Streamlight TLR-8A G Flex Review

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Welcome to my Streamlight TLR-8A G Flex Review.

As someone who’s spent a good amount of time on the shooting range and in tactical scenarios, I know the value of having reliable gear. 

Today, I’m going to dive deep into a piece of equipment that’s caught my eye and impressed me in the field: the Streamlight TLR-8A G Flex. 

Stick around because I’ve put this bad boy through its paces, and I’m thrilled to share my insights with you.

Overview of the Streamlight TLR-8A G Flex

Let’s talk about the Streamlight TLR-8A G Flex. There are No specs or features yet. First and foremost, this is a game changer, folks. Its design is sleek yet sturdy, blending functionality with aesthetics. 

It looks and feels like it means business, promising both reliability and high performance. Just holding it gives you the confidence that you’re packing some serious tech on your firearm.

Core Specifications of Streamlight TLR-8A G Flex

Power SourceBattery Powered
Light Source TypeLED
Light Path Distance140 Meters
Brightness500 Lumen
Battery Cell CompositionLithium Metal
Item Weight2.64 Ounces
Number of Batteries1 CR123A (included)
Dimensions2.58″D x 1.18″W x 1.5″H
Warranty TypeManufacturer
Country of OriginUSA

What’s in the Box?

  • Key Kit
  • High Switch (Mounted)
  • TLR-8 A G Rail Mounted Strobing Tactical Light with Green Laser Sight
  • Low Switch
  • One CR123A Lithium Battery
  • User Manual (not listed but typically included)
  • Warranty Card (not listed but typically included)

First Look & Impression

Out of the box, this light grabs your attention. There’s an undeniable sense of durability and craftsmanship that immediately stands out. 

The interface is intuitive, almost as if it’s urging you to put it to good use right away. Oh, and it’s not just a tool; it’s a statement. It tells you that whoever wields it knows what they’re doing.

Who Should Get Streamlight TLR-8A G Flex

If you’re an avid shooter, a law enforcement officer, or someone who values home defense, then this is for you. Trust me, it’s an investment you won’t regret.

Types of Guns Suitable for This Light

  • GLOCK: Most models up to Gen 4
  • SIG SAUER: 320 Compact, 1911 GSR, and others
  • SMITH & WESSON: TSW, M&P (Full Sizes)
  • BERETTA 92 FS/M9A1 Models, APX, 90TWO
  • FN: FNS-40, FIVE-SEVEN, 509, FNX
  • HK: VP 9, P30
  • CZ: P-01, P-07, P-10, 75 SP-01
  • KIMBER: 1911 Custom
  • RUGER: SR-9
  • Any firearm with a 1913 Picatinny Rail

Features of Streamlight TLR-8A G Flex

1. High-Powered LED & Laser Combo

One of the standout features of this tactical light is its high-powered LED, boasting 500 Lumens with a 140-meter beam. Add in a 510-520nm green laser, and you have an illuminating beast that leaves no room for errors. 

The LED offers a run time of 1.5 hours, whether you’re using light only or the light/laser combo. Meanwhile, the green laser can run for an impressive 11 hours.

The high-intensity white LED ensures extreme brightness, illuminating any dark corners and making sure you have a clear view of your surroundings.

My Testing

In my tests, this light really shines; no pun intended! The LED lit up targets at 140 meters without breaking a sweat. 

I ran it continuously for close to 1.5 hours and observed no degradation in brightness. The green laser? It’s just as impressive, showing up bright and clear even in broad daylight.

2. Rear Ambidextrous Switches

Ergonomics is key in tactical situations, and the TLR-8A G Flex nails it with rear switches situated to the left and right of the trigger guard. 

These switches provide ambidextrous operation and are available with high and low actuators. 

There’s even a ‘double tap to strobe’ feature, activated within a quarter of a second, offering that extra layer of functionality.

My Testing

I tried the light on different firearms, and those rear switches were always within easy reach. Whether using my dominant hand or switching it up, it felt smooth. 

The double-tap strobe feature was also responsive, working as described.

3. Durable, Anodized Machined Aluminum Construction

Durability is one of the pillars of this light, thanks to its 6000 Series machined aircraft aluminum construction with a black anodized finish. 

The light also features a lens made from high-temperature, shock-mounted, impact-resistant Borofloat glass. The switch housing is made of an impact and chemical-resistant engineered polymer. 

