How to Clean a Springfield Hellcat

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It’s better to clean your Springfield hellcat once every round, as it prevents the accumulation of excessive debris in the gun that decreases its performance. But how to clean a Springfield hellcat? 

Well, we’ve compiled this post to answer the very question. Below, we have shared a detailed step-by-step guide to cleaning your Springfield and making it as good as new.  

How to Clean a Springfield Hellcat- A Tutorial 

Step 1: Unloading  

Before starting the cleaning, ensure that your hellcat is empty and has no loaded bullets. You can do so by

  • Removing the magazine from your hellcat
  • By locking the slide towards the rear side
  • Then after closing, push the slide lock the present on the side
  • While moving it, retract the slide. It will get locked
  • Now see through the space if there is any bullet loaded or not, and if there is, unload it to proceed further

Step 2: Disassembling the Gun

To clean every part of hellcat thoroughly, you need to learn how to dissemble a springfield hellcat. As with other guns, its disassembly is fairly simple. Here’s how you can do it:

  • To remove the slide, firstly takedown your locked hellcat (procedure mentioned above)
  • There’s a disassembling lever on the side of the hellcat in a horizontal position; turn it into a vertical position.
  • Now bring forward the slider by pushing the slide lock.
  • Then press the trigger and slide the slider rail out of the gun.
  • Now you’ve separated the slide from the frame, give a gentle push upwards to your recoil assembly present on the slide and take it out.
  • Similarly, slide the barrel outwards and out of the slide.

Now your Springfield hellcat is almost disassembled. It’s time to clean the most contaminated and vital parts of it present in both slide and frame.

Step 3: The Cleaning

Here’s how to clean the different parts of a disassembled hellcat.

The Frame

The frame is pretty easy to clean if you go through every nook and corner. The frame doesn’t generally require extensive disassembling because a reassembling malfunction can alter the gun’s performance.

Firstly, take a new clean patch and soak it with some solvent to clean the frame. Remember, the patch should not be very dry or too wet that it’s dripping; you need only a small quantity of solvent.

Take the solvent patch and slide it through the sides and undersides of the guide rails, all the upper surface of the front frame, the sides of the trigger bar, pivot point, partial feed ramp, and locking block.

Do not forget to clean the magazine chamber. Pass the rag through the chamber for adequate cleaning. To get better cleaning of guide rails, first, turn the assembly lever horizontally and after cleaning, turn it back again to the vertical direction.

When done with the first pass, use the M16 brush or soft toothbrush to remove the debris and fallout from the frame. After that, go with the solvent patch for the second time to remove all that black fallout.

Once your frame is clean, set it aside to dry the solvent.  

The Barrel

You’ll find most of the debris and fallout in the barrel, so its perfect cleaning is essential for the better functioning of a hellcat. You can do so by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Firstly, take an m16 brush and gently scrape out the debris from the feed ramp of the barrel
  • Then take the solvent-soaked patch and rub it to remove the fallout
  • If your feed ramp shines, it means that it’s properly clean

Coming to the main barrel:

  • Get a solvent-covered patch (not too wet) and pass it through the barrel with the help of an attachment rod.
  • Pass it through the barrel six to seven times, from chamber to muzzle direction
  • Let it dry for a few seconds
  • Take a round nylon brush and pass it through the main barrel seven to eight times to loosen up the stuck dirt and debris
  • Then again, take the connector brush with a solvent sprayed patch and pass it through four to five times
  • You’ll see a black patch covered with all that falling
  • Check the cavity of the barrel with light, if it shines, then it means it is clean
  • With the same or new patch, clean the outside and surroundings of the barrel

The Springfield

The Springfield is not as hard to clean because it’s already highly polished and has minimal debris deposits. However, you can clean it for your satisfaction by running the rag around it and brushing it with an m16 brush with gentle strokes.

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The Slide Rails

Take an M16 brush or a Q-tip to make that debris mobile to clean the side rails. Then with the help of a channel tool or pick in, slide the convention sprayed patch through the sides of the rail to take out the deepest of gunk.

Repeat the process a few times and then clean the rest of the slide with the patch thoroughly. Now all your components are cleaned, it’s time to let it dry for a while and then lubricate it.

Step 4: Lubrication

With the little lubricating agent, oil up the gun’s metal parts like barrels and spring assembly. too much oil will disrupt its performance. Don’t forget to put oil on the middle and rear of the slide rails.

Step 5: Reassembling

 Here’s how to reassemble the gun:

  • Take the lubricated barrel, place its nozzle through the front of the slide rail and gently slide and push it to its position. It will lock in its place.
  • For the spring back, take the bigger side of the spring and place it on the hole present in the front side of the slide rail, push it and fix it in front of the half-moon-shaped elevation. Release the spring, and it’s now firmly placed.
  • Take your frame and slider, match the lining of block rails and slide rails and push the slide towards the rear.
  • Push the slide lock upwards and slide the rail
  • Pull the disassembly lever to its horizontal position, slide the rail, and voila! Your gun is assembled.


How often should you clean Springfield hellcat?

It’s better to clean your Springfield hellcat after every fire range visit and once in a few weeks if you carry it with you often. So, there is no debris present.

Do you have to buy a different cleaning kit for Springfield hellcat?

It isn’t necessary. How many gun cleaning kits can easily offer instruments required for cleaning Springfield hellcat, and surely, there is no special instrument needed for it.

Final Words

Springfield hellcat is a great gun with a tremendous capacity and over-the-top performance, and to maintain its perfect functioning, it is essential to keep it tidy and clean. That’s why we talked about how to clean a Springfield hellcat in a few simple steps.

We also provided the buying guide for the Best Springfield Hellcat Laser Sight. So, you can get the max out of your hellcat.

If you find this article insightful, don’t forget to tell us in the comments. We hope to see you with another helpful guide soon.

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