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I’m Liam Bond an experienced shooter who’s spent countless hours at the range and in various shooting scenarios. Regarding firearms, specifically the Glock 22, I’ve tested numerous accessories to see which ones truly make the grade.

Top 3 Best Light for Glock 22

The Streamlight TLR-7A Flex light emerged as my top choice among the different options. I’m here to give you an insightful review so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

I want to guide you through choosing the best light for your Glock 22.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a crystal-clear understanding of why the Streamlight TLR-7A Flex stands out and why it deserves your consideration. Let’s dive in!

Best Light for Glock 22CategoryPrice
Streamlight TLR-7A FlexBest Choice$121.63
Streamlight TLR-1 HLPremium Option$137.99
Surefire XH30Best for Professionals$298.98
Olight PL ProGood Throw$129.95
Viridian C5LCompact Light$229.00

Best Glock 22 Light

  1. Streamlight TLR-7A Flex – Best Choice
  2. Streamlight TLR-1 HL – Premium Option
  3. Surefire XH30 – Best for Professionals
  4. Olight PL Pro – Good Throw
  5. Viridian C5L – Compact Light

1. Streamlight TLR-7A Flex – Best Choice

Streamlight 69424 TLR-7A Flex 500-Lumen Low-Profile Rail-Mounted Tactical Light, Includes High...
  • 500-Lumens; 140 meter beam; Runs 1.5 hours
  • Engineered optic produces a concentrated beam with...
  • Durable, anodized machined aluminum construction; IPX7;...
  • Includes high switch (mounted), low switch, 1 CR123A...
  • Safe off feature prevents accidental activation; Saves...

It is a compact light that punches above its weight, offering stellar features perfect for Glock owners.

Superlight Weight

You might be thinking a light’s a light, right? But hold on—this Streamlight TLR-7A Flex is a game-changer. 

Weighing in at just 2.40 oz, it’s perfect for those who opt for concealed carry. The weight is so negligible you’ll barely notice it’s there.

Better Toggle Switches

Now, let’s talk toggle switches. The TLR-7A Flex sports an enhanced switch module compared to its predecessor. It gives you the ease and flexibility to operate the light without fumbling, a big win when every second counts.

Bright Light Beam

Alright, here’s where it gets really interesting. This bad boy can pump out up to 500 lumens, thanks to its state-of-the-art C4 LED technology.

Responsive Ambi Control

Worry not, lefties; this one’s got you covered. The Streamlight TLR-7A Flex features ambidextrous controls, making it easy to operate whether you’re a lefty or a righty. It’s pretty darn considerate if you ask me.

Strobe Mode Included

Flashy features, anyone? This Streamlight model includes a strobe mode. However, just so you know, activating it can be a bit tricky. (Check the manual for instructions.)

Battery and Other Specs

This light runs on a single CR123A battery and has a candela rating of 5000. Plus, it has an IPX7 waterproof rating, so you don’t have to worry about wetting it.

Why I Love It

I’m a big fan of this light’s robust features packed into its compact size. It combines efficiency, lightweight design, and ease of use, all wrapped up into one neat package.

My Experience 

I’ve been around the block and tested a lot of lights, but this one—oh man, this one’s a keeper. The light fits snugly on my Glock 22 and performed exceptionally during night drills. The toggle switches are responsive, and the ambidextrous controls are a boon.


  • Exceptional brightness for its size
  • Ultra-lightweight, perfect for concealed carry
  • Improved toggle switches
  • Ambidextrous controls


  • Strobe activation is not as intuitive as one might like

2. Streamlight TLR-1 HL – Premium Option

Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 HL 1000-Lumen Weapon Light with Rail Locating Keys and Lithium Batteries,...
  • 1000 lumens; 20,000 candela peak beam intensity; 283...
  • White LED technology, impervious to shock with a 50,000...
  • Mounts directly to handguns with Glock-style rails and...
  • Includes keys for Glock-style, Picatinny, Beretta...
  • Rail clamp system securely attaches/detaches quickly...

The Streamlight TLR-1 HL is the go-to duty-grade light that sets the gold standard for illumination and dependability.

Why Pros Use the TLR-1

Do you ever wonder what the folks in law enforcement rely on? Yep, it’s this light. 

It offers reliable performance fantastic illumination, and won’t break the bank. Simply put, it’s a well-balanced package of durability and function.

Easy-to-Operate Switches

Look, when you’re out in the field, the last thing you want to struggle with is fumbling around with switches. The TLR-1 HL comes with an easy-to-operate switch that you can toggle effortlessly with your trigger finger or supporting thumb. 

It works like a charm, even if you’re wearing gloves in frigid weather.

