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The Kriss Vector is a great weapon for close-quarters combat. It has high accuracy and maneuverability with its stock grip, but if you want to make it even lighter, look into adding some of the best foregrip l tested and recommended in this guide.

Kriss vector has a unique recoil system. A perfect foregrip can make the shooting experience even more enjoyable and fun by enhancing the handling of the Kriss vector.

When it comes to finding the best upgrade for Kriss vector, I am always on top of my game. I’ve spent hours researching and picking out only what will suit your needs.

I’ve ranked these foregrips based on performance, value for money, and reliability. So you can pick one according to your needs.

The Bcmgunfighter Vertical Grip is my favorite foregrip because it provides a solid base for shooting and has plenty of room to grip. I’ve also reviewed other grips that might suit your needs.

Top 4 Best Kriss Vector Vertical Foregrips

All foregrips included in this list will fulfill your needs if you are looking for the best foregrips for kriss vector.

1. Bcm gunfighter Vertical Grip 

Bcm gunfighter Vertical Grip
Bcm gunfighter Vertical Grip (Image credit: Optics Planet)

The Bravo Company Mfg Bcmgunfighter Vertical Grip is my top pick because it has a large surface area to grip on, which feels comfortable in both small and big hands and provides enhanced control over the Vector.

Whether you’re shooting in a peer-to-peer competition or just for personal use, the BCM Vertical Grip offers an alternative to traditional A.K. style grips.

With its slight angle and the rubberized surface, it becomes easy enough that anyone can switch between these two styles at will without having any problem with adjusting their grip accordingly.

The Bcmgunfighter Vertical grip is so light and snag-free it’s easy to install. You can do this from the bottom with a hex key!

Reason to Buy

This reverse angled foregrip will make you feel like a controller as it increases your control.

2. TangoDown Vertical Grip Quick Detach Auto-Lock

TangoDown Quick Detach Vertical Grip
TangoDown Quick Detach Vertical Grip (Image credit: Optics Planet)

The TangoDown Vertical Grip is another awesome foregrip for the KRISS Vector. It has a feature called Quick-Detach Auto-Lock mounting.

This vertical grip comes with a quick-detach mechanism that allows you to attach and detach from the Kriss vector without any tools. Also, this grip offers more storage for batteries.

The TangoDown Vertical Grip is popular among Kriss vector users for its large area to grip on. It has a diamond pattern surface that provides good traction, preventing unnecessary slipping during heavy use.

This grip is perfect for the Kriss vector. I like how it feels, and the shorter length makes sure that my hand doesn’t get too tired after using this all day long

Reason to Buy

This foregrip will make your weapon look badass! Hardcore black metal style.

3. Fortis Manufacturing Shift Vertical Foregrip

Fortis Manufacturing Shift Vertical Foregrip
Fortis Manufacturing Shift Vertical Foregrip (Image credit: Optics Planet)

The Fortis Manufacturing SHIFT Vertical Grip has a shorter length than the other two foregrips. It’s perfect for those who want to make their Vector even more compact and lighter. I love using this grip as it saves me time during reloads due to its smaller size.

Also, this grip is ergonomically designed, which offers enhanced comfort and control.

The Fortis skeletonized foregrip is fully aluminum and weighs only 3.5 oz. Despite its weight, it’s still very strong and durable.

This grip is the best option If you want to add the lightest foregrip on your Kriss vector.

Reason to Buy 

Due to its lightweight and skeletonized design, it feels extremely lightweight and natural for the Kriss vector.

4. BCMGunfighter KAG – Best Handstop for Kriss Vector

BCMGunfighter KAG
BCMGunfighter KAG (Image credit: Optics Planet)

With the help of this handstop, you can index your grip faster and more easily. It also helps prevent injury by keeping the support hand from slipping past the muzzle when shooting in an automatic mode.

The BCMGunfighter KAG has Impact resistant polymer construction and is very durable and strong.

This handstop has the lowest profile and relieves the shoulder, wrist, and elbow tension. I don’t recommend using the Kriss vector without this handstop on it!

Reason to Buy

The BCMGunfighter KAG has a very low profile and helps you index your grip faster for faster target acquisition.


Why Add A Grip To The Vector?

Adding a grip to the Vector provides better stability and accuracy and comfort and control. It also reduces recoil by providing additional traction.

When gripping the Vector receiver, it’s easy for people to hit their mag release button by accident. But if you add a grip somewhere else on your gun and keep more of an edge away from that sensitive spot, it will eliminate dreaded mag drop problems.

A.Yes, it is legal only if the overall length of the short barrel Kriss vector with stabilizing brace is over 26 inches.

How To Add Vertical Grip On KRISS Vector?

You can do this easily using the Hex screws supplied with your Vector. All you have to do is remove the castle nut and receiver end cap to slide on the new grip onto your Vector.

Which Vertical Foregrip Is Best For KRISS Vector?

Vertical grip is a personal preference and depends on what you’re most comfortable with. However, I recommend all foregrips mentioned above in the guide.

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