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Good day! Let’s get into the knowledge of the potential aspects of the Aimpoint acro p1 and p2, a perfect sight for hunting purposes. There isn’t a single aspect of these sights that will let you down. I bought these a year ago, and they’re still in excellent condition with no signs of wear; perhaps I took good care of them.

You can get either of them but to know which is 100% percent best for your firearm, continue reading the review and make the worthwhile purchase.

What’s Inside The Box Of Aimpoint Acro P1 Vs P2?

Along with the Aimpoint Acro p1 and p2, the package contains a few accessories that will be useful once you open it.

  • One instruction manual
  • Aimpoint tools
  • Battery
  • Warranty card

Specification Chart: Aimpoint Acro P1 vs P2

Aimpoint Acro P1Aimpoint Acro P2
Sight housingHigh strength aluminum, black to dark gray,non-glare finishHigh strength aluminum, black to dark gray,non-glare finish
Eye reliefUnlimitedUnlimited
Temperature range-45 °C to +71 °C (-50 °F to +160 °F)-45 °C to +71 °C (-50 °F to +160 °F)
Water-resistance25 m (82 ft)25 m (82 ft)
NVD compatibleYesYes
Optical CoatingAnti-reflex (AR) coatingAnti-reflex (AR) coating
Dot size3.5 MOA3.5 MOA
Dot ColorRed (650 nm ± 15 nm)Red
Battery TypeCR1225 (3.0 V) LithiumCR2032 (3.0 V) Lithium
Battery lifeMore than 1.5 years 5 years of use on setting 6. 
Size (LxWxH)47 mm × 30 mm × 30 mm (1.9 in × 1.2 in × 1.2 in)47 mm × 32 mm × 31 mm (1.9 in × 1.3 in × 1.2 in)
Weight60 g (2.1 oz)60 g (2.1 oz)

Aimpoint Acro P1 Vs P2 – What’s The Difference?

Let me give you a quick answer regarding which of these products best meets your needs. Although you can buy either of them since they’re both ideal in their way.

1. Weight

Aimpoint Acro p1 and p2 are the same weight. So, whether you buy an Aimpoint Acro p1 or a p2, you will receive a comparable load on your weapon. You will have no difficulty deciding between them when it comes to weight.

2. Dimensions

The Aimpoint Acro p1 and p2 are almost identical in size. There is a slight size difference between Aimpoint Acro p1 and p2, with Acro p1 being slightly smaller than p2. You won’t be able to tell the difference in their sizes unless you measure them.

3. Clear aperture

The Aimpoint acro p2 has a clear aperture than the Aimpoint acro p1 which makes the Aimpoint acro p2 superior to the Aimpoint acro p1.

4.Battery life

The battery used in Aimpoint acro p2 has a longer life than the battery of Aimpoint acro p1. 

Benefits Of Aimpoint Acro P1 Vs P2 – Comparison

Benefits are what enable shooters to purchase the ideal sight for themselves. Let’s explore the advantages that the Aimpoint Acro p1 and p2 provide.

1. Durability

Aimpoint Acro p1

The Aimpoint acro p1 has an aluminum construction that has been tested to make sure it is waterproof and shockproof. It has an exterior that has an anodized finish. Overall, the Aimpoint acro p1 has a smooth surface and prevents grime and rusting, making it a long-term survival optic.

Aimpoint Acro p2

The Aimpoint Acro p2 is made of the same aluminum as the Acro p1 model. Additionally, it has a semi-matte black finish to secure the sight’s surface. The Aimpoint Acro p2 isn’t really completely scratch-proof despite the durable anodized coating’s protection of the optic. But the entire Aimpoint Acro p2, along with the battery compartment, is waterproof and shock resistant. As a result, the Aimpoint Acro P1 and P2 are the optics with a longer lifespan, making their value equal.

Winner: Draw

2. Reticle

Aimpoint Acro p1

The Aimpoint Acro p1 has a 3.5 MOA reticle in red color. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the 3.5 MOA reticle size is ideal for all shooters. It gives the shooter a chance to shoot with accuracy and aim at the target faster at a time. The reticle will illuminate clearly during both the daytime and nighttime with the 10-illumination setting.

Aimpoint Acro p2

The Aimpoint Acro p2 has the reticle size and color as the Aimpoint Acro p1. It is also visible clearly during the day and night time with 6 settings for daytime and four settings for night vision. It also facilitates shooting for the shooter by enabling quicker target acquisition and precision, similar to Aimpoint Acro p1.

Winner: Draw

3. Illuminations Controls

Aimpoint Acro p1

There are 10 adjustable illumination settings on the Aimpoint Acro p1. You can switch the brightness of the reticle from low to high or from high to moderate by pressing the push button. There are four settings for night mode and six for daylight hours. This implies that you can shoot at any time of day.

Aimpoint Acro p2

The Aimpoint Acro p2 comes with a comparable setting for adjusting the brightness of the reticle. It has 10 settings total, with six settings for daytime and the remaining ones for nighttime vision. Both the Aimpoint Acro p1 and p2 have simple illumination control buttons. In conclusion, Aimpoint Acro p1 and p2 share the same lighting control system.

