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best optic for kriss vector

I’ve spent countless hours at the range, testing out various optics for the Kriss Vector. The Sig Sauer Romeo 5 emerged as my top pick; it effortlessly stood out in a sea of competitors.

So, the objective here is to help you find the best Red Dot Sight for your Kriss Vector. I’ve reviewed a myriad of options, compared them under various conditions, and boiled it down to a select few that truly deliver. 

So whether you’re a pro or just getting started, you’ll find a Red Dot Sight that fits your needs like a glove. Let’s dive in.

Best 5 Tested Red Dot Optics for Kriss Vector SMG

List of our 5 best picks optics for vector with a quick look at all their key features.

ProductKey FeaturesRating
Sig Sauer Romeo 5 2 MOA Red-Dot
handy and weighs less.
waterproof and fog proof.
provide crisp image
It is user-friendly
holds the recoil of the gun
HOLOSUN – HS510CIt uses solar energy
It is user-friendly.
holds the recoil nicely.
allows you to shoot accurately.
Vortex Optics Strikefire II Affordable
Two reticule color options
Easy to operate
Extended battery life
Versatile operation
Lifetime Warranty
1 MOA dot reticle
side button operation
prestige warranty
Quick detach lever
Aimpoint PROSharp optics
Lens cover
Good battery duration
Easy and convenient mounting
Strong metal body
Good brightness range

1. Sig Sauer Romeo5 – Best Kriss Vector Red Dot Sight

The Sig Sauer Romeo5 is a game-changer for anyone who doesn’t want to break the bank but still demands top-notch features. 

It’s got a 2 MOA red dot, 10 illumination settings, and Motion Activated Illumination (MOTAC). Plus, it offers an incredible 40,000+ hour battery life. Waterproof? Check. Fog-proof? Yep, it’s got that too. 

It’s compatible with M1913 Picatinny rails, making it versatile for a variety of firearms, including the Kriss Vector.

Why To Buy

You might think a budget-friendly sight can’t perform well, right? Wrong. The Romeo5 is in a league of its own when it comes to performance per dollar. 

The 2 MOA red dot and 10 illumination settings are perfect for any lighting condition. Plus, the MOTAC tech ensures your sight is always ready when you are but saves battery when you’re not. 

The impressive 40,000+ hour battery life means you won’t be frequently swapping out batteries. If you’re on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice quality, the Romeo5 is your guy.

Why Not to Buy

Now, nothing’s perfect. The Romeo5 has a downside: it struggles with glare. In particular, expect bad reflections if there’s a bright light behind you. 

While this might not be a dealbreaker for everyone, it’s something to think about, especially if you frequently shoot in varied lighting conditions.

Who Should Buy

This sight is excellent for budget-conscious shooters who still demand quality and reliability. It’s a fantastic choice for those new to red dot sights and even experienced shooters who want a dependable backup. 

Its Picatinny compatibility makes it versatile and can adapt to various setups, including the Kriss Vector. 

And let’s not forget, if you’re into long shooting sessions, that battery life is a godsend. It’s a rugged, reliable sight for all sorts of scenarios, from target practice to more demanding shooting conditions.

My Testing

Strapping the Romeo5 onto my Kriss Vector was a piece of cake. The sight performed admirably, offering a clear 2 MOA red dot and ample brightness settings for different lighting conditions. 

MOTAC kicked in flawlessly, ensuring I wasn’t wasting battery life. However, I did notice some glare when I had a bright light source behind me. 


  • Affordable
  • Long Battery Life
  • 10 Illumination Settings
  • MOTAC Functionality
  • Waterproof and Fog-Proof


  • Glare Issues With Bright Light Behind You

2. HOLOSUN – HS510C Best Optic for Kriss Vector

The Holosun HS510C is a standout red dot sight with a blend of traditional and innovative features. 

Designed for longer barrels, it adjusts reticle brightness automatically. It wakes up with a shake, activating its multi-reticle system offering four different red dot patterns. 

The lens coating ensures clear vision and durability. The battery life is stellar with an auto shut-off function and a solar-powered backup. Quick detach mounting lets you attach it to your Kriss Vector without a fuss.

Why To Buy

So, why should you get the HS510C? First off, it’s a top seller for good reason. The automatic brightness adjustment is incredibly helpful. 

