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Hey shooter! Welcome to my review of the best Ruger PC Charger Brace 2024. 

Ruger PC Charger doesn’t come with a stock, so we will add a brace to stabilize it. However, the problem is how to choose the best brace from all the options available in the market. 

To solve this for you, I have curated a list of the best braces that will fit your PC Charger and help you to get more accuracy in shooting. 

I have tried multiple braces with my Ruger PC Charger and done tons of research to make this list for you, so you don’t have to do the hard work. 

My top pick from the list below is the SB Tactical FS1913, a solid brace that attaches directly to the Ruger PC Charger. I have also mentioned other options so you can choose your best brace for Ruger PC Charger.

Let’s jump into it. 

6 Best Ruger PC Charger Braces

Mentioned below is the list of the best Ruger PC Charger braces.

Product Key FeaturesRating
SB Tactical FS1913Direct attachment
Quick deployment 
SB Tactical TF1913Direct attachment
Simple installation
Quick deployment
SB Tactical SBA3 5 position adjustable
Easy to adjust
QD sling points
SB Tactical SBA46 position adjustable
Solid and sturdy
QD sling attachment points
Tailhook Mod 1Armrest
Maximum stability
Minimalist design
Tailhook Mod 2Armrest
Maximum stability
5 adjustment position

1. SB Tactical FS1913 – Direct Attachment 

SB Tactical FS1913
SB Tactical FS1913 (Image credit: Optics Planet)

The FS1913 comes in two strut models: Aluminum and Polymer. I would pick the Aluminum model for my Ruger PC Charger because it has a more solid feel than the polymer version. Yes, you have to pay 50 bucks extra, but I believe it’s worth it. 

Why It’s My #1 Pick?

The FS1913 has topped my list because it attaches directly to the Ruger PC Charger. The FS1913 attaches to a Picatinny rail which is what we have at the back of the Ruger PC Charger. Doesn’t it sound like a match made in heaven to you? Well, to me, it does. This easy, simple, and no-hassle attachment to the PC Charger is what makes the FS1913 winner here. Also, you avoid the extra expense of buying the adapter. 

What Does It Offer? 

As I mentioned above, it attaches directly to the Ruger PC. The process of attachment is also very simple. The brace slides right into the Picitanny adapter and gives easy installation. It took less than 5 minutes to install it on my PC Charger. 

The FS1913 is side-foldable. Folding the brace makes it compact and allows you to carry it in a backpack. I love that I can throw it in my bag and carry it to the range. 

Even in the extended position, the design of the brace is minimalist; it has no bulk and is aesthetically pleasing. I don’t care about the looks too much, but it’s a good option for someone who does.

Also, the FS1913 brace doesn’t bounce back in the extended position. And when you fold it, there is enough tension that keeps the brace in place. So, the brace stays in place whether you fold it or keep it extended. 

Once you have attached the brace to the PC Charger, it remains solid, and you will not feel any wobble with this brace. 

Moreover, the FS1913 gives quick deployment. It stays in place when you fold it to the side but is very quick to deploy. You can extend it without using any buttons. This quick deployment makes it a great option for defense. You reach the target faster when you don’t waste time extending the brace. 

The FS1913 also includes a Velcro strap that allows you to attach the brace to your arm for one-handed shooting. 

The one thing you might not like about the FS1913 is that it is not the most comfortable brace option. 

So, with all these amazing features and quick deployment, it is impossible to list the best folding brace for Ruger PC Charger and not include the SB Tactical FS1913. 

2. SB Tactical TF1913 – Another Option For Direct Attachment 

SB Tactical TF1913
SB Tactical TF1913 (Image credit: Optics Planet)

Like the first one, the next option in the list is also an SB Tactical brace for Ruger PC Charger. 

Since I love the direct attachment on the FS1913 so much, I want to give you one more brace option that connects directly to a Ruger PC Charger: the TF1913. 

This one is also a folding brace. It is similar to the FS1913 because it attaches directly to the Ruger PC Charger, and the installation is very simple. 

Like the FS1913, it gives quick deployment; you don’t need to push any buttons to get to the extended position. And when you fold it, you get a thin and compact profile. 

What’s different than the FS1913 is the shape. The TF1913 is a triangular folding brace, and it is made of Polymer. Unlike the FS1913, it doesn’t come with an Aluminum option. 

So, the TF1913 is another Ruger PC Charger folding brace that attaches to the Ruger PC Charger without an adapter. If you want a minimalist design for your folding brace, get the FS1913, and for a more triangular design, get the TF1913. 

3. SB Tactical SBA3 – Adjustable Brace 

SB Tactical SBA3
SB Tactical SBA3 (Image credit: Optics Planet)

The SBA3 is another brace option from SB Tactical. This brace doesn’t attach directly to the Ruger PC Charger, and you need an adapter to connect it to the PC Charger. I would recommend you the Thordsen Customs Picatinny adapter for attaching your SBA3 to the PC Charger. 

The highlight of the SB A3 is that it is 5-position adjustable. This adjustability allows you to set the position of the brace according to your arm length. 

It’s great to have a brace that doesn’t limit you to just one length. When you adjust the brace length according to your preference, it makes shooting much more comfortable. 

Another bonus to this feature is that these adjustments are easy to make. You squeeze the lever upwards, and it gets to your favorite position. 

One more thing that makes this brace comfortable to shoot is its large surface area at the back. 

