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Welcome to my review of some best Kriss Vector upgrades in 2024.

If you’re an avid shooter like me, then you love your Kriss Vector submachine gun. It’s a workhorse of a firearm that is perfect for all sorts of applications.

There is nothing like krytac Kriss vector in the market. But even the best things can be made better, and that’s where upgrades come in.

The KRISS Vector is a popular firearm known for its Super-V recoil system.

I am Liam bond, and I researched and tested many upgrades and mods on my Kriss vector.

And I found some of the best upgrade kits out there to make your gun fast and more accurate.

Best Kriss Vector Upgrades and Mods

The Kriss Vector is a versatile weapon that can be customized with various modifications and add-on accessories.

  1. Red Dot Optics
  2. Weapon light
  3. Foregrips
  4. Braces

1. Red Dot Sight for Kriss Vector

A red dot sight is one of the most commonly used Kriss vector accessories for close quarter battle (CQB) and medium-range shootouts.

KRISS Vector comes with a basic ghost ring sight that is just fine for the rifle’s intended use.

But red dot optics are extremely effective in combat situations and can turn almost any firearm into a high-powered sighting system.

Red dot allows you to shoot fast and accurately.

If you want to upgrade your Vector, then a red dot sight is the first thing you should get.

Here I reviewed some best optics for Kriss vector, and I have tested them.

2. Weapon Light for Kriss Vector

If you plan on using your Vector for home defense, then a weapon light is essential.

Weapon lights can be an effective force multiplier in low light conditions.

The Kriss vector comes with a Picatinny rail that accommodates tactical lights.

So, if you want to protect your home and family at night, then a weapon light is the first thing you should get for your Kriss Vector SMG.

The advantage of using light on the Kriss vector is identifying your target before you shoot them In low light conditions.

I use Inforce WMLx White Gen 2 800 Lumen weapon light because it is bright, easy to attach, and affordable.

I also reviewed some of the best lights for Kriss vector and tested each of them.

3. Foregrip for kriss Vector

If you want to make the Kriss Vector a bit lighter, then look for a foregrip that will also increase the accuracy and maneuverability of the weapon.

A foregrip should offer a good balance between comfort and functionality. It’s a good upgrade for Kriss vector.

Kriss Vector is designed with a recoil system that helps mitigate the fire force, and adding an extended grip can make your shooting experience even more intense.

I have researched and tested many foregrips for Kriss vector SMG, but I found bcm gunfighter mod 3 vertical grip is the best Kriss vector foregrip.

The bcm vertical grip has a slant, allowing you to change direction like an AK-47. It’s great for people with different hand sizes and fingers that want better control over their shooting stance.

This vertical foregrip is the perfect addition for any Kriss vector owner. It’s light, snag-free, and easily installed underneath with hex keys.

4. Braces for kriss Vector

The Kriss Vector is a pretty hefty gun, and if you want to keep it as light as possible without compromising on performance, then you should get a brace.

Adding a brace makes the Kriss vector easier to handle and improves accuracy at longer ranges.

The first thing I have done with my Kriss vector after getting it from the dealer is add a brace, and I can honestly say it made a huge difference.

I have reviewed many braces for Kriss vector SMG, but I found Gear Head Works Tailhook is the best Kriss Vector.

The Gear Head Works Tailhook is a drop-in replacement pistol stabilizing brace for KRISS Vector that enhances accuracy and stability.

It has a lightweight body with a polymer strap to reduce fatigue, allowing you to hold your gun for longer durations without compromising on the shooting experience.

The Gear Head Works Tailhook is comfortable to shoot with because it doesn’t have any sharp edges. It’s so easy to attach and install on Kriss vector SMG.

Buying Guide for Upgrading Kriss Vector SMG

There are so many modifications and upgrades for Kriss vector, but I can honestly say, don’t rush it.

Before buying anything, make sure you have a basic knowledge of what you want to buy. know your budget and other options as well( because the price may vary )

make a list of all possible upgrades and accessories that you want for your Kriss vector. Remember to buy only the best upgrades for your Kriss Vector because if you go for a cheap one, you may get stuck with crap.


I hope now you have the knowledge to make a good decision about what upgrades are best for your Kriss vector. Use my list of suggested items, and you will not be disappointed.

All the products mentioned in this guide are best for Kriss vector SMG, and you can buy any of them without thinking twice.

I hope you like this guide about “best Kriss vector upgrades. “


Is the KRISS Vector reliable?

Yes, it is one of the most reliable and trusted guns available.

What is the effective range of a KRISS Vector?

The effective range of a Kriss Vector is 50 meters to 64 meters with a 16-inch barrel

What are the benefits of upgrading my KRISS Vector SMG?

Upgrading your Kriss vector can increase its accuracy and give a better trigger pull experience.

Does KRISS Vector comes with a warranty?

Yes, the new Kriss Vector comes with 3 years manufacturer warranty for manufacturing defects and has excellent customer service.

What is so special about KRISS Vector?

A.Kriss Vector is a unique gun because it has a patented recoil system that helps increase accuracy.

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