You won’t have to mess around with settings while you’re out in the field; it does the work for you. The Shake Awake technology is another feature that takes convenience to a new level. Plus, the solar backup is fantastic for extended use. 

Imagine not worrying about your sight going dark ever again! It’s also pretty affordable when compared to rivals, making it a pocket-friendly choice.

Why Not to Buy

Now, let’s get real for a moment. No product is perfect, and the HS510C is no exception. 

The finish might not be as polished as you’d expect from higher-end models. If aesthetics are a big deal for you, this could be a letdown. 

Who Should Buy

This sight is really a one-size-fits-all deal. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, you’ll find something to love here.

Its ease of use and advanced features make it perfect for anyone who wants a straightforward, reliable red dot sight. 

If you’re after something that’s going to give you quality without breaking the bank, this should be at the top of your list. Long story short, if you want a red dot sight that’s both affordable and feature-rich, you’re looking at it.

My Testing

I spent considerable time testing the HS510C on my Kriss Vector, and I’m impressed. The quick detach mounting was flawless, making setup a snap. 

The automatic brightness and shake awake technology performed excellently in different lighting conditions. It felt like the sight was built with the Kriss Vector in mind. 

From target practice to timed drills, it delivered on all fronts. I couldn’t be happier with its performance.


  • Solar Power Failsafe
  • Exceptional Battery Life
  • Auto Brightness and Shake Awake
  • Quick Detach Mounting
  • Budget-Friendly


  • Finish Could be Better

3. Vortex Optics Strikefire II Red Dot Sight

The Vortex Optics Strikefire II is a budget-friendly powerhouse for Kriss Vector owners. Built with aircraft-grade aluminum, it’s tough as nails but weighs under 3 ounces.

It runs on a CR2032 battery and sports a sleek, black finish. With a 2 MOA red dot size, you’re set for close-range targeting. 

What sets it apart? The offset cantilever mount. It lets you shift the sight forward, making room for magnifiers and backup iron sights on the same rail.

Why To Buy

What’s not to like? The Strikefire II gives you top-notch features without burning a hole in your pocket. It’s sturdy and lightweight, so you won’t feel it weighing down your Kriss Vector. The red dot is crisp and allows for fast target acquisition. 

That cantilever mount is the real deal, especially if you’re looking to use additional optics. It’s like getting a luxurious package at an economical price. If you want reliability paired with performance, look no further.

Why Not to Buy

Look, no product is perfect. If you’re a tech junkie wanting more advanced features like night vision compatibility or more customization, you might find the Strikefire II a bit basic.

Who Should Buy

If you’re new to red dot sights or on a budget, the Strikefire II is a solid choice. It’s straightforward, easy to use, and provides a good range of features for both amateurs and pros. 

It’s also perfect for those looking to use additional optics but don’t want to break the bank. Essentially, if you’re after a reliable sight that’s friendly on the pocket but still packs a punch, this is it.

My Testing

After testing the Strikefire II on my Kriss Vector, I can confirm this sight is a game-changer. The 2 MOA red dot was clear, and the cantilever mount made it versatile.

The lightweight design didn’t throw off the weapon’s balance. Overall, it felt like the sight and Kriss Vector were made for each other.


  • Reliable and robust
  • Crisp 2 MOA red dot
  • Lightweight design
  • Offset cantilever mount


  • Watch for knockoffs
  • Lacks advanced features

4. EOTECH EXPS3 Holographic Optic for Kriss Vector

Meet the EOTECH EXPS3, a holographic weapon sight that packs a punch in a compact frame. This gem features 68 MOA rings with a 1 MOA aiming dot, side-button operation, and a quick detach lever for ease of use. 

Why To Buy

The EXPS3 really shines when it comes to versatility. It’s perfect for close-range and can be switched for longer distances.

If you’re someone who loves to keep both eyes open while shooting, the unobstructed eye box is a big win. Plus, it works well even if you have astigmatism. And if you’re planning some nighttime action, this sight’s night vision compatibility has you covered. 

Oh, and let’s not forget about the quick detach lever—it’s a lifesaver for those who need to switch optics in a hurry.

Why Not to Buy

While the EXPS3 has many bells and whistles, the elephant in the room is its price tag. It’s a premium sight, and your wallet will know it.