Winner: Draw

3. Lens Clarity

Aimpoint Acro p1

The Aimpoint Acro p1 lens is constructed from premium glass that provides excellent clarity. Additionally, the Aimpoint Acro P1’s fully multi-coated lens aids in target visualization. When contrasted with other red dots on the market, the Aimpoint Acro p1’s light-gathering potential is quite impressive. In addition to multi-coating, the Aimpoint acro p1 lens has an anti-glare coating.

Aimpoint Acro p2

The Aimpoint Acro p2 has a comparable glass to the Aimpoint Acro p1, but the aperture is different. The Aimpoint Acro p2 has a 15×15 mm aperture that gathers a lot of light and shines brightly in dim lighting. The Acro P2’s clear, visible aperture makes it worthwhile to purchase. Because of this, Aimpoint Acro p2 is the superior option over Aimpoint Acro p1 for lens clarity.

Winner: Aimpoint Acro p2

4. Source of power

Aimpoint Acro p1

The Aimpoint Acro p1 uses a battery supply to function. This illuminates the reticle then the reticle consumes the battery power. The Aimpoint Acro p1 uses a CR1255 3v lithium battery whose lifespan depends on the reticle’s brightness and use of sight. As Aimpoint acro p1 has four settings for night vision that reduces the lifespan of the battery. So, the battery of the Aimpoint acro p1 will function for 15k hours continuously considering all the factors.

Aimpoint Acro p2

The Aimpoint Acro p2, on the other hand, has a more powerful battery. It is powered by the common CR2032 battery found in holosun optics. No matter whether the night mode is turned on or off, this battery can run continuously for 50k hours. The Aimpoint acro p2 is superior to the Aimpoint acro p1 because of its long lifespan.

Winner: Aimpoint Acro P1

5. Mounting

Aimpoint Acro p1

The Aimpoint Acro p1 is not difficult to mount, and I can assure you that you won’t find yourself in a stressful situation trying to find a mounting solution. The Aimpoint Acro p1 is intended for mounting on both handguns and pistols. You may additionally utilize the Aimpoint Acro p1 as a “reflex sight” on your firearm.

Aimpoint Acro p2

The Aimpoint Acro p2 has the same footprint as the Aimpoint Acro p1. Additionally, mounting this optic on handguns and pistols is simple. Both the Aimpoint Acro p1 and p2 share an identical mounting style, so you can use either one.

Winner: Draw

6. Size And Weight

Both the Aimpoint Acro p1 and p2 are the same weight, but they differ slightly in size. Nonetheless, these sights have a good dimension and weight, demonstrating an ideal sight.

Winner: Draw

7. Price

Given that they have essentially identical features and measurement characteristics, the Aimpoint Acro p1 and p2 are priced the same. Any of them are available for less than 600 dollars. This price may be prohibitively expensive for many shooters, but no one can pass up such a good sight.

Winner: Draw

Downsides Of Aimpoint Acro P1 Vs P2

After you’ve gotten a sense of the potential advantages of the Aimpoint acro p1 vs p2, what are the disadvantages of these sights? Will these shortcomings have an impact on how you shoot?

  • The Aimpoint Acro p1 does not have a good battery as of Aimpoint acro p2.
  • Expensive sights

Since these sights don’t have any major negative aspects, using them won’t cause you any problems.

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Wrapping It Up! Who’s The Winner?

The Aimpoint acro p2 is a better option than the Aimpoint Acro p2 in terms of everything. The Aimpoint Acro p2 got a high-standard aluminum body construction, 50k hours battery lifetime, a good size and weight, a lens with anti-glare coating, and a red 3.5 MOA reticle. Moreover, it is an easy-to-mount sight and has 10 settings for brightness adjustment.

The only negative aspect of the Aimpoint Acro p2 sight is that it isn’t a cheap option. However, the absence of any drawbacks allows you to fully appreciate why this site is so expensive. Therefore, I advise you to purchase this sight and improve your hunting experience beyond compare.


What distinguishes acro P1 from P2?

Although the Aimpoint Acro p1 and p2 have the same glass panel, the aperture sizes differ. The aimpoint Acro p1 has a 16×16 mm aperture, while the aimpoint Acro p2 has a 15×15 mm aperture. The Aimpoint Acro p1 has a clearer aperture because it collects a lot of light and becomes extremely vibrant during daytime poor lighting.

What distinguishes acro P1 from acro C1?

The difference between the Aimpoint acro p1 and c1 is the use of illumination controls. In Aimpoint acro p1, there are four illumination settings for night vision while the other six settings are for daylight. Whereas in Aimpoint acro c1, there are eight settings for daylight while the remaining two settings are for night vision.

What does the abbreviation Acro mean?

Advanced Compact Reflex Optic.

Is Aimpoint produced in China?

Aimpoint sights are constructed in Sweden, so be extremely cautious of sights and parcels from Shenzhen or Bangkok.

Is Aimpoint superior to EOTech?

Compared to Eotech sights, Aimpoint sights are more water resistant. Numerous Aimpoint sights function flawlessly in up to 135 feet of water. The Eotech, however, cannot operate in water deeper than 10 feet. Additionally, the Eotech sights don’t perform well enough in unusually hot environments. Aimpoint sights are therefore superior to Eotech sights.

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