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M&P 15-22 is a tactical rifle that’s lightweight and easy to carry. It is a 22 caliber AR-style rifle and includes a conversion kit. It also has an adjustable stock; this is better than a fixed stock because you can increase the length of the stock according to your requirement. This firearm can be used in small game hunting or recreational shooting, depending on your needs for the day! It has dependable build quality, which makes it ruggedly made. You don’t have to worry about its durability when taking down prey – make sure not to shoot anything besides what belongs there; this gun doesn’t discriminate against any animal kind. It has a length of 33.75 inches when fully extended, and it weighs 5lbs per barrel without accessories attached.

The best rifle case is essential for anyone who uses their M&P 15-22 frequently. A quality, durable model will protect your weapon while also providing you with a safe and convenient way to transport it from one location to another. It is the best way to ensure your gun lasts longer than just its shelf life. Hence, investing in some durable transportation options like these high-quality cases explicitly made for rifles gives them extra protection while allowing easy access when needed.

The Best Case for M&P 15-22 You Can Buy Today

Here are the best M&P 15 22 rifle cases.

ProductKey FeaturesRating
Plano All Weather
Rifle Case
All-weather compatible
Accommodate multiple
Includes interior foam
Integrated pressure valve
Savior Equipment Urban
Warfare Gun Case
Ultra spacious and safe
Ultra deluxe 
Savior warranty
Smith & Wesson Duty
Series Gun Case
Ease of use
Half the price as
compared to others 
Durable construction
Strong and durable latches
Pelican Protector
1700 Series
Sturdy construction
Premium rifle hard case
TSA approved 
Weight 16.98 lbs.
Pelican’s Lifetime Guarantee
Dust Proof
VISM by NcSTARThree external pockets 
Heavy duty 
Best budget case
Tact Carbine Gun Case
Dual-density foam
for protection
Internal fabric is soft
Shoulder straps include
strong tactical webbing
Five external mag pocket
TSA approved
Allen Company Gear
Fit Rifle Case
Heavy-duty and durable 
Almost fit every rifle

1. Plano All-Weather Best m&p 15-22 hard case

The Plano M&P 15-22 rifle case is rugged and waterproof storage for your firearm. It’s made with heavy-duty materials to deliver reliable performance, even in adverse conditions like rain or snow. The pressure release valve helps withstand bumping during air travel, while its locking latches ensure maximum security when you’re on the go.

This extremely durable rifle case has enough room to carry most carbines and is perfect for gunning or bow hunting. It’s made from lightweight, high-density pluck foam that not only protects your firearm but also shields it from bumps in transit!

The Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case is a lightweight, all-weather gun case customized to hold several rifles. The Plano gun case features dual-stage lockable latches for added security and five molded-in tie-down points to secure weapons inside the case. The Plano tactical gun case comes with two padlock hasps so you can protect your firearms from theft or loss. This waterproof rifle case has thick wall construction and a perforated interior foam padding that keeps firearms free.

Reasons to Buy

If you’re looking for a well-made, solid case that won’t break your bank account, I recommend this product. It’s durable, easy to use, and spacious.

2. Best Rifle Bag For s&w m&p 15-22 Savior Equipment

A rifle bag from Savior Equipment is a must-have for any gun enthusiast. With tough and durable material, the double carbine rifles can easily fit inside this spacious container to protect them against harsh conditions such as rain or snow without worrying about getting damaged. The heavy-duty double stitching will keep this from ripping even when under harsh conditions, so you can carry your weapons with confidence.

This case for M&P 15-22 has multiple carrying options, so you can either travel with your firearm safely stored in the main compartment or securely attached to your shoulders. The fully padded foam design provides all-around protection for this gun without sacrificing ease when grabbing hold during movement while traveling. Designed specifically for its size and use as a long-range weapon of war by providing anti-theft lockable zippers that keep them from being opened unless someone knows what they’re doing – the makers have considered every aspect before making this product just right down to detail which ensures maximum safety against theft at any time while still keeping its easy accessibility needed day after day.

Reasons to Buy

This bag is the perfect choice for anyone looking to transport their firearm. It can accommodate most platforms, including AR-15s and AK47 rifles, and long guns like m&p 15 22.

3. M&P 15 22 Case by Smith & Wesson

This heavy-duty gun soft case will protect your M&P 15-22 rifle and magazines very well. It features a full-length double zipper for easy access while keeping all items inside the gun safe, thanks to its durable ballistic fabric construction that withstands whatever is thrown at it. You can choose between three different sizes based on your needs so take advantage of this deal before supplies sell out.

