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The M&p 15 Sport II is the new model of the m& p 15 series of Smith and Wesson. Though similar in quality, the Sport II version has many different features than the m&p 15 version. The M&P 15 Sport II is an excellent little firearm that can shoot all sorts of things, but it needs the right tool for its job. A rifle will never be quite as effective without a sling to ensure you’re always ready when something goes wrong.

The M&P 15 Sport II sling is an excellent accessory for any AR owner. This small rifle can use one, and it’s even better when you need your gun in an emergency or if someone else needs possession of it! You’ll love how comfortable this fits onto your arm as well – don’t forget about getting yourself some new sling scripts with all those trigger time savings from owning such an excellent firearm.

Top 4 Best sling for m&p 15 sport 2

Here is a list of the top 4 best M&P 15 Sport II slings available in the market.

Product Key FeaturesRating
CVLIFE Two Points
Rifle Sling
Superior Quality
Nylon Material
Easily adjustable
Large hooks
Blue Force Gear
Vickers 2-Point Sling
Molded Acetal Adjuster
Good built
5 ounce weight
Attached with TriGlide 
Blue Force Gear Vickers
2-Point Padded Sling
No Quick Release
2-Point Padded Sling
Coyote brown
Made in USA
Magpul MS1 QDM
Two Point Rifle Sling
Melonite finishing
Dedicated two-point sling
highly durable

1. CVLIFE Two Points Rifle Sling

CVLIFE Two Points Rifle Sling with Length Adjuster Traditional Sling is the most popular rifle sling on Amazon. It is made of high-quality nylon material. You can adjust the sling to fit your body so that it will be suitable for everyone. This sling has upgraded larger metal hooks which make it fit the rifle well. With an adjustment thumb loop and high-density cord, you can easily adjust this sling. The long adjustable sling strap creates wide length variability for two points sling. If you are looking for a nice rifle sling, this one is the most suitable for m&p 15 Sport II.

The M&P 15 Sport II is a solid, well-designed gun that needs the right equipment to be fully effective. An adequately equipped user will find it invaluable while on patrol or in dangerous situations where their life could depend upon being able to quickly move from cover into an open area without overexposing themselves, especially if firing more than just rounds at once! CVLIFE Two Points Rifle Sling not only keep your weapon secure but also allow you quick access for shooting when necessary by enabling them to strap across one shoulder blade before hooking onto another position behind the head/neck collarbone area, which can’t get any tighter due preventative measures against swatting attacks.

Reasons to Buy

CVLIFE Two Points Rifle Sling is constructed of high-quality Nylon. The rope of the sling is adjustable, which makes it fit for everyone. Along with the reliable material, the sling is also affordable.

  • Sturdy material
  • Adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Thin straps can hurt the shoulder

2. Blue Force Gear Vickers 2-Point Sling, Black

The Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Sling is a two-point sling designed to aid direct action and CQB techniques. Blue Force Gear founder Eric Kincel designed the Vickers Combat Applications Sling to improve the single-point sling for military operations. This sling incorporates a quick adjustment feature that allows the user to adjust both contact points simultaneously with one hand.

This two-point sling features quick adjustment at the front and rear of the rifle, so you can quickly transition from firing in prone to moving on your feet. The sling has an adjustable length made with moulded acetal adjusters with no quick-release functionality. It is an excellent feature if you are using this as a primary weapon or multiple team members using different weapons that may require different lengths. It also features tri-glide buckles instead.

I spent hours researching the best rifle sling for my needs, and I finally found the perfect one! The 3-point shooting position was not working out at all. It’s hard to adjust on the fly when you need your sling in different ways depending on where it will be worn, hanging off either front or back (mostly up/down). So after days of reading reviews about various types of rifle carrying systems like 2 point straps – which didn’t quite do what they promised because there were way too many hoops to jump through, get them to put together right.

Reasons to Buy 

The first sling I have ever used that has been so easy to use. It only took me only 15 minutes after unboxing it and testing my rifle before ordering another one for my m&p Sport II! It is the best slingshot out there. I hope they never stop making them because this will be the only sling all day, every day from now on.

  • Easy to adjust
  • Comfortable to carry for a long time
  • Quickly adjusted to aiming position
  • A bit stiff

3. Blue Force Gear Vickers 2-Point Padded Sling, Coyote Brown

This 2-point padded sling is an excellent choice for those who need a simple, lightweight option. The Vickers sling has no quick release or other fancy features that can malfunction in the field. It also features moulded acetal adjusters that won’t break as plastic ones can. The durable nylon webbing is 1 ½” wide, making it comfortable to carry heavy loads over long distances. These two-point slings are compatible with most rifles and carbines on the market today.

