How to Use EOTech Holographic Sight?

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How to use EOTech holographic sight

There are not many companies that manufacture holographic sights. But one company that is famous for manufacturing holographic sights is Eotech. Eotech is the pioneer company of holographic sights. Other than Eotech, Vortex also makes holographic sights. But being the pioneer of these weapon sights,

Eotech is most famous for making holographic sights. It is a brand that is trusted by professionals worldwide. EOTech introduced holographic sights in 1996. Moreso, it was the only company manufacturing holographic sights till 2017. Then in 2017, Vortex company introduced it. One consequence of this lack of competition in the market is that holographic sights are expensive.

How to Zero an Eotech Holographic Sight?

What do we Mean by Zero or Sighting in?

To understand how an EOTech sight works, it is vital first to understand zero an Eotech holographic sight. When we say zero a weapon or a sight, we mean that aligning a sight of a weapon with the gun’s barrel. Aligning the sight with the barrel is important to take accurate aim when you shoot a target. A specific sight is zeroed for a specific distance. For a different distance, you have to zero differently. 

How To Zero an EOTech Holographic Sight

Just like all other weapon sights, Eotech holographic sights also need zeroing for proper functioning. Following is a step to step guide for zeroing an Eotech holographic sight:

  1. Adjust your Eotech holographic scope on the rifle you are using. 
  2. After adjusting the scope, find support for giving a stable platform to the weapon. Stable support is a basic necessity for accurately zeroing a sight. 
  3. After adjusting the gun and the sight, set the target at a required distance. For example: zeroing an Eotech sight at 25 yards will give accuracy at 300 yards. The target can be cardboard where the center is marked. 
  4. Fix your sight to mechanical zero. Mechanical zeroing an optic means centering the optic in its range. There is a simple process for centering the optic in its range. Spin the turret in one direction, keep on spinning till it stops. Then reverse the direction and spin it until it stops. For example, an Eotech sight includes 160 clicks on one side and 80 clicks in the opposite direction. 
  5. After setting up the target, hit three shots. These three shots should be aimed at the center of the target board. The shots will not necessarily hit the center. But it is important that they hit close to each other.
  6.  These three shots will determine the average strike location. 
  7. The next step is to measure the distance of the average strike location to the center.
  8. In the next step, you have to determine how many clicks you have to move the adjusting screws to hit the center of the target. At 25 yards, you need to turn eight clicks to move one inch. 
  9. After adjusting the screws with the required clicks, the next step is to adjust the elevation. Adjusting elevation helps to aim the target accurately. For this purpose, rotate the retrieve screws. The screw needs to move clockwise if you want to hit downwards and anticlockwise if you aim to go upwards. 
  10. Similarly, for moving left and right, you need to adjust the windage. Rotate clockwise to move towards the right and anticlockwise to move towards the left. 
  11. After making all the adjustments, hit the center target again. Again hit three targets to check if it’s the center. Continue to make further adjustments if the shots don’t hit the center of the target.

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Shooting a Target with an EOTech Holographic Sight

After zeroing the EOTech holographic sight for a specific distance, the remaining process of using an Eotech sight is not difficult. 

The holographic reticle image of the Eotech holographic weapon sight allows the shooter to have an extreme focus on the target. The shooter does not have to look back and forth to look at the reticle and the target. This is made possible because the reticle and the target are continuously aligned. The brightness of the Eotech holographic sights can be adjusted due to its multiple brightness settings. There is also a night vision switch that can be easily turned on for viewing the target at night. The elevation and windage adjustment dials are also very easy to use. 

Considering the reticle of an Eotech holographic sight, we see that the reticle in any holographic sight is easy to use because the holographic weapon sights use the principle of holography to create a holographic image of the reticle. The image of the reticle remains in its place even if the head of the shooter moves.

In the case of an EOTech holographic sight, the variety of available reticle patterns allows you to choose a suitable one for your firearm application. What you need to do is fix the reticle to your target. Once adjusted, the reticle will remain there for every shot you take, and every time you pull up the gun, the reticle is right there for you to hit your target. You don’t have to chase the dot. This is a unique feature of a holographic sight.

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Features of an Eotech Holographic Sight 

1. Automatic battery check indicator

One persistent complaint about the holographic weapon sights is that its battery life is less than other weapon sights. This happens because the sophisticated laser technology that is used in a holographic sight requires more power to function. Eotech holographic sight has an automatic battery check feature that allows the shooter to check the power of the sight. 

2. Multiple brightness options

Holographic sights also have multiple brightness setting options. This also allows the viewer to use this sight during the night. 

3. Scratch-resistant heads-up Display

The heads-up display is scratch-resistant. The heads-up display of an Eotech holographic sight is protected with a coating. It is scratch-resistant. This makes the Eotech holographic sight suitable for harsh conditions. 

4. Wide Field of View

The Eotech holographic sight has a wild field of view. The optic window is rectangular and gives a more significant and clear view of the field. It helps to provide more situational awareness. 

5. Water and Fog Resistant

EOTech sights are weather resistant. These sights are internally sealed. They can survive in heavy rains as well as fog. Also, they are water-resistant up to 33ft. But the water resistance varies according to the units. 

6. Survive in tough conditions

Eotech holographic sights can work in extremely tough conditions. This is possible because the holographic reticle image remains in place even if the glass is broken. This makes the EOTech sights rugged. 

7. Provides Unlimited eye relief

Eye relief is a feature that allows the viewer to view the target object while maintaining a distance from the lens. Eotech sights provide unlimited eye relief. 

Extremely sharp focus: The reconstructed image in an Eotech holographic sight helps keep the reticle and the target in alignment. Due to this, the shooter does not have to shift back and forth from the reticle to target and maintain a sharp focus. 

8. Greater Precision

Eotech magnifiers are used for greater magnification in an Eotech holographic sight. These magnifiers are directly mounted behind the sight. This allows for greater precision while hitting targets. 

9. Offers different Reticle patterns

Eotech Holographic sight offers different patterns of the reticle. Some of them have multiple trajectory points of aim as well. Different reticle patterns can be used for different firearm applications. 


What batteries are used in an EOTech Holographic sight? 

Standard batteries such as AA or CR123 are used in holographic sights. 

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