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Hey shooter! Welcome to my review of the best CZ Scorpion Pistol Brace. 

With so many options available in the market, one is spoilt for choice. Some braces offer adjustability while others comfort; you can pick what you want. But to know which one offers what, you need lots of information. 

Our dedicated team of gun enthusiasts has gathered all the information for you. And I have also added my experience to the list of the best CZ Scorpion brace. 

My top choice out of all the braces mentioned below is the SB Tactical CZPDW. This brace is collapsible and gives the fastest deployment. It also has a sleek design which I like. So, it’s super quick and cool looking. 

Note: This article is only informational and doesn’t give any legal opinion. It’s important to know the ATF rulings before using any braces. So, keep yourself updated.

Top 6 CZ Scorpion evo 3 Pistol Braces

ProductKey FeaturesRatings
Quick deployment
Sleek design
Easy installation
SBTEVO–G2Stable hold
No ratings yet
Tailhook Mod 1Stable hold
Minimalistic design
Tailhook Mod 2Adjustable
Gives accuracy
SBA3 Adjustable
Comfortable shooting

Here is a deep analysis of all the braces for your CZ Scorpion. I have explained all the features, specialties, pros, and cons of all the options. You can compare and choose the best one.

1. SB Tactical CZPDW – For Quickest Deployment

SB Tactical CZPDW
SB Tactical CZPDW (Image credit: Optics Planet)
  • Brand: SB Tactical
  • Weight: 13.1 ounces
  • Width: 3 inches
  • Length: 9.25 inches
  • Compatible with: All CZ Scorpion Generations
  • Available colors: Black and Flat Dark Earth

The first option I have for you, which is also my favorite, is the SB Tactical CZPDW. 

The CZPDW is collapsible. It has 3-adjustable positions. You can use it fully collapsed, midway, and fully extended. These 3 options allow you to adjust your gun according to your arm length and shoot comfortably. 

Its pull-through design allows you to adjust the length quickly; A simple pull-back will do the job for you. This design gives you one of the most rapid deployments. I managed to hit targets at 15 yards as quick as 2 seconds. So, this one is the best brace to use for self and home defense. 

It is super easy to install. Simply slide it to the back of the receiver. The Allen wrench and set screws you need for installation come with the brace. It took me 5 minutes to install it on my CZ Scorpion. So, you don’t have to spend the whole day trying to install this brace. 

With a sleek and slim design, and 3.5 inches of length (fully collapsed), this brace is super handy to carry. You can carry it in a bag or under a seat very conveniently. It has a sleek design, and unlike like a foldable brace, it doesn’t add any width to the Cz Scorpion. When we fold the SBTEVO, it adds width, but when we collapse this one, it doesn’t add any width. 

The Aluminum construction makes it a solid and robust brace. As soon as you touch it, you know it’s something that will last. 

It’s a very cool-looking brace. If you are someone who cares about aesthetics, then this is apt for you. I am not very much concerned about the looks and more about the working, but I know some folks who want good quality with good looks. So, this is best for them. 

The CZPDW is available in two colors. I have the black one, but if you don’t like that, you can get an FDE. 

Lastly, the CZPDW comes with an adjustable strap. You can adjust it according to your arm size. It gives more stability in carrying your pistol and provides accuracy. 

The one downside to the CZPDW is that it is not the most comfortable brace to shoot. Its rough angles can cause discomfort when you weld it against your cheek. But, this brace is best suited for defense, where you care more about speed and less about comfort. 

I have the CZPDW with my CZ Scorpion for home defense. And, when I have to go for a fun shooting day at the range, I replace it with the SBTEVO.

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  • Adjustable
  • Speedy deployment
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy installation
  • Not comfortable
  • Wobbly

2. SBTEVO – For Comfortable Shooting

SB Tactical SBT Evo
SB Tactical SBT Evo (Image credit: Optics Planet)
  • Brand: SB Tactical
  • Weight: 12.4 ounces
  • Width: 1.25 inches
  • Length: 10.2 inches
  • Compatible with: CZ Scorpion Evo
  • Available colors: Black and Flat Dark Earth

Up next on the list is my all-day range brace: The SBTEVO.

This brace is foldable, giving you stability and compactness simultaneously. You can extend it while shooting, and when you are done shooting, you can fold it. 

Folding your brace makes your pistol compact and easy to carry in a backpack. I love this feature because I don’t like carrying a gun bag, and I can simply put it in my backpack and go on the range. It is also very lightweight, so carrying it is not a problem. 

