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Finding the right optic for your handgun is as big a task as finding the gun itself. The variety of red dots available for pistols today makes this task even more challenging. 

Here we are with our comparison of the Holosun 507c vs. 507k. These are two very popular red dots of Holosun. But, shooters get confused about which to choose. 

If you are also confused about finding the right red dot between the two, you have landed at the right place. 

I love Holosun and have used most of its optics, including the two mentioned above. So, I have my personal preference. I have also researched it and asked folks in my gun training class which one they think is a better option. 

The main difference between the 507c and 507k is the 507c is made for full-sized handguns while the 507k is for subcompact guns. I have mentioned the features in detail in the article below, so you can choose the one you prefer. 

Let’s get started. 

What To Expect?

The following 507c vs. 507k comparison will elaborate on the following features of the two. 

  1. Durability and Reliability ( Durability Test Included)
  2. Size 
  3. Weight 
  4. Reticle
  5. Battery life and other related features
  6. Brightness settings
  7. Footprint 
  8. Price

I will also mention the winner of each category and the overall winner in the end. 

Subcompact vs. Full-sized 

The main difference between the Holosun 507c and 507k is that the 507c is for full-sized handguns, whereas the  507k is for subcompact guns. So, the 507k is small in size and weight. All other differences also stem from this basic difference between the two optics. 

507c vs. 507k: Specifications

Holosun 507k vs. 507c: Features 

Below is the comparison of all the features of 507k vs. 507c. 

1. Durability and Reliability 

How durable is an optic? And how much can you rely on it? These are the two main questions you must ask yourself while buying an optic. If an optic doesn’t have a strong build and is not dependable, then there is no point in buying it.

The 507k and the 507c have many things in common regarding durability and some things that make them different. 

Housing Material

Both 507c and 507k have 7075 T6 Aluminum as their housing material. So, firstly it’s Aluminum and not some cheap plastic, so we know that it’s durable. 

Secondly, the 7075 T6 Aluminum is the strongest Aluminum housing material. For example, if you compare it with the  6061 T6 Aluminum housing of the Vortex Venom, the 7075 T6 has more tensile strength. 

So, with this, we know that both our optics here have very strong housing material. 

If you want a more durable housing material, then the Holosun 508t is another option to check; it has Titanium housing which is more durable than the Aluminum housing of the 507c and 507k. 

Anodized Finish 

Both 507c and 507k have an anodized finish which prevents corrosion. 

Recessed Turrets

Both 507c and 507k have windage and elevation turrets recessed into the optic’s body. It might be a small detail for you, but it’s important. 

If you bump your optic anywhere, these recessed turrets prevent accidental changes in the windage/elevation settings you have done with your scope. And, you know your optic is dependable when nothing messes up the zero. 

IPX7 Waterproof Rating

The 507c and 507k can be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. 

We know that no one in the right mind would throw their red dot sight in water, but this rating suggests that both these optics can bear rain splashes and work in snow or fog. 

So, your optic can work in all weather conditions. 

507c Is Thicker

The Holosun 507c is larger than the 507k, so it has a thicker body. This thickness makes it more durable than the 507k. 

507k Has A Square Top Design

The 507k counters the thickness advantage of the 507c by its design. The square design is more durable than the rounded shape of the 507c.

Durability Test

Until this point, we do not have a winner in the durability category, with both optics having similar features. We will find out from the durability test results which one is more durable.

I will rely on the durability test of Aaron Cowan from Sage Dynamics on Youtube. Luckily, there is a durability test video for the 507c and the 507k. 

To testing process for both optics include.

  1. 4 Shoulder drop tests 
  2. Single-handed manipulations
  3. 2000 rounds of shooting

The test results showed that both the optics maintained zero at 25 yards after all the abuse. But the lens of both got damaged. 

The 507k was damaged from one corner of the window, while the 507c lens got damaged more. Also, there was significant damage to the hood of the 507c. But, the lens damage didn’t affect the functionality of the two optics.  

Winner: Holosun 507k

So, there is no clear winner in this category, but I would give an edge to the 507k because of less damage to its lens during the durability test. 

But one thing is very clear, both these optics have survived extreme durability testing, and you can use them in situations where your life is dependent on them. 

