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Hey folks! If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering which night sights to pick for your Walther PPQ M2. 

When it comes to the Walther PPQ M2, trust me, I’ve put this bad boy through its paces.

Now, we all know how important a good sight is. It can be the difference between hitting your target and missing it by a mile. 

After rigorous testing and many hours at the range, I zeroed in on the Trijicon HD as my top choice for a night sight. After all my experiences and evaluations, the Trijicon HD is, in my view, the best night sight you can invest in for your Walther PPQ M2. 

The main goal of this article is to help you make an informed decision about the best night sights for your Walther PPQ M2. To accomplish that, I’ve spent countless hours testing various options.

Top 5 Best Sights for Walther PPQ M2

Below mentioned sights have all the features you need for your Walther PPQ M2.

ProductKey FeaturesRating
Trijicon HD Night Sight SetWorks in dark
Quick front sight acquisition
Added features for protection
One-handed use
Comply with US military and
NATO standards
Quick recharge option
12-year warranty
TRUGLO TFX Tritium and
Fiber-Optic Xtreme
Handgun Sights
Work well day and night.
Durable and long-lasting.
Hermetically sealed fiber-optic tube
Enhanced front sight acquisition
No battery required
Doesn’t catch on clothing
Meprolight Tru-Dot
Night Sights
Cost-effective option.
Glow in dark
No batteries needed:
Quick target identification.
Complying with NATO and
US Military standards
One-handed operation
XS DXT Big Dot
Night Sights – Canik
Ideal for defense
Large and visible sights 
Wide field of view
One-handed manipulation
HIVIZ Handgun
Front Sight
Shines bright outdoors
Clear dot
Snag-free design

1. Trijicon HD Night Sight Set – Best Choice

Manufacturer: Trijicon

Night Vision: Yes

The Trijicon HD Night Sight Set is engineered specifically for high-stakes tactical shooting. This sight set offers high visibility with a vibrant, colored front sight post. 

The rear sight is subdued, featuring a “U” notch design that’s both angled and serrated. The sights are filled with tritium-phosphor lamps for excellent visibility in low-light conditions. They are highly compatible with Walther PPQ M2.

Why to Buy: If you want speed, durability, and optimal low-light performance, this sight is for you. That high-visibility front dot paired with the “U” notch rear sight makes target acquisition lightning fast. Plus, there’s a 12-year warranty on the lamps! And get this, they even meet US military and NATO standards. One-handed manipulation? Check. Protection against moisture and recoil? 

These sights are built like a tank and function like a dream.

Why Not to Buy: Alright, let’s pump the brakes a bit. These sights are great, but they’re not a cakewalk to install. You’ll likely need professional help to get them on your gun, and that can be a hassle. 

Also, the high quality comes with a price tag to match. They’re not the cheapest option out there, and if budget is a concern, you might want to look elsewhere.

Who Should Buy: If you’re in law enforcement, military, or simply someone who takes their shooting seriously, these sights are a game changer. 

They’re built to withstand rugged use, making them ideal for anyone without compromising quality. If you often find yourself in low-light conditions or require quick target acquisition, the 

Trijicon HD Night Sight Set should be on the top of your list. They’re the real deal, folks.

My Experience

Having tested these sights extensively on my own Walther PPQ M2, I can vouch for their performance. The high-visibility front post is a major asset in stressful situations, making target acquisition intuitive. 

The tritium lamps shine in low light, ensuring I’m never at a disadvantage. Truly, it felt like my PPQ M2 and the Trijicon HD were a match made in heaven.


  • Quick target acquisition
  • Highly durable
  • 12-year lamp warranty
  • One-handed manipulation possible
  • Low-light functionality


  • On the expensive side

2. TRUGLO TFX Tritium and Fiber-Optic Xtreme – Second Best Option

Manufacturer: Truglo

Night Vision: Yes

The TRUGLO TFX sights are like the Swiss army knife of gun sights. You’ve got fiber optics for the day and tritium for the night. The sights come with a focus lock ring on the front sight, Fortress Finish for corrosion resistance, and a shock-resistant capsule. 

They work without a battery and are designed to be snag-free. Seriously, they thought of it all.