This is one rugged piece of gear designed to take a beating and keep on ticking.

My Testing

Let me tell you, I didn’t go easy on this thing. It got knocked around, dropped, and exposed to the elements. 

The aluminum body held up well, showing only minor signs of wear and tear. The lens also remained clear and unscratched, even when it took a minor hit.

4. Safe Off Feature & Battery Efficiency

The TLR-8A G Flex boasts a thoughtful “Safe Off” feature located on its bezel. The purpose is straightforward but critical: it prevents the light or laser from accidentally turning on, thereby conserving battery life. 

The unit runs on a single CR123A lithium battery, which comes included. Speaking of batteries, they’re made to last, complementing the light’s 1.5-hour and the laser’s 11-hour run time. 

The “Safe Off” feature adds an extra layer of reliability and reassurance, ensuring your tactical light is ready when needed.

My Testing

During my tests, I made sure to try out this feature by storing the weapon light in various conditions: a holster, a bag, and even loosely in a drawer. 

Sure enough, the “Safe Off” feature worked as advertised, ensuring that the light didn’t turn on by accident and drain the battery.

5. Rail Clamp System

The rail clamp system on the TLR-8A G Flex is designed for quick, secure attachment and detachment, and here’s the kicker: you don’t need any tools.

It’s efficient and ensures your hands remain safely away from the muzzle during the process. 

The low-profile design helps prevent snagging, and the system fits a broad range of full-sized and compact firearms. A key kit is provided to ensure compatibility.

My Testing

The first thing I did was attach and detach this bad boy several times on different firearms. Each time, the rail clamp system worked flawlessly. 

It fastened securely without any wiggling, and removal was just as effortless. Never had to worry about the muzzle, and I didn’t even need to reach for my toolbox.

6. Compact and Lightweight

Weighing in at just 2.64 oz with the battery, the TLR-8A G Flex is a lightweight option that doesn’t skimp on features or durability. 

Its compact dimensions, 1.18 inches in width, 1.50 inches in height, and 2.58 inches in length, make it an incredibly unobtrusive add-on to your firearm. 

This tactical light is designed to be as streamlined as possible without compromising on its core functionalities.

My Testing

In my tests, the light’s compact size never got in the way during rapid movements or while aiming. 

The lightweight design also meant that it hardly affected the balance of my firearms, making it a welcome, not burdensome, addition.

Overview of Footprint and Mounting Considerations

When it comes to the footprint, the Streamlight TLR-8A G Flex is designed with both space and utility in mind. 

The device is compact, only 1.18 inches in width, 1.50 inches in height, and 2.58 inches in length, making it an easy fit on a wide variety of firearms. 

The mounting system is also tailored to keep your hands away from the muzzle, emphasizing safety. 

Pros & Cons


  • Compact and lightweight, easy to maneuver
  • Rail grip clamp system for secure and quick attachment/detachment
  • Multiple operation modes for versatility (Laser only, LED only, Laser/LED combo)
  • High-power LED with extreme brightness and extensive range
  • Ambidextrous rear switches for user-friendly operation
  • The “Safe Off” feature prevents accidental activation
  • Durable, made from anodized machined aircraft aluminum
  • IPX4 water-resistant and extensively live-fire tested


  • Battery life could be better, particularly for extended use
  • Laser visibility is primarily effective indoors

Final Verdict

As a professional shooter who’s tested various weapon lights, I’ve got to say the Streamlight TLR-8A G Flex didn’t disappoint. 

It performed reliably under different conditions, giving me the tactical advantage I needed. If you’re serious about shooting, you won’t regret adding this light to your setup.


What is the difference between TLR 8A and 8AG?

The TLR-8A features a red laser for long-range targeting, while the TLR-8A G uses a green laser designed for better focus during daylight.

What is the difference between TLR7 and TLR-8?

TLR7 is geared more towards activating antiviral responses, primarily IFN-α and IFN-regulated cytokines. TLR8 leans towards activating proinflammatory cytokines and chemokines like TNF-α and IL-12.

What is the difference between TLR-8 and TLR 8G?

TLR-8 comes with a red aiming laser, while TLR-8 G features a green aiming laser.

Does the TLR 8AG have strobe?

Yes, the TLR-8AG has a strobe mode which can be activated by a double tap on either switch within a ¼ second if enabled.

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