What is a Centerfire Rifle?

what is a centerfire rifle

Hunters are getting modernized by buying new and latest weapons. There are multiple types of rifles available like Rimfire rifle, Centerfire rifle, and many more. Every rifle has its functionalities and specifications that differentiate one rifle from the other. In the Centerfire rifle, as the name depicts, the primer is located in the center of the ammunition. Centerfire rifle is also used by numerous shooters in the field.

In this article, you will read about the Centerfire rifle and all the details that you need to know for using a Centerfire rifle. So let’s get into it to explore everything about the Centerfire rifle.

What is a Centerfire Rifle?

If you want to know about Centerfire’s definition, then it will be very easy to understand. Centerfire is a type of ammunition used in shotguns, handguns, and rifles in which the primer is found in the center of the case shell. The good thing about the Centerfire is that you can reload this ammunition. The Centerfire rifle is not limited to only low-pressure loads. You can easily use it on high-pressure loads without any difficulty.

Centerfire is considered more reliable and accurate than the other. This is the ideal type of rifle as it creates a big outburst, and Centerfire can easily handle larger size bullets. Next, you will get to know the design and features of the Centerfire rifle.

Centerfire Bullets

        The Centerfire ammo has the more enhanced features and capabilities that made it famous. Centerfire has a variety of recoil than the other types of rifles. It comes in a variety of calibers that are designed for a specific type of rifle. Nowadays, the market has a variety of Centerfire calibers available. The modern shotguns are mostly found with the Centerfire ammunition. The ammunition with the calibers listed below is considered as Centerfire.

  • .38
  • .44
  • .45
  • .270
  • 308
  • .357
  • .223

If you have one of the above ammunition calibers, then you are using a Centerfire rifle. You are getting many features that most of the ammunitions except Centerfire do not include.

Centerfire Design

The design of the Centerfire is unique as it has a separate shell of primer. Let’s discuss the design of the Centerfire in terms of reliability, accuracy, light, power, and rounds of the rifle. This will give you the exact details. So it will be easy for you to decide that you need a Centerfire rifle or not? Here is a complete detail of the design of the Centerfire rifle.


The Centerfire rifles are found in two types, i.e., Centerfire boxer primer and Centerfire Berdan primer. Both work in a similar manner. The difference is that the primer is contained in different shapes. The Centerfire has a separate box containing primer in it, so the Centerfire’s design is more reliable than the other types of ammunition. It does not lead to any manufacturing flaws. That is why most people go on buying the Centerfire rather than buying other firearms.

The Centerfire rifles are very popular for military and self-defense objectives. People often choose this because it fires at an absolute time when it is required. To conclude, you can say that Centerfire is more reliable than the other firearms.


The Centerfire rifle is not much accurate as it creates more recoil when shooting. The reason is that you might get the first fire accurately, but when you are firing for the second or third time, the recoil will cause less accuracy. The people will recoil when they are shooting with a Centerfire rifle.

When the recoil forces the barrel, and you are firing for a second time, you might face a misaligned barrel, and you have to set your barrel again on your target for accuracy. The excess of recoil in the Centerfire rifle increases the issues of accuracy. So it can be said that Centerfire is not as accurate as it needs to be.

Bullet Power and Light of the Centerfire Rifle

The lighter bullets have less power to fly than the heavy bullets as the Centerfire rifles use heavy bullets, so it is easy for them to achieve the target on long distances. Even if you shoot at 200 or more yards, the crosswind will not be successful in affecting the bullet as the weight of the bullet is more, and the bullet will not fall. This is why it is recommended you use a Centerfire rifle when you want self-defense or long-range shooting. It will not let you down in getting the accurate aim.


The single shotguns can be easily reloaded, whereas when it comes to a semi-automatic weapon, the Centerfire rifles’ complexity increases. The Centerfire rifles reload the round by using force to escape from the gases. In this way, the Centerfire rifles become more complex and critical in terms of design. It needs the experts to reload the round that might be difficult for you to do by yourself. But even with its complexity, it is still considered a reliable weapon in the market.

Can Centerfire rifles be interchangeable with other rifles?

This question is asked by most of the hunters. But to answer the question, it is advised for you to check the type of ammo you are using. If you are using an older design or model of the Centerfire rifle, it can be changed with the Rimfire rifle. This is only a rare case because most of the time, the wrong things placed into your ammunition can create issues that will damage the overall structure of the rifle. It will be a terrible idea in this way. So take time to search about your ammo and then take a decision that it can be interchanged with the other rifles or not.

Can Centerfire rifles reload?

This is a fantastic fact about the Centerfire rifle that you can reload the ammo without any difficulty. As the primer is placed in a separate shell, the casing will not be damaged when shooting with the rifle. If you replace the primer shell repeatedly in a Centerfire rifle, it will be very costly for you. This is because the shells are reloaded with the primer to get a benefit by decreasing the cost. This increases the reliability of the Centerfire rifle over the other rifles.

Price of a Centerfire Rifle

The prices of the Centerfire rifles vary from one to another due to the difference in features and functionality. As the Centerfire rifles cover more distance without shaking the bullets and are more reliable, that is why the cost of these rifles is high. The exclusive features demand more money to purchase a Centerfire rifle. So it depends upon your budget and the distance you want to cover. The Savage Axis XP Bolt-Action Rifle in TrueTimber Starta is approximately 359 dollars, whereas the Sig Sauer Cross Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle is 1499 dollars more enhanced features. That is why the choice is yours.

Pros and Cons of a Centerfire rifle

Every product has its negative and positive points going side by side. The positive points need to be maintained, and the negative need to improve or eliminate. So there are some pros as well as some cons of a Centerfire rifle. Let us have an overview of them.


The following pros are found in a Centerfire rifle.

  • You can quickly reload it as the casing cannot be damaged. It reduces the cost as you do not need to purchase a new shell for the primer.
  • Reliability is found in the Centerfire rifle due to its accuracy at long-range shooting.
  • It is very good for self-defense and military use.
  • Most of the latest guns use Centerfire ammo as it has the latest features that overcome the previous issues.
  • As the primer is located in the center of the ammo, it gives a higher velocity.
  • Mostly recommended by the experts.
  • It can cover long-range distances easily.


Like the pros present in the Centerfire ammo, there are some discomforts/cons found in it. These are as follows.

  • When you need to purchase a new shell for the primer or the case is damaged, you will suffer more expenses.
  • The older guns cannot find new Centerfire ammo to be replaced with.
  • It is more complex than the other ammunitions.
  • It is expensive than the other rifles in the market.

Wrapping up

By the end of the article, it can be said that having or buying a Centerfire rifle will be an excellent initiative as the Centerfire ammo has plenty of features that facilitate the hunters and help them achieve their targets. No doubt the prices are high, but when perfection is a guarantee, then the money will not get wasted. So it is highly recommended to buy a Centerfire rifle if you can afford it, especially if you want a rifle for self-defense. Good Luck!

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