Who Should Buy

This is for the shooter who won’t compromise on performance. It’s perfect for professionals, avid hunters, or anyone who wants a do-it-all sight for their Kriss Vector. 

If you need something robust for high-intensity situations, this is your sight. It’s also a fantastic choice for those with astigmatism who often struggle with other red-dot optics. 

To put it plainly, if you can afford it and plan to make full use of its features, you won’t be disappointed.

My Testing

Once I mounted the EXPS3 on my Kriss Vector, it was evident that this was a serious sight. The 68 MOA rings and 1 MOA dot made targeting instinctual. 

Night vision compatibility? Check. Quick detach lever? Super handy. In practical terms, this sight transformed my shooting experience, adding both accuracy and versatility. It felt like a pro-level upgrade, no doubt about it.


  • Versatile 68 MOA ring and 1 MOA dot
  • Night Vision Compatibility
  • Quick Detach Lever
  • Works well for those with astigmatism
  • Side Button Operation


  • Heavy on the wallet

5. Aimpoint PRO Kriss Vector Red Dot Reflex Sight

The Aimpoint PRO is the epitome of high-end red dot sights. It is designed with professionals in mind and boasts a 2 MOA red dot and a whopping ten brightness settings. 

Yeah, you read that right—ten! This sight doesn’t blink whether you’re in full daylight or absolute darkness. With up to 3 years of battery life on a single battery, it’s designed to keep going as long as you do. 

It even comes with front and rear flip lens covers.

Why To Buy

If you’re in the market for something top-notch, the Aimpoint PRO is where your search ends. This sight offers performance that can only be termed as premium. 

Its wide range of brightness settings caters to any light condition you may encounter. Three years on one battery? That’s practically unheard of. It’s built tough, designed for those of us who aren’t afraid to put our gear through the wringer. 

If you’re willing to splurge for the good stuff, the Aimpoint PRO will not disappoint you.

Why Not to Buy

However, let’s talk dollars and cents for a second. This sight is expensive, like, really expensive. If you’re on a budget, you might need to look elsewhere. 

Who Should Buy

This sight is designed for serious shooters who are willing to invest in the very best. If you’re a professional or your lifestyle demands the pinnacle of optical performance, this is the sight for you. 

It’s a favorite among law enforcement and military personnel for good reason. It’s sturdy, it’s reliable, and it’s packed with features that make your job easier and your aim more accurate. 

My Testing

When I slapped this on my Kriss Vector, the performance was nothing short of extraordinary. The range of brightness settings came in handy under varying light conditions. 

The 2 MOA red dot was crystal clear, allowing for precise target acquisition. Its robust build felt right at home on my Kriss. 

The battery life promises long-term use, and it is delivered. Overall, it is a sight that lives up to its reputation and its price tag.


  • Premium Performance
  • Unbeatable Battery Life
  • Versatile Brightness Settings
  • Rugged Durability
  • Front and Rear Flip Lens Covers


  • High Cost
  • Customer Service Could Be Better


The winner is the Holosun 510C! Now, this isn’t just a fluke; this red dot sight performs exceptionally well under various conditions. Of course, each of the red dot sights I’ve reviewed here has its merits. 

While the Holosun 510C ticks all my boxes, what you need might differ. Aimpoint PRO offers premium features; the Sig Romeo 5 provides incredible value; EOTECH EXPS3 is best suited for professionals; and the Vortex Strikefire II is the most user-friendly. 

Each sight serves a different purpose and fits a specific need. However, in terms of all-round performance and suitability for a wide range of shooting conditions, the Holosun 510C stands unparalleled. 

It’s a complete package that doesn’t break the bank. If you own a Kriss Vector, this sight should be on your radar.


What is the best optic for the Kriss Vector?

The best optic ultimately depends on individual preferences and needs, but the Holosun 510C is my top pick based on extensive testing.

Should I choose a magnified or non-magnified optic for my Kriss Vector?

Your choice depends on your shooting needs; magnification for long-range and non-magnified for close quarters.

What factors should I consider when selecting an optic for the Kriss Vector?

Factors like your shooting purpose, reticle type, weight, battery life, and rail system compatibility are crucial.

Can any optic be mounted on the Kriss Vector?

Most optics can fit, thanks to the Picatinny or M-Lok rail system on the Kriss Vector; just ensure compatibility.

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