Top 5 Best Red Dot For Canik TP9 SC Elite

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I’ve been a shooter for quite some time, and let me tell you, I’ve tried and tested a lot of gear. But today, I’m here to talk about a combo that has seriously impressed me: the Canik TP9 SC Elite paired with the Holosun 507K X2 red dot sight. 

What red dots fit canik tp9 elite sc?

The Holosun 507K X2 didn’t just meet my expectations; it exceeded them. So, if you’re considering a new Best Red Dot For Canik TP9 SC Elite, stick around. You’re going to want to hear what I have to say.

I want to give you an in-depth, hands-on review of the best red dot sights suitable for the Canik TP9 SC Elite. 

I’ll walk you through my testing process, the factors that really matter, and, most importantly, why the Holosun 507K X2 emerged as my top choice. 

Top 5 Best Canik TP9 SC Elite Red Dot Sights

ProductKey Features Rating
HOLOSUN – HS507K-X2Open Sight Reflex
Long Battery Life
Shake Awake Feature
Lock Mode
Leupold DeltaPoint
Pro Reflex Sight
Motion Senser Technology
Diamond Coat Lens
Clear Image
Vortex Optics VenomHigh Quality
Fully Multicoated
Rugged and durable
Vortex Viper Compact and lightweight
Sharp 6 MOA
Fully multi-coated lens with Armortek
Lifetime warranty
Burris FastFire 3Lightweight
Highly Accurate
Three levels of Brightness

1. Holosun 507K X2 – Best Choice

The HS507K-X2 is an open-reflex red dot sight tailored for subcompact pistols like the Canik TP9 Elite SC.

It’s a feature-rich optic with coatings for optimal light transmission, multi-reticle options, and a long battery life. 

Plus, it’s equipped with Shake Awake technology that turns the optic on or off based on movement, conserving battery life and a lock mode to prevent accidental adjustments.

Why to Buy: What makes this sight a must-have is its convenience and efficiency. Shake Awake technology eliminates the fuss of manually turning your sight on and off. 

The long battery life is a godsend, meaning you’re not constantly swapping out batteries. Additionally, it’s a budget-friendly option without skimping on important features like multiple reticles and a multi-coated lens for maximum clarity. 

Why Not to Buy: Of course, no product is perfect. One drawback is that the red dot may be difficult to see in very bright conditions. This could be a hindrance in certain shooting scenarios where quick target acquisition is essential. 

Additionally, if you’re a seasoned shooter used to more premium features, you might find this sight a bit basic in comparison. But for the price and the features, it offers, it’s hard to beat.

Who Should Buy: This red dot sight is perfect for both beginners and experienced shooters looking for a reliable yet affordable optic. 

Its lightweight and compact design makes it a great fit for concealed carry, while its long battery life and Shake Awake feature makes it convenient for extended use. 

If you’re new to red dot sights or are on a budget, the Holosun HS507K-X2 offers a blend of features and affordability that’s hard to pass up.

My Testing

Mounting this sight on my Canik TP9 SC Elite was straightforward. The Shake Awake technology worked seamlessly, activating when I drew and deactivating when holstered. 

The red dot was crisp, making target acquisition swift. Overall, it felt like a natural extension of my firearm, elevating my shooting experience without complicating things.


  • Compact and easily concealed
  • Extended battery life
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient Shake Awake technology
  • Easy-to-see reticle
  • Affordable
  • Quick target acquisition


  • Low Red dot visibility in bright sunlight

2. Leupold Deltapoint Pro – Top Quality

The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro is a high-end reflex sight engineered with a 2.5 MOA red dot. One standout feature is its 1 MOA click adjustment, providing precise control over the dot’s positioning. 

It incorporates Motion Sensor Technology (MST) to save battery life, deactivating the dot after five minutes of inactivity. 

The sight is 100% waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof. Additionally, its top-loading battery access means you won’t need to unmount the sight to change the battery, which is a real timesaver.

Why to Buy: Look, if you want reliability and a clear, unlimited field of view, this is the optic for you. The MST feature ensures you’re not draining the battery, extending its life for those long shooting sessions or hunting trips. 

The top-loading battery is a significant plus, adding convenience and saving time. Furthermore, the 1 MOA click adjustments provide the kind of precision that can make a real difference in your shooting. 

Backed by Leupold’s legendary customer service, you’re not just buying a product; you’re making an investment in quality.

Why Not to Buy: While it’s an impressive piece of equipment, it comes with a steep price tag. If you’re on a budget, this might be a deal-breaker. 

Also, some users have reported that it doesn’t maintain its zero after extensive use. That’s a concern if you’re looking for long-term reliability without the need for frequent adjustments. 