2. Size

Holosun 507c Holosun 507k 
Height (inches)1.540.95
Width  (inches)1.240.98
Length (inches)1.781.60 

In the chart above, you can see a considerable difference in the dimensions of the two optics. This difference is because the 507c is used with subcompact guns, while the 507k is used with regular-sized pistols. 

Window Size

As shown in the above table, the 507c is bigger, so it has a larger sight window than the 507k. Due to the larger size, it gives a wider field of view and hence a better sight picture. 

Also, on 507c’s larger window, the chances of losing the dot are less than the smaller window of the 507k. 

Winner: Holosun 507c

507c is the winner in the Holosun 507k vs. 507c size category because it has a wider window than 507k, giving a wider field of view, and you don’t lose zero. 

3. Weight 

The 507k weighs 1 ounce, and the 507c weighs 1.5 ounces. 

Usually, a lightweight optic is preferred, but the additional 0.5 ounces of the 507c is not a disadvantage because it is used with a regular-sized pistol. 

Winner: None

There is no winner in this category because the more weight is not a disadvantage for the 507c. 

4. Reticle 

Reticle options of a red dot are important because they decide what kind of shooting you can do with your red dot. The common dot options are 2 to 6 moa. The next thing about a dot is its color; it can be either green or red. 

Multiple Reticle System (MRS)

Both 507c and the 507k have the famous Multiple Reticle System of the Holosun. You get 3 options to choose from while shooting with these red dots. These three reticle options are

  • A 2 Moa dot
  • A 32 Moa circle
  • A circle-dot combination.

The 2 moa dot option gives you the precision to shoot small targets at large distances. The 32 moa circle allows you to hit targets faster at small distances. And the combination of both certainly gives both. 

The larger 32 moa circle or the combination is also great for new shooters who are learning to pick up the dot, and more advanced shooters can use the 2 moa dot for precision. 

So, choosing the dot size is a matter of preference, and with the 507c and 507k, Holosun has given both precision and speed within one dot. 

The 507c and 507k have similar reticle options. However, it is not the case when we compare the 507c with the 407c. The 407c has only 1 reticle option. 

Dot Color

The 507c and 507k have similar dot options, but there is a difference when it comes to the color. The 507c comes in green and red dot models, while the 507k comes only in red. 

Having to choose between the two colors is great because shooters have their preferences regarding the dot color. 

Red vs. Green Dot

No one color is better than the other; it depends on what the shooter wants. Mentioned below are some benefits of both the dots.

Red Dot Benefits

  • The red dot gets to the eyes faster. So, you acquire the target more quickly with a red dot.  
  • A red dot doesn’t wash out in the bushes like the green dot. 

Green Dot Benefits

  • The green dot puts less stress on the eyes. So, it’s a better option for astigmatism and old eyes. 
  • A green dot works at a lower brightness setting, so it will have more run than the red dot. 

Winner: Holosun 507c 

Both the 507c and 507k have multiple reticle options. But the 507c comes in red and green dot versions, while the 507k comes only in a red dot version. So, the 507c is the winner in this category. 

5. Battery Life And Other Related Features

The 507c and the 507k have 50,000 hours of battery life on mid-setting, meaning they can run for 5 years uninterrupted. 

This feature is amazing because you know that your optic will not betray you in your time of need. It is the Aimpoint level of battery life but without paying the Aimpoint price. 

The Shake Awake

This amazing battery life has been made possible with the help of the Shake Awake feature on both these red dots. The shake awake automatically turns the dot off when it doesn’t sense movement. As soon as it senses any movement, it turns itself on again. 

This feature helps to preserve the battery if you leave it on. It is useful for people who forget to turn the optic off after using it. 

Solar Panel

The solar panel is a very popular feature of the Holosun optics. The solar panel acts as a backup source for the optic.  If your optic dies, the solar panel will illuminate the red dot. It needs sunlight to do that. 

Having such a backup for your optic gives extreme reliability. You know you have a power source to rely upon, and your optic will never betray you.  

The 507c includes the solar panel, while the 507k doesn’t. The solar panel makes the 507c much more reliable than the 507k. 

Battery Compartment

Battery compartment location is another difference between the two optics. The 507c has its battery compartment beneath the optic. On the other hand, the 507k has a side battery tray. 

With the battery compartment underneath the optic, you have to remove the optic from the gun every time you change the battery. And, with that, you have to also re-zero your optic. 

