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Hello, gun enthusiasts. I’m an experienced shooter who’s spent countless hours on the range and in real-world scenarios, putting various firearms and accessories through rigorous testing. 

I’m thrilled to share my insights on the SIG P365 X Macro and why the Streamlight TLR-7 Sub has earned its place as my top choice of light for this particular firearm. 

If you’re in the market for the Best Light for SIG P365 X Macro, you’re in the right place. Stick around as I delve into the details to help you make an informed choice.

My aim is to give you an honest and thorough review of some of the top contenders, ultimately helping you find the best light for your firearm. 

Top 5 Best SIG P365 X Macro Lights

1. Streamlight TLR-7 SUB – Best Overall SIG P365 X Macro

The Streamlight TLR-7 Sub is a high-performance tactical light that packs a punch, delivering reliability and versatility in one compact package.

Power Output: When we talk about brightness, this baby doesn’t disappoint. Boasting a robust 500 lumens, it offers more than enough illumination for almost any environment you might find yourself in. From dimly lit alleyways to dense forests, this light ensures you’re never left in the dark.

Beam Distance: What’s remarkable about this light is its ability to throw a beam as far as 153 yards. This isn’t just a flashlight; it’s a tactical tool designed for accuracy and range. 

It’s like having a mini-sun attached to your firearm, giving you visibility in the most challenging conditions.

Runtime: Let’s talk about stamina. With a solid 90 minutes of runtime in continuous mode, it offers you ample time to carry out your activities without the constant worry of changing batteries. 

Plus, the light is powered by a single CR123A Lithium battery, which is included, saving you the immediate need for a separate purchase.

User-Friendly Features: Ease of use is crucial, especially when it comes to tactical situations. The TLR-7 Sub features ambidextrous operation, making it accessible for both right-handed and left-handed shooters. 

It also comes with a strobe mode, which could be invaluable for disorienting threats or signaling for help.

Design and Build Quality: This light is crafted from durable, anodized, machined aluminum, making it both lightweight and rugged. 

Ideal for on-duty carry, its compact design means it won’t weigh you down or interfere with your mobility.

Why I love it: The TLR-7 Sub hits all the right notes for me; it’s powerful, durable, and incredibly user-friendly. 

Its performance in various lighting conditions is impeccable, making it a reliable companion for my SIG P365 X Macro.

My Experience 

I’ve tested this light in various conditions—from target practice at the range to nighttime outdoor scenarios. It exceeded my expectations in every way, seamlessly complementing the capabilities of my SIG P365 X Macro.


  • Exceptionally bright at 500 lumens
  • Long beam distance of 153 yards
  • Versatile with continuous, momentary, and strobe modes
  • Robust build quality
  • Ambidextrous design for ease of use


  • Doesn’t feature a laser
  • Slightly higher price point compared to other options

2. Streamlight TLR-8 – Solid Option

The Streamlight TLR-8 is a cost-effective light and laser combo that offers impressive brightness without breaking the bank.

Power Output: No compromises here. The TLR-8 also comes with a 500-lumen output, making it just as bright as its TLR-7 Sub counterpart. 

Whether you’re navigating through a dark building or taking part in nighttime shooting practice, this light provides plenty of illumination to get the job done.

Beam Quality: One feature that sets this model apart is the custom TIR Optic. This optic creates a concentrated beam with fantastic peripheral illumination.

It’s not just about lighting up what’s in front of you; it’s also about being aware of your surroundings.

Laser Functionality: Ah, the laser! That’s where the TLR-8 really shines, pardon the pun. The inclusion of a class 3R red laser significantly enhances your targeting abilities. 

It’s particularly useful in low-light conditions where quick target acquisition can make a big difference.

User Interface: Just like the TLR-7 Sub, this model offers an ambidextrous operation, which is a godsend for both right-handed and left-handed users.

However, the lack of a strobe mode is something you should note if you’re in law enforcement or the military.

Affordability: Now, let’s talk money. If you’re on a budget but still want a reliable light with a laser, then look no further. 

The TLR-8 offers excellent value, delivering premium features without a premium price tag.

Why I love it: I’m a fan of value, and the TLR-8 offers a lot of it. You get nearly all the benefits of the more expensive TLR-7 Sub, but with the added bonus of a laser, all while saving some cash.

My Experience

I was pleasantly surprised by this light. It attached smoothly to my SIG P365 X Macro, and during field tests, it performed excellently. 

The laser made target acquisition even quicker, although it’s not as visible in broad daylight.


  • Affordable without sacrificing performance
  • Class 3R red laser for enhanced targeting
  • Custom TIR Optic for improved beam quality


  • No strobe mode for law enforcement use
  • Laser visibility decreases in daylight conditions

3. SIG Sauer FOXTROT1X – Best Compatibility 

FOXTROT1 offers seamless rail mounting and adjustable brightness, making it versatile for various situations.

Variable Brightness: I really appreciate options, and the FOXTROT1 delivers just that. With the ability to toggle between 100, 200, and 300 lumens, this light adapts to any environment you find yourself in. 

Whether it’s a dim room or an outdoor night operation, this light’s got you covered.

Suitability: Let’s talk versatility. This light isn’t just for show; it’s designed for real-world applications. For law enforcement, military, or home defense, the FOXTROT1 adjusts to fit the bill. With its focused beam and dependable performance, this could be your next go-to light.

Advanced Features: Don’t let its simplicity fool you; this is one sophisticated piece of hardware. It’s waterproof and fog-proof, making it a reliable partner in less-than-ideal conditions. 