Why to Buy: Here’s the thing, these sights are incredibly versatile. Day or night, rain or shine, they’ve got your back. The fiber optics soak up the light during the day, making it super easy to line up your shot. When it’s dark, the tritium kicks in. The focus lock ring at the front sight helps you acquire your target faster than ever. 

The metal construction? That’s like armor for your sights. Oh, and forget worrying about batteries dying on you.

Why Not to Buy: Don’t get me wrong, these sights are great, but they’re not perfect. The fiber optics are exposed, making them potentially susceptible to damage despite their so-called “shock-resistant” capsule. 

Then there’s the rear sight issue. For some, the left capsule seems to be off-center, messing up your aim in low light situations. In bright light, you can adjust, but let’s be honest, it’s still a bummer.

Who Should Buy: If you’re the kind of person who finds themselves in varied lighting conditions and you want a sight that can keep up, this is for you. 

Outdoor adventurers, law enforcement folks, or anyone needing a reliable, all-weather, all-lighting sight will love the TRUGLO TFX.

My Experience 

I’ve had these bad boys on my Walther PPQ M2 for about a year now. Daytime shooting? A walk in the park. 

Nighttime? Just as easy. The focus lock on the front sight has been a game-changer for me, making it much easier to lock onto my target. 

So yeah, they’re staying on my Walther for the foreseeable future.


  • Works in any lighting condition
  • Focus lock for quicker target acquisition
  • Solid metal construction
  • Battery-free operation
  • Snag-free design


  • Fiber optics can be susceptible to damage
  • Off-center rear sight can affect aim in low light

3. Meprolight Tru-Dot – Best for Professionals

Manufacturer: Meprolight

Night Vision: Yes

Here’s your go-to if you’re hunting for a bang for your buck: Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sights. We’re talking tritium-powered illumination with no batteries needed.

These sights come with a 12-year guarantee for the tritium and are trusted by military and law enforcement worldwide. Oh, and they’re drop-resistant. What’s not to love?

Why to Buy: Affordability is where these sights truly shine, not just in price but in value. The tritium makes it a solid choice for nighttime use. Lightweight? Check. High transparency glass for quick target identification? Check. 

Thanks to the angled rear sight, you can even operate them with one hand. Plus, these sights meet NATO and US military specs. If they’re good enough for the pros, they’re good enough for you.

Why Not to Buy: Sure, the 12-year tritium warranty is great, but guess what’s not covered? The housing. Also, while these sights are no doubt durable, they’re not invincible. 

I’ve seen folks have issues with their longevity, especially under heavy use. So, weigh your options.

Who Should Buy: If you’re a budget-conscious gun owner who needs reliable, bright sights for a Walther PPQ M2, this is your jam. 

It’s especially ideal for newbies just getting into the game and more seasoned shooters looking for a cost-effective backup.

My Experience 

So, I’ve been rocking these Meprolight Tru-Dot sights on my Walther PPQ M2 for about six months. I gotta say, I’m impressed. They’re lightweight, so target acquisition is fast. 

And whether I’m at the range or find myself in a low-light situation, these sights deliver. They’ve even survived a clumsy drop or two.


  • Tritium-powered for low-light conditions
  • No batteries required, one less thing to worry about
  • Lightweight, helps with fast target acquisition
  • 12-year tritium warranty


  • Warranty doesn’t cover housing, so take good care of ’em

4. XS DXT Big Dot – Highly Rated

Meet the XS DXT Big Dot Night Sights, designed for quick and effective sight acquisition in any lighting condition. With a tritium dot neatly housed inside a reflective white dot, this set-up amps up visibility big time. 

The rear sight has a unique low-profile V-shape, granting you a generous field of view. Oh, and snagging isn’t a concern here, thanks to the rounded front sight.

Why to Buy: So, why are these sights worth your hard-earned bucks? For starters, they make fast sight acquisition a cinch, whether you’re in the dead of night or under the bright sun. The reflective white dot gives you that “flash sight” picture, and the tritium boosts low-light accuracy. 

Got weaker eyesight? These large dots are your best friends. Plus, one-handed manipulation is a go with the rear sight’s design. If you’re after quick target alignment and improved situational awareness, these are for you.

Why Not to Buy: However, there’s a hiccup you need to know about. Installation can be a bit of a puzzle, especially with those tiny screws. 

