How to Measure Scope Ring Height?

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How to Measure Scope Ring Height

Have you ever squinted through a misaligned scope, fought the discomfort of an awkward cheek-weld, or perhaps, missed a critical shot simply because your scope wasn’t perfectly mounted? The key to that desired harmony between the shooter and the rifle lies in an often-overlooked element of rifle assembly: the scope ring height.

Understanding how to measure scope ring height is not just a technicality for gunsmiths or precision shooting enthusiasts. It’s a fundamental aspect of ensuring optimal functionality, comfort, and accuracy in any shooting endeavour.

Unfortunately, it’s also a concept often obscured in confusion and misinformation. With numerous variables at play from the diameter of the scope tube to the contour of the barrel, the process can seem daunting.

However, getting it right can revolutionize your shooting experience, eliminate avoidable discomfort, and even turn missed shots into bullseyes. In this comprehensive guide, we’re set to demystify the science of measuring scope ring height, and shed light on why this tiny factor can make a world of difference in your shooting performance.

That’s why the proper measurement of ring height is the crucial factor for better shooting and hunting. In today’s article, we will learn how to measure scope ring height correctly. Let’s start.

What is the Ring of a Scope?

The scope rings are circular clamps made, usually of steel or aluminum, that come in pairs and wrap our scope sight in both parts of the tube to fix it to a base.

The Base or Rails in a Scope Mount

The base in a mount for a scope is an element, usually made of steel or aluminum. Generally, it’s fixed with your rifle and allows the ring to be adjusted to it. 

What Height Scope Rings Do I Need?

The answer you will find in the measurement of the mounting base you have. If your rifle has some built-in rail (which is part of the weapon), measure its width, and you will know if you need 11mm rings or 20mm rings. Generally, .22 calibre gun and air guns have 11-millimeter rails, but it never hurts to determine, to be sure.

Rings Calibre

As its name says, it is the measurement of the calibre of the circumference in the rings. 2 standard measures are the most used:

  • 1 ” or 25.4 mm ring
  • 30 mm ring

More extensive measures of ring height for larger optics are used in stalking or for very long-distance shots. These ring heights are 34mm, 36mm, and 40mm, but none of them is familiar. Most likely, your choice is in the two standard measurements I mentioned above.

What Calibre of Rings Do You Need?

You will find the answer in your calibre of the scope tube. Remember that the rings must wrap around the scope tube. Therefore, you can tell if you need a 1-inch ring or a 30-millimeter ring by measuring your scope tube’s calibre.

Different Heights of Scope Rings

The standard assesses considered “high” for rings is:

  • 21mm tall for 11mm adjustment
  • 18mm high for 20mm adjustment

The standard assesses considered “average” for scope rings is:

  • 14mm high for 11mm adjustment
  • 14mm high for 20mm adjustment

The standard assesses considered “low” for rings is:

  • 6mm high for 20mm adjustment

How to Measure For Scope Rings

We are going to give you some prudent advice so you can make up your mind.

If you are going to buy your first sight, you are still not sure what height you need, and you are mounting the scope on a base without additional heights, a prudent choice would be to choose high rings since, most likely, a high mount does not have Objective lens width issues and rifle design and mechanism issues.

If you buy high rings and feel that your position concerning the rifle was a little low, you can use a fixed or mobile pad on the butt of the weapon to raise your face’s position and feel more comfortable when aiming.

Items Needed For Measuring Scope Rings Height:

  • Your extreme Consciousness
  • Six inches ruler or Calipers 
  • Rifle and Scope

How are scope Rings measured Step by Step

You have to point out your scope ring’s height from the receiver’s contact point to the center of your ring or bottom of the ring. Follow these measuring methods step by step to identify the ring height correctly.

  • Firstly, take the inches ruler and measure from the center point of the pierce
  • If it’s a bolt rifle, measure from the top of the bolt rifle’s stock to the objective lens center.
  • If you can’t do it properly and feel any guilt, you can determine the bore’s calibre. 
  • After measuring it with an inch ruler, you have to divide the result by two.
  • Similarly, assess the objective lens calibre and divide them by two.
  • Now you have these two numbers (from steps 4 & 5), and you can determine the distance between the scope and receiver with the calipers. 

Now, follow these formulas:

Scope Ring Height Calculator Formula

  • Formula for standard evolution chassis: Required Ring Height= (Actual objective diameter/2) + .9 – (Action diameter/2) – base height
  • Formula for Evolution HD / Carbon chassis:  Required Ring Height= (Actual objective diameter/2) + 1.05 – (action diameter/2) – base height

In any case, the measurement should come out very close. The rings that you install ought to be the least credible number without the scope touching the rifle in anyhow, and still alright with incredible sight visibility when you glance through it. That’s why, after mounting your scope, you will need to check again this and ensure it’s an excellent height for you. Otherwise, you should change the heights and recheck them.

Alternative Ways of Measuring Ring Height

The process mentioned above is the easiest way of measuring scope ring height. But, if you feel peeved, then avoid this process. You can easily assess your ring height using these websites’ calculator that calculates the scope height. I have mentioned those types of websites below. 

  • Scoped Out
  • Mil-Rad
  • XLR Industries
  • Tactical Hole Punch

Mounting Height

Mount height is a measure of how high your scope is relative to the rifle. Both the height of the rings and the base of the rifle base are involved in this assessment.

Base Height

There are three options or alternatives regarding the height of the base:

  • The base integrated to the rifle: Those rifles that design comes with slots or rails to fix scopes or other accessories.
  • Base without elevation: They are rails or rails attached to our rifle, but they do not increase the mount’s height once placed.
  • Lifting base: They are rails or rails attached to our rifle and increase the assembly’s height once they are placed.

What Base Height do I Need?

If they have an integrated base, the problem is already solved. But if this is not the case, following the same assumption that we mentioned above to recommend the height of the rings, I recommend that you acquire a base without elevation since the high rings already have their height. If we add more to this elevation, you may find it a bit difficult to aim.

Remember also that, as we mentioned earlier, the mounting height ultimately depends on the shooter. That is why you have the last word, and these are only recommendations.


Proper height of your scope ring will help you for accurate aiming. A scope that stands higher can be a cause of inaccurate shooting aim. Similarly, the scope sits too low and can also irrigate your focus. So, the measurement of scope height is the crucial factor here. But it’s not an easy task to adjust scope ring height with your gun and maintain accuracy. Measurements can confuse you very quickly. If you become confused, give it up, and take help from the plenty of available calculators online to ensure the accuracy of ring height.


What is Scope Ring Height?

The distance assessed from the top of the base to the bottom of the scope tube is called scope ring height.

How will I calculate and determine the correct scope height?

Follow the instructions mentioned above.

What do I need to determine the scope ring height?

An inch ruler, rifle and scope and your consciousness

Which formulas should I apply to determine scope ring height?

  • Formula for standard evolution chassis: Required Scope Ring Height= (Actual objective calibre/2) + .9 – (Action diameter/2) – base height
  • Formula for Evolution HD / Carbon chassis:  Required Scope Ring Height= (Actual objective calibre/2) + 1.05 – (Action diameter/2) – base height


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