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Hey there, If you’re here, you’re probably looking for the Best Light for Taurus GX4, and let me tell you, you’re in the right place. 

I’m an experienced shooter who’s spent considerable time on the range and in various shooting conditions. I’ve tested multiple Best Lights for Taurus GX4, weighing them based on their merits and criteria like durability, brightness, and ease of use. 

After all this rigorous testing, the Streamlight TLR-6 emerged as my top choice. 

Best Taurus GX4 Light & LaserCategoryPrice
Streamlight TLR-6Best Light for GX4$110
Viridian E LaserSolid Laser Option$129

Top 2 Best Taurus GX4 Light & Laser

1. Streamlight TLR-6 – Best Light for GX4

The Streamlight TLR-6 is a reliable white LED illuminator with a 640-660nm red laser, designed specifically for the Taurus GX4.

Brightness and Beam Distance: With a solid 100 lumens and an 89m beam distance, this light checks all the boxes for brightness and range. 

I found it more than sufficient for night shooting and target identification. Whether you’re at the range or in a home-defense situation, this kind of visibility can make all the difference.

Battery Life and Convenience: Another huge win is the battery life. It runs for 1 hour if you’re using the LED only or LED/laser combo and a whopping 11 hours for laser only. 

What’s even cooler? The light uses two CR1/3N lithium batteries, which come included. And guess what, you can swap out the batteries while keeping the light mounted on the gun. No need to mess with re-sighting the laser after a battery change. Talk about convenience!

Windage and Elevation Adjustments: This light features windage and elevation adjustment screws mounted in a bushing. This is crucial for dependable zero retention of the laser. 

I found it pretty straightforward to calibrate, and it held its zero like a champ, even after some heavy recoil.

Durability: Made from impact-resistant polymer, this light can take a beating. It’s been tested for 1m impact resistance, and it’s certainly lived up to that in my experience. 

Whether it bumped against barriers or was exposed to the elements, this light held up well.

Easy to Use but with a Catch: Using the Streamlight TLR-6 is mostly a walk in the park. However, there’s one small hiccup. 

To turn on the flashlight, you have to press both buttons at the same time. Not a deal-breaker, but something you’ll want to practice.

Why I Love It: I absolutely adore this light for its brightness, battery life, and rugged durability. The convenience of changing batteries while it’s mounted is just the cherry on top.

My Experience

I’ve used this light in various conditions: day, night, rain, you name it. The Streamlight TLR-6 has been reliable every single time. Its brightness and laser accuracy give me the confidence to take on any challenge.


  • Exceptional brightness and beam distance
  • Long-lasting battery with convenient replacement options
  • Solid windage and elevation adjustments
  • Highly durable and impact-resistant


  • Both buttons need to be pressed simultaneously to activate the flashlight

2. Viridian E Laser – Solid Laser Option

The Viridian E Series is a top-of-the-line green laser sight specifically designed for everyday concealed carry on your Taurus GX4.

Ease of Use: You’re going to appreciate the simplicity this laser sight brings to the table. It mounts directly onto the trigger guard, so installation is easy. 

The activation buttons are ambidextrous, making it accessible for both left and right-handed shooters. But the best part? It’s got straightforward windage and elevation adjustments. It means you can get your laser sighted in without breaking a sweat.

Long-Range Capabilities: Now, let’s talk about its long-range features. Viridian claims it’s the brightest green laser sight available, and in my tests, it definitely lived up to that. 

It’s versatile enough for both day and night use. During the daytime, it performs well up to 100 yards, and at night it can reach over 2 miles. You heard that right, 2 miles! That’s long-range efficiency right there.

Battery Life and Automatic Shut Off: Another aspect that caught my attention is its extended battery life. You get up to 90 minutes of continuous use. Even better, it has an automatic shut-off feature. If you accidentally leave it on, it turns off on its own. Trust me, that’s a battery-saver right there.

Custom Fit: Last but not least, the Viridian laser sight is custom-tailored to fit your Taurus GX4. Measuring at 5.2 by 3.6 inches, it snugs perfectly without any wobble or slack.

Why I Love It: The long-range capabilities and ease of use are what make me lean towards this laser sight. It’s powerful, yet user-friendly, a combination that’s hard to find these days.

My Experience 

Field-testing this was an experience to remember. The laser held up well, whether I was at an indoor range or out in the open. The brightness was impressive, and it functioned superbly in various lighting conditions.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Impressive long-range capabilities
  • Good battery life with an automatic shut-off feature
  • Perfectly tailored to fit the Taurus GX4


  • The focus point tends to drift, requiring frequent recalibration

Final Verdict

After putting these two front-runners, the Streamlight TLR-6 and the Viridian E Series, through their paces on my Taurus GX4, the verdict is clear.

The Streamlight TLR-6 takes the win for me as the best light and the Viridian E is the Best Laser for the GX4.

Your individual preferences, from how you use your Taurus GX4 to what features you prioritize, may tip the scales one way or another.


What light fits a Taurus GX4? 

The Streamlight TLR-6 100-Lumen Pistol Light fits the Taurus GX4 perfectly.

Can you put a light on a Taurus GX4? 

Yes, Streamlight Inc. has introduced the ultra-compact TLR-6 laser model specifically to fit the Taurus GX4 micro-compact handgun.

Is Taurus GX4 reliable? 

Absolutely, the Taurus GX4 is a solid gun for the money, making it a reliable choice.

Can you put a laser on Taurus GX4? 

Yes, the E-Series Green Laser Sights from Viridian will easily mount to the Taurus GX4’s trigger guard.

Is it OK to dry fire Taurus GX4?

Yes, dry firing the Taurus GX4 is safe, except for .22 caliber models, which should not be dry fired.

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