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Hey there! Welcome to my review of the best shotgun sidesaddle for Mossberg 500. 

I have curated this list for you by combining years of experience and hours of research. 

I have reviewed these products based on their capacity, retention, design, installation method, and price. 

My favorite from the list is the Tacstar Slimline Sidesaddle because I love low-profile saddles. If you disagree with me, I have many other options for you. 

So, let’s start. 

Top 5 Best mossberg 500 side saddle

A sidesaddle allows you to have extra shells in an accessible location on your gun, making shooting much more efficient. Below are the best 5 sidesaddles that you can use with your Mossberg 500. 

ProductKey FeaturesRatings
TacStar Slimline SidesaddleLow profile design
Made for Mossberg 500
Easy installation
Tacstar 4-Shot Shell  CarrierNo modification needed
Perfect retention
Recoil resistant
Monstrum Side Saddle Shell  HolderPerfect retention
Rail mount included
NcSTAR Universal 12 gauge  ShotsBudget option
Multiple shell holder
Attaches with a velcro
Mesa Tactical SureShell  Side MountMultiple shell holder designs
Comes with attached Picatinny  rail

1. TacStar Slimline Sidesaddle – For Low Profile Lovers


Brand name: Tacstar | Capacity: 6 | Color: Black 

Reasons to Buy

  • It has a low-profile design –better than the traditional Tacstar models. 
  • It can carry 6 extra shells, which give you additional protection. 
  • Made specifically for Mossberg 500. 
  • The added capacity is without adding too much weight.  

Introducing the slim, sleek, and low-profile sidesaddle: the Tacstar Slimline. 

Side saddles are great because they let you carry extra shells, but they also take up much room on your gun. And this is why most shooters are a little meh about the whole idea; they don’t want the accessories to take up all the room on their gun. 

As the name suggests, the Slimline sidesaddle has a slim and low-profile design that adds capacity without too much interference. Hence, it doesn’t interfere with your aim. 

It has a contoured aluminum backing plate and small shell holders. This design makes them better than other Tacstar models, which are bigger –eventually taking more space on the gun. And it does it while having 6 extra shells that give enough capacity for most scenarios.

Also, it doesn’t have a clamping system to hold the shells. Just the slim, contoured aluminum plate does the job for you. 

Believe me! It is what you need when you don’t like fancy and overwhelming accessories to your gun that can get in the way of efficient shooting or throw your gun off balance. At least, this is why I got it!

The low profile also makes the saddle snag-free, which allows you to shoot conveniently with your gun. 

What You’ll Love About It?

  • Get extra capacity without added weight:  The contoured design of this saddle makes it lightweight, so you don’t add excess weight for adding more power. No shooter prefers to add bulk to their guns, as it can throw off your balance and affect the aim-eventually ruining your shooting experience.  The Tacstar Slimline does not do that. 
  • Best Bang for Buck: You get the good quality build and low-profile design in just 30 dollars–defying the myth that you need to pay close to 70 dollars to get a good saddle. Why would you waste your money buying an expensive option when you have this? 
  • You don’t need a gunsmith to install this: Installing this saddle to your Mossberg is very easy. It takes 10 minutes, tops! It also comes with all the hardware and tools you need to install. What more can you ask for? If this is not enough, it also comes with a free snap cap.

What Won’t You Love About It?  

  • You need to modify your Mossberg 500: A saddle longer than 4 shells will touch the forend of your shotgun and impair its working. So, if you want to use the 6 shell saddle, you need to modify your Mossberg 500. 
  • The shell holders are too tight: The rubber shells are too tight to take a shell out conveniently. But adding a little gun oil to it will make it just fine.   

Tacstar Slimline is one of my favorite side saddles. It’s great when you have extra shells attached to your receiver. Yes, the shell holder holds the shells too tight, but I have lubricated mine to make them loose, and they work just fine.

Honestly, I would not let go of such a good-quality saddle at an affordable price because of this minor issue. You can decide for yourself. After all, we live in a democracy!