Plus, the ambidextrous switches work like a charm for quick actuation.

Latest-Gen LEDs: Did I mention it runs on the latest-gen Cree LEDs? Yeah, you’re getting top-notch brightness and runtime here, with a programmable output to match your needs.

Why I love it: I’m all about that hassle-free experience, and FOXTROT1 gives me just that easy mounting, adaptable lighting, and rugged durability.

My Experience 

I gave this light a thorough testing with my SIG P365 X Macro, and let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint. From the initial mounting to its performance in different scenarios, everything was spot on.


  • Adaptable brightness settings
  • Versatile for various applications
  • Advanced features like being waterproof and fog-proof


  • Not detachable, if that’s something you’re looking for

4. Olight Baldr Mini  – Top Rated

The OLIGHT Baldr Mini packs a punch with its 600-lumen output and a green laser, all while being budget-friendly.

Generous Lumen Output: Talk about a little beast! This light spits out an impressive 600 lumens, outdoing many competitors. 

The higher lumen output means better visibility and target acquisition, which are must-haves whether you’re in the range or in a tactical situation. That extra 100 lumens over some other models makes a world of difference.

Green Laser Class 3R: Green lasers are generally easier to see than red ones, especially in daylight. 

The Class 3R green laser on this unit helps you acquire targets more efficiently, which can be crucial in stress-filled moments. Just to let you know, it’s quite a rare feature at this price point.

USB Rechargeable: Gone are the days of messing around with pesky batteries. The OLIGHT Baldr Mini is USB rechargeable, making it convenient and eco-friendly. 

Plus, you don’t have to worry about running to the store in the middle of the night because your light died on you. Just plug it in, and you’re good to go.

Ambidextrous Operation: Being left-handed or right-handed shouldn’t matter when it comes to your tactical gear. 

Thankfully, this light comes with ambidextrous controls. For me, that’s an underrated but significant feature.

Short Runtime: Now, it’s not all roses. The 40-minute runtime isn’t something to write home about. In high-stakes situations, the last thing you want is your light going out on you. But keep in mind that the USB charging can somewhat make up for this.

Why I love it: I’m a fan of high-lumen output and the convenience of USB recharging, but the green laser just seals the deal for me.

My Experience 

So, how did it hold up? Pretty darn well, if you ask me. Mounting it on my SIG P365 X Macro was a cinch. 

The light’s bright, the laser’s accurate, and the USB rechargeability is a lifesaver. But yes, I did keep an eye on the clock due to that 40-minute runtime.


  • High-lumen output for better visibility
  • Class 3R green laser for enhanced target acquisition
  • USB rechargeable for convenience
  • Ambidextrous controls


  • A short runtime of 40 minutes could be a concern
  • No strobe mode is available
  • The beam distance could be better

5. Crimson Trace Laserguard – Best Laser Light for SIG P365 X Macro

This Class 3R Green Laser light offers top-notch brightness and ease of use, tailored for your SIG P365 X Macro.

Brightest Beam: Listen up, folks. We’re talking about a laser with a 5mW peak and a 515-532nm wavelength here. This is literally the brightest beam that’s legal, which should tell you something about its quality. 

Whether you’re shooting at dusk or dawn, this laser cuts through the low light like nobody’s business, giving you the kind of precision that can be a game-changer.

Solid Battery Life: Two hours might not sound like much, but believe me, in a high-pressure situation, it’s plenty. 

The device operates on a single 1/3N battery, which is included. I find this super convenient, especially when you’re out and about, and changing a battery should be the least of your worries.

Front Activation Button: Simple is as simple does. The front activation button triggers the laser as soon as you grip the firearm. No fumbling around, no second guessing. 

The ease of use is pretty stellar. Plus, the installation doesn’t require a trip to the gunsmith. That’s what I call user-friendly.

User-Adjustable Windage and Elevation: You don’t have to be stuck with factory settings. This laser sight lets you fine-tune for windage and elevation.

If you’re like me and enjoy customizing your gear, this feature is going to be right up your alley.

Why I love it: Highly customizable and ultra-bright, this laser light combo hits almost all the right notes for me, especially the ease of use.

My Experience 

Putting this bad boy on my SIG P365 X Macro was a straightforward affair. It fits like a glove, and let me tell you, it made a noticeable difference during target practice. 

The brightness of the laser and the ease of activation are standout features, though I did find the grip switch lacking in reliability.


  • Max legally allowed brightness
  • User-friendly activation
  • 2-hour solid battery life
  • Fully customizable windage and elevation


  • The grip switch can be unreliable

Final Verdict

Alright, gun aficionados, we’ve done a deep dive into some of the best lights for the SIG P365 X Macro. While each light had its own unique characteristics and advantages, there’s one that really stood out for me—the Streamlight TLR-7 Sub. 

When it comes to overall reliability, ease of use, and powerful performance, the TLR-7 Sub takes the win. 

Whether you’re a casual shooter, in law enforcement, or someone who needs a solid tactical setup, this light delivers. It fits like a glove on my SIG P365 X Macro and exceeded expectations in all types of lighting environments. 


What light will fit the SIG P365 X Macro?

The Streamlight TLR-7 Sub and TLR-8, among others, fit well on the SIG P365 X Macro.

What grain bullet is best for Sig P365?

Federal’s HST Micro 115-grain JHP rounds are an excellent choice for the P365.

What is the effective range of the SIG P365X?

Accurate up to 15 yards, making it highly effective for a subcompact firearm.

Is SIG P365X +P rated?

Yes, the SIG P365X is chambered in 9mm and is rated for +P ammunition.

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