How to Clean a SIG Sauer P365?

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If you’re confused about how to clean a SIG Sauer P365, know that you’re not the only one. Many new SIG Sauer P365 owners face the same.

Why? Well, that’s because this compact, sturdy gun has a complex built, which is quite challenging for new gun owners.

On that note, here we have compiled a complete and comprehensive guide about how to clean a SIG Sauer P365. We’ll outline the complex cleaning process step by step and answer some questions that may pop into your head as you clean.

Let’s go!

How to Clean a SIG Sauer P365?

Before cleaning your conceal carry a gun, you will need a few cleaning supplies. These include:

  • Cleaning gloves
  • Cotton cleaning patches
  • Nylon cleaning brush
  • Cleaning rod
  • Spray Bottle
  • Bore brush
  • Cleaning solvent
  • Cleaning Lubricant/Oil
  • Maintenance Mat (Optional)

You can use alternatives for a few items listed above. We’ve mentioned them in the guide below wherever the need for the specific tool arises.

Also, apart from this, you may need a screwdriver for the second step.

Step 1: Unload the Gun

First, whenever dealing with any firearm, make sure you hold it in a safe direction. That means you should point the gun away from yourself.

Along with this, unload the gun and draw out any bullets or shots that it may contain. You can do this by pressing the magazine release button on your SIG P365. The magazine will drop free in your hand. You can store it in a safe place.

Now, ensure that there’s no round in the chamber. You can do so by racking the slide. Any round present in the chamber will come flying out. If nothing comes out, lock the slide to the rear using the slide stop lever.

Then visually check for any rounds in the chamber. If there’s none, your gun is safe to use. Proceed to step two.

Step 2: Set Up the Cleaning Space

Gun cleaning solvents have a lot of strong chemicals which give off harmful fumes. Therefore, we do not recommend cleaning your gun in a closed space.

Layout your cleaning mat in an outdoor space or sit in a well-ventilated area. It’s not necessary to use a proper gun cleaning mat. You can use newspapers or old table mats too. It’s your choice. The goal is to keep the cleaning products from messing over the place and affecting the surface. You can use the mat to keep things cleaner.

Once you’ve set your mat, place your cleaning tools over it, and have your gun in front of you. Also, wear gloves and a mask. Then proceed to step three.

Step 3: Disassemble it

Before you disassemble the gun, know that we’re disassembling for thorough internal and external cleaning of the P365. If you’re on the go and want a quick hack for your gun to shine in front of your pals, try wiping the gun with a clean cloth.

Next, disassemble the gun.  Begin with removing any accessories on the gun such as sights for P365, gun cover, etc. Here you can find a complete step-by-step guide on how to disassemble the SIG Sauer P365.

Alternatively, you can read the instructions given in the instruction manual that came with this compact gun (that is if it’s comprehensive for you!).

Step 4: Spray the Solvent

Once your gun is dismantled, fill the spray bottle with cleaning oil and spray it over:

  • Frame
  • Spring
  • Barrel
  • Rails

Experts recommend using a pressurized CLP solution as it’s an all-embracing and effective solution. But you can use any other gun cleaning solution that you prefer.

Warning: Be careful when spraying over the breechblock-space. If the cleaning solvent drips down the hole you see there, it will clog the striker. Hold the slide in a downward position.

Step 5: Brush the Dirt Off the Surface

It’s time for some scrubbing! You’ve applied the cleaning solvent. Let it sit for a while. Then grab the tiny nylon brush and scrub the parts of the guns. Alternatively, you can use a toothbrush to do the job. But it’s going to be huge for tiny spaces, so try using a baby toothbrush.

Just make sure to scrub off the dirt hiding in nooks and tiny corners. If you notice any corrosion over the metal pin, brush it twice until you see the corrosion completely removed from the metal pin.

Step 6: Clean the Chamber

Next, insert the bore brush into the cleaning rod and spray a bit of cleaning solution over the brush. Push the brush down the chamber in slow, steady, but a one-way movement. Do not move the brush back and forth or in rotary motion. It can lead to issues.

You can use a T-handle to attach and grip the cleaning rod instead of holding the other end of the cleaning rod directly in your hands. The T-handle will allow the bore brush at the top to spin freely.

Once you’ve pushed down the brush, remove the tip (i.e., the bore brush) from the other end of the chamber. Unscrew it or unplug it. Pull back the cleaning rod.

Now, repeat the process and then head onto step seven.

Step 7: Clean the Barrel

Following this, replace the bore brush of the P365 with a cleaning patch holder or a picking device. Apply CLP solution on the cleaning patch and attach it to the pick device or the cleaning patch holder. Once done, push it through the barrel. Again, keep your movement one way.

Repeat the process for at least the first five patches. They’ll come out dirty. But after them, the cleaning patches will come out cleaner.

Step 8: Finish Off

Lastly, wipe off any excess lubricant on the P365. You may use a cotton bud to get in super narrow areas.

After wiping, reassemble the gun. And congratulations! You’re through with it!


How often should you clean SIG Sauer P365?

Experts recommend you should clean your SIG Sauer P365 once every two months if you use it regularly. But if you use your gun occasionally and keep it in a safe, you should clean it once every 3-5 months.

What happens if you don’t clean your gun?

If you don’t clean your gun regularly, your weapon may lose precision and reliability. The foul building up inside the barrel may lead to failure to fire.

Do you oil the inside of your gun barrel?

Yes! When cleaning any gun, you may oil the inside of your gun barrel. In the case of P365, you ought to be careful, though.

Final Words

Now that you know how to clean a SIG Sauer P365, we hope you can do it conveniently at home. You need not waste money paying others for the job! Also, your first time may require extensive care. But once you’re through with 2-3 sessions, you get command over the process. And you’ll be able to do it much more conveniently and confidently. Stay put!

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