So, if I sum it up for you: the TacStar Slimline Sidesaddle has a low profile, snag-free design with good quality built at a very affordable price. But you need modifications with your gun to perfectly fit this and a little bit of oiling of the shell holders. 

If you are not bothered by modifications and want a slim and contoured saddle, get it. But keep reading if you hate modifications and can do with less capacity. 

2. Tacstar 4-Shot Shell Carrier – For Those Who Hate Modifications 


Brand name: Tacstar | Capacity: 4 | Color: Multi

Reasons To Buy

  • It fits 500 Mossberg without any modification.
  • Being a Tacstar product, it gives similar quality as Slimline


  • It provides perfect retention–the shells are not too tight, not too loose. 

Next up is a Tacstar option for someone who loves the brand but does not like to modify their Mossberg 500.

This sidesaddle has 4 shell capacity, which allows you to fit your Mossberg without the modifications you need for a 6-capacity shell holder. It’s just ready to fit and spares you from all the extra effort of modifying your gun. 

Also, the complaint you hear all the time about the slimline Tacstar shell holder being too tight, you don’t get it here. The shell holder, in this case, holds the shell with just the perfect amount of retention. Neither too loose that they fall off, not too tight that they don’t come out. So, having perfect retention means you get to take them out when you need them, which is the whole purpose of having extra shells in the first place. 

So, let me sum it up for you: the Tacstar 4 Shot Shell Carrier fits your Mossberg 500 without any modification and gives perfect retention, but it has lesser capacity than the Slimline Sidesaddle. 

What You’ll Love About It?

  • Easy to install: The installation of this sidesaddle is effortless. You don’t need any professional help to do that.
  • Recoil resistant: It has an aluminum backing plate which makes the saddle rugged. Also, the polymer shell holders are sturdy and hold the shells securely. With the sturdy construction, this sidesaddle can bear recoil. 
  • Affordable: You get a good quality saddle at about 40 dollars. 

What Won’t You Love About It?  

  • Less capacity than the Slimline Saddle: This saddle has less shell capacity than the Slimline saddle or any other competitors that offer a 6-capacity shell holder. 

So, if you want to carry more shells, go for a Slimline Saddle, and do the required modifications. But if modifications bother you and not the less shell capacity, get a Tacstar 4-Shot Shell Carrier. 

3. Monstrum Side Saddle Shell Holder – If Security Is Priority


Brand name: Monstrum| Capacity: 6 & 7 |Color: Black 

Reasons To Buy

  • Safe and secure retention–perfect for home defense. 
  • The included rail allows for optics attachment.

Next in line is the safest, most secure sidesaddle option for your Mossberg 500.

The shell holders are made of sturdy polymer, holding the shells well. It is hard enough that your shells won’t come out of it. So, you know that you won’t lose them when you are running around your house in the middle of the night to find an invader. The security you get with this is vital for your defense.

Also, it comes with a rail mount that allows attaching Picatinny or Weaver standard scopes, red dots, or other optics. It helps you to get the accuracy you need for hitting the target.

And,  you can mount your shells from underneath, which allows you to pull even quicker.

What You’ll Love About It?

  • Simple installation: If you know how to use an Allen wrench, you can easily install it.
  • Allows for optics attachment: The bonus here is the built-in Picatinny rail, which allows you to attach the powered optics essential for self-defense.  
  • You can maintain your balance: With the lightweight of this saddle, you don’t lose your balance and get a perfect aim. 
  • It comes with all the hardware: This saddle comes with all the hardware you need for installation.

What Won’t You Love About it?

  • Using standard sights can be difficult: The rail system adds height to the gun, and it becomes difficult to see the front sight if you use standard sights with it. 

So, if you are pursuing safety for yourself and your family and want to be a bit extra protective about it, get the Monstrum sidesaddle. 

4. NcSTAR Universal 12 gauge Shots – Best Budget Option


Brand name: Ncstar| Capacity: 2,4 & 6 |Color: Black

Reasons To Buy

  • Good quality at a low price.
  • It is versatile; you get 2, 4, and 6 shell holder options in one saddle. 
  • Easy attachment with Velcro. You can finally get rid of all the attachment work. 

