Winter is the Best Time to Hunt Coyotes

best time to hunt coyotes

Coyote is an animal that looks like a wolf, but it is not a wolf. It is a tremendously intelligent animal with keen sightedness and poses a strong sense for smelling different objects. The coyotes are fantastic creatures. That is why catching one of them is also an achievement in itself. The hunters tried their best to see coyotes as it increases the value of the hunters in the sportsman community. Hunting a coyote might take many efforts, and in the meantime, you might get frustrated or laugh. It can be enjoyable and disturbing at the same time. If you love hunting and want to hunt coyotes but did not know much about it, keep reading this blog. You must be thinking about the absolute time to hunt coyotes. So, no need to panic. Just continue on this page to get all the required details. Let’s get started.

Best Time to Hunt Coyotes 

If you want to go for an exciting outdoor activity and an interest in hunting, hunting coyotes is the best option as in many states, it is allowed in on and off-season to hunt coyotes. But when you have decided to go out for predator hunting, you should consider the following variables. 

  • Location 

The first and foremost thing when going on a coyote hunt is location. Coyotes live with small animals like mice, birds, and insects. So if you are going in search of coyotes, then first search these areas. They also live in the brushy areas and muddy morasses. These are the best locations for the coyotes to live. Be sure that the places where you are finding coyotes are one of the told locations. Otherwise, all your efforts will go ruin. And when talking about the best states of coyotes, Colorado, Nevada, and Kansas are the best options. If you live in these states, it will be a bonus for you, and you can achieve your target more easily as many of the hunters come from far-off areas to these states for hunting coyotes. 

  • Lunar Calendar 

It is a fact that when the moon is full, then the movement of the animals is greatly affected. The hunters have great belief in it.  The same is the case for coyotes. If you are going on hunting coyotes, then make sure these are not full moon days. Not considering this variable will lead to the loss of effort and time. If you need to travel for long-distance to hunt coyotes, don’t go on the full moon days. On the other days, you will indeed receive success. Coyotes hunting might be your passion, but passion needs patience to reach a successful end. It is advised to plan a hunting trip on other days rather than full moon days. 

  • Time of Year

Now, when you have got to know the best locations and animal movement details, you need to understand that you should go for coyote hunting in which part of the year you should go. You can hunt the coyotes for the entire year, but it would be suitable to get out in the cold season to catch coyotes when talking about the best time of the year. It is because the coyotes get out of their locations in winters in search of food. Another beneficial thing is that in winters, coyotes travel in groups that make it easy to target them and catch them easily. On the other hand, on the warm days, they did not come out often. In the winters, the success chances are high rather than in the cold. 

  • Time of Day

On the warmer days, the coyotes always get out in search of food in the nighttime. They are more active and energetic in the darkness. It is why night hunting is becoming famous rapidly. The hunters get out for hunting in the night, and they return with an achievement. So it is advised that if you love to hunt coyotes, then come out in the nighttime if the season is warm. But you can go in the daytime if there are cold days. The day activities of coyotes hunting can only increase on cool days. 

  • Temperature

Temperature leaves a significant impact on the movement of the coyotes. But if you want to choose cool and warm, it is always advised to select the cooler temperature over the more generous one. It would help if you chose the temperature from 20 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the best condition for coyote hunting. 

  • Biometric Pressure

The coyote activity is also affected by Biometric Pressure. You have kept in mind that when biometric pressure increases, the chances of getting a coyote quickly also increased. So always choose the days when Biometric Pressure is high. The calm environment will also take you to the success of catching coyotes. 

  • General weather Situation 

When talking about general weather conditions, then you should go out for coyote hunting in the little fog or hazy environment. It is because coyotes are more active in their food search in the daytime than the other times. The precise conditions of the cold days can also be proved suitable for coyote hunting. But the main factor to consider is the temperature should be excellent, and the wind should calm. Both the conditions are necessary for the success of catching coyotes. 

  • Wind

As this has been discussed in the entire above examined variable, you must have understood that it is the most critical factor in the hunting of coyotes. As you know, the wind can distract anything that comes in its way. So you have to choose the time when there is only less than five mph wind. But it will increase then you will be disturbed by it. Another factor to not go in the wind to catch coyotes is that they pose a strong sensing smell, so you will be exposed in this way and can’t achieve your target. Make sure to stay at home in the high wind. 

Wrapping Up

The best time to hunt coyotes is in winters when they come out in the daytime searching for food. No doubt you can also continue hunting coyotes in summer, but you can only do it in the nighttime because coyotes did not get out in the daytime when the temperature is high.

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