Springfield Hellcat VS P365 – Who’s the champ?

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Lately, there’s been quite a debate in the firearms industry. Springfield Hellcat VS P365; which one wins? Which one is worthy of investment?

Experts have had a tough time deciding because both of these concealed carry guns pack super bold features and capabilities. Despite being carried firearms, both of these can outperform full-size pistols if appropriately handled.

So, here in this guide, we’ll explore the differences between these two compact guns. We’ll also study the functionality of each gun in detail to determine which of their performance will suit your needs best.

Let’s dive right in!

P365 VS Hellcat Specs

Springfield HellcatSIG P365
Dimensions (inches)4.03 x 6.03 x 1.024.23 x 5.80 x 1.02
Weight17.9 ounces17.8 ounces
GripSuitable for bigger handsSuitable for smaller hands
Capacity11 rounds10 rounds
Shooting AccuracyGood (Up to 10 yards)Excellent (Up to 15 yards)
SightsXRAY 3-Dot TritiumU-Dot

SIG P365 got released in 2018. Upon its release, the handgun received criticism, owing to a few faults. The manufacturing brand, i.e., SIG, paid good attention to what the customers had to say and immediately addressed them. Following this, this compact gun made a significant comeback in 2019, and this time it came back for good. It stayed to establish itself as one of the best-concealed carry guns.

But things took an even more exciting turn in September 2019, when Springfield Hellcat emerged as a tough competitor.

As of 2022, Springfield Armory has also released Springfield Hellcat Pro. But let’s compare the differences in the basic versions in detail to understand the competition here truly.

Springfield Hellcat VS P365: What are the differences?

On the surface, SIG Sauer P365 and Springfield Hellcat problems appear more or less the same.

Hellcat measures 6.03 inches in length, while P365 measures around 5.08 inches. So, there’s a difference of 0.95 inches, which is hardly noticeable. The same is true for both the width and height of the guns. Their dimensions differ only slightly.

As for the color, both of these compact guns are available in black and brown colors. It’s true that you can customize the gun color later. But right now, we’re focusing on differences at a glance. So, as far as we’ve seen here, both the guns are difficult to tell apart at a glance.

 They appear too similar unless you have very precise observation skills and you manage to notice the indistinguishable P365 on the pistol’s barrel. Sig Sauer has also branded the gun with a minor logo on the grip panel. Here’s what it looks like:

SIG Sauer P365 logo on grip

But again, there’s no significant difference – nothing you can pick out if I were to aim the two guns from a distance at you. Or even display them to you.

So, now let’s get to the handling, functioning, and feel of the named compact guns.

Ergonomic Differences: Size, Grip, and Texture

When we say ergonomics of a gun, we refer to how comfortable it felt in the hands.

We can only measure that by assessing via handling experience. Our analysis helped us draw a few conclusions, and these are:

  • A textured body gives better control.
  • Guns designed to fit the hand rather than carrying a style profile can be used for longer hours.

With that said, let’s check out what the two 9mm pistols under our evaluation have to offer.

Both Springfield Hellcat and P365 feature a polymer frame weighing around 17.9 ounces and 17.8 ounces respectively. Although the weight difference is 0.1 ounce, we recommend you prioritize it when selecting between the two. That’s because it impacts the overall weight when the guns are fully loaded.

A lightweight gun will make handling more manageable than a heavier gun, especially if you’re in your learning phase.

In terms of texture, both offer a good grip. There are plenty of textured areas on both, especially where you need them to be. One slight difference is that Springfield Hellcat has all of it textured thoroughly. On the contrary, P365 has a few slick areas. For example, the space between the top of the slide and the bottom of the magazine release. It’s slick and easy to clean. Although it looks neat, it’s not suitable for shooters as the gun might slip under pressure.

With that said, it is also important to note that the Springfield Hellcat has a boxier design. It feels too square in hand. It’s short and compact, but the sharp edge profile and heavy feel make it a better fit for larger hands. On the contrary, P365 has a curvy design that complies with the natural curves of the hand. It offers an excellent grip for smaller hands.  

Another ergonomic difference is in the serrations of the guns. The purpose of serrations in guns is to provide the gun operator better traction in times of need, such as when they’ve sweaty hands. P365 has better serrations as compared to Springfield Hellcat.

Verdict: Both guns are suitable for specific needs. Select one as per your hand size and gun handling experience.

Performance Differences: Shooting Accuracy, Sights, and Reliability

Here’s the surprising part: if a gun feels good in your hands, there are high chances it would perform great. But that’s not necessarily true.

On that note, let’s evaluate the functionality of both these models.

Hellcat and P365 are both known to be amongst the most accurate subcompact guns. In terms of reliability, you can trust these guys for years. They’ll serve you well without a scratch.

Experts describe both these guns as rather snappy, which means it’s not the best pick for those picking up a weapon for the first time.

SIG P365 shoots accurately up to 15 yards, while Hellcat Springfield shoots accurately 10 yards. There’s also a difference in the number of shots with each gun, with the Hellcat Springfield being at an advantage.

In terms of triggers, Hellcat resets much quicker and more smoothly than P365. The reset on SIG P365 is positive, but it’s not as positive as Hellcat. Even so, SIG P365 is more reliable for triggering performance.

Why is that so?

Well, that’s because users have reported a jamming issue in the Springfield Hellcat issue. Even though it’s more responsive, it’s more susceptible to jamming issues. As for P365, it may have a rolling break, but it works efficiently nonetheless.

Springfield Hellcat VS P365 land in an intense competition yet again when it comes to sights. P365 carries the company’s go-to XRAY 3 dot tritium system. It illuminates in both dark and light. But in the daytime, it’s brighter.

Check out some of the Best red dot sights for p365

Springfield Armory used a U-Dot design for Hellcat. It’s slightly different from the traditional XRAY because the company has a U-shape to align users’ views.

Check out some of the Best Red Dots For Springfield Hellcat.

Although it’s an attempt to make guns more accessible, it’s a new approach. And hence, it’s not quite suitable for older users. It’ll demand time for adjustments.

Verdict: P365 is comparatively more accurate and reliable in shooting performance. Hellcat is suitable for frequent shots at short distances.

Branding Differences: Brand Reputation and Pricing

SIG P365 became popular really quickly. However, we cannot deny that Springfield Armory did a real good job with Hellcat’s market. Even today, Hellcat appears to be a promising conceal carry gun compared to the P365.

With that said, let’s compare some stats and base our decision on facts:

  • Springfield Armory began manufacturing firearms in 1974, while SIG started its journey in 1978.
  • Springfield Hellcat costs $563.78, and SIG costs around $500.

Over the years, both the companies have developed quite a competitive reputation. But the facts above confirm that although SIG hasn’t been around for long, it’s created a clear understanding of client needs. The pistols from SIG are cheaper and more powerful.

Verdict: P365 is more trustworthy.

Which one should you buy?

And it’s a wrap. Let’s jump to our conclusion for Springfield Hellcat VS P354. So, who’s the winner?

According to our analysis (all of it shared above), P365 is better than Springfield Hellcat in so many ways. Although the winner has a few shortcomings, the fact that you can rely on it and count on it – wins it all!

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