Replaceable Lens Bezel

Accidents happen. When you’re in force-on-force training, and your lens takes a hit, replacing it is a breeze. It’s just another way this light keeps you on your toes and ready for action.

Strobe Mode Added

Sometimes, you need a little something extra to gain the upper hand. The TLR-1 HL’s strobe mode can momentarily blind threats, giving you a crucial tactical advantage. 

Trust me, it’s a feature you’ll be glad to have.

Technical Specs

This light is a beast, rolling in at 1000 lumens and 15000 candela. It uses 2 CR123A batteries and weighs about 4.18 oz. And yes, it’s got that IPX7 waterproof rating too.

Why I Love It

The TLR-1 HL does it all without making any compromises. High brightness, easy operation, and a robust build make it my all-time favorite.

My Experience 

I’ve tried a lot of lights over the years, but this one takes the cake. The high-lumen output is beyond impressive, making night-time shooting sessions an entirely new experience. 

Mounting it on my Glock 22 was a cinch, and using the easy toggle switches even under stress was, well, 



  • Top-of-the-line duty grade
  • Impressive lumen and candela output
  • Simple to mount and demount
  • Effortless switch operation, even one-handed


  • A bit on the expensive side

3. Surefire XH30 – Best for Professionals

SureFire XH30 WeaponLights with MasterFire (RDH) Interface Rapid Deployment Holster
  • Cam-slotted bezel and rear locking lugs on battery...
  • Serves as the interface for the MASTERFIRE holster...
  • Undulated reflector creates a broad, smooth MaxVision...
  • Dual output, mode selector slide-switch for toggling...
  • Attaches securely to both Universal and Picatinny...

The Surefire XH30 is a powerhouse of light, ticking all the boxes for military and law enforcement duty.

Why Pick This One

When you’re in the market for a duty-grade light, the Surefire XH30 is another reliable choice that’s got your back. 

It’s popular among the military and law enforcement community, and there’s a reason it’s highly recommended for low-light situations.

Slide Always In Battery

Ever worry about your slide getting out of sync? With the Surefire XH30, that concern is history. 

This light helps maintain your Glock slide in battery, ensuring seamless operation. You’ll feel the difference, especially when time is of the essence.

Strobe Mode Added

Like the Streamlight TLR-1 HL, the XH30 also comes equipped with a strobe mode. 

The feature is designed to disorient potential threats, giving you a few extra vital seconds to make your move. It’s like having an extra card up your sleeve.

Balanced Throw & Spill

This light doesn’t just shine bright; it shines smart. It offers a balanced throw and spill, meaning you get a focused hot spot for distance and plenty of peripheral light. It’s like having the best of both worlds right there on your Glock.

Mounts Directly To The Rail

You get a Glock rail key included in the package. That makes fitting it to a Glock 22 rail frame a cinch. So yes, the mounting is pretty straightforward, even if you’re not a techie.

Built to Last

When we say this light is duty-grade, we mean it’s built like a tank. The Mil-spec grade quality ensures this light can withstand day-to-day field handling and the rigors of holster carry.

Technical Specs

At 1000 lumens and 11300 candela, this light is bright. It’s powered by 2 CR123A batteries and weighs just 4.8 oz. And oh yeah, it’s IPX7 rated for waterproofing.

Why I Love It

While it might be a runner-up, the XH30 holds its own. Its balance of throw and spill and its Mil-spec durability make it a fantastic light for any Glock owner.

My Experience 

When I slapped this light onto my Glock 22, I first noticed the balanced light distribution. It’s perfect for illuminating both your target and your surroundings. 

I also appreciated how the slide stayed in battery during my tests—something I hadn’t given much thought to before but was really handy in practice.


  • Top-notch duty grade
  • Balanced flood and beam
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Additional strobe feature


  • Control switches are somewhat stiff
  • Not compatible with existing X300U holsters
  • Manual activation needed for strobe mode

4. Olight PL Pro – Good Throw

The Olight PL Pro offers long battery life and USB charging, making it a great option for low-light home training sessions.

Why Train With Olight

Let’s face it; training in low-light conditions is crucial, but the cost of batteries can be a deal-breaker. That’s where the Olight PL Pro comes in. 

Its long battery life and USB rechargeable feature can save you a bunch of money in the long run. It’s like having your cake and eating it too!

High Lumen

This baby is bright, really bright. A lumen range from 300 to 1500 gives you the power to positively identify (PID) targets and navigate in low-light settings. You won’t miss a thing!

QD Lever Mount

If you’re the kind who loves to switch between different firearms or maybe you’re just looking for a quick detach feature, this one’s got it. 