So if you’re not DIY-savvy, you might need professional help, which is an additional cost. Also, the distinct shape of the sights could throw off some people who are used to more traditional designs.

Who Should Buy: These sights are perfect if you’re focusing on defense. Whether you’re new to shooting or a seasoned expert, the quick sight picture acquisition can be a real lifesaver in stressful scenarios. 

Elderly folks or those with weaker eyesight will also benefit from the larger dots. If your priority is a fast, effective, and highly visible sight, look no further.

My Experience 

Having the XS DXT Big Dots on my Walther PPQ M2 has been a game-changer. Honestly, the fast sight picture lets me focus on the target quicker than ever. 

Even in low-light scenarios, the tritium comes through. I haven’t had any snagging issues; one-handed adjustments work like a charm.


  • Rapid sight picture acquisition
  • Excellent for low-light scenarios
  • Great for those with weaker eyesight
  • Wide field of view for improved situational awareness
  • One-handed manipulation is a breeze


  • Installation could be tricky due to small screws

5. HIVIZ Front Sight – Affordable Option

Manufacturer: HIVIZ

Night Vision: No

Say hello to the HIVIZ Handgun Front Sight, a solid pick if you’re all about daytime shooting. With its fiber optic technology, this sight captures and amplifies any available light like a champ. 

Constructed from durable steel and designed right here in the USA, it’s contoured to be snag-free. That bright green light pipe? Recessed for crisp visibility.

Why to Buy: So you’re asking, “Why should I add this to my gear?” Well, for starters, it’s a bang for your buck. Affordable? Check. Durable? Double-check. 

The fiber optic design works wonders in bright conditions, making it a star player for daytime outings. And if you’re a bit up there in age or have weaker eyes, the enhanced visibility is like a breath of fresh air. In short, it ticks quite a lot of boxes without draining your wallet.

Why Not to Buy: Okay, let’s tap the brakes for a second. While it’s great for daytime, it’s not your go-to for low-light or nighttime situations. 

Yep, you heard that right, no night vision. Plus, there have been some grumblings about the brightness dimming over time. So, if you’re aiming for a sight that’s a jack-of-all-trades, this might not be your winner.

Who Should Buy: This is the sight for you if daytime shooting is your jam. It’s affordable, which makes it a great entry point for newbies or a nice addition for seasoned shooters. 

Because of its brightness and larger size, it’s also suitable for those with aging or weaker eyesight. Don’t scroll past this one if you’re looking for a reliable, budget-friendly sight for daytime use.

My Experience 

Having tried the HIVIZ Handgun Front Sight on my Walther PPQ M2, I’ve got to say, it’s pretty darn good for what it is. 

Daytime shooting was a dream; the green light pipe was super easy to spot. The sight attached easily and stayed snug on my weapon.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Robust steel construction
  • Excellent for daytime use
  • Fiber optic enhances brightness
  • Snag-free design


  • Not suitable for low-light or nighttime
  • Brightness may diminish over time

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Alright, folks, we’ve covered a lot of ground, haven’t we? We’ve looked at some of the best sights out there for your Walther PPQ M2, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. 

From the versatile TRUGLO TFX to the budget-friendly Meprolight Tru-Dot, there are options for every type of shooter. Whether you’re a law enforcement officer, an outdoor adventurer, or someone who loves a good day at the range, you have choices. 

But if you’re asking me, after extensive testing and experience, the Trijicon HD Night Sight Set comes out on top.

So, there you have it. Your needs and preferences will dictate your choice, but as for me and my Walther PPQ M2, it doesn’t get any better than the Trijicon HD.


Does Walther PPQ have night sights? 

Yes, night sights like the Trijicon HD Night Sight Set can be fitted on the Walther PPQ.

Can you put a red dot sight on a Walther PPQ? 

Absolutely, you can equip a Walther PPQ with a red dot sight.

Is the Walther PPQ M2 a good carry gun? 

Yes, the Walther PPQ M2 offers excellent ergonomics, manageable recoil, and a great trigger, making it a solid carry option.

What does PPQ M2 stand for?

PPQ stands for Police Pistol Quick Defense, and M2 indicates it’s a model with an American-style magazine release.

What Trijicon sights suit a Walther PPQ M2? 

Trijicon HD Night Sight Set is compatible with Walther PPQ M2.

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