How to remove plug from Mossberg 500?

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How to remove plug from Mossberg 500
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Sporting with the Mossberg 500 is a rather interesting subject. As you carry this gun for hunting purposes, you’ll learn a lot about gun handling and sportsmanship.

This quick guide also helps you learn one of the many learnings that Mossberg 500 has in store for you. We’ll be discussing what is a shotgun plug, how to remove a plug from Mossberg 500, and how you can execute the job nearly perfectly. We will also discuss some of the obvious but essential questions that may pop up in your head.

So, gear up and dive right in!

What is a shotgun plug?

Firstly, you ought to understand what is a shotgun plug? What is this object, and why do we have it around?

Well, a shotgun plug refers to a plastic rod or a wooden dowel that limits the number of shotshells in your magazine tube. It looks like this:

Mossberg 500 12 Gauge Wood Shell Limit Plug
Mossberg 500 12 Gauge Wood Shell Limit Plug (Image credit: Amazon)

It sits at the front most of the magazine tube, typically inside the long coil tube. Its purpose is to limit the number of rounds.

Although it may appear so, you cannot slip the plug right in front of the first shell. You’ll have to partially disassemble the shotgun to install this plug. Also, there is certain size specification that you ought to follow. We’ll be discussing all of this in detail in the later section of this post.

But why limited shots?

Newbie hunters often fail to comprehend the relevance of the plugs. And we can’t deny it. The question is only fair! Why are they creating guns with a capacity of 5-6 shotshells when only three rounds are permissible?

Let’s get our basics clear. Three shotshells are permissible only when the shotgun is used for recreational purposes, i.e., hunting out of interest or passion pursuit. In the USA, there are certain game regulations that every participant must oblige to. For example, only 2-3 shotshells are permissible for migratory birds.

So, if anyone’s hunting these birds out of interest, they should use a plug and limit themselves to 2-3 shots only. In case they refuse to comply, they will be charged by the legal authorities. You may have to endure the corresponding penalty or punishment.

Usually, the legal authorities charge about $250 – $500 for every bird you’ve shot or possessed unlawfully. The charges and severity of penalty may vary with the rarity of the specie.

How to remove plug from Mossberg 500?

Now, here comes the art you might want to learn, i.e., a step-by-step guide about how to remove a plug from Mossberg 500.

Step One

Unload the Mossberg 500. Refer to this guide to learn how to unload your Mossberg 500. Once done, manually and visually recheck if the shotgun still holds any shells.

Step Two

Now, locate the magazine cap under the barrel, loosen it by turning it clockwise, and take off the magazine cap.

Step Three

Next, pull out the barrel and barrel mounting ring from the receiver. Place the barrel of Mossberg 500 aside.

Step Four

Position the shotgun down and shake it a little to push the plug or dowel downwards. It will not come out readily. You’ll have to use your fingers to pull out the dowel from the end of the magazine tube (past the rubber tube).

Step Five

Place the mounting ring and the barrel back onto the magazine tube. Return the magazine cap to its original position. And firmly secure everything back.

dnond that’s it! There you go. You’re done with removing a plug from the Mossberg 500. Now, read along to find yourself some handy tips and tricks about the whole procedure as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Some Tips & Tricks

Although removing the Mossberg plug is a rather simple process, a few measures and tactics can make it even simpler for you. Experts recommend:

  • Use needle-nose pliers to pull out the dowel instead of fingers.
  • Refer to local hunting regulations before using dowels. You may be using the wrong type at times.
  • Avoid aggressive shaking of the shotgun in step four.
  • Store removed plugs and dowels safely in a box. You can easily lose them and might find yourself purchasing newer ones now and then. It’s going to turn out costly. So, save!


Q. How long should the plug be for a Mossberg 500?

There’s no definite size that you should get for Mossberg 500. It depends on your Mossberg model and your needs. Experts usually recommend a plug sized between 7.25 inches and 9.25 inches for Mossberg 500.

Q. Are shotgun plugs universal?

Yes, shotgun plugs are universal. And that applies to both their usage around the world and sizing. Most places recommend the usage of plugs to limit the number of shots you can use for hunting birds. Similarly, in terms of sizes, the shotgun plugs are available in different sizes.

Q. Are all shotgun plugs the same size?

No! Shotgun plugs differ in size depending on your shotgun’s size, model, and shooting purpose. The plug’s size can be cut down to any length.

Final Words

We hope the guide above has clarified all your doubts and concerns regarding how to remove plug from Mossberg 500. If there are still any queries or concerns, please feel free to write to us! We’d be happy to help.

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