The Quick Detach (QD) lever mount lets you mount or remove the light in seconds. Simple as that!

Positive Control

Nothing’s worse than fumbling around trying to activate your light. The Olight PL Pro offers a positive activation control switch that’s easy to reach and even easier to operate. One press, and you’re good to go!

Unlimited Battery

Okay, it’s not actually unlimited, but it feels like it. The USB rechargeable batteries mean you can train as much as you want without worrying about battery costs. Just plug it in and you’re set for your next session.

Technical Specs

The light can go as bright as 1500 lumens and 22600 candela. Weighs just 3.25 oz and is 1.44 inches in length. It also comes with an IPX6 waterproof rating.

Why I Love It

My top reason for loving this light is the USB rechargeable battery. Knowing you don’t have to keep buying batteries just takes a load off your mind. Plus, the brightness range is pretty awesome for training scenarios.

My Experience 

I first noticed this light’s incredible brightness when I tested it. It allowed for quick and accurate target identification, which is a big win in my book. 

The Quick Detach feature also worked like a charm, making it easy to swap out between my firearms.


  • Saves money on batteries
  • Quick and easy to mount and dismount
  • Exceptionally bright, ideal for training


  • Strobe activation requires two button presses
  • Not recommended for duty use

5.Viridian C5L – Compact Light

Viridian Universal Original C5L, Black, Green Laser with Tactical Light Featuring Instant-ON®
  • VIRIDIAN GREEN LASER: This compact Viridian green...
  • RADIANCE TECHNOLOGY: 100 Lumens of bright light with...
  • ECR INSTANT ON: No fumbling with buttons in critical...
  • BATTERY LIFE: 4+ hours in constant laser mode, 7+ hours...
  • LIGHT MODES: Choose from a green laser, constant light,...

The Viridian C5L is a two-in-one tactical light and green laser, offering the best of both worlds for low-light shooting.

Low-Light Brilliance

One of the first things I noticed when I started testing this light was its low-light level. With a 100-lumen constant beam and a 140-lumen strobe, this isn’t a floodlight by any means. 

But hear me out, this low-light level is actually a strength, not a weakness. It allows the green laser to shine (literally) since it doesn’t get washed out by the beam.

Natural Night Vision

You see, your eyes need time to adjust to the dark, and a too-bright light can mess up your natural night vision. 

With the Viridian C5L, you can see way beyond your light’s range without that intense acclimation period. 

Instant On Capability

The light also features an Instant On mechanism that automatically switches on when paired with Viridian TacLoc holsters. Trust me, when you’re in a pinch, this feature is an absolute godsend.

Why Green Lasers Rule

Let’s talk about that green laser. Sure, red lasers are cool, but the green laser on this is a game-changer. 

Green lasers are brighter and have a longer range, making them ideal for varied conditions. Daytime range? 100 yards. Nighttime? Hold your hat, it’s two miles!

Battery Life

You might think a brighter laser would chug battery like there’s no tomorrow. But surprise! The Viridian C5L impresses with a 1-hour battery life for both light and laser, and a 4-hour battery life for light only. That’s a lot more stamina than most other options out there.

Why I Love It

The green laser is definitely the showstopper for me. It’s bright, versatile, and perfect for scenarios where you need to switch from indoor to outdoor shooting. Who wouldn’t love a light that switches on automatically when you draw?

My Experience 

I gotta say, it fitted like a glove on my Glock 22. The Instant On feature was incredibly helpful during my tactical drills. But what stole the show was how the green laser performed. 

Whether it was daytime or nighttime, that laser was bright and highly visible.


  • Exceptional low-light performance
  • Instant On feature adds a tactical edge
  • Green laser offers excellent visibility and range


  • Battery life is relatively lower when laser is in use
  • Could use a bit more lumens for those who prefer brighter lights


As someone who’s extensively field-tested various lights on my Glock 22, I can confidently declare that the Streamlight TLR-7A Flex is the top performer. 

With several options on the market, picking the right light can be a minefield of choices. But, nothing quite matches this beauty when it comes to a blend of functionality, durability, and innovation. 

Of course, individual needs and preferences will vary, so be sure to consider what’s most important to you.


What is the best laser light for a Glock?

The best laser light for a Glock is the Streamlight TLR-7A.

What is a Glock 22 best for?

The Glock 22 excels in police service, chambering the potent .40 S&W cartridge and boasting high round capacity.

Which Gen Glock 22 is best?

The fifth-generation Glock 22 stands out for its array of small but impactful improvements, offering enhanced accuracy, handling, and durability.

What is the best laser and flashlight for Glock?

The Viridian C5L offers the best combination of a laser and flashlight for Glock, designed with user-friendly rear switch options.

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