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Hey there, gun enthusiasts! Welcome to Best Lights for Beretta 1301 reviews in 2023.

I’m an experienced shooter, and I’ve spent countless hours at the range and out in the field. 

Now, when it comes to tactical shotguns like the Beretta 1301, you know as well as I do that having a reliable light source is a game-changer. 

After rigorously testing various lights based on key merits and criteria, Streamlight ProTac HL has won me over as the top choice.

With all the options out there, making the right pick can be overwhelming. So, let’s get down to business, shall we?

Top 3 Best Beretta 1301 Lights

1. Streamlight ProTac HL – Overall Best

Streamlight ProTac HL X is an affordable yet highly functional alternative to the Surefire M600DF, offering advanced features like strobe mode and diverse battery compatibility.

Added Strobe Mode: Listen up, folks! This light comes with an added strobe mode, which is an absolute rarity among Scout lights. A quick double tap and you’ve got yourself a strobe to disorient an intruder or send a signal. You just can’t overlook this unique feature.

18650 Battery Compatible: Here’s the kicker: it’s 18650 battery compatible, just like its more expensive counterpart, Surefire. That means better battery life, folks! Having the freedom to switch between CR123A and 18650 batteries? Priceless.

Field Serviceable Lens: If your lens takes a hit—maybe from sim rounds in a force-on-force training exercise—you’re not stuck with a useless light. Twist it off and slap on a new lens. Easy peasy.

New Battery Technology: One more gem? This light uses new battery technology for higher outputs. We’re talking 2X the candela rating than the Surefire M600DF. That means brighter and better performance, hands down.

Why I love it: Honestly, what’s not to love? This light brings so much to the table: added strobe mode, versatile battery options, and the ease of lens replacement, all at an affordable price. It’s a complete package.

My Experience

Mounting the Streamlight ProTac HL X on my Beretta 1301 was a breeze. The performance was reliable, and it added real value to my shooting experience. 

The strobe mode worked wonders during low-light situations. Trust me, this light is a solid choice for anyone looking to elevate their setup.


  • Affordable yet durable
  • High output due to new battery tech
  • Added strobe mode for additional utility
  • Compatible with multiple Scout mounts
  • Easy lens replacement
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Could improve throw performance

2. SureFire G2X – Solid Option

Surefire G2X Tactical is a dual-purpose light that serves as both an EDC and a weapon-mounted light, made with durable Nitrolon® polymer.

Tail-Cap Switch: Let’s dive in with the tail-cap switch. It’s smooth, it’s intuitive, and it’s perfect for both pump and semi-auto shotguns. 

I mean, what else could you ask for in a switch? It’s super accessible and a game-changer when you’re in a quick-response situation.

Lumen Versatility: Two words: Lumen flexibility. This light lets you toggle between 600 and 15 lumens. Why’s that important? High lumens can disorient an intruder, but lower lumens are perfect for not giving away your position. It’s the best of both worlds!

Material & Build: The Nitrolon® polymer construction is noteworthy. It’s super strong but also lightweight, which keeps your shotgun balanced. 

This material doesn’t compromise the light’s integrity or durability. It’s like the light version of a tank.

Affordability: Look, gun accessories can be pricey, but the Surefire G2X is downright budget-friendly. It’s way cheaper than most dedicated weapon lights but doesn’t skimp on quality. That’s what I call value for money.

Why I love it: It’s the little things that count. The tail-cap switch, the lumen versatility, the durability, and the price point all add up to make this light a winner in my book.

My Experience

Attaching the Surefire G2X to my Beretta 1301 was straightforward. Whether I was using it in pump or semi-auto mode, the tail-cap switch proved to be highly efficient. 

The lumen options also came in handy during different shooting scenarios. In short, this light performed admirably.


  • Tail-cap switch enhances usability
  • Versatile lumen settings
  • Strong yet lightweight construction
  • Budget-friendly
  • Highly compatible


  • Not as rugged as some competitors

3. Inforce WMLX – Good Value

The Inforce WMLx GEN2 800 lumen offers ergonomic control lightweight design and is best suited for close-range applications.

Angled Control Ergonomics: The control ergonomics are top-notch, especially with the unique angle. This lets you naturally place your hand on the handguard while also operating the light. 

I found this feature incredibly intuitive during high-stress situations, making it easier to multitask.

800 Lumen & 10K Candela: With 800 lumen and 10K candela, you can say goodbye to dimly lit indoor areas. While it won’t replace a spotlight for long-range illumination, it does offer a lot of flood and brightness for most indoor situations. I appreciate that balance.

Durability & Construction: Now, the polymer construction feels solid for everyday use, but don’t expect it to survive a demolition derby. It’s sturdy enough for normal situations but might not hold up well under extreme physical impact.


The fact that you can take it off and use it on any of your other firearms at any time is a big plus. It’s pretty much a plug-and-play system that adds to its overall utility.

Why I love it: The combination of unique angled ergonomics and the ability to offer a significant amount of flood and brightness for indoor applications sets it apart for me. Plus, it’s affordable and lightweight.

My Experience

After mounting this light on my Beretta 1301, the first thing I noticed was the intuitive feel of the controls. 

Using it in both training and real-world situations, I found the flood lighting to be more than adequate for close-quarters scenarios. However, it’s definitely not the go-to for long-range illumination.


  • Unique angled control ergonomics
  • Sufficient lumens for indoor use
  • Affordable and lightweight
  • Versatile and easily removable


  • Polymer construction may not withstand severe impact

Final Verdict

Well, there you have it! After extensively testing these lights on my Beretta 1301, I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Streamlight ProTac HL X emerges as my top choice. 

It brings a comprehensive set of features to the table, but hey, that’s not the sole reason. It’s about how these features serve different individual needs and preferences. 

It’s reliable, versatile, and offers real value for your hard-earned money. If you’re in the market for the best light for your Beretta 1301, the Streamlight ProTac HL X is the one to beat.


What is the best stock for Beretta 1301?

Most Beretta 1301 shooters prefer the Magpul SGA Mossberg or SGA Remington 870 stock due to its adjustability features.

What is the best light for a shotgun?

Streamlight ProTac HL X takes the crown as the best light for a shotgun, particularly the Beretta 1301, due to its overall performance and versatility.

Is the Beretta 1301 Tactical worth it?

Yes, the Beretta 1301 Tactical is worth it. It’s excellent for both new and experienced shooters and serves as a strong option for home defense.

Why is Beretta better than Glock?

Beretta tends to be a common choice among those with military service due to its high reliability and accuracy, while Glock is known for its lightweight and durability.

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