Top 6 Springfield Hellcat Problems and Solutions

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Even though Hellcat is an excellent compact gun, it can also have some flaws that you should know. So in today’s feature, we’ll share some of the most common Springfield hellcat problems that you can face as its user. We will also share some helpful solutions to these problems to make your Hellcat better.

Preface to Springfield Hellcat

A Springfield Hellcat is a micro-compact gun acclaimed to have the highest capacity in 9mm. It can hold 11 bullets and with an extended magnification, can hold 13, which is surprising for a micro-compact gun.

It is a three inches barrel pistol that weighs only eighteen ounces. The frame is composed of desert PDE polymer and the Cerakote coating of the slide.

This micro-compact Gun is an excellent choice among range shooters and people who prefer to be armed for self-protection. It’s small, lightweight, and simple to maintain, making it people’s first choice.

Most Common Springfield Hellcat Problems

Despite its fantastic performance, the following are some common issues that a hellcat owner can face regularly.

Sensitive Trigger

The most common issues that most hellcat users face is the jamming of triggers due to their sensitivity. A safety trigger is installed in pistols to prevent accidental firing from the gun when pressure is applied (not the force of trigger pull).

However, in Springfield hellcat upgrades, the trigger is a bit too sensitive. It means that it jams the trigger with the lightest pressure on its sides, resulting in jamming the trigger and the person being unable to shoot. Then they need quite a lot of pressure to re-fire.

The disadvantage of this Springfield hellcat problem is that this trigger jamming can be proven dangerous in case of specific emergencies. As majorly used as a self-defense weapon this can reasonably be an issue.

This might be a clever idea from the manufacturer’s side as it prevents sudden firing from the pistol, contributing to the user’s and surroundings safety.

So, to check its sensitivity, put slight pressure on the sides of the trigger, and if it locks, it indicates its sensitivity.

Varying Performance

Another issue comes in its reliability. It means that not all Springfield hellcats give a consistent performance. Its execution can vary from one to another.

For example, some Springfield hellcats give optimal rounds without jamming or relatable issues. On the other hand, other ones can jam the trigger in a few rounds. That’s why the many reviews of the Springfield Hellcat vary among the users.

Poor Comfort

Even though it’s a compact gun, it can still be very uncomfortable. The short grip and design make the shooter use both hands to use it. Along with clenching grip, it becomes uncomfortable for many users.

Many compact guns like Glock etc., are also petite and of small size, but they are a bit more comfortable than Springfield Hellcat. Other than that, it’s compact and is easy to hide and carry around.

Along with a clenched grip, the recoil of the Gun is also fast tempered. Even though it seems like a problem, it’s a common feature of compact guns.

Magazine Feed Issue

When tested with 147 and 115-grain cartridges, the hellcat firing was not up to the mark. It majorly showed trigger jamming or delayed shots requiring a lot of force.

This issue can be due to two reasons. One hypothesis is that the Hellcat doesn’t allow new types of cartridges or is incompatible with them, resulting in jammed firing.

The second reason can involve the manufacturing of the magazines. So, the bullet or magazine design doesn’t compliment the Hellcat.

It is vital to mention that this problem doesn’t come in all hellcats, as their reliability is variable on a vast scale.


Comparing the Springfield Hellcat to other compact pistols like Taurus-G2c and Glock 43X, the performance is pretty similar to these guns. However, there is minimal comparison when it comes to the price point.

The Springfield Hellcat is a bit pricier than the other versions of the compact gun. 

Holster Compatibility

As compact and easy as carrying a Springfield hellcat, finding the right holster for springfield hellcat can be problematic, its size causes unease fitness of the Hellcat in any holster and thus needs a specially designed one for them. Once you find it, it gets easier to carry it around in rounds or camps.

Can we fix Springfield Hellcat problems?

Almost every problem has its solution; we’ve researched and found some easy options that can solve your problems.

The first and foremost problem is its trigger. If it’s too sensitive to your liking and is causing you problems, you can replace it with some better and less sensitive alternatives. You can research thoroughly or seek an expert’s help to do so.

Secondly, talking about its magazine feeding, what you can do is only get those magazines that compliment your Gun. Another piece of advice is to check it with various magazines before buying it.

Also, you can buy a custom-designed holster for once that will be useful to carry your Hellcat for a long time. While coming to its price, we can do nothing about it. Also, its reliability is unpredictable.

Springfield Hellcat VS P365 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Springfield hellcat worth buying?

Although there are many noticeable Springfield Hellcat problems, they are not the major ones that require a ton of concern. Once you get used to Hellcat, you cannot deny its outstanding performance.

Is Springfield Hellcat a good gun for self-defense?

It works great as a self-defense gun. This is because of the small and compact nature that makes it easy to carry with you, plus it’s simple to operate, clean, and maintain. It’s a worthy gun to buy for yourself.

Final Words

Few Springfield Hellcat problems include its sensitive trigger, vast reliability, too small to be comfortable, improper magazine feeding, and high price range. We also shared solutions for some of these problems that will help you out. Till then, have a great time with your gun.

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