Also, you don’t need to push buttons to extend the pistol fully. Simply pull it, and you’ll have it in the fully extended position. 

The SBTEVO is super comfortable. It has a large surface area, so it feels very comfortable on the cheek, especially compared to the CZPDW. I have mentioned above how the SB Tactical collapsible CZPDW is not very comfortable on the cheek but compared to that, the SBTEVO is very comfortable and is apt for a fun day shooting at the range. I shoot 100 rounds with the SBTEVO attached to my CZ Scorpion. 

This brace is made of strong, flexible rubber attached to an Aluminum adapter and is very solid. At the fully extended position, it doesn’t have any wobble. 

It also includes a Nylon strap; wrap it around your arm and reduce the recoil effect. 

Moreover, the installation is very simple. It comes with the complete assembly, which you will attach to the back of Scorpion’s receiver. Place the adapter edges in the dovetail and push the adapter down. Install the screws for securing the adapter. You can also change the brace tension according to your liking. 

One downside to the SBTEVO is that it doesn’t lock in the folding position. But, the brace has enough tension to hold itself in place. 

Also, the SBTEVO takes time to fold in and out and doesn’t give rapid deployment like the CZPDW. So, it is not apt for a stressful situation like defense where you need speedy deployment. 

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No. it will not fit Ruger PC Charger.

  • Easy to carry
  • Comfortable
  • No wobble
  • Installtion takes no time
  • It doesn’t give speedy deployment
  • Not very cool design

3. SBTEVO-G2 – With Additional Point Of Contact

SB Tactical SBT EVO-G2
SB Tactical SBT EVO-G2 (Image credit: Optics Planet)
  • Brand: SB Tactical
  • Weight: 9.1 ounces
  • Width: 1.4 inches
  • Length: 9.5 inches
  • Compatible with: All CZ Scorpion Generations
  • Available colors: Black 

The SBTEVO is the generation 2 model of the SB Tactical’s SBTEVO. 

The SBTEVO-G2 is different in its design than the first generation SBTEVO; it is slimmer and looks cooler. The width of the brace is similar to that of the cheek rest. 

SB Tactical has added an SB Mini-style arm cuff to the G2. It gives you an additional point of contact and, therefore, more stability than the SBTEVO. 

Another addition to generation 2 is that it has a QD attachment point that allows you to attach a sling to it for a much more stable hold. 

Similar to the first generation, its installation is very simple, slide it in, and it will click. 

So, if you want all the features of the SBTEVO with added stability, get the SBTEVO-G2. 

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Where is the SBTEVO-G2 made?

The USA.

What is the width of the strap on the SBTEVO-G2?

1 inch.

  • Stable hold 
  • Simple installation
  • Very affordable
  • Deployment is not as fast as the CZPDW

4. Tailhook Mod 1 Brace – For Most Stability 

Gear Head Works Tailhook Mod 1
Gear Head Works Tailhook Mod 1 (Image credit: Optics Planet)
  • Brand: Gear Head Works
  • Weight: 4.5 ounces
  • Width: 1 inch
  • Length: NA
  • Compatible with: Anything that fits with an AR-15 pistol buffer tube with a diameter up to a 1.17-1.2″.
  • Available colors: Black and Flat Dark Earth

The next on the list is the Tailhook Mod 1 Brace. This brace gives maximum stability while shooting by giving you an armrest. 

When you shoot with a pistol like the CZ Scorpion, its weight dips the gun forward. Open the brace latch and put your arm inside to counterbalance the pistol’s weight. By doing this, you hold your pistol firmly and get much more stability. Also, this feature makes the Tailhook great for one-handed shooting. 

At 4.5 ounces, this brace is extremely lightweight. It is the lightest of all the other options on the list. It also has a very minimalist design. So, you are not adding any bulk to your pistol.

The design is simple and minimalistic, but the material used to construct this brace is hard-anodized Aluminum, so it’s not a flimsy brace but a quality product. It’s strong and durable. It attaches to the buffer tube tightly; you will not experience any wobble. Moreover, the inner of the Tailhook is without any sharp edges, so you can put your arm comfortably. 

To attach this brace to CZ Scorpion, attach the adapter to the back of the cheek riser and then add the brace to the adapter. You will get the adapter made by Gear Head Works. 

After attaching the adapter, connecting the Tailhook Mod 1 brace takes less than a minute. Simply slide it into the buffer tube and tighten the screws. 

One more noticeable feature of the Tailhook is that you can attach it to the left and right sides for ambidextrous use. 

