What is Recce Rifle?

What is Recce Rifle

Recce rifles can be seen in the hands of the hunters and the persons of law enforcement agencies. Most competitors participate in competitions with the recce rifle or the tools likely to resemble the recce rifle.

The article is a lot to tell you about this lightweight firearm that can achieve its target at a covered distance. Most hunters need to point their rifle from merely 2 or 300 yards away from the target. That is why the recce rifle suits with their range as it can cover up to 250 yards distance accurately and shoot at the target. In this article, you will read about the recce rifle, its features, uses, and the best recce rifles worldwide.

What is Recce Rifle?

Reconnaissance is the word that is shortly pronounced as “Recce.” It can also be pronounced as “Recon” or “Ricky.” The gun word usually uses the short forms of the names of the rifles. These recce rifles are specially designed to meet the exact requirements of the users.

The essential purpose of making this outstanding weapon is to fulfill the needs of the armed forces. It is made explicitly for SEALs. The MK14 was heavy; thus, there is a need for a lighter device that can be carried easily in warfare.

It has proved a lighter and a handy armament and, in this way, it is added to the tool kit of the army. The civilians are also using this versatile tool in their hunting or competitions. The naval SEAL team started working on it with one objective to include 16 inches barrel. But with time, it is in the process of building other aspects that can be integrated with it. To sum it up, creating a successful recce the builders only need to add some fascinating features.


The primary purpose of building this tool is that sometimes a shooter may need to participate in an event where the organizers put hurdles and keep the targets on various ranges or a soldier who must find its target at a different position. They need to change the zoom-optic; that is why it has variable zoom-optic. For this purpose, they feel a need for a device that can be lighter and more versatile than the other available weapons.

Features of Recce Rifle

If you are interested in buying a recce rifle or are an armed person who wants to do duties in the areas where it is challenging to take heavy firearms, it is best for you. You should know the following features in this regard:

  • A recce rifle must have a top rail with full length. 
  • A flexible handguard must be present in it if it is a recce rifle. 
  • It should have various zoom optic options like 1-6x that is most commonly available nowadays in the market, but it can also be 1-8x. 
  • The barrel of the rifle must be from 16 to 18 inches. At present, the 14.5-inch barrel is more common than other sizes. 
  • The recce must contain a gas system that can be a rifle length system. 
  • The profile of the barrel should be lightweight and standardized. 
  • The pairing of a bipod with a sling must be present on the recce. 
  • The weight of the recce rifle must be light. 

The basic idea behind building this enormous and lightweight weapon is to target the required distance. It can shoot around 400 meters, but it is mainly used to get success inside 200 meters. But it can meet the various targets lying inside its range capacity.

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The recce rifles are becoming popular for their lightweight and reliability. Many companies make recce rifles. Some of the best recces are discussed below.


Recce-16 is a type of recce rifle that is built by Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM). The company is recognized worldwide. Any person who is familiar with weapons and shooting knows about the company. This is the company that specially designs weapons for the US government and law enforcement agencies. This company makes the weapons for doing and dies conditions as the recce-16 is associated with BCM, so its worth has increased. 

The recce-16 rifle of BCM comes with exclusive features like MCMR hang guard, nickel boron trigger, and MOD 0 Compensator. That is why this recce-16 by BCM is counted as the best recce rifle. BCM has induced the original design of recce by the naval armors to make an adapted and improved version of recce to fulfill the military’s needs and civilians.

G2, G3 light Recce 5.56MM

This type of recce is developed by Novesky builders well-known in the industries of weapons with best barrel making. It is the desire of every shooter (no matter from military or civilian) to have a rifle with the barrel made by Novesky. But they are also famous for producing some powerful rifles. 

The barrel of Novesky 5.56mm G3 light recce-16 is worth holding. The recce-16 by Novesky has a 16.1 inches cold hammer-forged barrel that is famous in the industry due to its efficiency and strength, as well as it includes an extra layer on the barrel for its protection. So, it is strongly recommended for you if you are searching for a recce with a strong barrel.

Falkor Recce-16 

If you are fond of having rifles of different styles and do not consider the expenses, you must buy the Falkor defense 16 Recce in .233 Wylde. It is twisted with the Falkor’s handguard that is unique in its style M-Lok and a top-rail. You can make this recce according to your will by purchasing the individual parts. If you participate in any competition, you should take this handy weapon with you.

At the end of the article, it can be said that a recce rifle has all the features like the other rifles, even its mini size. The military and civilians are using this helpful weapon in the days of the war and even for hunting expeditions.

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