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I’m Liam Bond an experienced shooter and over the years, I’ve had the chance to test out various lights on a range of firearms. Today, we’re going to focus on my hands-on experience with the Glock 23. 

After a lot of testing, I’ve found the Streamlight TLR-1 HL to be the best light for this specific gun. If you’re on the fence about choosing a light for your Glock 23, I’ve got you covered.

This article aims to make that decision simpler for you. We’ll break down the specifics, weigh the pros and cons, and ultimately help you choose the light that’s just right for your Glock 23. 

Best Glock 23 Light

1. Streamlight TLR-1 HL – Top Pick

Streamlight TLR-1 HL is a reliable, bright, and easy-to-use light, ideal for professional or personal use.

Easy and Tactile Toggle Switches

Let’s talk about the toggle switches on this beauty. They’re super tactile and user-friendly. Even if you’re wearing gloves on a cold winter day, turning this light on or off is a snap. 

You won’t have to fiddle around; it’s all about quick and efficient action, exactly what you need in a tense situation.

Replaceable Lens Bezel

Now, accidents happen. During intense training, you might crack the lens. But guess what? With the TLR-1 HL, you don’t need to replace the whole unit. 

You can just swap out the front lens bezel. That’s a real money-saver and a great design element that adds to the light’s longevity.

Strobe Mode Added

This feature is genuinely neat. The fast-rate strobe light can completely disorient a threat, giving you those crucial extra seconds to act. It’s not just a flashlight; it’s a tactical tool designed to give you an edge when you need it most.

Why I Love It

I’ve tested a lot of lights, but the Streamlight TLR-1 HL just feels right. It checks all the boxes: durability, brightness, ease of use, and even affordability to an extent.

My Experience

When I paired this light with my Glock 23, it was like they were made for each other. The mounting was effortless, and it felt balanced. 

Whether I was at the range or in a real-world scenario, this light performed exceptionally well. It didn’t falter, and the easy toggling came in handy more than once.


  • Affordable
  • Duty grade light
  • High lumen & candela output
  • Easy to mount and demount
  • Simple toggle switches for one-handed use


  • On the expensive side

2. Streamlight TLR-8 – Second Best

The Streamlight TLR-8 takes what’s great about the TLR-7 and adds a nifty laser sight to the mix.

Integrated Laser Sight

So, the big selling point? An integrated laser sight. It’s red, which makes it highly visible against most surfaces. It’s like getting two tools in one: a reliable light and a laser sight that could give you a significant tactical advantage. 

Of course, the laser means a bump in price and weight, but it could be a game-changer for some users.

500-Lumen Beam

Just like its sibling, the TLR-8 rocks a 500-lumen beam with a 140-meter range. What I appreciate here is that despite the extra features, the light quality doesn’t suffer. 

It’s still the bright, dependable light source you’d expect from Streamlight.

Battery Life

We’re looking at a 90-minute runtime for the light, but get this: If you’re just using the laser, you can stretch that to an impressive 18 hours. That’s some serious battery optimization, and it shows that the light is built to adapt to different usage scenarios.

Windage and Elevation Controls

To get that laser perfectly aligned, you’ll find screws for adjusting windage and elevation. It might take a little fiddling, but once you get it zeroed, it’s dead on.

Why I Love It

I’m a fan of versatility, and the TLR-8 brings that to the table. You get the reliability of the TLR-7 but with the bonus of a laser sight. It’s like getting an extra layer of functionality for a bit more cash and weight.

My Experience

Pairing this with my Glock 23 was no hassle. While I did notice the extra weight, it wasn’t a deal-breaker. The laser sight? Super handy in a variety of conditions. The light never failed me, and having the laser as a backup or even as the main attraction in some cases was quite the 



  • Integrated laser sight
  • High-quality 500-lumen beam
  • Great battery life
  • Windage and elevation adjustments


  • Added weight
  • Only water-resistant, not waterproof
  • Cannot use light and laser simultaneously

3. Surefire XH30 – Solid Option

The Surefire XH30 is a robust and versatile weapon light that stands up well in comparison to the Streamlight TLR-1 HL.

Strobe Mode

Here’s a feature you’re gonna love: the strobe mode. Unlike the Streamlight TLR-1 HL, the Surefire XH30 comes with a strobe setting designed to disorient threats. 

It’s an aggressive feature that can offer a big advantage in tense moments.

Slide Always in Battery

This one’s cool: the light bezel extends beyond the barrel of the Glock 23. 

This feature lets you use the light as a support to keep the slide in battery during close-up engagement. This is practical, well thought-out design at work.

Balanced Throw & Spill

A balanced throw and spill are what you get with this light. The hotspot is bright and focused, perfect for distance, while the spill is broad enough to illuminate your surroundings. 

This dual approach is what you want when assessing your environment.

Mounts Directly to the Rail

Mounting this light is straightforward. It’s compatible with full-size and compact Glock frames, and I had it on my Glock 23 without any fuss. Easy peasy!