With its minimalistic design, it looks great on your Scorpion. One of my friends loved this combination so much that he purchased a Scorpion just to use this brace. 

One downside to this brace is that it only works with tubes that are 1.17 to 1.2 inches in diameter. But, this specification allows for a perfect fit. 

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Scorpion Tailhook Mod 1 Brace Adapter by Gear Head Works.

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Where is the Tailhook Mod 1 made?

The USA.

  • Gives more stability
  • Great for one-handed shots 
  • Minimalistic design
  • Lightweight
  • It fits with a specific tube size

5. Tailhook Mod 2 – Stability With Adjustability 

Gear Head Works Tailhook Mod 2
Gear Head Works Tailhook Mod 2 (Image credit: Optics Planet)
  • Brand: Gear Head Works
  • Weight: 6.7 ounces
  • Width: 2 inches
  • Length: 12.75 inches (maximum)
  • Compatible with: Anything that hat accepts carbine-style buffer tubes.
  • Available colors: Black, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green

The next product I have for you is the Gear Head Works Tailhook Mod 2. 

Like the Tailhook Mod 1, it has a latch design that gives your arms a rest and helps to distribute the weight of the firearm. With this greater control of the weapon, you get more accuracy while shooting because you focus not on handling the firearm but the target. I can hold this for the whole day.

It also gives a lot of stability, and in my opinion, it is one of the best braces for one-arm shots. 

Adjustment is one feature that makes it even better than the Tailhook Mod 1. It has 5 adjustment positions to fit different arm lengths with 12.75 inches “Length of Pull.” I love the fact that I can tailor it to work for me. This feature is great because it makes shooting much more comfortable. 

However, it comes with a price. The Tailhook Mod 2 is about 75 dollars more expensive than the Mod 1. So, choose for yourself. 

The deployment is very easy. It has a button at the same position as Mod 1, which you will press to open the latch and fix your arm for better stability. One more thing that adds to the ease of use of this brace is that it is very easy to transition from one position to another. Simply press the very noticeable and accessible button and adjust the length to your liking. 

It is also great if you want to rest it on your cheek; the cheek weld is very comfortable. 

The material used to construct this brace is high-impact reinforced polymer, so it’s a quality brace and not flimsy. I have had no problems with the durability of this brace.

One downside to this brace is that it has a little bit of wobble. But, it is not so much that it bothers the shooter. 

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Yes. (Proprietary) 

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Where is the Tailhook Mod 2 made?

The USA.

What are the accessories included with the Tailhook Mod 2?

Buffer tube, castle nut, and latch plate.

  • Gives stability
  • Accuracy in shooting
  • Adjustable 
  • Little bit wobble
  • No QD sling point

6. SB Tactical SBA3 – Another Adjustable Brace From SB Tactical

SB Tactical SBA3
SB Tactical SBA3 (Image credit: Optics Planet)
  • Brand: SB Tactical
  • Weight: 6.75 ounces
  • Width: 1.8 inches
  • Length: 9.5 inches (Maximum)
  • Compatible with: Anything that accepts a mil-spec carbine extension
  • Available colors: Black, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, Stealth Gray

If you love SB Tactical, I have one more brace option: The SBA3. 

The SBA3’s best feature is that it is 5-position adjustable. It’s a great feature because you are not stuck at the range with a brace that is too long or too short for your firearm. You can adjust it to your liking. 

Moreover, the adjustment is very easy; adjust positions by squeezing the lever upwards. 

Another thing you’ll like about the SBA3 is that it has a large surface area at the back of the brace, which allows you to shoot comfortably. 

It also has a QD sling attachment on both sides, allowing ambidextrous use. Attaching a sling will enable you to hold your pistol comfortably. 

It also has a Velcro strap for one-handed shooting to attach to your shoulder. 

The design of the SBA3 is minimalist, which gives it a cool look. 

One problematic thing about this brace is that the rubberized portion lacks rigidity at the bottom. A little more rigid bottom part would give more stability. 

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  • Adjustable 
  • Comfortable shooting
  • The bottom part lacks rigidity

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What braces work for CZ Scorpion?

The Following braces will work with a CZ Scorpion:

  • SB Tactical CZPDW
  • Gear Head Works Tailhook Mod 1
  • Gear Head Works Tailhook Mod 2
  • SB Tactical SBA3
  • SB Tactical SBA4

Is the CZ Scorpion considered a pistol?

Yes. The ATF classifies the CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1 as a pistol.

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