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If you are a Holosun fan, you must be spoilt for choice for your red dot. I am here to make your life a little easier by giving you a detailed comparison of the two very popular Holosun open reflex sights: Holosun 407c vs 507c.

Being a gun enthusiast, I love collecting quality red dots, but one more thing I love is affordability. Good quality and affordability are what Holosun gives. So, my red dot collection has a lot of Holosun red dots. Also, my dedicated team has done tons of research to bring you the best information about red dots. 

So, what you are about to read is a combination of years of experience and tons and tons of research. 

I hope this comparison guide will help you understand the difference between the two red dots here and which one you should prefer. 

The Holosun 407c and 507c have more similarities than differences. The major difference is the reticle options which the 507c has 3, and the 407c has just 1. Also, the 407c is a few dollars lesser than the 507c. 

Let’s get started with the detailed comparison.

507c vs 407c: Specifications

507c and 407c: Commonalities

The 507c and 407c have more similarities than differences. Before diving into the differences, I want to shed some light on the commonalities between the two red dots in comparison here. 

Holosun Durability

One reason for Holosun red dots being so much loved by shooters is its solid build. Both the 507c and 407c have the durability that rivals the RMR – the king of durability. They can take a lot of abuse and still work. They are tough enough to handle recoil, bumps, and drops. Also, the IPX-6 waterproof rating allows it to bear water splashes. 

Aluminum Housing material
Aluminum Housing material

The Incredible Battery 

Both the 507c and 407c have an insane amount of battery. Both dots have a battery life of 50,000 hours. Now, this is something unbeatable. This battery life depends on the reticle setting you choose. It is the Aimpoint level of battery without paying the Aimpoint price. 

What helps preserve this battery for such a long time is the famous Shake Awake feature of the Holosun. This feature automatically turns off the light when not in use.

Impressed? Let me impress you some more. Along with this crazy battery life and the Shake Awake, the Holosun also has a Solar Panel backup. This feature keeps the red dot on in case the battery dies. It adds more reliability to the red dot, and it’s easier for shooters to trust it in life-threatening situations. 


The 407c and 507c have 10 brightness settings for daylight and 2-night vision settings. The 12 brightness settings allow you to use your red dot in different lighting conditions. In the low-end red dot category, this is one of the best brightness you can get.

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507c vs 407c: Differences

Below mentioned are the differences between the 507c and 407c. 

Different Reticle Options

The significant difference between the two red dots is the two different reticle options. You need to know how these reticle options work to understand this difference.

multiple reticle
multiple reticle

Reticle options can be the main factor for some shooters to buy an optic. Here the 407c has a 2 moa dot as its reticle, and the 507c has a 32 moa circle and a 2 moa dot. Also, both the sights have both red and green dots. 

So, there are 3 reticle options for the 507c; you can use just the dot, or just the circle, or both the dot and the circle.

The 2 moa red dot gives a good balance of precision and speed. Both the red dots here have a 2 moa dot. So, you get a good balance in both. 

But when you have a dot inside a circle, the dot gives you precision, and the circle gives you speed. 

Winner: I consider the 507c winner in this category because you get precision and speed simultaneously. Not that the 2 moa dot is not good, but the dot-circle combination is better. One more benefit of the circle-dot combination is that people with weak eyes can use it better. 


Different sellers can give this product at different prices. But, usually, the 407c is 60-70 dollars less than the 507c. 

Winner: The winner in this category is the 407c. Price is always an essential consideration for many shooters. If you don’t care about the circle and are happy with just the dot, saving some bucks is not bad. 

My Verdict

So, both the 407c and 507c have mostly similar features. The only major difference is that the 507c has 3 reticle options. So, for me, the overall winner is the 507c because I like shooting with the circle dot combination—it gives much better speed and accuracy. And I don’t mind paying a few extra bucks for this combination. 

Holosun 507c vs 507k

Overall Winner: 507c

Holosun 407c vs Holosun 507c – Comparison Videos


What is the difference between Holosun 507c and 407C?

The major difference between the 407c and 507c is reticle options. The 507c has 3 reticle options with a 2 moa single dot, an only circle option, and a circle-dot combination. On the other hand, the 407c has only the 2 moa red dot as its reticle. 

Does Holosun 407C fit RMR cut?

The Holosun 407c does sit on an RMR footprint. So, any gun milled or plated for an RMR will accept the Holosun 407c. Not just 407c, the 507c also fit the RMR cut. 

What replaced the Holosun 507c? 

The 507c is the first generation of the models, replaced by the second generation V2 and followed by the third-generation X2. 

Is Holosun 507c waterproof?

The Holosun 507C has an IPX-6 waterproof rating. This rating means that it can bear high-pressure water splashes. 

Is Holosun 507c good?

The Holosun 507c is a durable red dot with an all Aluminum construction. It has 50,000 hours of battery life with innovative battery features like the Shake Awake and the Solar Panel. And with all these fantastic features, this light is also affordable. 

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