How to Hunt Coyotes?

how to hunt coyotes

Coyotes are smart creatures with sharp minds. They are not as clever as the lions and tigers. But they live by their mind. They are affecting the deer population a lot because they eat deer to survive. That is why in most of the states, the coyotes are a sign of hate, and the state had issued orders to kill coyotes on sight. There is a need for proper understanding about hunting coyotes because it is different from hunting game animals. They are considered most adaptable because of their keen vision and a strong sense of hearing and smell. That is why it is a more challenging task to catch these predators. If you are a beginner or want to hunt coyotes for the first time, then you might be searching for the process to start coyote hunting. 

In this article, you will get all the required details to hunt coyotes, like starting and making a setup with the Light needed for coyote hunting. Let’s get started.

How to start Coyote Hunting?

Hunting coyote is a great challenge that the hunters want to overcome to prove that they can do anything and are sharp-minded than the coyotes. To start coyote hunting, you have to be prepared with a solid plan. You can start it in the following manner.

  • First of all, you have to search the area where coyotes are found. For this purpose, you should go to places where animals like deer, mice and rabbits are huge. It is because coyotes always come to these areas to hunt these animals. After all, they need food to live. 
  • Tracking coyotes is necessary because if you set up in an area with no idea about their presence, you might end up with nothing in your bag. 
  • Interview the farmers and the local people about the presence of coyotes. 
  • Check the track of coyotes that is similar to dog tracks. 
  • You can place some cameras or recorders to make sure that coyotes are present in the areas. 
  • Be sure to come with reliable information so that you can get the rewards by hunting coyotes. 

How to Set Up for Coyote Hunting?

To develop a complete understanding of coyote hunting, you have to follow the below tips, and then success will come to you. 

Where You Should Build Your Setup

Now when you have got info about the presence of coyotes, it’s time to choose the place where you should arrange your hunting process. It has been the most crucial aspect of coyote hunting because they pose a robust smelling sense, so you might be exposed to them if you cannot choose where you can hide yourself and your gun. You have first to hide your vehicle because the coyotes are clever. By seeing your car, they might be alerted and know about your presence. You have to stand at some distance from the coyotes because they can smell you and run away if you are close to them. At last, you should build up a setup where you can easily see your target moving in and out quickly. It would be best if you built your design at multiple locations in this manner. 


Wind plays a vital role in hunting predators, as told you that the coyotes could smell the objects near them easily. If the wind is not in your face, then your smell can travel to the coyotes, and you will be exposed. That is why you have to make your setup at a place where the wind is in your face so that the coyotes did not know about your presence. Another reason for hunting coyotes downwind is because the coyote’s circle reaches you from downwind. So you have to cover your gun from the leeward side for safe and transparent hunting. In this way, you can catch more coyotes. Building multiple setups will lead to getting more coyotes.


An essential object of catching coyotes is calling them. The calls are the tools that attract the coyotes. Hunters use hand calls and automotive calls. There are electronic calls available in the market that store more than 200 calls in it. But it might fail sometimes, but the hand calls are not. That is why hand calls are more effective than electronic calls. These calls are the animal’s voices that predators attack. By hearing their voice, they attract to the place. The pup coyote voice will also be proved helpful in catching female coyotes as they can attract to it because they think the pup is in danger. And the rabbits are the easy prey for the coyotes. That is why they attract to their voice. 

Best time of day to hunt coyotes

Coyote hunting with artificial intelligence is not allowed worldwide. You might be allowed to use a shotgun for hunting coyotes. So first, you have to understand the state’s rules where you are hunting and act accordingly. It is easy to catch coyotes at night because they are active in the dark hours. But it would help if you did not take coyotes for granted. So you gave to choose particular lights to safe your efforts. 

No doubt, coyotes are very smart and active with a strong vision and hearing power, but the hunters use red or green Light for hunting them in darkness. It is because it has less effect on them. You should take one of these two lights to hunt predators at night. If you ask one most effective Lights from Red and green, then it will be right to say that Red is more useful because coyotes did not get affected by it, and you can successfully capture them. 

Final Words

Coyote hunting required additional hunting skills than the skills to hunt the game animals. It would help if you built a setup for hunting coyotes. In this context, you are required to identify the location of the coyotes, the place where they search for food, choose a setup destination, good calls, and downwind. Hope you have built the required understanding of coyote hunting by this article, and it will be helpful throughout your journey.

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