Holosun 507c vs 508t [Side By Side Comparison]

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Hey shooter! This is my comparison of the two popular Holosun red dots: 507c vs. 508t. 

Holosun has a great line of mini reflex sights, and it is improving every passing day. Before Holosun, shooters were stuck with either spending tons of money on an optic or compromising with a poor-quality red dot. 

But Holosun has been a game-changer in the mini reflex sights industry; now, you get both quality and affordability. 

My passion and love for guns and everything related to them have enabled me to write this guide for you. Also, it has days of research behind it. 

The main difference between the 507c and 508t is the housing material. The 507c has an Aluminum housing and the 508t has a titanium one. 

But, I will explain to you in detail all the differences between the two red dots, which is better in what category, which is an overall winner, and what you should choose according to your situation. 

So, let’s get started.

What To Expect?

The following review will compare the 507c and the 508t in the following categories:

  1. Durability (Includes durability test results)
  2. Battery life and battery-related features
  3. Brightness
  4. Reticle options 
  5. Footprint
  6. Weight and size
  7. Price

I will also announce the winner of each category. 

Holosun 507c vs 508t : SPECS

Holosun 508t vs 507c : Features

Below is the comparison of all the features of the Holosun 507c and the 508t. 

1. Size and Weight

Holosun 507c vs 508t size and weight comparison

The table below will show you the different dimensions of the two optics.

Height1.14 inches1.08 inches
Width 1.24 inches1.21 inches 
length1.78 inches1.77 inches
Weight 1.5 ounces2.0 ounces

507c is taller than 508t

If you analyze the information in the above chart, you see that the 507c is a little taller than the 508t. If I tell you from my experience, shooters always prefer a low-profile sight.

The advantage of a low-profile optic is that the objective lens is close to the eyepiece and makes sighting easy. Though the difference here is even less than an inch, it still gives 508t an edge. 

508t is heavier than 507c

When it comes to the weight, shooters always prefer a lightweight optic. No one likes to carry extra weight with their gun. Especially for defense or a concealed carry pistol, the lighter, the better. 

The chart above shows that the 508t is half an inch heavier than the 507c. Although the difference is not significant, the 507c is the winner in this category. 

Winner: Holosun 508t

The winner in the size and weight category is the 508t because most shooters prefer the compact design, and half an inch of extra weight is quite bearable. So, the 508t is the winner with a slight edge. 

2. Durability 

Holosun optics are known for their durability and toughness. These optics are made to resist abuse and have passed many durability tests. 

So, one thing is set here that both the optics here are durable and reliable, and none of the two is poorly made. 

Holosun is the game-changer because it has finally given the user good quality mini reflex sights without breaking the bank. 

The debate here is which one is more durable between the 507c and 508t?

Housing material 

Housing material
Housing material

The first thing we will consider here is the material. The 507c has a 7075 T6 Aluminum housing. On the other hand, the 508t has a Titanium housing. Titanium is more durable than Aluminum. 

Also, Titanium housing comes with a lifetime warranty, while Aluminum housing comes with a 5-year warranty. 

If this is not enough to believe, I recommend you watch Sage Dynamics’ review of the 507c and 508t on Youtube. 

The durability test results

I am taking reference from Sage Dynamics’ durability test to compare the durability of the two optics here and conclude which of the two is more durable. 

The 507c test

In the 507c review video by Sage Dynamics, Aaron Cowan does the below-mentioned tests with 507c.

  • 4 shoulder drop tests
  • 2000 shots burnout 
  • Several single-handed manipulations

The 507c maintained its zero at 25 yards after all of this abuse. However, the lens and the hood of the sight were damaged. 

So, 507c passed the durability test. 

The 508t test 

In the 508t review video, Aaron Cowan again does the same testing.

  • 4 shoulder drop tests
  • 2000 shots burnout
  • Several single-handed manipulations. 

After all this abuse with the 508t, it maintained zero, and there was no damage to the optic’s body. 


