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Hey, Mossberg 500 owners! Welcome to my best turkey choke for Mossberg 500 review for 2024.

Do you have a turkey choke for your shotgun? If not, you should get one. They make your shotgun more effective for hunting a turkey’s head.

In this guide, I’ll tell you about the best turkey chokes for the Mossberg 500 that I researched and tested for months to pick the best ones for you.

For me, the best overall turkey choke is the Carlson’s Choke Tubes Sporting Clays. But I have also reviewed other turkey chokes for you to choose from.

I have ranked these turkey chokes based on performance, great value for money, reliability, and durability. So, you can pick one according to your needs.

Top 5 Best Turkey Chokes For Mossberg 500

All turkey chokes included in this list will fulfill your needs if you look for the best Mossberg 500 turkey chokes.

1. Carlson’s Sporting Clays Choke Tubes

Carlson’s Sporting Clay Choke Tube
Carlson’s Sporting Clay Choke Tube (Image credit: Amazon)

The Carlson’s Sporting Clays Choke Tubes are my favorite overall. The Sporting clays choke is designed for tight, even patterns with a lead shot at 40-50 yards.

The Carlson’s Clays Choke perfectly balances shot speed, recoil reduction, and pattern density.

They’re specially designed for avid competitors who want to maximize their performance and accuracy on target.

The Sporting Clays Choke Tubes are also made with high-strength, corrosion-resistant 17-4 stainless steel to last for a lifetime.

This choke tube is an awesome choice for all types of turkey hunters.

The Carlson’s Clays Choke Tubes won’t damage your shotgun barrel because it doesn’t use taper crimps. Instead, this turkey choke provides full circumferential engagement of the shotgun’s bore.

Carlson’s Sporting Clays Choke Tubes are unique in that they have a knurled end, which makes them easy to remove.

Reason to Buy

it is a perfect fit for Mossberg 500, and it will make the gun pattern even more consistent.

2. TRUGLO Gobble-Stopper Xtreme Choke Tube

TRUGLO Gobble-Stopper Choke Tube
TRUGLO Gobble-Stopper Choke Tube (Image credit: Amazon)

The Truglo Gobble Stopper Choke is a step up from the standard Turkey Choke Tube.

It’s an ideal choice for hunters looking for a high-quality choke at an affordable price.

It has a ported extended design and three separate chambers to deliver denser patterns with less recoil than standard, modified choke tubes.

The Truglo Gobble Stoppers are precision CNC machined and made with aircraft aluminum to stand up against years of use. They help you see better and provide you edge over other hunters.

The Gobble-Stopper Choke makes aiming easier and more accurate while shooting a turkey.

Its built-in dot sight helps you get your target quickly, so you will not miss the target.

The sleek design of this turkey choke makes it easy to carry and gives you the cleanest possible shot.

Reasons to Buy

This is the only choke that comes with dual-color turkey sight.

The red/green sight allows you to identify or determine that your shotgun is loaded.

3. Carlson’s Browning Invector Plus Long Beard Ported

– mossberg Turkey Choke

Carlson’s Browning Invector Turkey Choke
Carlson’s Browning Invector Turkey Choke (Image credit: Amazon)

The Carlson’s Browning Invector Plus Choke is a superior choke for hunters who want the best performance from their shotguns.

It will give you the most consistent and tight pattern of any choke on the market today.

This turkey choke tube is a perfect choice for hunters looking to harvest large and tough turkeys with a powerful shotgun.

The Carlson’s Browning Invector Plus Choke is made from high-strength, corrosion-resistant 17-4 stainless steel to stand up against years of use and recoil from heavy shot loads.

This choke tube will reduce recoil and not damage your shotgun bore like standard good choke tubes.

This enhanced version of the popular Carlson’s Browning Long Beard is ported to reduce muzzle jump and recoil for quick follow-up shots.

The Invector Plus Choke tube features a 25% longer parallel section, allowing more gas to seal between the barrel’s forcing cone and the choke.

With its triple shot technology, the Long Beard XR ensures that your shots are more accurate at longer ranges and reduce flying pellets.

This turkey choke also comes with an extended knurled end, so you can easily remove it even after it has been buried in your accessory bag.

Reasons to Buy

This choke contains a longer parallel section to reduce muzzle jump and recoil.

4. Jelly Head Primos Turkey – Best turkey Choke for mossberg 500 12 guage

Jelly Head Primos Maximum Turkey Choke Tube
Jelly Head Primos Maximum Turkey Choke Tube (Image credit: Amazon)

The Jelly Head Turkey Choke Tube is perfect for 12 gauge Mossberg 500.

The Primos Jelly Head Maximum Turkey Choke is designed for a 12-gauge shotgun to deliver powerful, reliable results every time.