So, if budget constraints or the need for unwavering zero retention are high on your list, you might want to consider other options.

Who Should Buy: If you’re an advanced shooter or a professional looking for an optic with top-notch features, this is for you. 

The precision adjustments, clear visuals, and MST make it a versatile tool for various shooting activities, from target practice to hunting. Plus, if you value an all-weather, rugged design, the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro won’t let you down. 

The waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof features ensure this sight will stand up to whatever conditions you throw at it.

My Testing

Installing the DeltaPoint Pro on my Canik TP9 SC Elite was a breeze. I was impressed by its crisp, clear red dot and the ease of making adjustments with the 1 MOA clicks. 

MST worked as promised, shutting off the dot during periods of inactivity and instantly powering up when I moved the gun. 

The top-loading battery design is a game-changer, letting me swap out batteries without unmounting the sight.


  • 1 MOA click adjustments for precise control
  • Unlimited field of view for better target acquisition
  • Top-loading battery design for easy changes
  • Durable and weather-resistant construction


  • On the expensive side
  • Reports of zero not holding up over time

3. Vortex Venom – Compact Sight

The Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight packs a punch with its 3 MOA dot for quick target acquisition. 

This high-quality optic offers fully multi-coated lenses, ensuring a crystal-clear view. It’s feather-light at just over an ounce and housed in durable aluminum. 

The sight boasts 1 MOA windage and elevation adjustments and ten brightness levels. An auto-brightness mode adjusts the dot’s intensity using a light sensor. 

And guess what? Changing batteries is a snap with its top-load system; no sight removal is needed!

Why to Buy: If you’re after precision and versatility, this sight won’t disappoint. Its 3 MOA dot size is a sweet spot for both rapid target acquisition and accuracy. 

The ten brightness levels are a standout feature, making it ideal for all lighting conditions. Its auto-brightness mode adds convenience by adjusting the dot intensity according to your environment. 

And don’t worry about durability; the aluminum housing ensures this sight will last. For quick battery swaps, the top-load system is an added boon.

Why Not to Buy: Now, let’s talk about the not-so-great aspects. Some users have mentioned the customer service from Vortex leaves a lot to be desired. 

If you hit a snag and need quick assistance, this could be problematic. 

Although the sight has a solid build, your experience with Vortex’s support could potentially dim the shine of owning such a quality optic. So, weigh that into your decision.

Who Should Buy: So, who’s the ideal user for this sight? If you’re an avid shooter or hunter requiring a reliable and flexible optic, then this one’s for you. 

The different brightness settings and auto-brightness mode make it a solid pick for those who often find themselves in varying lighting conditions.

My Testing

Mounting the Vortex Optics Venom on my Canik TP9 SC Elite was straightforward. The 3 MOA dot helped me lock onto targets effortlessly. 

The auto-brightness mode was a real perk, adjusting to various lighting conditions without any manual tweaks. But what really won me over? The top-load battery system makes the tedious task of battery replacement a piece of cake, all while keeping the sight mounted.


  • Crisp 3 MOA dot for easy target acquisition
  • Ten different brightness levels
  • Auto-brightness mode for convenience
  • Durable aluminum housing
  • Top-load battery system


  • Some complaints about customer service from Vortex

4. Vortex Viper – Budget Friendly

The Vortex Viper Red Dot Sight stands out with its compact and lightweight design. You’ll love the 6 MOA bright and sharp red dot that excels in fast target acquisition. 

Its low-mount system allows seamless co-witnessing with iron sights. The lenses are fully multi-coated, complete with Armortek protection against dirt and scratches. 

It’s ruggedly built with a hard-anodized finish, waterproof, and shockproof. Plus, there’s a lifetime warranty!

Why to Buy: Let’s talk about perks. The Viper’s compact design offers maneuverability without weighing down your Canik TP9 SC Elite. 

You get 10 brightness settings to adapt to any lighting scenario. Fully multi-coated lenses ensure an unobstructed, clear-sight picture. And did I mention the lifetime warranty? Vortex is basically giving you a safety net, and that’s a big confidence booster. 

Windage and elevation adjustments, though a bit fussy, stay put once set, which is crucial for maintaining accuracy.

Why Not to Buy: Time for some real talk. First, the Viper lacks an auto-brightness feature. If you’re in changing light conditions, you’ll have to manually adjust the brightness. Kind of a letdown, right? Second, battery replacement needs the sight to be unmounted, which is a bit of a hassle. 

And lastly, the elevation and windage adjustments are not as user-friendly as they could be. For some, the extra steps of loosening locking screws might turn them off.

Who Should Buy: If you value a compact yet robust sight for your Canik TP9 SC Elite, the Viper is your guy. It is ideal for people who focus on fast target acquisition. 