The Vickers 2-Point Padded Sling is a high-quality, two-point sling that will provide fast and easy adjustment. The sling features a quick adjusting tri-glide to adjust the length of the sling and padded shoulder straps for added comfort. This product is made in the USA and weighs only 9 ounces.

Reasons to Buy 

I’ve tried nearly every AR-15 sling out there, and I can say without a doubt that this one is by far the best. In my years owning four AR rifles, 10+ different rifle slings in total (some good, some bad), nothing has ever come close to comparing! The quality was outstanding from start to finish, with everything being top-notch right down from their customer service when you called them about an issue or question – they were always helpful over the phone, which made me feel at ease before placing an order online because who knows what else might happen.

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Easy to lengthen and shorten
  • Pricey

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4. Magpul MS1 QDM Two Point Rifle Sling

The Magpul MS1 QDM Two Point Sling is a dedicated two-point sling configured for multiple functions with optional adapters. It has a quick-adjusting slider that provides a wide range of motion and rapid length adjustment capability. The newly designed heavy-duty push-button QD sling swivels offer an extremely durable, low-profile design that will stand out to the most demanding use. The MS1 features a modular webbing system that offers four gear attachment points: left side/right side, front/back.

It is made in the USA. Features quick sling length adjustment with no tails, loops, or other potential snag hazards: lightweight yet durable slider and buckle hardware made of reinforced polymer. Proprietary weave 1-1/4″ wide nylon webbing is strong and abrasion-resistant. Nylon Made in the USA Factory-installed Magpul QDMs constructed of Melonite finished steel for strength and extreme.

Reasons to Buy 

I am very impressed with the quality of this product. It is heavy duty and made to last! The adjustments are quick, clean-cut (no extra QD attachments needed), which makes for an even more streamlined look. This material feels nice compared to other materials I’ve tried before; it is wide enough, so there isn’t any tugging or pulling when you go shooting but not too expansive that it would make carrying complicated either.

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Rapid adjustment
  • Pricey

Different types of Slings

There are three options of gun slings for using with a rifle. Shooters choose their best rifle sling between these three types according to their preferences. The knowledge about these three types will help you to select your best rifle sling.

One-point sling

As the name suggests, a one-point sling is a sling that is attached to only one side of the rifle. The single-point sling is attached to the rear of the gun and keeps the front side free. It also creates a loop that goes under one arm and above the other arm. The advantage of a one-point sling is that they are easy to use and allows the shooter to move freely. The disadvantage of a one-point sling is that it does not control the weapon entirely and keeps bouncing. It is difficult to climb or cross an obstacle with a bouncing weapon. There are various single-point slings available for shooters; you can choose your best single-point sling from among them.

Two-point sling

Two-point slings attach on the two sides of the rifle, and they are the most commonly used. They are available in different designs and functions. The good part about these slings is that when the sling is attached to both sides of a weapon, it doesn’t bounce and makes it easier for the shooter to pass obstacles. The problem with using a two-point sling is that, unlike a one-point sling, it restricts the freedom of movement.

Three-point sling

Three-point slings are attached to both sides of the weapon like the two-point sling and have an additional loop in the middle. The good part about a three-point sling is that it can very well control heavier guns. And the bad part is that it can become difficult to adjust so many straps.

Leather vs. Synthetic sling

Leather sling and synthetic sling are the two categories of slings if we divide them based on material. Leather slings are solid and durable and have a stylish design. They are used for shotguns and hunting rifles. The problem with leather slings is that you cannot mold them into different designs like a synthetic sling. Synthetic slings, on the other hand, are more malleable and offer a variety of designs. 

Final thoughts

A good sling is an essential piece of equipment for any hunter, and it can change your shooting experience. It will improve your ability to carry the rifle, as well as shoot. It can also help you move around with it quickly and effortlessly by keeping weight off of tired shoulders or forearms!

A simple strap gives us more freedom than holding onto rifles tightly all day long – even if there’s just one notch up higher on our backpacks; not carrying anything at all feels like an old hat these days.

I hope you’ve found a suitable sling for your needs. I’ve also recommended some of the best case for m&p 15 22.


What is the best 2 point sling for AR 15?

Some of the best 2 point slings for AR 15 are Tactical Hero 2 Point Rifle Sling, STI 2 POINT RIFLE SLING, Specter Two Point Rifle Sling, and ACCMOR 2 POINT RIFLE SLING.

What sling do Navy Seals use?

Navy seals use Advanced Gunslinger Armament or AGA slings. US Navy Seal designed the Hybrid Instant Transition Sling or HITS and fielded it for multiple deployments.

What ar15 sling does the military use?

The military uses the Standard Issue Vickers Sling. Military uses this sling after extensive evaluation.

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