This rifle case has an adjustable nylon strap and tough wraps around the carry handle, making it easy to carry and grab zipper pulls. It also features reinforced straps at the bottom for extra stability whenever placed on the floor. It has enough space to fit multiple rifles with room for magazines or other small gear. 

Reasons to Buy 

It is an excellent m&p 15-22 rifle case for the money. It has a hard outer shell and a soft interior, with a lot of room for your guns and ammo. The only thing that I don’t like is that the zippers are not very durable, but you can replace them. 

I love this rifle bag. I use it to transport my M&P 15-22 from one range to another or from home to the range. It’s big enough for all my gear.

4. Pelican Protector 1700 Series Rifle Cases

The Pelican Protector 1700 is a tough, reliable case for your m&p 15-22 rifle. This rifle case has a customizable design to fit any M&P 15-22 model perfectly. 

The three color options – black, OD green, or desert tan – will match the exterior of most guns, so you can choose what matches best with your style. With its rugged construction made from high-quality materials like injection molding polyester resin on both sides and one smooth interior surface, this product guarantees lifetime performance, ensuring protection during transport while maintaining ease of access without compromising convenience.

These pelican cases are the perfect way to protect your firearm from dirt, dust, and damage. The thick padding of high-density foam will keep the gun safe during transport while also being crushproof. This rugged industrial construction makes this weapon entirely indestructible, so you can handle it without fear that anything might happen with its use.

This fantastic hard-sided gun-carrying unit comes equipped with an interior made up exclusively for rifles- which means there are no windows or soft doors here, just solid walls all around, making sure nothing penetrates inner workings when dropped onto the pavement. 

Reasons to Buy

This case is a beast. It’s much heavier than other cases on the market, but it has all of the features I could ever ask for, and I have always loved the feel of heavy cases, and this one is no different. The weight makes me appreciate its durability even more.

5. NcSTAR Double Carbine Case

VISM by NcSTAR Double Carbine Case is 36″ long and is constructed of heavy-duty PVC material and protects up to 2 carbine-sized rifles. Extra PALS looping on each end allows you to customize your case for your specific needs. The secondary compartment is loaded with pockets to store extras such as handguns, optics, cleaning supplies, logbooks, etc. The three exterior pockets are perfect for keeping your magazines and ammo organized. This double rifle case features a handle cut out in the back of the bag that allows you to carry it like a backpack or sling over one.

The case is designed for the form and function of the AR-15 blend to provide ultimate protection. Additionally, there’s a thick padded interior side that provides all-round coverage against impact during travel time; thanks are not only high-density foam layers but also durable zippers which ensure maximum security of contents from outside elements like dirt getting stuck between cracks while transporting your rifle around town by car as well as over short distances through rough terrains.

Reasons to Buy

This bag is both spacious and functional. You can fit four rifles, three handguns, a dozen magazines, or even the smaller of our featured animal – goats! With multiple pockets to organize everything inside, you’re sure not to go broke with this bad boy by your side on adventures ahead.

6. Blackhawk Sport Tact Carbine Gun Case

The Blackhawk Sport Tact Carbine soft rifle cases are ideal for any M&P 15-22 owner. This 36″ gun travel bag’s heavy-duty 600 denier polyester material provides all-around protection with extra thick PVC laminate to keep your firearm safe from scratches on its finish. At the same time, dual-density foam securely holds rifles or shotguns in place during transport without causing damage due to excess pressure points like other less durable materials might do!

The Blackhawk Sport Case is a lightweight, soft-sided gun case with heavy-duty tactical webbing on shoulder straps and contact points. The dual foam design incorporates an internal open-cell foam to protect the firearm and external closed-cell foam for shock absorption. It has five external mag pockets and two large accessory pockets for gear. It is constructed of tight-weave, heavyweight 600 denier polyester with a thick PVC laminate for stability. Soft internal fabric protects the firearm finish.

If you’re looking for a tactical rifle case that’s tough enough to handle in any environment, this one will be your perfect match. The heavy-duty zippers keep it closed even when things get rough and rugged webbing provides comfortable carrying on shoulders or hips – whichever way suits you best!

Reasons to Buy

Blackhawk is my favorite bag in a low price range. It’s durable, spacious enough to fit three guns with plenty of room leftover. I highly recommend it if you want maximum protection in a cheaper case. 

7. Allen Gear Fit Pursuit Bruiser Rifle Case

This Allen Gear Fit Pursuit Whitetail Gun Case is made for whitetail hunters. The Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo design will help you blend in with your environment. This case fits most rifles up to 48″ in length. The heavy-duty dual-density foam will keep your gun protected from impact and vibration. There is a convenient carrying handle on top of the case for easy transport in the field. Moreover, it is heavy-duty and lightweight.