And, for a little more stability, you can attach a QD sling on either side of the brace, as it has a QD sling point on both sides. 

It also has a Velcro strap that allows you to attach it to your arm for one-handed shooting. This feature makes shooting possible for disabled shooters. It also comes in handy if you are stuck in a situation where you cannot use both hands to hold your gun. 

One thing you might not like about the SBA3 is that the rubberized 

part lacks rigidity at the bottom.

4. SB Tactical SBA4 – Another Adjustable Option

SB Tactical SBA4
SB Tactical SBA4 (Image credit: Optics Planet)

Next in the line is another adjustable PC Charger brace: The SBA4.

Like the SBA3, the SBA4 is also adjustable. It has 6-adjustable positions that allow the shooter to choose an adjustment according to their arm length. 

It also has ambidextrous QD sling attachment points and a Velcro strap. 

What’s different with the SBA4 from the SBA3 is the overall size. The SBA4 has a larger overall profile than the SBA3. But, what it does better than the SBA3 is that it is more sturdy. 

Like the SBA3, SBA4 also takes an adapter to get attached to the Ruger PC Charger. I recommend the SIG SAUER Stock Adapter for connecting the SBA4 to the PC Charger.

So, the SBA3 and A4 give you adjustability, which provides comfort. But, SBA3 has a lower overall profile, and the SBA4 is more sturdy. 

5. Tailhook Mod 1 – With Opening Latch 

Tailhook Mod 1
Tailhook Mod 1 (Image credit: Optics Planet)

The  Gear Head Works Tailhook Mod 1 is my next option on the list. 

The best thing about this brace is that you can open its latch to put your arm inside. When you have a place to rest your arm, it counter-balances the weight of the pistol.  

Doing this gives you a firm hold on the pistol and maximum stability in the shooting. Also, the inner of the brace doesn’t have any sharp edges and is very comfortable to put your arm on.

So, the Tailhook Mod 1 gives maximum stability by providing an armrest. 

This feature also makes it very suitable for one-handed shooting. 

At 4.5 ounces of total weight, this brace is extremely lightweight and doesn’t add bulk to the pistol. 

Also, the design is simple and minimalist; it is just one piece brace. 

Moreover, it is made of anodized Aluminum, which makes it strong and durable. The brace attaches to the buffer tube tightly, and you will not experience any wobble. 

Another feature you will love about the Tailhook Mod 1 is that you can attach it to either left or right. 

The Tailhook Mod 1 doesn’t come with a buffer tube. So, to attach it to the Ruger PC Charger, you need a buffer tube and an adapter. I would use the Phase 5 Weapon Systems Hex-2 buffer tube and Thordsen Customs Picatinny adapter to attach it to the Ruger PC Charger. 

One thing you might not like about the Tailhook Mod 1 is that it fits with tubes between 1.17 to 1.2 inches in diameter. But, I will not count it as a drawback because this specification gives you the perfect fit. 

6. Tailhook Mod 2 – Opening Latch And Adjustability

Tailhook Mod 2
Tailhook Mod 2 (Image credit: Optics Planet)

I love that with Tailhook Mod 1, you can open the latch and put your arm in it for maximum stability. The Tailhook Mod 2 goes one step ahead and also gives 5-adjustment positions. With this, you can adjust your brace length in 5 different ways and make it a perfect fit for your arm length. 

So, when you put your hand inside the brace, you counter-balance the pistol’s weight. And, when you have good control of the weapon, you can completely focus on the target and not worry about handling the gun, increasing the shooting accuracy. 

With this, you have 5 different positions to adjust your brace, allowing you to hold your weapon much more comfortably. 

So, the Tailhook Mod 2 gives you the perfect combination of stability and comfort. 

Moreover, the easily accessible button makes the transition from one position to the other easy. 

Also, it is made of high-impact reinforced polymer, so it is not flimsy. 

Unlike the Tailhook Mod 1, Mod 2 does come with a receiver extension, but you need to get an adapter. I would choose the  Midwest Industries Adaptor for attaching the Mod 2 to my Ruger PC Charger. 

As every good thing in life has a price, you must pay 75 dollars more for Mod 2. 

So, if you want a brace with utmost stability and adjustment, get a Tailhook Mod 2. And go for Mod 1 if you are on a tight budget and are happy with just the stability. 

Parting Thoughts 

The Ruger PC charger doesn’t come with a buttstock; we add a brace to give the pistol stability. I have curated a list of the best Ruger PC Charger braces for you. 

They have different features that make them good in their way. Some have multiple adjustable positions, some are foldable, and other attaches directly to the PC Charger. 

I hope you find the best brace for Ruger PC Charger by reading the review. 


Can you put a brace on a Ruger PC Charger?

The Ruger PC Charger doesn’t come with a stock, and adding a brace gives it stability. Following are some options for a PC Charger brace. 

  • SB Tactical FS1913
  • SB Tactical TF1913
  • SB Tactical SBA3 
  • SB Tactical SBA4
  • Tailhook Mod 1
  • Tailhook Mod 2

Is the Ruger PC charger good for home defense?

The Ruger PC is an easy-to-use, affordable, and reliable pistol. All these features make it a great option for home defense. 

What is the Ruger PC Charger classified as?

The Ruger PC Charger is classified as a pistol because its barrel length is less than 16 inches, and doesn’t have a buttstock. 

Does the Ruger PC charger take Glock mags?


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