Built to Last

Durability? Check. It boasts the same robust construction as the original Surefire XH30. This is a light that’s gonna stick around for the long haul.

Why I Love It

The strobe mode and the thought put into the slide-in-battery feature impressed me. It’s clear that this light is designed by people who understand the needs of an experienced shooter.

My Experience

Hooking this baby up to my Glock 23 was smooth sailing. The light performed like a champ during field tests. Both the throw and spill were on point, providing me with clear vision of both my target and surroundings.


  • Comes with strobe mode for disorientation
  • Designed for slide to remain in battery during close contact
  • Balanced throw and spill
  • Easy to mount and unmount
  • Highly durable


  • Stiff control switches can be a bit bothersome
  • Length can make it challenging for holster carry

4. Olight PL Pro – Perfect for Training

The Olight PL Pro offers USB-rechargeable convenience and bright illumination, making it perfect for high-volume, low-light training at home.

High Lumen

The illumination power on this unit is no joke. With a whopping 1350 lumen output, this light can illuminate any scenario. It’s comparable to the Streamlight TLR-1 HL, providing ample light to get your aim just right.

QD Lever Mount

Here’s something for folks who love convenience: the Quick Detach (QD) Lever Mount. No tools needed to get this baby fixed to your Glock 23’s rail. Just snap it on, and you’re good to go.

Positive Control

Operating this light is a cinch, even with gloves on. The activation control switch is very responsive, ensuring that you can easily turn the light on and off without any hassle.

Unlimited Battery

Say goodbye to battery expenses. This unit comes with a rechargeable battery, so you can train as much as you want without worrying about running out of juice. Just plug it into a USB, and you’re back in business.

Why I Love It

The rechargeability of the Olight PL Pro is its winning feature for me. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving. I also have to give a shout-out to its high lumen output; it’s incredibly bright and perfect for training.

My Experience

I got this attached to my Glock 23 effortlessly. While training, I never had to worry about changing batteries or the light not being bright enough. The QD Lever Mount and positive control features also made operation a walk in the park.


  • USB rechargeable battery for endless use
  • Easily mounts and demounts with the QD Lever Mount
  • Extremely bright, ideal for training scenarios
  • User-friendly activation control switch


  • Requires two button presses for strobe activation
  • Not recommended for duty use

5. Olight PL Mini 2 Valkyrie – Compact Light

The Olight PL-MINI 2 Valkyrie is a cost-effective, rechargeable tactical light that offers decent brightness without breaking the bank.

Magnetic Charging

Let’s talk about convenience. This tactical light comes with a magnetic charger that you can easily attach to the bottom of the light, even when it’s mounted on your Glock. No need to dismantle anything; just pop it on the charger and go about your business.


With a solid 600 lumens of brightness, this light holds its own in terms of visibility. It’s slightly brighter than the Streamlight TLR-7, so you’re getting a mid-range light that’s actually a bit of an overachiever. The range stretches out to 100 yards, giving you the scope you need for various tactical scenarios.

Lightweight and Compact

Weighing in at 2.57 ounces, this unit is on par with the likes of the Streamlight TLR-7 and TLR-8. It won’t weigh down your Glock 23, so you can maneuver easily during training or in any tactical situation.

Battery Life

Okay, so the battery life is about an hour, which isn’t a marathon by any means. But let’s be honest: it’s pretty unlikely you’ll need to use this light for more than an hour straight. And given the ease of recharging, it’s a compromise most can live with.

Why I Love It

It’s the magnetic charger for me. It takes away all the usual headaches associated with keeping tactical lights powered. Also, the budget-friendly price is a huge plus.

My Experience

I’ve been using the Olight PL-MINI 2 Valkyrie on my Glock 23 for a while now, and it’s been a smooth ride. Mounting was straightforward, and the magnetic charging is as convenient as it gets. The 600-lumen output is pretty decent for most of my needs.


  • Magnetic charging for hassle-free power-up
  • Mid-range brightness with a 100-yard range
  • Lightweight, making it easy to handle
  • Budget-friendly without compromising on quality


  • One-hour battery life could be a limitation for extended use
  • Not as bright as some higher-priced options


After extensively testing various lights on my Glock 23, the Streamlight TLR-1 HL emerges as the top choice for me. 

The ideal light for you will depend on your unique needs and preferences, but in terms of durability, ease of use, and overall functionality, the TLR-1 HL leads the pack.


What lights fit on the Glock 23?

Various lights fit the Glock 23, but my top pick is the Streamlight TLR-1 HL.

What is the best laser light for a Glock?

The Streamlight TLR-8 with its integrated red laser stands out.

What is the best laser and flashlight for Glock?

The Streamlight TLR-8 offers both light and laser features.

Do police use Glock 23?

Yes, the Glock 23 has been extensively used by law enforcement agencies and has proven its durability and reliability.

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