How to Disassemble Springfield Hellcat

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Maintaining a Springfield hellcat is as easy as you can think. You can clean it, lube it and check it easily without hassle. But the key to this ease is mastering its disassembly. That’s why we will give you a detailed tutorial on how to disassemble a Springfield hellcat within a few minutes.

Along with disassembly, we will also give you a brief tutorial of its reassembly and will answer some of your favorite questions regarding Springfield hellcat. So if you want to master that disassembly of Springfield hellcat, read the entire article.

Step by Step Tutorial to Disassemble Your Springfield Hellcat

Here’s how you can field strip your Springfield hellcat like a pro:

Step one: Unloading

Whether disassembly or cleaning your hellcat, make sure that it’s not entirely loaded. You can do so by checking it through the following method:

  • Firstly, please take out your gun’s magazine to unload it
  • Then pull the slider across the rear, you’ll see a chamber is shown up
  • Check the chamber thoroughly to see if there are no bullets
  • Once it’s empty, now it’s safe to disassemble it

Step two: Disassembling

A Springfield Hellcat can be disassembled into two major parts:

  • The slider
  • The frame

The Slider:

To separate the slider and its parts from the gun, follow the simple steps below.

  • First of all, pull the slider back to the rear.
  • There is a slide Catcher and a slider groove. While pulling the slider rear, push the slide Catcher upwards to fit into the slide groove.
  • Once it’s fit, your slider is now pushed locked.
  • Once it’s done, pull the disassembly lever present on the same side as the groove gently upwards in a vertical position.
  • After doing so, release the Catcher from the groove.
  • Your slider will be back to its original position, but you’ll notice that it’s slightly forward. It indicated that you are doing it right.
  • Press the trigger
  • Your slide will automatically come off.
  • Now pull it forward to separate it from your frame.

As your slide is completely separated from your frame, now it’s the time to separate its every component. 

Here’s how to do it

  • To remove the spring assembly, push it rear and upwards, and it will come off
  • Similarly, pull and slide the barrel forwards and upwards to separate it from the slider.

Now your slider is completely disassembled. 


In field striping a hellcat, there is no detailed disassembling of the frame, and it’s left intact. People only removed a magazine and called it deconstructed. But who knew you could complete dismantle its frame by just following the steps mentioned below

There are many components in the frame in the closing locking block, sliders guide, sear housing, etc. They are mostly put together through three pins present across the frame to stabilize it. To firstly disassemble the frame, you need to remove the pins.

  • The first pin is at the rear side of the magazine chamber, just below the housing. With the help of a special screwdriver used in gun kits, pull out that pin.
  • Then grip and pull out the disassembly lever gently.
  • You’ll see a spring in the space left by the lever, leave it for now.
  • Next to the lever, there’s another pin near the locking block. Take it out as well.
  • The third pin lies above the trigger; pull it out and keep it in a safe place.

After taking out all three pins, you can pull apart all the internal components of the frame.

  • Take out the locking block along with the paperclip like spring.
  • There’s a magazine locking lever at the Lateral surface of the locking block. Pull it out after removing the locking block.
  • You’ll see the sear housing at the magazine end of the frame.
  • With gentle fingers, pull it out without damaging it.

After that, there’s nothing left in the frame to take out. Your Springfield hellcat is disassembled with every exposed external and internal component.

Brief View of Reassembling of Springfield Hellcat

Reassembling your hellcat is as simple as disassembling, provided you put its pieces in the same place. Here’s how you can do it

The Frame:

We have to reassemble the frame first and then the slider. Following are the steps mentioned below.

  • Firstly, take the magazine blocker and place it next to the locking block in the groove.
  • Then reinsert a locking block along with its spring. Push it down until you hear a click which indicates that it got fit in its position
  • Do not forget to place the spring in the exact position while inserting the locking block.
  • Then come to the sear/trigger assembly. Slide and push it down in its groove until you hear a click sound. The trigger should not be pulled in this scenario.
  • Take the magazine block lever, and place it behind the locking block in its previous position. Make sure that the spring of the locking block is above it.
  • Now it’s time to reinsert the magazine pin with a gentle push.
  • Insert the locking block pin
  • Then place the trigger pin while keeping the trigger in the pulled position.
  • In the end, seal the frame reassembly by reinserting the assembly lever in the vertical direction.

Once your frame is complete, then it’s time to put the slider back


You can do so by

  • Sliding the barrel in its place
  • Push and slide the assembly spring into its groove
  • Now align the slider with its grooves on the frame
  • Pull the slider to the rear end until it’s locked by the slide catcher and groove
  • Rotate the disassembly lever in its horizontal position
  • Lastly, press the trigger, and you are done!

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Is frame reassembly necessary in Springfield Hellcat?

Most experts will only advise you to strip field the hellcat rather than disassembling the entire frame. This is because the structure is quite complicated and requires the exact placement of its parts to function properly again.

Does Springfield hellcat contain a single stack magazine?

Despite having the looks and space of a single stack magazine, the Springfield Hellcat contains a double-stack magazine.  

Final Words

Today’s edit shared how to disassemble a Springfield hellcat within minutes. As a bonus, we also talked about its reassembly and answered some most commonly asked questions. Also read our article about best red dot for springfield hellcat .

We hope that you’ll master the art of disassembling a Hellcat within a few moments with this guide.

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