the spring. 

Clean the Frame

Apply the cleaning solvent on the bore brush and move it inside the frame. Use Q-tips to clean the parts where the brush cannot reach. Apply it on the holes where the rails are. After cleaning with the solvent, use a dry cotton patch to remove the excess bore. Make sure that you remove all the build-up from your gun. It will prevent your gun from malfunctioning. 

Clean the Slide

To clean the slide, apply the bore cleaner on the cotton patch and clean its inside. Also, clean the rails with it. After cleaning it, remove the excess bore with a dry cloth patch. 

Apply the Lubricant

The last part is to lubricate all parts of your Canik Tp9sfx. You can apply the oil directly from the oil bottle to the spring. To lubricate the slide, put a drop of oil on each rail and let it stand on its end. The oil will run down on its own. To lubricate the frame, put the oil on its metal parts and the rail. And then put it on the barrel. 

Reassemble all the Pieces

The first thing to go inside the frame is the barrel. After that, the spring. At last, attach the frame to the slide. After reassembling the gun, put some more lubricant in the part where the slide and the barrel meet. 

How to Clean your Barrel Using a Bore Snake

There is another way you can clean your barrel. Take a dry cloth patch and plug up the barrel with it from one side. Put the bore cleaner in it from the other side. After doing this, soak the barrel into the cleaner for some time. After cleaning the rest of the gun’s parts, return to the barrel. Put the bore snake from one side of the barrel and take it out from the other side. Do this three times. After that, clean the feeding part and the outside of the barrel with a dry patch.

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Wrapping Up

In this way, I clean my Canik TP9sfx. I hope this article will help you to clean yours properly.


Is Canik TP9SFX a good gun?

Canik TP9SFx has all the good features a competition-style pistol should have. One feature that most people love about this pistol is its striker-fired trigger. It also has good ergonomics. Moreover, you get all this at an affordable price. However, the problem with Tp9sfx is that the material used to make this pistol is out of place. 

Does any military use Canik?

Both the Turkish military and police use the Canik TP9sfx. 

Are Canik pistols safe?

The Canik pistols are safe to use in ordinary conditions. But if you drop your gun excessively, it will damage its safety features and cause unwanted discharges. 

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