This rifle case is made to hold your firearms in the safest way possible, with room for all of them and easy access at any time. The lining has been designed after years of experience that ensures you’ll never have trouble getting inside when it matters most.

There are three layers: inner soft foam dividers which keep guns close together; an outer hard case cover protected by fabric on both sides, so nothing gets scratched during travel or storage; finally, two zippers make an opening.

Reasons to Buy

If you want quick and easy rifle access to their rifle, this case is undoubtedly for you; it is highly portable and easy to open and close.

Buying Guide

Do you have a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22? 

If so, then it’s essential to find the best rifle case for your firearm. This question can be difficult because there are many different brands and styles out on the market today.

Here is some information about things to consider before buying a best case for m&p 15-22.

Multiple gun cases:

If you are looking for the best way to carry your guns while on an adventure, go with a case that can fit two. Dual gun cases bring many benefits and will save money in comparison with other options. For those who own multiple firearms, a dual gun case is an ideal way of transporting them. Not only does this make for convenient transportation, but it also saves you money by not having to buy another bag! The best part about these cases is their spaciousness and ability to accommodate various rifle gear needs, whether your preference, soft cases or hard-sided.


A waterproof rifle case is a must-have if you plan on using your gun for outdoor activities. Moisture can cause severe damage, especially to wood stocks and metal components like barrels or magazines unprotected from wet environments. Before storage, make sure all gear has been dried out thoroughly to prevent corrosion when it comes time to put it away again in the future.


The most crucial factor to consider when buying a gun case is size. M&P 15-22 with its 33.75″ length and 30.5″ folded dimensions will fit into an appropriately sized container, but if you want more space for other equipment or prefer not carrying the rifle around, then go with one that’s at least 34 inches long.

Going for a larger case can make packing much easier. You’ll need at least 34 inches of rifle and accessory storage space to ensure your gear doesn’t get too banged up during transport. So if you’re planning on taking other things such as ammunition or gun cleaning supplies, then look into something closer to 36″ long rather than 30″.

Security and lock ability:

A gun case is a must for any firearm owner. Your weapon should be kept safe and secure at all times, which means getting yourself an excellent lockable storage container with sturdy heavy-duty latches or one that has built-in locks to make sure nothing falls out when you open it up in the middle of nowhere. Also, it is essential to protect it from thievery. For that, there should be plenty of padlocks, and two lock holes are not enough. Moreover, Velcro straps inside are helpful to protect the weapon as it is difficult to undo a Velcro.


The weight of your rifle case can have a significant impact on how you carry it. If the only time you use this bag is when transporting from home to the range, consider getting something light like canvas or leather instead so as not to burden yourself too much during those shorter trips with just one item.

It’s essential to consider the weight of your rifle case when traveling with a gun. A heavy-duty bag can cause back pain and limit movement, while a soft-sided container will help reduce strain on shoulders over long periods or rough terrain. The perfect mix for you depends largely upon what kind of shooting activities make up most trips from the home base out into nature—but if range time only involves transporting from indoors through open spaces, then don’t worry too much about gear burden!


If you are looking for a longer-lasting case, hard rifle cases are the way to go. They’re made with high-quality materials that can withstand heavy pressure, and it’s easy on your gun. If, however, comfort is what matters most, then soft cases will do just fine since they provide more cushioning around equipment while also being easier on our hands during transport or storage reasons.

Reasons to choose the above cases

All the above rifle cases are chosen based on their reliability and how well they can protect the rifle. Also, these cases are lightweight and easy to move. Security is another major factor in picking these cases; how well these cases can secure the weapon from thievery. 


There are several things to consider when purchasing the M&P 15-22 case. First, you need to determine what size is right for traveling with your rifle while being assured that it will be safe from harm and damage in transit. Fortunately, all cases listed above come equipped with quality protection.


What is a double gun case?

A double gun case is one in which you can accommodate more than one rifle. One such case is the Smith & Wesson Double Rifle Case 42″ Nylon Black.

What are the best hard rifle cases?

Pelican Storm iM3410 Rifle Case with Foam, Condition 1 Tactical Hard Rifle Case, Eylar 53″ Multiple Rifle Hard Case, Vault by Pelican V800 Double Rifle Case are some of the best hard rifle cases. 

What are the best soft rifle cases?

Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Rifle Bag, Luxhmox Double Soft Rifle Case, Explorer 3 Rifle Soft Case, Feastoria Double Long Soft Rifle Case, ArmyCamo Double Rifle Bag, Guawin Double Rifle Soft Case, Bow-Tac Double Rifle Soft Gun Case, Greencity Double Rifle Case, WolfWarriorX Long Rifle Soft Case are some of the best soft rifle cases.

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