Like the housing, the finishing of the two optics is also different. The 507c has an anodized finish, while the 508t has a Titanium finish. 


Both the 507c and the 508t are waterproof. These optics can be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

It indicates that they can bear rain splashes, snow, and fog. This feature makes them suitable for all weather conditions. 

Recessed controls

Lastly, the windage and elevation controls on both the optics are recessed, which means that the windage/elevation setting is not affected by any accidental bumps on the optic. 

This feature might be a small detail, but it adds to the durability and reliability of these two optics. 

Great customer service

All of this is backed by excellent customer service by Holosun. They never turn a customer down. 

So, if you have any problem with your optic, Holosun is always there to help. This kind of customer satisfaction increases the trust in a product much more. 

Winner: Holosun 508t

The winner in this category is the 508t. The 508t has Titanium finishing, which is more durable than the Aluminum finishing of the 507c, and the durability test by Sage Dynamics has validated this fact. 

By declaring 508t the winner in the durability category, I’m not claiming that the 507c is not durable – but the 508t is more durable. 

3. Reticle

Both the 507c and the 508t have multiple reticle options. 

  • A 2 moa dot
  • A 32 moa ring
  • A dot surrounded by a ring 
multiple reticle
multiple reticle

The 407c, another model of the Holosun, doesn’t have multiple reticle options. This feature is the main difference between 407c and 507c

2 Moa red dot  

The 2 Moa dot is great for precision. You need some practice picking up this dot to get the best use of it. More advanced shooters have good practice picking up the dot quickly so they can use the dot-only option for accuracy and precision. 

The 32 Moa circle 

The 32 Moa circle is a good choice for more speedy target acquisition. This feature is great for new shooters as a circle is easier to pick than a dot and shortens the learning curve.

The circle-dot combination

The circle-dot combination is the best because it gives you both speed and precision. The circle gives you speed, and the dot gives precision. 

Red or Green dot?

Both the optics here in consideration include both green and red dot options. Each dot color has its benefits; the dot color you choose depends on your preference.

Red dot benefits

  • The red dot reaches the eyes faster because of its high wavelength and small frequency. So, it gives faster target acquisition. 
  • The green dot washes out in green bushes, while the red dot gives a clear image. 

Green dot benefits

  • Due to its shorter wavelength and higher frequency, the green dot puts less strain on the eyes – it is better for people with weak eyes and astigmatism.
  • The green dot uses less battery. A green dot appears brighter to the eye, so you can work with it at a lower setting.

Winner: None

4. Battery Life 

The incredible feature of Holosun optics is the battery; both the red dots have 50,000 hours of battery at mid-setting. So, you get the Aimpoint level of runtime without the Aimpoint price. 

This crazy battery life is made possible with the help of an auto-shut system in these optics. This feature is called the Shake Awake. 

With this feature, the optic automatically shuts off when it doesn’t sense any movement. In this way, the Shake Awake allows you to preserve your battery, and you can run your optic for longer hours. 

This feature is handy for people who forget to shut their optic down after using it. 

You know that you are not wasting any power even if you forget to turn the optic off. It’s such a relief!

Having a good battery setup is very important for a good red dot. Vortex Venom is such a great optic overall, but its bad battery cover and having no battery backup make the user suspicious about its reliability. So long hours of battery with good protection make you red dot reliable. 

Dual power source

If you are not impressed by the innovative technology of the Holosun yet, let me tell you a little more. Both the 507c and the 508t have Solar Panels, which provide a backup for the optic. 

In case your battery dies, the solar panel can take charge. This backup adds extreme reliability to both the 510c and 508t because you know your optic will never stop working. This kind of reliability is crucial in a life-threatening situation. 

Battery compartment

Both the 507c and the 508t have battery compartments below the optic. The shooters do not prefer this feature as you cannot change the battery without removing the optic from the gun. And, when you do that, you lose zero. 

Keeping in mind the end-users, Holosun has added the side battery compartment in the Gen 2 versions of the optics: the 507c V2 and the 508t V2.