The 4-shot will give you a reasonable spread up to 50 yards. It’s also great for short-range if you use the number 6 shot.

Jelly Head Maximum Turkey Choke is made with Chrome Alloy Steel, and its knurled end makes it easy to remove.

This full choke tube is perfect for those who have trouble with wrenches. It protrudes from the barrel about 2 inches, so you don’t need any tools to install it and can just twist in or out by hand.

The Jelly Head choke tube is easy to install and features long portholes which allow plenty of outgassing. This provides noticeable recoil reduction, saving your shoulder.

Reason to Buy

This choke fits snugly into your shotgun just by hand. This choke comes with a corrosion-resistant coating, which lasts longer than other brands.

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5. Carlson’s Winchester-Browning Turkey Choke Tube

Carlson’s Winchester-Browning Turkey Choke Tube
Carlson’s Winchester-Browning Turkey Choke Tube (Image credit: Optics Planet)

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The Carlson’s Winchester-Browning Choke Tube is a best turkey choke for mossberg 500 20 gauge for hunters who want the best performance from their shotguns.

The Carlson’s Winchester-Browning Choke Tube This choke tube is designed for turkey hunting with larger than four shots. The constriction is turkey, and the diameter is .575. It is made of 17-4 heat-treated stainless steel and has a matte blue finish.

The Carlson’s Winchester-Browning Choke Tube is excellent for hunting small game or birds. This 1-inch extended-length choke tube will help you shoot better, increasing your chance of hitting what it’s aimed at.

The choke tube is the same size as most hunters and shooters use today. Which is 1. 050 inches Parallel Section.

The Carlson’s Winchester-Browning Choke Tube is specially designed for max pattern performance at the maximum range shooting. It’s a perfect fit for Winchester shotguns

Reason to Buy

This turkey choke has a sleek look with a blue matte finish that makes your Mossberg 500 shotgun look badass!

What to look for in high-quality chokes for turkey hunting

Before you buy a choke tube for your shotgun, there are several factors you should consider.


One of the first things to consider is how durable it will be. The more durable the choke tube, the better it will hold up over time and against rough use.

The best Turkey choke tubes are made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel or alloy steel.


Another important factor is the materials of construction.The more durable the material, the longer your choke tube will last and hold up under heavy use.

Choke Tube Design

The overall design is another important factor to consider. The size of the porting holes and their placement, and the length and width of the tube itself should be considered.

Generally, the larger the choke tube’s porting holes, the more gas will escape from around your shot. This means there will be less felt recoil when you shoot.

A choke tube with a large number of small porting holes will have a slightly tighter pattern than one with only a few large portholes.

Easy Installation and Removal

The best turkey choke tubes will be easy to install and remove from your shotgun without the need for additional tools or hassle.

Manufacturers care when designing their choke tubes to make them simple and easy to use in the field.

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Types of chokes for turkey hunting

Turkey hunting choke tubes are somewhat different from those used for general hunting.

Here are the major types of turkey chokes to choose from.

  • Ported
  • Non-ported chokes.
  • Extended
  • flush chokes 

Ported chokes

Ported turkey chokes create tighter patterns by allowing pressure expansion and wad stripping technology. The grooves, holes, or both are strategically placed for optimal performance in any caliber of shotgun barrels.

non-ported chokes

Non-ported turkey chokes are a little tighter, a little more precise, and they’re designed to create denser patterns for quick kills. These tubes have no porting holes or grooves cut into them.

Extended chokes

Extended Turkey Choke Tubes are designed to provide your shotgun’s performance with as much range and accuracy as possible and for the right target to be killed quickly.

These chokes are designed with a longer parallel section to allow more shot and powder charge to burn in the bore before launching your payload, resulting in denser patterns and significantly improved downrange performance.

Flush Chokes

Flush-mounted turkey chokes are built to be as close to the bore of your shotgun as possible, allowing for significantly more precise shooting. As a result, many hunters often prefer this type of choke because it allows them to get on target faster and shoot with greater accuracy.


so, if you are looking for the best turkey choke for your Mossberg 500 shotgun, you can choose any of the chokes mentioned above to level up your turkey hunting game.

I hope this guide will help you determine which choke is right for your Mossberg 500 and your shooting style.


Can you shoot steel shots through choke tubes?

If the choke tube is rated for steel shot, you should not have any issues shooting it.

Is the Mossberg 500 a good turkey gun?

It is a good turkey gun, especially when using the right choke.

What is the best choke for a Mossberg 500?

There are several different chokes available on the market that will work well with your Mossberg shotgun. I have already given you some options in my article above, so go over them and pick one that seems right to you.

Can Mossberg 500 shoot turkey loads?

Yes, it can. Though some loads have been specifically made for this gun only, those cannot be interchangeably used with other guns.

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