The side battery tray on the 507k saves you from all this hassle as you can change the battery on this optic without removing it from the gun. 

Winner: Holosun 507c

The 507c is the winner in this category. The 507c vs. 507k have similar battery life and the shake awake feature, but the solar panel makes the 507c better. Yes, the 507k has a battery tray which the 507c doesn’t have. But, not having a solar panel is a bigger con than not having a battery tray. You know you can rely on that optic with a solar panel as a backup for illuminating your red dot. Also, with 50,000 hours of battery life, you don’t have to change the batteries on both the optics frequently. 

6. Brightness Settings 

The 507c and the 507k have 12 brightness settings, with 2 being night vision compatible. The 10 daylight brightness options make the red dot suitable for different situations. 

For example, if you are shooting under bright sun or a shade, there is a brightness option for you. And the night vision setting is great for people who love nighttime shooting. 

The Lockout Mode

Both the 507c and the 507k have the lockout mode. With this feature, you can lock the brightness that you set on your optic. Locking your brightness setting doesn’t change if you bump it anywhere. 

It is a great feature because changing the brightness accidentally is not a pleasant experience. 

Winner: None 

This category has no winner because both have similar brightness settings and include the lockout mode. 

7. Footprint 

The 507c has an RMR footprint. The RMR footprint is the industry’s standard for full-sized handguns and fits most pistols. On the other hand, the 507k comes with a unique footprint, which is a modification to the Shield standard. 

Winner: 507c 

The 507c is the winner in the Holosun 507k vs. 507c footprint category because it has a more common footprint. 

8. Price

Price is the most important consideration for almost every shooter. Those who buy a high-end product want it to be worth every penny. 

And those who are on a budget are looking for options that are good quality and also affordable. 

Well, Holosun has been a game-changer in the price department. It has come out with affordable red dots without compromising on quality. 

As both the red dots here are from Holosun, so we know that they are affordable. But, generally, the 507k is 15-20 dollars less expensive than the 507c.  

It is the biggest deciding factor for someone on a tight budget.  

Overall Winner?

It’s difficult to pick a winner in this comparison because both the red dots serve a different purpose. Still, with most features being similar, I would pick the 507c because of its solar panel. Having a solar panel as backup makes the 507c more reliable than the 507k. 

What Should You Pick?

So, the real question is, what should you pick? The answer is very clear. If you want a red dot for your subcompact gun, choose the 507k. 

507k is the best red dot for concealed carry. As we have seen with the testing, the 507k is extremely durable. It also has a slim profile and recessed turrets, making it perfect for concealed carry. 

If you want a red dot for a regular-sized handgun, get the 507c. This optic is also extremely durable, so you can use it with your self-defense gun. It also has night vision settings which make it usable for nighttime defense. Also, the solar panel makes it much more reliable. 

So, both red dots are extremely reliable, something you can trust to save your life. Pick one that suits your needs.

Holosun 507c vs Holosun 507k – Comparison Videos

Parting Thoughts 

To summarize, the 507c is a red dot used with full-sized handguns, while the 507k is used with subcompact guns. So, the first difference stems from this. The 507c is taller and also wider than the 507k. Due to this reason, it has a larger sight window than the 507k. The 507k is also lighter than the 507c. 

The other difference is that the 507k has a square top design while the 507c has a rounded design. 

The next difference is that the 507c comes in red and green dot models, while the 507k comes only in a red dot. 

Also, the 507c has a solar panel, and the 507k has a side battery tray. 

When it comes to the footprint, the 507c has an RMR footprint, and the 507k comes with a modified Shield standard. 

Lastly, the 507k is more affordable than the 507c. 


What is the difference between Holosun 507c and 507K?

The Holosun 507c is a regular-seized pistol’s optic, while the 507k is a subcompact pistol’s optic. So, the 507c is taller and thicker than the 507k. And the 507c has a solar panel which the 507k doesn’t have. 

Does the 507c have the same footprint as the 507K?

No. the 507c and 507k do not have the same footprint. The 507c has an RMR footprint, while the 507k has a modified Shield standard footprint. 

Is the Holosun 507c good?

The 507c is an extremely durable red dot. It has an insane battery life of 50,000 hours, a shake awake feature, and a solar panel. Also, it can shoot 2000 rounds without losing zero. 

Does Holosun 507c have Shake Awake?

The Holosun 507c does have a shake awake.

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