Despite the low price, NcStar is not a poor-quality saddle. It holds the shell tight, so it will not fall out of the holder, and you can retrieve it easily. What more do you need from a 20 dollar saddle? But, this one has much more.

The highlight of this sidesaddle is that it is divided into two sections connected with a dovetail. One holds 4 shells, and the other holds 2 shells. So, you can either use all 6 shells together or reduce it to 4 or 2, according to your needs. So, if you think 6 shells are too heavy for you to carry for your hunting adventure, go with 4.

 Also, it attaches with Velcro tape. So, you can finally get rid of the screws and the process of installation. So, no messing with the gun internals. 

I love using the Ncstar Universal for my fun hunting adventures. I like the Velcro as it holds the saddle tight. 

So, Ncstar Universal is for you if you have no money to spend on a saddle, but the shooter inside you wants it. You won’t find so many good features in any other 20 dollars sidesaddle. 

5. Mesa Tactical SureShell Side Mount Shell Carrier


Brand name: Mesa Tactical |Capacity: 4, 6 & 8 |Color: Black

Reasons To Buy

  • It is available in 4,6, and 8 shell holder designs. 
  • It comes with an attached Picatinny rail for adding optics. 

The Mesa Tactical Sureshell solves your problem of looking for different brands to find the perfect saddle. You can buy any shell configuration you want.

It’s really frustrating that you like a certain brand, but it doesn’t offer what you need. Mesa Tactical is the brand that allows you to get the perfect shell configuration for your shooting needs; it comes with 4,6, and 8 shell configurations. 

Not just this, the Mesa Tactical is made of aluminum which allows it to bear harsh environmental conditions. You can bump it, drop it, or use it in snow or rain. 

The bonus here is that this saddle comes with a Picatinny rail attached to it, so you can add any optic of your choice that adds to the accuracy for acquiring your target. 

I have used the Mesa Tactical shell carrier for many years on my Mossberg 500 before replacing it with the Slimline saddle a year ago. I love the saddle because it comes with a Picatinny rail that allows me to easily attach a red dot to my self-defense gun. 

So, with Mesa Tactical, you have multiple options for shell capacity. 

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What Do You Need in A Good Sidesaddle?

Before buying the sidesaddle for your Mossberg 500, read the following guide to understand what you need in a good saddle. 

Not too tight, not too loose

Your sidesaddle should be neither too tight, nor too loose. It should

be tight enough that the shells do not fall and loose enough to come out easily when you want them out. For example, the TacStar Slimline is a good saddle, but users complain that it is too tight. So, for more balanced retention, try out the Monstrum. 

Everyone loves an affordable option.

It’s not like you are buying a 1000-dollar product here, but price

still matters. You can get good quality at a low price with the TacStar Slimline. And the most affordable option in the list above is the Ncstar Universal. You get a good quality saddle for 20 dollars—now that’s a deal!

No hassle installation

The more hassle-free the installation is, the better. The

easiest attachment option is the Velcro attachment, where you don’t need to work with any screws. In the list above, we have the Ncstar Universal that attaches with a Velcro.

Capacity should align with the use

When it comes to shell capacity, the more, the merrier, but carrying more shells means adding more weight to the weapon. So, the capacity you want to carry depends on the purpose of shooting. The usual capacity is 4-8 shells, and 6 is a fine balance: it’s good for hunting at the range. However, in competition shooting, you need more capacity.


Do you need a sidesaddle for a shotgun?

A typical shotgun can hold 5-10 rounds. To make the best use of your shotgun, you need to increase its capacity by adding a sidesaddle with six to eight rounds. 

What is the effective range of a Mossberg 500?

The effective range of a Mossberg 500 is 40 meters. 

Are Mossberg 500 good shotguns?

The Mossberg 500 is affordable, rugged, and functional. They have been around for a long time and are one of the best pump-action shotguns you will find on the market. 

Does the military use Mossberg 500?

The U.S. Marine Corps uses both the Mossberg 500 and 590. However, the army is replacing it with the latest M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System.

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