What is a High Powered Rifle?

what is a high powered rifle

The weapons are a great source of protection both for personal use and in war. The great armies of the world have great weapons in their possession. The people buy rifles for their security and the security of their property and business. The shooters love to buy a modern and powerful firearm to ensure that they will win the competition or attain their target quickly and accurately. There are plenty of sport rifles found in the market. 

One name that you will read all about in this article is “high powered rifle.” These rifles are called high power because they can reach or meet the target over long distances. You will get all information about high-powered rifles that you need to know in this article. If you are planning to buy a high-powered rifle, then you surely need to read this article. It will prove very beneficial for you. So let’s get started. 

What is a High Powered Rifle?

If talking about the definition of a high-powered rifle, then you might not get a single legal description of it. The hunting rifle can be called a handgun, but it cannot be a high-power gun. High-power can be clearly defined as the bullets fired, not the weapons that are firing these bullets. In many cases, the high-powered word is used because the sergeant avoids giving any firearm an alternative name. Many experts consider the bullets with .223 caliber that is most commonly used in AR-15. The diameter of the bullets is also known as their caliber. The .223 caliber is also referred to as its diameter, whereas in some weapons, the bullets are measured by the metric system and expressed in millimeters. 

High-powered rifles are known for the physical features of the ammunition that they can hold. All the weapons that have no problem with them are known as high-powered rifles. AR-15 is used in deer hunting, but it does not have a removable magazine. So, it does not permit rapid-fire and fast reloading. In this way, these high-power rifles got notorious. There is an ongoing battle between the experts that is .223 a high-powered weapon or not. Some agree to this, but some do not. All in all, you cannot consider any weapon high powered if it does not provide the basic required features. 

High-powered rifles can be described as long guns that are commonly used by the police and military forces. Most of the centerfire rifle and semi-automatic rifles are called high-powered rifles. So if you want a difference between larger guns and single shotguns, you will call the larger ones the high-powered rifles. Now you must be able to describe what a high-powered rifle is. You are now good to proceed with the other details of a high-powered rifle. Let us proceed. 

Things that Make a Rifle High-Powered

When talking about high-powered rifles, you have to make sure that the weapons you are examining and considering as high-powered have the qualities that make them high-powered. These qualities are discussed below. If your rifle loses any one of the following characteristics of a high-powered rifle, then you cannot call your rifle high powered. 

  • The high-powered rifle should be the only weapon. It should not get the assistance of any other firearm to be a complete weapon. 
  • The rifle must be capable of switching from a fully automatic state to semi-automatic or from the semi-automatic state to fully automatic. This condition is called selective fire. So make sure before buying a long-range rifle that it has the characteristic to switch from one state to other easily. 
  • The rifle must contain an intermediate cartridge, which makes it more potent than the standard rifle. But one thing that is of utmost importance is that the gun should not have a force more significant than a battle rifle. 
  • The high-powered rifle must have ammunition in a removable magazine box. 
  • The range of a high-powered rifle must be more than 330 yards. If you do not need this range, then no need to spend a huge amount on buying a high-powered rifle. This is because if you are hunting at a standard distance, then many standard rifles can fulfill your requirements without breaking your bank. 

Many rifles cannot fulfill the entire requirements, and you cannot call them high-powered rifles technically. However, the rifles that have not all the qualities mentioned in the list are still considered high-powered or assault rifles. So let’s discuss some essential high-powered rifles. 

Best High Powered Rifles

An individual weapon that has a removable magazine and intermediate cartridge is called a high-powered rifle. It can be a fully automatic weapon. It has more power than other handguns like a piston. The high-powered rifles cover a long distance accurately. Below you will read many weapons counted as high power rifles as they fulfill all the pre-requisites to become an assault rifle. 

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The Soviet Union manufactured this high-powered rifle in 1970, and it contains a 5.6mm case-less cartridge. 

Adaptive Combat Rifle

We present this rifle, and it came on the market in 2006. This great high-powered rifle has a 6.56*45mm NATO cartridge. 


In 1946, Soviet Union made this high-powered rifle that has a 7.62*39mm cartridge.

Trichy Assault Rifle

This high-powered rifle manufacturing country is Indian-based, and it has a cartridge of 7.62*39mm capacity. 

Special Operations Assault Rifle

The manufacturers of the Philippines introduced this great high-powered rifle in 2004 with a 5.56*45mm NATO cartridge. The caliber is .223 inches and can fire up to 680 rounds per minute. It uses iron sights that make a clear image. It varies in length of the rifle and the barrel length. So, you can choose the one that suits you. 

T86 Assault Rifle

Is manufactured by 205th Armory of Republic of China in 2002 with a 5.56*45mm NATO cartridge.


In 2010 the manufacturers of Switzerland made this long-range, high-powered assault rifle with a 6.56*45mm NATO 300 AAC Blackout cartridge. This is a semi-automatic assault rifle that is serving from 2015 to now. The length of the rifle is 730mm with 229mm barrel length. It can shot 800 rounds per minute. This is a long-range rifle that can shot up to 1600 meters approximately. This is quite an impressive range. However, this is a deadly weapon that needs to be operated carefully.

Robinson Armament XCR

This is a high-powered rifle made by the United States in 2004. The outstanding quality of this rifle is that it can easily target at long-range distances, and it has various cartridge capacities. You can buy a 6.56*45mm NATO, 5.45*39mm, 6.8mm Remington SPC, and 7.62*39mm cartridge. You can buy according to your needs or choice. 


Israel made this high-powered rifle in 2008. This is an assault rifle and a battle rifle at the same time. It is a gas-operating rotating bolt and is used by the armed forces in Israel. It also allows getting the required cartridge as it offers multiple options to choose from. So you can select the one that you need. It also has a clip-on magazine box that puts it on the list of high-powered rifles. 

VB Berapi LPO6

It is a 30-round magazine that Malaysia manufactured in 2006. The length of this assault rifle is 587mm with a 400mm barrel size. It can reach up to 660 yards approximately. It uses iron sight that makes it more valuable for the market. The cartridge capacity is 5.56*45mm NATO with a caliber of 5.56mm.

Ban on the High Powered Rifles

The experts advised that the high-powered rifles that use high-capacity magazines should be banned as they involve firing with high-velocity bullets that cause many injuries and deaths. The number of incidents is higher than the other firearms used in the shooting. In this concern, the high-powered rifles were banned for ten years in 1994, which expired in 2004. In this period, the injuries and deaths were decreased, but the story repeated itself as it passed in 2004. Now there are no laws about the possession or ownership of high-powered rifles or magazines. But many US states have banned these high-velocity firearms on their own to stop playing with the lives of the people. No federal laws have left an end for those who own these killer weapons to continue playing with the common people’s lives.

Wrapping Up

The high-powered rifles are great at long-range and are used by the armed forces of many countries. But they are still banned in many USA states as they have created many offensive things and can be a significant threat to the lives of innocent peoples. So there is a need for the proper rules on its usage to stop all the bad happenings. To conclude, a high-powered rifle has significant importance as it has proven its worth both in hunting and armed services.

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