Winner: None

5. Footprint

The Holosun 507c and the 508t have an RMR footprint – most guns come with a plate compatible with an RMR footprint because it is very common. 

If your gun doesn’t come with a plate and you get an additional plate, plenty will have an RMR footprint. It is an excellent option because it’s very commonly available. 

Having a commonly found footprint is great because it makes the hassle of mounting the optic much easier. 

Winner: None

6. Brightness

Both the 507c and the 508t have 10 brightness settings. These settings allow you to use the optic in all lighting conditions. 

If I talk about the brightness of this reticle, then it is very bright – bright enough for a bright sunny day.  

Night vision

These red dots also have 2 settings for night vision. It is a fantastic feature for night shooting. 

Lockout mode

Also, both the optics include a lockout mode. Turning on this safety feature will lock the brightness of your optic. 

It is an important feature because any accidental bumps or hits will not change the brightness that you set for your optic. This safety makes the red dot reliable in a life-threatening situation. 

Winner: None

7. Price

You will find different price options at different sellers, and various factors in the market affect the prices of a product. But, generally, the 507c is 55-60 dollars less expensive than the 508t. 

Winner: Holosun 507c

This price difference here is huge, and we know that price is an important consideration for someone on a budget. So, in the price category, 507c is the winner.

Which Optic Is Right For You?

I hope this explanation helps you to choose the right optic for yourself. I have explained through the testing that the 508t is more durable than the 507c. 

So, if durability is your only concern, 508t is the right optic for you. 

But if you are on a budget and want to save a few bucks, pick the 507c. 

My Verdict

Between the options here, I prefer the Holosun 508t. This kind of durability in a mini reflex sight is amazing, and I don’t mind paying the extra bucks for a really solid optic.

Holosun 507c vs Holosun 508t – Comparison Videos

Parting Thoughts

Putting a 1000-dollar red dot on a handgun is not practical for an average shooter. When it comes to mini red dot sights, shooters were stuck between a poor quality optic or a costly one. But Holosun has brought a revolution by launching its amazing durable optics with an affordable price tag. 

The detailed comparison between the two popular Holosun 507c vs. the 508t shows that the two optics have a lot of similarities. They are durable enough to hold zero after a lot of abuse; they have the same battery life and the Shake Awake feature. Also, both the optics include a solar panel that acts as a backup source of illumination. 

Both optics have a bright dot with 10 adjustments for daylight and 2 for a night vision when it comes to brightness. 

If we consider the reticle, both optics have multiple reticle options.

Lastly, both optics use an RMR footprint for mounting. 

When it comes to the differences, the main difference is the housing material; the 507c has Aluminum housing while the 508t has a Titanium one. The Titanium housing is more durable than Aluminum.

The other difference is that the 508t has an Aluminum finish while the 507c has an anodized finish. 

Also, during the durability test, the 507c holds zero but the lens breaks. When a similar test was applied on the 508t, it held zero, and there was no damage to the lens. The tests validated that both the optics are very durable, but the 508t is more durable.

The other difference is the price; the 507c is 55-60 dollars less expensive than the 508t. 

Lastly, the 508t is slightly more compact and heavier than the 507c.

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What is the difference between Holosun 507c and 508t?

The main difference between the Holosun 507c and the 508t is that the 508t has a Titanium housing while the 507c has an Aluminum one. This housing makes the 508t more durable than the 507c. Also, 508t is slightly more compact but heavier than the 507c. Lastly, the 507c is 55-60 dollars less expensive than the 508t. 

Do Holosun 507c and 508t have the same footprint?

Both the Holosun 507c and the 508t have an RMR footprint.

What is the Holosun 508t?

The Holosun 508t is an open reflex sight made of Titanium. The use of Titanium makes this red dot very durable. It has an RMR footprint, so it is compatible with most guns. Other amazing features of the 508t are 50,000 hours of battery, solar panel, and Shake Awake. Lastly, it has 3 reticle options; a 2 Moa dot, a 32 moa ring, and a dot-ring combination. 

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