Its low mount is especially beneficial if you want to co-witness with your iron sights. I’d recommend this for both newbies and pros. 

The lifetime warranty makes it a risk-free investment, whether you’re a casual shooter or out in the field regularly.

My Testing

Slapping the Viper onto my Canik TP9 SC Elite was a cinch. The 6 MOA dot was brilliant, making target acquisition a walk in the park. 

While I missed the auto-brightness feature, manual adjustment wasn’t too bad. Windage and elevation tweaks took a little fiddling but stayed true throughout. All in all, it felt like an extension of my firearm, not an add-on.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Low mount for co-witnessing
  • Sharp 6 MOA red dot
  • Fully multi-coated lens with Armortek
  • Durable hard-anodized finish
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Battery replacement needs unmounting
  • No auto-brightness feature
  • Fussy windage and elevation adjustments

5. Burris FastFire III – Unbeatable Price

The Burris FastFire III is a compact, durable red dot sight, engineered to offer shooters top-notch accuracy and performance. 

This bad boy comes with a 3 MOA dot reticle and a Picatinny mount for easy attachment. It boasts an ample viewing window, automatic and manual brightness settings, and tool-less windage and elevation adjustments. 

An added perk? It’s got a low battery indicator, ensuring you’re never caught off-guard. Designed to be shockproof, the FastFire III can hold its own even with heavy recoil guns.

Why to Buy: Alright, so why should you consider buying this? First up, it’s extremely versatile. 

Whether you’re a competitive shooter, hunter, or law enforcement officer, this sight’s got your back. The FastFire III is shockproof designed to take the recoil of even the most potent firearms. 

It’s also parallax-free, ensuring your focus stays where it needs to be: on your target. Plus, you can’t overlook the auto-brightness sensor that adjusts to your environment. 

That’s especially handy when you’re out and about in fluctuating light conditions.

Why Not to Buy: While the FastFire III is quite impressive, it has its limitations. One of the main issues? The red dot might not be as bright as some other options on the market. 

This could be problematic in certain lighting conditions despite its auto-brightness feature. Also, while the tool-less windage and elevation adjustments are convenient, they may not offer the 

same precision as more advanced adjustment systems. And, if you’re a beginner, you might find the variety of settings a bit overwhelming.

Who Should Buy: So, who’s this for? It’s an excellent option for competition shooters because of its durability and shockproof design. 

If you’re a hunter or a recreational shooter, you’ll also love the automatic brightness sensor that adapts to your environment. Law enforcement officers will appreciate its lightweight design and robust construction. 

In a nutshell, if you need a reliable, multi-purpose sight, you should strongly consider the FastFire III. 

My Testing

I had the FastFire III mounted on my Canik TP9 SC Elite, and let me tell you, it performed admirably. The 3 MOA dot was crisp and aided in rapid target acquisition. 

Even in different lighting conditions, the automatic brightness feature kicked ineffectively. The sight was sturdy and shockproof, holding up well against the recoil. 

It was easy to install with the Picatinny mount, and making adjustments on the fly was no sweat.


  • Crisp 3 MOA dot
  • Durable and shockproof
  • Auto-brightness sensor
  • Easy installation and adjustments


  • Red dot brightness could be improved
  • Settings might be overwhelming for beginners

Final Verdict

Alright, we’ve gone through quite the journey discussing some top-notch red dot sights for your Canik TP9 SC Elite. 

As someone who has invested significant time and energy testing these bad boys, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. But let’s get to the point: after rigorous testing, the Holosun 507K X2 emerges as my top choice.

Now, I get it; individual needs and preferences differ. You’ve got hunters, competitive shooters, and everyday folks looking for personal protection. 

Some of you may prioritize battery life; others might be after ultra-clear optics or a user-friendly interface. Heck, some are just looking for the most bang for their buck. 

That’s why this list spans from budget-friendly to high-end options, from sights with basic functionalities to ones loaded with features.

So, even though the Holosun 507K X2 clinched the top spot for me, your ideal sight might differ based on what you’re looking for. 


What red dot fits a Canik TP9 Elite?

The Holosun 507K and the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro are among the best options for a Canik TP9 Elite.

Is the Canik TP9 Elite SC a good gun?

The TP9 Elite SC from Canik is a reliable, durable firearm well-suited for target shooting, hunting, and self-defense.

Does Canik use Glock sights?

Canik doesn’t use Glock sights; however, most reflex sights are compatible with both brands.

What is the difference between a 3 MOA and an 8 MOA dot?

A 3 MOA dot is smaller and better for close-range targeting, while an 8 MOA dot is larger and more suitable for long distances.

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