What is a Holographic Sight?

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What is Holographic sight

Ever found yourself questioning, “What is a holographic sight?” As you try to figure out the perfect accessory for your next adventure, that’s a question that could well pop into your mind.

Whether you’re an avid gamer exploring virtual realities, a sports shooting enthusiast, or someone intrigued by the latest tech gadgets, understanding what a holographic sight is can be an intriguing discovery.

As the world of optics technology advances, it becomes essential for us to keep pace, especially if precision and accuracy matter to you.

So, let’s delve deep into the world of holography and get a clear view on what exactly a holographic sight is. After all, this might be the gear you need to up your game or grasp the nuances of your favorite tech-oriented hobby.

How Holographic sight Works?

Holographic sight is a reflex sight. It allows viewing distant objects through an optical glass window. The purpose of a holographic sight is that it increases the efficiency and accuracy in a military battle or a standoff.

What is so special about a holographic sight?

A holographic sight projects the hologram of a reticle on the lens of the scope. To understand this, it is essential first to know what a reticle is and why it is essential in the shooting. A reticle is a point on the scope which allows the target to focus. It is also called cross hair because often, four lines are combined to form a reticle.

A hologram creates an image of the reticle on the lens of the scope, which allows the shooter to take precise aim. The holographic image is produced by the use of a laser and mirrors. Furthermore, it provides the smallest dot in the industry for more precise and accurate shots.

While using a conventional optical scope, the shooter needs to align his head with the sight. 

It is essential to place the reticle over the target for a precise shot. This technology adds to the efficiency of the gun. In the case of a holographic sight, the shooter can move his head, but moving the gun left or right does not make a difference to the reticle. It remains aligned to the target spot.

To understand why a holographic sight does not lose aim if the shooter’s head is moved, it is essential to understand the principle of holography on which it works.

What are the differences between a Holographic sight and a red dot?

Like holographic sight, the red dot is also a reflex sight, and both are electronic optics. Electronic optics technology has helped shooters get rid of the conventional style sights such as the iron sight. The improved technology adds to the efficiency of the scopes and provides efficiency in close combat. However, there are some significant differences between both sights that are explained below.

1. Both work on different principles

The red dot uses an LED to project a reticle that bounces back to the shooter’s eye. In contrast, holographic sight uses a laser and mirrors to project the holographic image of a reticle.

2. Holographs are more expensive than Red dots

The price of a holograph starts at 400 dollars because it uses more sophisticated technology. On the other hand, a red dot is far cheaper, it begins with 50 dollars, and the reason is the use of far simpler technology.

3. Both are durable 

Both red dot and holographic sights are durable and can survive in a challenging situation. However, holographic sight can function even if the front lens is damaged.

4. Energy Consumption

A holographic sight is much more energy-consuming than a red dot. This is because the red dot uses the LED technology compared to the holo sight that uses laser diodes. 

5. Reticle

Holograph and red dot both use illuminated reticles. The laser diode in a holographic sight helps project a holographic image of the reticle, while a tiny dot is shown in a red dot.

6. Magnification

Both holograph and red dot have magnification power, but the holograph is more consistent in this regard. For example, if you run a magnifier in a 2 MOA red dot, it results in a 6 MOA. However, the holo sight remains the same even if a magnifier is used. In this way, a holo site provides for a better view of the target.

7. Field of view

Both holo sights and red dots can provide a wide field of view. However, a holo sight provides infinite eye relief and gives a better field of view. 

8. Acquisition Speed

A holographic sight provides for speedy target acquisition as compared to a red dot. The reason is that a Red dot is only in focus when the shooter is looking at the dot itself; it can slow down target acquisition.

Advantages of Holographic sights over other sights

There are many other sights available in the market for the buyer to choose from, but there are some advantages of a holographic sight that makes it a popular choice among shooters.

  • It creates an image only on the lens and not on the target. In this way, the target cannot get alerted as the red dot does not fall on the target but appears on the lens screen. 
  • Even if the shooter moves the gun left to right, the target point is still focused on the screen, unlike other conventional scopes where the reticle is lost if you move the gun. 
  • A reticle can be viewed with eyes opened. In conventional scopes, the shooter has to keep one eye closed while focusing on a target.
  • It can work with a partially damaged window because the image of the reticle is recorded. 
  • It is durable
  • If speed is a consideration, then holographic sight is a good choice for speedy acquisitions. 
  • It has a better field of view and magnification power than most other sights. 
  • It is waterproof, shockproof.
  • The quality of holographic sights is reliable. 

Drawbacks of using a holographic

There are some drawbacks of the holographic sights as well:

  • Holosights are not energy efficient
  • Holo Sights are expensive 

What are the Top 5 Best Holographic sights?

  • EOTECH 512
  • EOTECH 552
  • Vortex AMG UH-1

FAQs About Holographic Sight

Which company makes holographic sights?

The two companies which make the best holographic sights are Eotech and Vortex. Among these two, Eotech is the pioneer. 

What are the other scope options available?

Holographs are not the only scopes available in the market. Other scopes are Iron sights, telescopic sight, red dot sights, thermal sight.

Why are holographic sights so expensive? 

Holographic sights are the top choice of scopes for shooters. Their price starts at 400 dollars. The reason for this is that holograph used laser diode technology which is an expensive technology. 

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